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Why Neocons Won’t Back Down

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    Why Neoconservatives Won t Back Down by Karen Kwiatkowski http://www.lewrockwell.com/kwiatkowski/kwiatkowski121.html Homer Simpson is known, among other
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      Why Neoconservatives Won't Back Down
      by Karen Kwiatkowski

      Homer Simpson is known, among other things, for his schemes. Often, as
      the situation deteriorated, his schemes got crazier and his hold on
      ground truth more wobbly.

      Rube Goldberg-style, the neoconservatives are offering a superior
      solution than solemn statesmen, grieved parents, and American
      (small-r) republicans. They will not be bested by famous cartoon
      characters. They aim to win in Iraq, no matter how may steps it takes.
      In fact, the more steps, the better!

      I think I understand it now. Neocons worship a god named Homer
      Simpson. Their Holy Ghost is Rube Goldberg, and the Son – I'm guessing
      here – must be Chaos.

      Jude Wanniski asks "when will the pundits apologize?" When will they
      admit their mistakes and grave errors to the families of the dead on
      all sides and to the people of America? Homer Simpson answers for
      them, "I don't apologize. I am sorry Lisa, that's the way I am." And
      so it is with the neoconservatives who clamored for war and cakewalks
      and slam-dunks. You will hear the inconsistency in their voices. You
      will see their pain in the Sunday morning talk shows. But you will
      never hear those responsible for designing a flawed policy in the
      Middle East, destroying the U.S. Army and its Guard and Reserve
      system, and Iraq as a nation ever say they're sorry.

      Cindy Sheehan asks our president, who is looking more and more in dire
      need of a donut and a coffee break, for what noble purpose her son,
      and nearly 2,000 other American sons and daughters have died over the
      past two and a half years of combat in Iraq.

      But take a moment to remember. Congress never declared war. The
      military is conducting an occupation complete with prisons and torture
      and punitive annihilation of Iraqi cities on behalf of a … republic?
      Why, of course not. The war is for the unstated desires and
      justifications known to the heads of the American empire, and they
      answer to no one. However, perhaps she can find comfort in Homer's
      words, "Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand!"

      Urged by neoconservative ravings of Pentagon appointees, the
      administration, and several major national newspapers and TV stations,
      Republicans and Democrats alike trumpeted and brayed the false
      rationale for the Iraq invasion in 2002 and 2003. Neither party
      challenged the President's agenda, or the Pentagon's plan, or its lack
      of a plan. Like bouncy but brain-dead cheerleaders, they jostled,
      competing to be heard screaming "War, War, War!"

      Today, while Cindy Sheehan clearly and correctly calls the President a
      liar, CNN and Fox attempt – unsuccessfully – to get any member of
      Congress, Democrat or Republican, to themselves say that the President
      lied. What is so hard about that! He lied, they lied, Congress was
      lied to, plus the mainstream media transmitted the lies to the rest of
      us with nary a whisper of doubt. It was a veritable liefest, a flood
      of falsehoods, a barrage of bull. The legacy of those lies is lived by
      soldiers in Iraq, every member of the military and the intelligence
      community, all of Washington, and throughout our nation today.

      Why can no one admit the lies, even now? Homer again, is wise. "Marge,
      it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen." All participants
      are culpable.

      So, what are we going to do now in the Middle East? Many in the
      antiwar movement and in various political parties that embrace the
      Constitution are actively working and praying for wisdom to prevail in
      Washington, and for peace to prevail in places where Americans find
      themselves. They want us out of Iraq now, and in the Middle East by
      invitation only.

      But the neoconservatives are not working in this direction. Huddled
      over their nascent machine, they worry that (barring martial law and a
      suspension of presidential elections in 2008) their time is running
      out. They worry that their Great Leader (or Great Puppet, depending on
      your perception) and his party will be ejected, and the successor
      party will be either split, or at least too substantially troubled by
      what 20 years of pitiful post-Cold War leadership in Washington has
      wrought to "stay the course."

      Reality is clear enough for those of us who operate in the
      reality-based world. Charley Reese nailed it in his article about a
      united Iraq as a Western joke. Stan Goff nailed it with his exit
      strategy. But for busy neoconservatives, a Goldberg winning plan is in
      the works.

      We've all heard that Dick Cheney has called for the nuking of Iran in
      response to any big attack on America (I hope it won't be Hurricane
      Katrina and her impact on Gulf of Mexico pumping and refining
      operations!). Now, that "plan" might seem the epitome of simplicity, a
      case of Occam's Razor versus Rube Goldberg. Not to mention incredibly
      stupid. But consider this…

      As Charley Reese and many others have correctly observed, Iraq as a
      U.S. controlled entity, is in dire straits and tanking. The concept
      was flawed from the beginning; disunity and conflict are aggravated by
      the ongoing theft of both U.S. and Iraqi resources by favored U.S.
      perps and the remnants of Jerry Bremer's bureaucrats. Iraqi rage is
      fueled by the persistent lack of electricity, clean water or jobs they
      face in most of their post-liberation towns and cities

      Homer Simpson explains this aspect of neoconservatism in Iraq as well.
      "Marge! Look at all this great stuff I found at the Marina. It was
      just sitting in some guy's boat!"

      But seriously, what is it that can politically unify a country? Think
      hard, people! A common enemy. Saddam Hussein was the master of this
      political construct, first with Iran, and later with the United
      States. Even a doltish neoconservative can see that it wouldn't be in
      their interest for the Iraqi "unifying enemy" to be the United States
      – and the past two and a half years in Iraq shows this as the one true
      thing we have accomplished.

      That leaves Iran, the real obsession of academics, evangelicals, and
      pundits who embrace neoconservatism over republicanism or
      constitutional democracy. Just think! The United States charges into
      Iran, and Iraqis unite with the enemy of their enemy, and we get a new
      mass state construct that allows unrestrained U.S. interference into
      the politics and finances of Iraq, justifies continued radical
      expansion of the DoD, intelligence and Homeland Defense budgets and
      influence, and makes use of those big new bases Halliburton and
      Bechtel built in Iraq! Plus, another patriotic "war" might help shut
      up the local dissidents (all 58% of them!)

      Astute readers will be able to successfully challenge my assumptions,
      my logic, and my morality in proposing such a scheme. But the neocons
      don't apologize, they don't care, and they don't operate in our
      reality-based world.

      See you in Iran.

      August 30, 2005

      Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. is a retired USAF lieutenant colonel, who
      spent her final four and a half years in uniform working at the
      Pentagon. She lives with her freedom-loving family in the Shenandoah
      Valley, and among other things, writes a bi-weekly column on defense
      issues with a libertarian perspective for militaryweek.com.

      Copyright © 2005 LewRockwell.com



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