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Jews Behind Sudan Hate Propaganda

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    Jewish Hand Behind Sudan Hate Propaganda: AntiSemitism or Fact? Jamaat al-Muslimeen news www.newtrendmag.org After the death of Col. Garang and 4 days of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2005
      Jewish Hand Behind Sudan Hate Propaganda: AntiSemitism or Fact?
      Jamaat al-Muslimeen news

      After the death of Col. Garang and 4 days of rioting in
      Khartoum, Sudan is holding on to the peace process. However, those who
      want to destroy Sudan are not ready to give up. On August 12, 2005 the
      Jewish Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC held a one-sided
      anti-Sudan, anti-Islam program to vilify the Sudanese people. The
      participants were largely Jews and they listened to speakers known for
      their slanted views on the conflict in Darfur. The program was chaired
      by a Jewish student named Sarah Weisman and the speakers were John
      Prendergast, Ken Bacon, Gayle Faith and Julie Flint, well-known for
      their hatred of Sudan and Islam.

      As the program went on, it was not difficult to see why the
      views of these people are so slanted. Julie Flint, a well travelled
      journalist, revealed that she "travelled for five weeks with
      the SLA," the armed group of rebels which has been on the rampage in
      Darfur. She saw five armed clashes between SLA and another rebel group
      known as JEM. It never occurred to her that the situation in Darfur is
      connected to the armed rebellion and the conflict within the rebel
      groups. Instead she blames Khartoum for quelling the rebellion.

      It's quite clear that these people are not humanitarians but
      instigators of rebellion. Prandergast insisted on the need to bring
      about "unity among rebel groups" in Darfur to make them effective
      against the Islamic government. He went to the extent of claiming that
      the induction of troops from African countries into Darfur by the
      African Union [OAU] "has undermined human rights." He tried to
      denigrate the African troops, thus indirectly calling for direct U.S.
      intervention. Ken Bacon, supposedly from a refugee organization is so
      antagonistic to Sudan that he was fuming at the respect shown to the
      Sudanese foreign minister during recent talks.

      Earlier a fashionable young African woman was introduced as a
      "survivor of the Rwanda genocide" who is very concerned about the
      "genocide" in Darfur. She talked English with a perfect British
      university accent and could not possibly have been in Africa for a
      very long time. Evidently, she has nothing to do with Rwanda or Darfur.

      The purpose of these "genocide" stories was revealed
      inadvertently by journalist Julie Flint. She said that she was trying
      to "get Arabs involved" in the Darfur situation, because she has
      friends in Lebanon and Syria, so that Arabs will "shut up about Iraq"
      and Afghanistan. Thus the Rwanda and Sudan stories are meant to be
      countervailing propaganda against the U.S. atrocities in the
      countries it has occupied. These are White people claiming to be in
      love with Darfur: Prendergast, Bacon, Flint and Faith!



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