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The Ultimatum of Arrogance

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  • ummyakoub
    2003-03-19 The Ultimatum of Arrogance The ultimatum delivered by President George W. Bush to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq is an incredible act of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2003
      2003-03-19 The Ultimatum of Arrogance

      The ultimatum delivered by President George W. Bush to President
      Saddam Hussein of Iraq is an incredible act of arrogance which only
      this administration would dare to commit.

      Saddam Hussein is the legally-constituted President of Iraq. It is
      this country which has to decide on who it chooses as leader, not
      George W. Bush. The ultimatum, requesting him and his close family
      to leave the country was received with great regret by Moscow, a
      feeling which has already been expressed to President Bush by
      President Vladimir Putin.

      Although it surprises nobody that this administration in Washington
      can decide on regime change to suit its interests and then press
      ahead without any regard for international law, destroying at the
      same time the credibility of the United Nations Organization, it is
      the beginning of a grave mistake.

      At a stroke, Washington has destroyed the wave of international
      goodwill following the horrors of September 11th, becoming instead a
      state which performs acts of terrorism: an act of war outside the
      auspices of the UNO is illegal because Resolutions 678, 687 and 1441
      all refer to the need for a second resolution. Washington decided
      not to press for this because it knew that it would not arrange the
      nine votes necessary?and because France and Russia had declared that
      they would use their right to veto.

      Instead of listening to world public opinion, the Bush administration
      blindly pressed ahead, goaded on by the protagonistic Prime Minister
      of Britain, Anthony Blair. At a stroke, Washington has destroyed the
      notion that the UNO is anything more than a global institution of
      charity and at a stroke, the Bush administration has rekindled the
      hatred felt for ?Americans? around the world (wrongly, because ?
      Americans? are so many individuals).

      At a stroke, the Bush administration has given the green light to all
      would-be terrorists who follow the ?have-a-go? philosophy because
      countries like Iran, Syria and Libya know only too well that they are
      next on the black list, if not in future the Central Asian Republics
      and in the medium term, who knows, Siberia?

      The pretexts will be tailored to the needs of the day. That George
      Bush cannot pronounce the word ?dictator? correctly, stressing the
      first syllable instead of the second, is possibly due to the fact
      that Dick (Cheney) is running the show. However, whether or not
      Saddam Hussein is a dictator makes no difference?Washington, or the
      energy lobby headed by Cheney, thought it perfectly viable to consort
      with Suharto?s Indonesia, which massacred hundreds of thousands of
      people. General Wiranto, the Army Chief of Staff even had weekly
      liaisons with CIA officials for a time in the 1990s. The point is
      that Washington wants to punish Baghdad for adopting the Euro,
      potentially ruinous in the long term to the US economy.

      Washington wholly misjudged the international climate, going too far
      too fast, after the wave of sympathy following September 11th led the
      world to remain silent as the USA/UK alliance attacked Afghanistan,
      also outside the auspices of the UNO but upon the pretext that
      Afghanistan had violated international law by harbouring terrorists
      who had in turn perpetrated an act of such barbarous proportions.

      Rather than an act of self-defence, it was an act of retaliation
      which is not covered by any of the UN Statutes, however, the climate
      at the time was favourable or at least neutral in the event.

      Convinced that the world would swallow the terrorism link to Baghdad,
      Washington pressed ahead, first calling for the inspections to
      restart, never imagining that Saddam Hussein would comply. He did.
      The words ?Now what?? were almost audible in the silence which
      gripped the Pentagon and the White House. Imagining that because
      nobody had spoken out against the attack on Afghanistan, where the
      Taleban regime had earned few friends, the Bush administration
      imagined that it would be easy to bully the international community
      into allowing it to steal the resources of a sovereign state, Iraq,
      which sits on 10.7% of the world?s oil resources. Now George Bush
      realizes that he has gone beyond the point of no return and that he
      is about to commit the biggest mistake any US President has made in
      the history of the country.

      For the time being, only shock and horror are expressed in ?
      diplomese?, in expressions of regret and preoccupation and concern.
      These expressions will unfortunately set in the minds of the
      countless millions of people around the world whom Washington has
      just made an enemy of.

      In the minds of many, gone are the notions that terrorists are crazy
      fanatics, rather that they are desperately fighting for their freedom
      against the oppressor. Gone are the notions that the USA stands for
      democracy and law, because it has totally disrespected international
      law and its methods at the UN Security Council were closer to
      blackmail than democracy.

      This administration has just initiated a dangerous cycle of events
      which will unfortunately cause the wholesale massacre of hundreds of
      thousands of innocent civilians around the world, in an unprecedented
      spiral of violence which will last for many years.

      The United States of America, in attacking Iraq outside the auspices
      of the UNO, is committing an illegal act of war. George Bush is
      about to commit war crimes. He may not be eligible for prosecution
      at the ICC, because the USA has not ratified the act recognizing the
      tribunal, but Tony Blair and those who support this illegal act are,
      and will be taken to this court accordingly.

      What a depressing comment on the collective state of mankind, that
      the only proper forum for discussion has been violated just because
      it would not vote the way Washington wanted.




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