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Do sinister Jews control the world?

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    Who s wagging whom? By John Kaminski skylax @ comcast. net Do sinister Jews control the world or are they mere puppets of some white racist Illuminati? Dear
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2005
      Who's wagging whom?
      By John Kaminski
      skylax @ comcast. net

      Do sinister Jews control the world or are they mere puppets of
      some white racist Illuminati?

      Dear Abby,

      Awhile back, I got into a most interesting e-mail debate about who
      really controls the world. It was titled "Who's Wagging Whom?" The
      participants generally were split along typical conspiratorial lines:
      with their superior intelligence and guile, the Jews control
      everything, versus, the poor Jews are being used by a Eurocentric,
      white racist Illuminati as designated patsies in a neverending
      criminal Crusade against the Middle East and other hapless nonwhites.

      As I recall, the debate was not resolved with finality, nor in the
      real world has this question yet been answered in a clear fashion.

      But what may be the even more significant aspect of the question
      "Who's Wagging Whom?" is the growing notion that world politics is not
      really determined by its recognizable political entities. People are
      beginning to figure out that it's not a simple matter of the
      capitalists vs. communists, whites vs. blacks, or North vs. South.
      It's not simply the U.S. vs. Germany and Japan, U.S. vs. USSR, or the
      free world vs. the supposed Muslim terror menace.

      This growing notion senses a more authentic line of demarcation that
      identifies rich vs. poor as the more appropriate label between sides
      in this new war, which is also the old war, and the endless war.

      Further, it suspects, through repeated analyses of the events of
      recent history, that somehow a single entity manages to bankroll BOTH
      sides in each conflict, employs deceptive operatives who pretend to be
      working for one side when they're really working for the other (if
      they're not openly working for both), and generally fans the flames of
      violent hatred whenever it can for one purpose only, to make sure war
      breaks out and continues — because that is where the real money is,
      and always has been.

      Perhaps the clearest recent example of this was the eight-year war
      between Iraq and Iran, during which the Western axis of evil — the
      U.S., Britain and Israel — did everything it could to fund BOTH sides
      in the conflict, hoping that the two nations would destroy each other.
      Then these usurious vultures could walk in and pick up the profitable
      pieces. When that didn't happen, the Western axis of evil decided it
      had to start its own war there, which it did. This eviscerating wound
      to not only the Iraqi people but to all the peoples of the world,
      including Americans, has reached the point where we are now on the
      verge of World War Three as this policy swaggers on toward its
      depraved conclusion.

      Somebody wants World War Three. And we can locate the people who do as
      residing within the Western axis of evil. But, returning to our
      original question, is it the Jews, or are they merely pawns of the
      racist Eurocentric Illuminati, all of them trapped in their own
      demonic delusions while transporting us all toward a megamistake that
      can't be undone?

      Jewish paranoia is an amazingly complex and frightful topic, one with
      two distinct aspects. The Jews themselves have had drilled into them
      from childhood that non-Jews consider them pariahs. Ever since Moses
      was driven out of Egypt, the Jews have exhibited a schizophrenic
      persecution complex, insisting everybody's after their butts because
      their God told them they are superior to everyone else. This is a
      message clearly presented in both the Talmud and the Old Testament,
      and this is precisely what drives their attitude. It is the rare Jew
      indeed who perceives the connection between their claims of
      superiority and the persecution they claim to receive. The obvious
      solution seems to be for Jews to admit they're just another clan in
      the human family, but for some reason they don't seem to be willing to
      do that, and likely, one day, that will result in a future for them
      far darker than their hubris dares imagine.

      The second aspect of Jewish paranoia centers around a marathon history
      known generally as the diaspora. No one social group has survived
      intact as long as this one. The big question that never seems to be
      erased from the minds of suspicious non-Jews is why Jews have been
      kicked out of so many countries, and why, when wandering Jews arrive
      in another country, that country evinces a bad habit to deteriorate,
      disintegrate, and die.

