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Iraq War Reports from Pakistan

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  • ummyakoub
    US warplanes destroy Iraqi artillery: Americans told to be ready for a long war ... By Anwar Iqbal WASHINGTON, March 19: The Pentagon announced on Wednesday
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2003
      US warplanes destroy Iraqi artillery:
      Americans told to be ready for a long war
      By Anwar Iqbal
      WASHINGTON, March 19: The Pentagon announced on Wednesday that US
      aircraft had destroyed 10 Iraqi artillery pieces in southern Iraq.
      These artillery pieces, the Pentagon said, could have "obstructed"
      US-led forces in their advance on Baghdad.

      "This is part of the final preparatory move before the invasion
      begins," a Pentagon official told reporters.....


      US special forces, agents enter Iraq
      Staff Reporter
      WASHINGTON, March 19: US special forces and CIA agents have
      already entered Iraq to prepare the battlefield for an invasion
      that would be code-named Operation Iraqi Freedom, major television
      channels here reported on Wednesday.

      CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS also showed US troops entering, what they
      identified as "the staging area" close to the Iraqi border in
      Kuwait to launch the attack.....


      UN Charter violated, say Russia, France
      By Masood Haider
      UNITED NATIONS, March 19: The United States was lambasted at the
      UN Security Council on Wednesday for its "unilateral" decision to
      take military action against Iraq, with foreign Ministers of
      France, Russia and Germany contending that the US action does not
      have the cover of international law or the UN Charter.

      The United Nations charter, they asserted, did not provide for
      regime change by use of force.....


      Saddam's exile impossible: Aziz: Bahrain's king offers asylum
      BAGHDAD, March 19: Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz said on
      Wednesday it was "impossible" for President Saddam Hussein to bow
      to US President George W. Bush's ultimatum to go into exile.

      "Bush said he was asking the great leader Saddam Hussein to leave
      his country - this, obviously, is impossible," Mr Aziz told a news
      conference during which he also denied rumours he had defected and
      vowed victory against US-led forces poised to invade


      Now war is upon us, says Chirac
      By Paul Michaud
      PARIS, March 19: President Jacques Chirac told his council of
      ministers on Wednesday that "all that's left now is to resolve
      ourselves to a war which will arrive in the next few days."

      Mr Chirac was also reported to have reiterated to his ministers
      his declaration of Sunday night on CBS in which he said that "now
      that the war is upon us, let's get it over with as rapidly as


      30 states join coalition to disarm Saddam, says Washington
      Staff Reporter
      WASHINGTON, March 19: The United States has announced that 30
      countries have agreed to be a part of the coalition for the
      immediate disarmament of Iraq, and several more countries are
      offering other forms of military and post-conflict support.

      Briefing journalists at the State Department on Tuesday evening,
      spokesman Richard Boucher said: "These are countries who have all
      stood up and said it is time to disarm Iraq, and if Iraq doesn't
      do that peacefully, we need to be prepared to do it by whatever
      means are necessary."....


      17 Iraqi troops surrender: US army officer
      Staff Reporter
      WASHINGTON, March 19: Seventeen Iraqi soldiers surrendered to US
      and allied forces close to the Iraqi-Kuwait border on Wednesday,
      the Pentagon said. The 17 were handed over to Kuwaiti police after
      laying down their arms and giving up.

      The surrenders, at about 1500 GMT, came amid a 48-hour ultimatum
      given by President George Bush to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to
      leave his country by early on Thursday or face a massive


      US slams Croatia, Chile over opposition
      ZAGREB, March 19: The United States on Wednesday voiced
      disappointment over Croatia's opposition to military intervention
      in Iraq without the support of the United Nations, warning it
      could have negative consequences for their relations.

      "I am disappointed with the position of the Croatian government.
      The Croatian government has had an opportunity to boost
      cooperation and partnership with the big coalition of states, led
      by the US," the US ambassador here, Lawrence Rossin, told the
      weekly Globus in an interview.....(AFP/DPA)


      Germany expels four Iraqi diplomats:
      Bonn insists on peaceful means
      BERLIN, March 19: Germany has expelled four Iraqi diplomats for
      activities considered "incompatible with their diplomatic status",
      the foreign ministry announced on Wednesday.

      The ministry said the diplomats, who were not identified, had
      "been carrying out activities incompatible with their diplomatic
      status" and were asked on Tuesday to leave "at short


      Turkish parliament to vote only on overflights
      ANKARA, March 19: Turkey's government said on Wednesday it would
      ask parliament only to approve US military overflights to Iraq,
      signalling the end of Washington's urgent efforts to deploy
      thousands of US troops on Turkish soil.

      US officials said permission to use Turkish airspace to fly into
      Iraq would not justify any of the billions of dollars in aid the
      United States had pledged in an earlier plan to station ground
      troops for a 'northern front' against Iraq. But they held out an
      olive branch to the Turkish government as it scrambled to reassure
      local financial markets shaken by the prospect of a war that could
      start as early as Thursday morning and may batter the fragile
      Turkish economy.....(Reuters)


      Iraq warns US troops of definite death
      BAGHDAD, March 19: Washington is deceiving US soldiers and
      officers and sending them to "definite death" in any invasion of
      Iraq, Iraqi Information Minister Mohamad Saeed al-Sahhaf claimed
      on Wednesday.

      "They are lying to their soldiers and officers by telling them
      that an aggression against Iraq would be a picnic...but they are
      (sending them to) definite death," Mr Sahhaf told


      Kabul supports military action
      KABUL, March 19: Afghanistan on Wednesday threw full support
      behind American plans for military intervention despite fears of a
      backlash from Islamic extremists.

      In a statement issued by the Afghan ministry of foreign affairs,
      the government said that because of Saddam Hussein's failure to
      comply with United Nations disarmament demands "the use of force
      is justified".....(AFP)




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