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Hussain & Martillo: On Terrorism

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    Why don t you guys go after Switzerland? It has the highest suicide rate in the world! In response to politically correct denunciations of suicide bombers:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2005
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      Why don't you guys go after Switzerland? It has the highest suicide
      rate in the world!

      In response to politically correct denunciations of suicide bombers:

      Commentary by Maria Hussain

      Among Muslims there are two points of view, both based on Quran and
      Hadith, for and against suicide bombing. There are many traditions
      forbidding the killing of civilians during war. But Islam accepts the
      concept of collateral damage. For example, the Prophet ordered the
      Muslims to do a sneak attack at night on their enemies and the Muslims
      said, "But what if there are children and we kill them accidentally
      because it is dark?" He said, "Their children are of them." There are
      other tales of Ali using fire as a method of war, a technique used
      also by Salahuddin. These were great Muslim leaders going against
      Islamic law. Their reasons were based on the Quran and Sunnah which
      forbids Muslims to lose a war because of taking the moral high ground.
      Whatever the enemy is willing to do to you, you have to be able do it
      back to him. If you are weak, your entire society and ablility to
      protect the weak is at risk. You cannot be weak. You must fight
      against injustice. Allah said in the Quran:

      And why should you not fight in the cause of Allah and those who,
      being weak, are ill-treated?

      Men, women and children, whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this
      town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee one who
      will protect;

      and raise for us from Thee one who will help!"

      (Quran 4:75)

      Not equal are those Believers who sit at home and receive no hurt
      and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods
      and their persons.

      Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with
      their goods and persons than to those who sit at home. Unto all in
      Faith hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He
      distinguished above those who sit at home by a special reward:

      Ranks specially bestowed by Him and Forgiveness and Mercy. For Allah
      is Oft-Forgiving, Most-Merciful.

      (Quran 4:95-96)

      When discussing methods of halal versus haram warfare, it is important
      to not lose sight of the fact that Allah ordered Muslims to
      voluntarily sacrifice their lives and all they own to fight for the
      oppressed. There is no debate about this. The debate is on method of
      war. The Zionists want to change this into a debate of whether or not
      Muslims have the right to retaliate against Jews. The Jewish argument
      is that Muslim lives are inconsequential while Jewish lives are
      sacred. For Muslims, losing the War on Islam is not an option. That is
      the logic Pakistan uses to possess nuclear bombs which are against
      Islamic law.

      What is clear is that Allah has said Muslims cannot be aggressors.
      Their mode of attack should never exceed what which is inflicted upon
      them. A life for a life is just. The hadith says a woman for a woman.
      Innocent victim for innocent victim, or else financial compensation
      (blood money). Muslims are not hippies. They are not going to just lay
      down and say "Shoot me please. My house is over there, you can have
      it." They fight until they have gained the upper hand. Then they will
      execute war criminals and grant amnesty to the rest. When the enemy
      asks for peace, Muslims will make peace.

      Israel is fighting a demographic war. They consider every Jewish
      civilian ammunition in the demographic war. Jews move to Israel
      offering their bodies in this war. Any child in Israel who dies is the
      full moral responsibility of his or her parents who chose to move them
      into a war zone. Israeli buses are used by Israeli soldiers. If you
      don't want to be collateral damage, don't ride the buses.

      Suicide bombing is a miltary strategy that was not invented by
      Muslims. There is nothing in Islam which specifically mentions suicide
      bombing. Certainly it is no more abhorrent than carpet bombing. Unless
      the victims of suicide bombing exceed the victims of carpet bombing,
      I'm not sure why the excessive moral concern for this particular type
      of warfare strategy. People cannot let their faith be held hostage by
      the bad thoughts of the Jews. They will never be happy until you
      reject Islam.

      Maria Hussain


      Below is my husband's "American" explanation of terrorism. It shows
      that there is nothing particularly Islamic about terrorism.