      Those who see the world's problems as a Jewish problem, and insist
      that Jews have caused all the wars in human history, have an
      impressive array of superficial historical facts to back up their

      Sticking for the moment to only the 20th century, anti-Jewish thought
      blames both World Wars on Jews. World War I was only a European
      conflict until the forces of Zionism received a guarantee from England
      to recognize their claim to Palestine, at which point, the U.S., with
      President Woodrow Wilson cunningly blackmailed by his Jewish adviser
      Colonel House, brought America into the "war to end all wars." Even
      worse, after the shooting stopped, House betrayed Wilson and humanity
      by implementing impossible financial constraints on the defeated
      Germans that all but guaranteed another world war.

      Darker still, U.S. Jewish bankers actually helped fund Hitler to build
      Germany up for yet another war. It is one of the great misstatements
      of history that the Western axis of evil actually triumphed for
      freedom's sake in World War II, when in fact, the financial powers
      behind the Western nations actually fomented the war for profit, and
      then when Hitler asked Churchill for peace before the war really got
      started, the West refused because it wanted to destroy Germany's
      economic success story for good — and of course make all that war
      money. The very same process happened again in 1968 when Jewish war
      criminal Henry Kissinger needlessly prolonged the Vietnam war for five
      more years.

      But getting back to World War I — just for a minute — two other world
      changing events occurred that are also laid at the feet of the
      worldwide Jewish banking conspiracy. The first was the creation of the
      Federal Reserve legislation, which forever placed the American money
      system in the hands of private bankers and guaranteed that genuine
      participatory government was gone for good from the United States.

      And second, of course, was the infamous Bolshevik Revolution which did
      the same thing in Russia, although in a different way. The key element
      in that bloody uprising was the presence of key American Jews who were
      funded by New York bankers. Trotsky and others were sent into Russia
      and supervised the murder of the czar, his family, and twenty million
      people. That's why Hitler was so afraid of the Jews. He saw what
      happened. And he saw the same crowd — again, this goes exactly to the
      question of who's wagging whom? — doing the same to Germany in the
      1920s. So he took action. And the bankers from America, among whose
      ranks dwelled members of the opportunistic Bush family — rubbed their
      hands with glee.

      Of course, these questions go much further back into history, even
      back before the time of the so-called Christ, when the known world was
      coerced into worshipping a Jewish male, which is perhaps the ultimate
      in conspiracy theory achievement.

      There are many more stories in this genre throughout history, but for
      now, let us return to the present and consider another story that goes
      to the heart of the matter of who's wagging whom?

      I've gotten myself into hot water with virtually all factions of the
      9/11 skeptics movement by continuing to insist that various Jews
      played a key role in the false flag operation that killed all those
      people in New York and Washington, and set the stage for the
      intensification of corporate tyranny that is now waging war on
      innocent people all over the world, and particularly in Palestine,
      Iraq, and Afghanistan.

      Outraged critics from all over the political spectrum have assailed me
      for my so-called anti-Semitism for mentioning this unmentionable
      topic, and tried to lure me into toeing the line on this matter with
      promises of increased financial success if I would just drop it.

      So let me just drop on you a series of smoking guns that PROVES beyond
      a shadow of a doubt that Jews were intimately involved in the planning
      and execution of 9/11 (we already know that Jewish Israel was the
      primary beneficiary of 9/11 because it took the spotlight off its
      continuing genocide of the Palestinians, and later got the American
      war machine inextricably involved in wiping out its Islamic
      adversaries throughout the Middle East).

      First is best, and here it is. Leland Lehrman, a young father who
      lives out West, was a Jew but is now a committed Christian. He
      reports, in "Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag,"

      The Mossad is a leading candidate for architect of the 9/11 attacks.
      This suppressed German Intelligence Document reveals how senior
      Israelis knew in advance about the attacks and "urgently wished that
      no attempt was made to prevent the attacks." Here's a longer quote:

      "It is very evident from surveillance conducted against Mossad agents
      in the Federal Republic as well as interceptions of Israeli diplomatic
      communication from the Federal Republic to Tel Aviv, that the Mossad
      has successfully penetrated various extremist Arab groups in both the
      Federal Republic and the United States.

