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    ISLAM AND JIHAAD ARE THE SAME THING Pelayo Mella The Islamic Party for Renewal http://www.tajdeed.net I am relatively new in Islam, but one of the things that
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2005
      Pelayo Mella
      The Islamic Party for Renewal

      I am relatively new in Islam, but one of the things that I immediately
      understood is that Islam and Jihad are the same thing. My
      revolutionary background makes me understand Islam and Jihad as the
      urgent mobilization, efficient and totally committed capacity of a
      Muslim to fight for the innocent against criminals. I understand this
      as an obligation on all Muslims, men and women, to fight for justice,
      oppression and to oppose the invaders of a Muslim country, giving all
      of oneself, our intelligence and all means at our disposal.

      Jihad, in my opinion, which is born out of the utter conviction that
      we actively must oppose lying, crime, and injustice at all costs, is
      the most powerful weapon we, as Muslims, possess for the Victory
      against evil. Jihad has become a Waajib, or Fardh, an obligation, a
      prescription which affects each one of us as members of the UMMAH; it
      has become, because of the present situation a Fardh-Ayn, as it is
      Salat, Zakat, or fasting at Ramadan.

      Great problems affect Islam at the moment: the continuing occupation
      of Palestinian lands by the Zionists, the battle of our brothers and
      sisters in Chechnya, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of
      Iraq, the repression against our brothers and sisters under
      Imperialist servile governments in Saudi, Egypt, and most Arab lands.
      Thus, all these facts make Jihad an ineludible necessity.

      The United States has placed under its service a monstrous power aimed
      at a minute military one in Iraq, this fact is enough to make us
      realize how conscientious we must be to defend ourselves and be alert
      against this cowardly aggression. The Imperialists threw everything
      (by air, land and sea) on this noble land in order to occupy it, to
      destroy it, to ransack it, to steal its wealth, as thieves and
      criminals do.

      Jihad is obligatory and urgent, and we as Muslims must be committed to
      it with whatever capacity we have and whatever means we have at our
      disposal. My reading of the Noble Koran is that it is our duty to
      combat criminals and their allies. With Jihad we answer to an
      imperative which simply is not born out of ourselves as human beings
      but it comes from the deepest realm of life, of existence. To do the
      Jihad in today's conditions is what the truth demands from us, which
      is the root of everything.

      "Fight, for the Sake of Allah, against those who fight you. Do not be
      the aggressor. Allah does not love the aggressor". To me this is very
      simple and absolutely clear: The Koran tells us that we must fight
      against those who have declared war on us, that we must not let
      ourselves be stepped on.

      The war on Iraq is a war declared on our brothers and sisters, and
      they are us, they are ourselves. The Yankee Kuffar came to demolish
      our homes, to kill our people, to rob them, to rape them, to torture
      them. Allah in the Noble Koran orders us to fight. It is not an
      advice, it is not a recommendation which gives us room to choose. The
      fight against the aggressor is a duty, a non-questionable Waajib, it
      is a Fardh-Ayn that concerns to all Muslims and it is Muslims who
      answer to Allah's imperative, they are the ones who make things be
      what they are, in the Jihad we find our own lives, to turn our backs
      on this we find humiliation, we find what is vile, and death.

      Allah says in his book: `You, Oh who you believe (that is those, who
      consents and open to me their hearts), do not take as allies my
      enemies and your enemies, do not go and meet them showing them your
      love'. Here Allah categorically prohibits us to consider his enemies
      as friends or allies. Those who attack Muslims are the enemies of
      Allah therefore enemies of the Muslims. Thus, the United States, and
      all those countries who confabulate with them, is our enemies too and
      we are at war with them. No alliance with them is legitimate, neither
      Islam allow us a friendly contact with them until their weapons are
      put down.

      Allah tells us that `Muslims must not make of the Kuffars his allies
      behind other Muslims' backs. And those who do, do it, have nothing to
      do with AllahÂ…' This means that no Muslim is authorised to help those
      who invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Palestine or repress honest
      Muslims. On the contrary, he must immediately side with his brothers
      and sisters and oppose the enemy.

      Sayyidna Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) says that `The Muslim is a brother of his
      Muslim brother, he does not mistreat him or sells him', that is to
      say, Rasulullah (p.b.u.h) prohibits us to betray or abandon to his
      demise Muslims in trouble. What greater `trouble' than the one Iraqis
      have been suffering because of the United States, the greatest evil
      and cancer of the world? The duty of every Muslim is to help Iraq,
      help them in their fight, defend them against the enemy, to fight with
      them in all fronts until the enemy, who is the enemy of all humanity
      is defeated, Insha-Allah.

      Sayyidna Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) also said: `help your Muslim brother be
      either an oppressed one or an oppressor' and the Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
      was asked: `How can we help the oppressor?' and he answered: `By
      stopping him being an oppressor'. It is then the obligation of all
      Muslims to succor the oppressed and fight against the oppressors even
      if they are Muslims because by doing that you do good. According to
      this, it is absolutely necessary to help the Iraqis against the Yankee

      I understand Jihad as the struggle against the Kuffars when they
      invade any Muslim country, when they intend to invade it, or plan to
      invade it. In this particular case, Jihad is compulsory for every
      capable Muslim. According to Islam, women are also obliged to go out
      and fight, even if her husband opposes it, and children are allowed to
      disobey their parents, workers are allowed to rid of their masters and
      fight. The war imposed on Iraq is the war of all Muslims.

      I read somewhere that `If a Muslim country is invaded and does not
      have the capacity to repel the invader by itself, her neighbours are
      obliged to enter into battle, and if together are they incapable, this
      obligation is transferred to Muslims throughout the world. It is
      obvious that militarily, Iraq is unable to fight by itself the fire
      power of the criminals and their allies. Iraq's neighbours are also
      pathetically quiet. To help the Kuffar against Muslims is an act of
      Kufr. Muslims siding with the invaders are excluded from Islam. They
      are apostates!

      We must wish the Iraqi Resistance a triumph against the imperialists,
      we must wish that the United States and their puppets go back to their
      countries with their tails between their legs, defeated and
      humiliated, we must do everything possible for this to happen.
      Together with this, we must fight against all dictatorships and free
      Muslims from them. As we said above, we must aim our efforts at those
      governments in Muslims lands whose only desire is to please the yanks
      and the invaders. They do so by justifying United Nations resolutions
      in order to continue being servile puppets of the United States and

      We, as Muslims, must denounce this tirelessly. There is no point in
      having silly little arguments with newspapers like The Sun since we
      know far too well what they represent. Exercises like these are
      intended to impress people who do not need any impressing and they are
      just to inflate somebody's little egos. Let's stop peevishly grumble
      and instead proudly and with dignity denounce, denounce, and denounce.

      Finally, we call to all ulama to remind them their duty towards
      Muslims. They cannot be wet Muslims in this hour of need, they cannot
      abstain from publicly expressing what sincere Muslims want to express.
      This call is not from us only but it is written in the Koran. It is
      the duty of the ulama to encourage brothers and sisters in the duty of
      the jihad since they inherited it from Sayyidna Muhammad (p.b.u.h.).

      We ask Allah to guide us, the ulama, the Iraqi Resistance, the Afghan
      Resistance, the Palestinian Resistance, the Chechnya Resistance who
      fight for the victory of Islam, for the oppressed and for the
      destruction of the Imperialists, Zionists and their allies.



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