      These investigations disclosed in late May of 2001 that an attack was
      to be made against certain specified targets in the American cities of
      Washington and New York. But it was apparent that the Mossad was not
      only fully aware of these attacks well in advance but actually,
      through their own agents inside these Arab groups, assisted in the
      planning and the eventual execution of the attacks.

      That the Israeli government was fully aware of these attacks is
      absolutely certain and proven. Diplomatic traffic between the Israeli
      Embassy in the Federal Republic and the Israeli Foreign Office made it
      very clear that Minister President Sharon was fully aware of this
      pending attack and urgently wished that no attempt was made to prevent
      the attacks.

      Although the Israeli officials were instructed to warn the American
      intelligence community that some kind of an attack might be possible,
      at no time were the specific dates and targets (known at that time to
      Israeli officials) to be given to the Americans.

      The rationale for this attitude was expressed in a conversation on
      August 1, 2001, between the Israeli Military Attaché in the Federal
      Republic to a member of the Israeli General Staff. There it was stated
      that Israel believed an attack on the continental United States would
      so inflame American public opinion that they would permit Israel to
      "cleanse" their state of "Arab terrorists and those who support such
      terrorists". This "cleansing" was explained as the expulsion of all
      Arabs, and even Christian groups, from the Palestine area."

      The physics911.net website has additional supporting evidence for
      Mossad involvement in 9/11 in its background information section.

      I suggest if you care about the future of your world that you go to
      that site and read that whole story.

      Regarding further smoking guns that PROVE Jewish Israeli involvement
      in 9/11:

      • Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators,
      identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as
      Israeli citizens, sold "short" a list of 38 stocks that could
      reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending
      attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and
      Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were
      specifically stated to be "in the millions of dollars."

      Short selling of stocks involves the opportunity to gain large profits
      by passing shares to a friendly third party, then buying them back
      when the price falls. Historically, if this precedes a traumatic
      event, it is an indication of foreknowledge. It is widely known that
      the CIA uses the Promis software to routinely monitor stock trades as
      a possible warning sign of a terrorist attack or suspicious economic
      behavior. A week after the Sept. 11 attacks, the London Times reported
      that the CIA had asked regulators for the Financial Services Authority
      in London to investigate the suspicious sales of millions of shares of
      stock just prior to the terrorist acts. It was hoped the business
      paper trail might lead to the terrorists.

      Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a
      clandestine but official effort to resolve the market manipulations
      There has been a great deal of talk about insider trading of American
      stocks by certain Israeli groups both in Canada and Germany between
      August 26 and the Sept.11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the

      Lynne Howard, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Board Options Exchange
      (CBOE), stated that information about who made the trades was
      available immediately. "We would have been aware of any unusual
      activity right away. It would have been triggered by any unusual
      volume. There is an automated system called 'blue sheeting,' or the
      CBOE Market Surveillance System, that everyone in the business knows
      about. It provides information on the trades — the name and even the
      Social Security number on an account — and these surveillance systems
      are set up specifically to look into insider trading. The system would
      look at the volume, and then a real person would take over and review
      it, going back in time and looking at other unusual activity."

      Wasn't it funny, then (to put it mildly), that the FBI publicly
      concluded shortly thereafter that there was nothing suspicious about
      these pre-9/11 stock profits that indicated any kind of foreknowledge
      of the event. Read the whole story at

      "Israeli citizens," the story said. Hmm. I wonder who else might be
      Israeli citizens involved in this whole deceptive mess. How about
      Rabbi Dov Zakheim?

      In a document called "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces
      and Resources for a New Century" published by The American
      Enterprise's "Project for a New American Century", System Planning
      Corporation (SPC) International executive, Dov Zakheim, called for
      "some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor"
      being necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American
      public to support a war in the Middle East that would politically and
      culturally reshape the region. A respected and established voice in
      the intelligence community, his views were eagerly accepted, and Dov
      went from his position at Systems Planning Corporation to become the
      Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001. Perhaps not so
      coincidentally, it was an SPC subsidiary, TRIDATA CORPORATION, that
      oversaw the investigation after the terrorist attack on the World
      Trade Center in 1993.

      SPC, according to their official website, specializes in many areas of
      defense technology production and manufacture, including a system
      developed by their Radar Physics Group called the Flight Termination
      System, or FTS. This is a system used to destroy target drones (craft
      that would be fired on by test aircraft or weaponry) in the event of
      malfunction or "misses". This highly sophisticated war-game technology
      allows the control of several 'drones' from a remote location, on
      varying frequencies, and has a range of several hundred miles. This
      technology can be used on many different types of aircraft, including
      large passenger jets.

      Once again, if you're interested in delving into the dirtiest details
      of this key neocon player, check out
      <http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=2775> and be sure and
      click those links at the bottom, too, where you'll find nuggets like

      System Planning Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes
      highly sophisticated technology that enables an operator to fly by
      remote control as many as eight different airborne vehicles at the
      same time from one position either on the ground or airborne. For
      those looking for an extraordinarily interesting hobby, please see
      photos and specs of this hardware (about the size of a small
      refrigerator) at www.sysplan.com/Radar/CTS. Just be sure your mom
      doesn't catch you causing havoc with the airlines.

      And of course I would be remiss not to mention that Rabbi Zakheim just
      happened to be the chief financial officer of the Pentagon one
      ordinary day when a news conference was held in New York City.

      On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a
      press conference to disclose that over $2 TRILLION in Pentagon funds
      could not be accounted for. Rumsfeld stated: "According to some
      estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions."

      Such a disclosure normally would have sparked a huge scandal. However,
      the commencement of the attack on New York City and Washington in the
      morning would assure that the story remained buried. To the trillions
      already missing from the coffers, an obedient Congress terrorized by
      anthrax attacks would add billions more in appropriations to fight the
      War on Terror.

      The Comptroller of the Pentagon at the time of the attack was Dov
      Zakheim, who was appointed in May 2001. Before becoming the Pentagon's
      money manager, he was an executive at System Planning Corporation, a
      defense contractor specializing in electronic warfare technologies
      including remote-controlled aircraft systems. Zakheim is a member of
      the Project for a New American Century and participated in the
      creation of its 2000 position paper Rebuilding America's Defenses,
      which called for "a New Pearl Harbor."

      This telling little news brief can be found at my favorite 9/11
      website: <http://911research.wtc7.net/sept11/trillions.html>

      These three news nuggets dwarf other, more well known connections
      between the Jewish state and 9/11: Israeli agents
      Perle/Wolfowitz/Libby/etc. driving White House policy; WTC landlord
      Larry Silverstein's personal connection to Israel's war criminal prime
      minister Ariel Sharon; Israeli henchman Benjamin Netanyahu being in
      New York City and saying 9/11 "was a good thing for Israel"; the
      dancing Israelis arrested by New Jersey police for cheering the
      destruction of the towers and having boxcutters in their van; the
      advance warning to the Odigo phony company; and other stuff.

      And I would be remiss not to mention the role of Rabbi Michael
      Chertoff, now head of America's Homeland Security secret police, who
      coordinated the multi-agency non-investigation right after 9/11.

      Now, many people know what I'm talking about, though most are afraid
      to speak of it. White racists like Edgar Steele and David Duke and
      even the falsely imprisoned Ernst Zundel correctly identify some of
      the Jewish negativities in the world, but sabotage their own message
      by trashing the wholly innocent and manipulated black race, which
      plays right into the hands of the master manipulators and makes these
      Revisionist contributions to the larger debate on how to run a humane
      and healthy world less than they could be.

      And even supposedly compassionate liberal commentators like William
      Blum, Amy Goodman, and Noam Chomsky are razor sharp when it comes to
      describing the demented depredations of the United States against the
      hapless poor people of the world, but they suddenly (and not
      inexplicably) grow shy and quiet on the subject of Jewish manipulation
      of the American and British governments, the churches of the Western
      world, and the Jewish hammerlock on money, media, education, law, and
      medicine in this society that we have mistakenly called our own.

      What piques my alarm is the continuing attempt by so many "thoughtful"
      commentators to distance the evil deeds of the warmaking Zionist
      menace from "ordinary Jews" to a certain criminal element that was as
      much a danger to Jews as to anybody else (which is certainly true, in
      one respect). But I instantly rejected this transparent ruse by
      realizing that everything bad that Zionists have done is not only
      heartily endorsed by the evil books known as the Talmud and Torah
      (first five books of the Old Testament), but also that the clearly
      illegal and immoral existence of the criminal state of Israel is
      supported by all Jews, lapsed or not, except for a tiny splinter group
      of Orthodox Jews who nevertheless embrace the same racist Jewish
      supremacy garbage as their holy creed.

      Jews doubtless feel this is an unwarranted intrusion into their
      business, but the human community insists on knowing more about a
      dogma that consigns the rest of the world to slavery, often with the
      status of animals or products, and this sensible world community,
      knowing it is an unwise course for humanity to follow the we are now
      pursuing, demands to know why Jews regard non-Jews as cattle as it is
      written in what they claim are they their holy books.

      Furthermore, the definitive evidence for me is that British political
      supremacy in the world did not really occur until the Marrano Jews
      were expelled from Spain around 1500 (the Rockefellers went to Turkey,
      then on to Holland where they took their present name and became

      Most of those expelled went to Holland, which accounts for the
      astonishing political power today of Queen Juliana), before crossing
      over into England and, through the implementation of the practices of
      usury and fractional reserve banking, enabled Britain to become ruler
      of the world, plundering country after country (as did Holland).

      This was the power of usury — great for empires, bad for people. But
      the price Britain paid for power was that it gave up its actual
      sovereignty to Jewish bankers, who eventually captured, through Nathan
      Rothschild's astute maneuver after Wellington's victory over Napoleon,
      the Bank of England. Since then British "royals" have intermarried
      with Jews to the point that Britain and Israel are virtual synonyms.

      Rense columnist Henry Makow, in his recent commentary "The Jewish
      Conspiracy is British Imperialism," even concedes ...

      According to L.G. Pine, the Editor of Burke's Peerage , Jews "have
      made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the
      two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. So
      closely linked are the Jews and the lords that a blow against the Jews
      in this country would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy
      also." (Tales of the British Aristocracy, 1957, p.219.)

      Better yet is the alarming rebuttal to the contention in Makow's title
      by an anoymous Pakistani writer known only as H., who recounts the
      plunder of India by a "perfidious Albion" wholly under the control, in
      the mid-1800s, of the Rothschild banking dynasty. It's a fascinating
      read at <http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/print.asp?ID=1885>

      And it is more than alarming to realize that British Israel wholly
      constructed India's governmental system and staffed it with quisling
      stooges who remain in power to this day, furnishing alert observers
      with an unsettling mirror as to what has been done to the United
      States in the last half of the 20th century.

      Ah yes, this is anti-Jewish paranoia at its most powerful. Would that
      it only stopped there.

      Did you know that Zecharia Sitchin, architect of the dominant New Age
      paradigm about extraterrestrial beings intermingling — ahem, I believe
      the relevant phrase is "came into the daughters of men," a quote from
      the Jewish Old Testament — with early protohuman hominids, is really
      an Israeli economist?

      Did you know that, according to maverick theologian David Livingstone,
      the Wahabbi sect of Islam that not only includes the ruling clan of
      Saudi Arabia but also the purported architects of the Muslim
      revolution machine now supposedly running around the world sowing the
      seeds of "terror," was really founded by an Iraqi Jew? No? Perhaps you
      should check out <http://www.serendipity.li/wot/livingstone.htm> or

      And lastly, did you know that what is arguably the founding event in
      the history of Western civilization — the escape of Moses from Egypt
      in the 12th century B.C. — is a story that has been grossly
      misrepresented to you by more than 3,000 years of propagandistic

      The brilliant Polish professor Marek Glogoczowski, at a recent
      conference in Kiev, Ukraine (titled "Zionism as the biggest threat for
      modern civilization"), analyzed the work of the Roman Jewish historian
      Flavius Josephus and discovered a mention by him of the Egyptian
      priest Manetho, who lived in the 5th century B.C. and left an account
      suggesting that the story of the famous Exodus Jews was modeled on an
      actual historical event in Egypt. Quoting Josephus:

      "The pharaoh Amenophis, after the victory over Hyksos, rounded up
      80,000 of leprous (lepers) in the city of Avaris in the Delta of Nile.
      There these leprous organized themselves under the leadership of
      archpriest Ozarzif or Moses, fortified the city, but Egyptians
      conquered it, permitting leprous to leave the Egyptian soil."

      Glogoczowski, who publishes his essays in a half dozen different
      languages, scrutinized the passage, and wrote this analysis:

      Why does this story of the Exodus of the City of Leprous – which
      "city" St. Augustin took as a model of his Civitas Dei – recurrently
      appear in texts related to the history of Jews? Thirty years ago the
      author of this essay had a chance to visit a big leprozorium, located
      in Puri, in the state of Orissa in India. He learned there that
      bacteria of leprosy attacks at first neurons conducting signals to
      human skin, and then also to extremities like fingers or noses. These,
      not stimulated by nervous system organs, remain insensible and
      immobilized, and thus quickly undergo atrophy, their tissues are
      rotting and finally they are dropping off .... The subsequent stage of
      development of this illness is less visible, for bacteria of leprosy
      attack neuronal cells inside the brain, heavily damaging them, cutting
      connections between diverse brain centers, so the ill person loses the
      sense of reality, begins to hallucinate and so on. Perhaps Moses, who
      heard the voice of his "Lord" at the desert, was in fact afflicted by
      this illness, which made him hallucinate that he will lead his Chosen
      People towards the land "flowing with milk and honey".

      Long ago, Sigmund Freud concurred with this interpretation.

      "This similar effect of the loss of neurons," Glogoczowski writes,
      "connecting not-stimulated brain centers, occurs when people (or any
      other cerebrated animals) are inhibited for a long time in their
      spontaneous movements .... men trained since childhood to behave in
      agreement with ... "Law of Moses" must have substantial parts of their
      brains atrophied ... "

      This specific "spiritual leprosy" of community, which generation after
      generation became accustomed to a reading and rereading of the same
      "Holy Scripture" devoid of criticism, was well known in Antiquity. The
      contemporary of Philo of Alexandria, Stoic philosopher Seneca,
      considered Jews as the "most criminal tribe"; another Roman writer
      Celsus, in his criticism of both Jews and Christians, commenting (on)
      Christian rites of worship of "the dead corpse", remarked that "a new
      pestilence originated once again from Judea". Even in medieval times,
      prior to the mass intoxication of Christians with the Bible translated
      into national languages, Catholic Popes warned their subjects about
      misdeeds of the "blind tribe of Judah".

      Glogoczowski observes this process in Philo, who despite reading only
      the Greek version of the Old Testament, displays this "spiritual leprosy."

      Nevertheless this "Hellenized" version of the Bible was sufficient to
      mould (the) neuronal "wiring" of his mind in such a way that things
      normally perceived as meaningful become for him meaningless, while
      completely pathological reflections became "beacons" to be followed by

      This pathological path proceeded into the future. The religious focus
      became ....

      ... only artifacts having utilitarian application are admitted in
      Judaism to be objects of fervent veneration, for these artifacts
      facilitate the "taking the earth into possession" promised by the
      Bible. The adulation of various utensils was in antique Israel so
      unashamed, that one of manuscripts found in Qumran practically
      consists of enumeration of ordinary household gear, each item preceded
      by the word "God's". Not exaggerating at all, we suggest that in case
      automobiles were known already in Antiquity, the object of worship of
      the Chosen People would be also GOD'S VEHICLE , providing an
      effortless transportation to "small deities", as Philo called his

      The adornment, in Judaism, of ordinary household utensils has made
      representatives of this religion, although widely despised for their
      voracious cupiditas naturalis (greed), very useful helpers of every
      ruler trying to be "like others", and thus dreaming of dwelling in
      apparent material comfort, secured by riches (and arms) of all kinds.
      This was the reason, for example, of the decision of King of Poland
      Kazimierz the Great, to open the country, in late 14th century, for
      rich Jewry flying from Germany at that time.

      Such pragmatic, utilitarian considerations were surely also behind the
      incomprehensible acceptance by laymen of the Old Testament as the
      "spiritual beacon" of the expanding Christian faith, which was done
      during the Council of Nice in year 325, immediately after Christians
      seized power in the Roman Empire. But the Church, by the greed of its
      leaders, accepted Abraham's children's cupiditas naturalis as the
      "beacon" directing this church's earthly adventures, and quickly
      become sucked down – like the Jewry it despised – into the neverending
      pursuit of wealth.

      This Catholic (Common) Church predilection for riches automatically
      has led to the ... separatist Protestant movements, then to bloody
      religious wars, then to Protestant massive participation in the
      development of capitalist cancer, and finally, at present encompassing
      the whole globe, to the Transnational Religion of Mammon.

      The German-Jewish psychoanalyst Erich Fromm was really horrified, in
      the middle of the 20th century, when he realized, soon after his
      arrival in the U.S., that the Judeo-Christian elites of this "super"
      country really dream of the "second creation" of the whole Solar
      System, along the pattern of world's "improvement" outlined by the
      theosophy of Philo of Alexandria.

      Mimicking the famous exclamation of St. Paul "No salvation (of
      Christians) without the ugliness of Christ's assassination!", we may
      renunciation). This program was already proposed 18 centuries ago by
      Marcion, son of bishop of Synope, but abandoned a few centuries later
      thanks to efforts of ambitious cretins like this famous Tertulian, who
      believed the invented by St. Paul "logos" so much that he proudly
      announced credo quia absurdum (or ineptum) est. In other terms it
      means that God, which Tertulian believed in, is hidden in the logical
      rubbish. And once this LOGICAL RUBBISH took the place of Plotinian
      ABSOLUTE, it started to radiate downwards, creating subsequent,
      enumerated by Plotinus, hypostases (ed. — underlying reality; common
      example: Christ existing in three hypostases — father, son, and holy

      Further analysis by Glogoczowski leads him to conclude:

      In this particular, Judeo-Christian ordo vivendi (sinister path), the
      hypostasis (foundation), following the LOGOS of St. PAUL, became the
      SPIRIT OF JUDAISATION, known today the best as the Calvinist "American
      Psyche". This penetrating everywhere "Holy Spirit of Free Enterprise"
      creates on the earth below the LUMPENCULTURE of Junk Food Eaters,
      Shopping Mall customers and consumers of the Rubbish Religion and
      Rubbish Science. Formed by this (lumpen) culture individuals create,
      by their industrious activities, the ultimate hypostasis of the
      "Absolute" in form of a GIGANTIC HEAP OF GARBAGE of planetary
      dimensions. This "New Creation" (Nowotwór – in Polish this means
      Global Tumor), is the END OF TIMES PROJECT inspired by the Bible
      Judeo-American "solidarity" of bankers leading their masses.

      Leading their masses to certain destruction, I would add.

      See http://www.zaprasza.net/mglogo/a_y.php?mid=651& also here:
      for complete texts of these and other Glogoczowski commentaries in a
      variety of languages.

      So ... You still wanna tell me that those poor Jews in Israel are
      being exploited by those nasty old British monarchs and American
      neocon necrophiliacs? You think a relatively recent tradition of
      inbred regal buffoonery can dominate a two millennia old tradition of
      utter insanity, butchery for bucks, and profound cosmic paranoia?

      Now would be a good time to talk about this, since it seems to be the
      main reason World War Three is about to start.

      And Abby. Dear, dear Abby.

      So this is what I want to ask, Abby. Just who do you think is wagging

      Best wishes,
      John K.

      P.S.: Abby? I know your sister's name is Landers, and yours is Van
      Buren. But wasn't your maiden name Friedman? It's OK. My Volynian
      greatgrandfather's name was Max.

      For a wonderful tour of Jewish self-hatred and what it has done to the
      world, check out <http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/nichols.htm>

      This is getting long, so I'll mention only one excerpt:

      ... you will also find abundance evidence for internal corruption
      within, and horrific conduct by, the state of Israel; along with
      clarifying Israel's solid role in the facilitation of international
      crime, this material should fortify you against backsliding under the
      banner of Zionism, just in case this latest icon of Jewish identity at
      all tempts you. If Israel's role as sanctuary for Jewish criminals on
      the run, as a hub for money laundering and trade in blood diamonds or
      its egregious record in human trafficking doesn't disenchant you
      enough, focus on its historic role in the arms trade and its support
      of murderous dictatorships in such places as Nicaragua, El Salvador,
      Guatemala, Panama, Argentina, Chile, or Columbia. Familiarizing
      yourself with these and many other equally charming qualities of the
      Jewish state should do the trick.

      I should point out to you that as long as you think of yourself as a
      Jew, you are fated to contend with the longest running, most
      pronounced internal conflict in history — a conflict threaded through
      and woven into history as a whole to such a profound extent that only
      serious, deliberate and honest study can extricate you and deliver you
      to a position of independence. Take a look at Hemdat, an Israeli
      website that features stories of ultra-orthodox Rabbis and their
      yeshiva minions still hurling excrement at conservative synagogues.
      They tote Uzis and attack old Jewish women for using their electric
      wheelchairs on the Shabbat. This is one aspect of Jewish identity.
      Another aspect is billionaire Edgar Bronfman, peddling whiskey and
      Gangsta-rap and supporting Zionism; or Al Goldstein, porn merchant; or
      Lev Trotsky, internationalist revolutionary bankrolled by capitalists.
      It will be your task to survey the material I am recommending in
      search of a Jewish identity — beyond the contradictions and conflict —
      worth salvaging

      Jewish "self-hatred" is an aspersion cast upon Jews by Jews, and it is
      indicative of the conflict that arose within and from a people fixed
      by the fact and the presumptuousness of having initiated a
      totalitarian worldview, i.e. under one governance — in the original
      case a god.

      This idée fixe has proved a burden of enormous weight to the people
      who have carried it forward and managed its mutation under a variety
      of guises, oftentimes against a general will. Indeed, Jews have a long
      history of oppressing themselves with this fixed vision of
      self-importance and also of seeking escape from themselves, in recent
      centuries directly and indirectly spinning radical and subversive
      elements continually out into the larger societies they inhabit, all
      the while maintaining a pathological sense of superiority and an
      indifference to the destructive effects in this pattern, except
      perhaps when it crashes down upon themselves.

      The real meaning of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ is not
      about Jewish/Christian conflict, but about internal Jewish conflict,
      an undiminished conflict that is a visible in Israel today as it was
      in the time of Jesus. The same radical progressives and frothing,
      fundamentalist fanatics embodied in the trial of Jesus are alive today
      in Israel and in the extended Jewish community, and they have drawn
      the world into their narrative and dilemma.

      • • •

      Know what the best thing about this story is? It's that Christians can
      no longer assail Jews — nor vice versa — because they both suffer from
      the same dreadful and depraved disease.

      Know what the second best thing is? Now we know who was really behind

      John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose
      Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.
      They have been collected into two anthologies, "America's Autopsy
      Report" and "The Perfect Enemy." In addition, he has written "The Day
      America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What
      Happened on September 11, 2001," which explains why the government's
      version of that tragic day is a lie. Due out soon are a third
      collection of essays, titled "Recipe for Extinction," and a new
      chapbook on belief systems, titled "The Prison of God." For more
      information and announcement of release dates, keep track of



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