      On Terrorism
      Joachim Martillo

      By American history and precedent terrorism against state-supported
      violent racism is completely justified. Palestinian terrorism against
      Israeli Zionist racists is exactly as justified as hacking slavers to
      death with swords in Bleeding Kansas. Reverend Professor Ralph Waldo
      Emerson (HDS, HC 1821) and Henry David Thoreau (HC 1837) raised money
      in Harvard Yard to support John Brown in Bleeding Kansas. All
      patriotic antiracist Americans and decent human beings in general
      should support Palestinian terrorism against Israeli Zionists, who are
      the enemies of the whole human race.

      The only downside to Palestinian terrorism is the death of the
      Palestinian attacker. There have been no innocent Zionist civilians
      since the Zionists began their war of ethnic cleansing in December
      1947. Suicide attacks against Zionist civilians are no more
      problematic than suicide attacks against German Nazi civilians during
      the Hitler period. Even though most Zionist factions effectively
      collaborated with Nazis from 1933-39 under the Haavarah or Transfer
      Agreement, Jabotinskians undertook assassinations against German Nazi
      civilians, and Jabotinsky called for suicide attacks against Germans.

      Zionists are waging a dirty demographic war against Palestinians and
      do not respect the status of protected noncombatants under the Geneva
      conventions. Racist Zionist invaders, thieves and interlopers have
      been brutalizing, raping and murdering the native population
      (including women and children) of Palestine at least since the
      19-naughts. Moreover, Zionists have frequently stated since the
      beginning of the 20th century that every single Jew in Palestine is a
      weapon or foot soldier in the demographic war against Palestine. The
      defenders always have the right to destroy the weapons or kill the
      soldiers of the invaders. Under such conditions Palestinians have no
      recourse but proportionate response to purposeful and indiscriminate
      IDF murder of Palestinian civilians.

      Americans have been conditioned to believe that Israeli Zionists as
      Jews could not possibly do the horrible things that anyone will see
      and experience if he or she lives among Palestinians for a few weeks.
      (Joshua Hammer, former Jerusalem bureau chief for Newsweek and later a
      Nieman fellow, made such a statement at Harvard.) In fact, during the
      30s many Americans refused to believe that the German Nazis were
      committing Nazi crimes because such criminality was inconceivable for
      Germans, a people that had produced Goethe, Lessing, Schiller,
      Beethoven, Mozart, Bach etc. The idea that German Nazis or Israeli
      Zionists could not perpetrate the crimes of Nazism and Zionism is
      simply racist prejudice based in an assumption of German or Israeli
      Jewish superiority to the people they are victimizing.

      Israeli Zionists are the most militarized people on the planet. There
      is hardly a square centimeter of Israel that is not a legitimate
      military target, and buses are dual use civilian military vehicles
      that are used as troop carriers and that service illegal settlements.
      By US rules of engagement attacking such vehicles is certainly
      allowable, and during the Kosova war the USA attacked similar and to
      my mind far less military targets.

      Every weapon that the Israeli Zionists criminals use against the
      native population is bought or provided by the USA. Without the USA
      Israeli Zionism would just be a bad memory. Palestinians are in fact
      at least as much at war with the USA, which as been manipulated into a
      satanic foreign policy by traitorous ethnic Ashkenazi American
      Neoconservative racists like Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and Wurmser and
      by irredentist neo-Confederate white racists like Jerry Falwell, Pat
      Roberts and Richard Land.

      Israeli Zionists are the bad guys and represent an evil in the world
      today just as the German Nazis did in the 30s. Nowadays, we Americans
      are the bad guys because we are allied with Israeli Zionists. We
      Americans have to accept that Americans and Israeli Zionists may be
      subjected to attacks by billions of people justifiably enraged at our
      policies, just as Germans whether military or civilian were subject to
      attacks by the French, Polish, Russian and Yugoslav resistance during
      WW2. As the bad guys and allies of the bad guys we Americans have no
      more right to criticize the tactics of the resistance than the German
      Nazis had. In retrospect and to this day we consider the anti-Nazi
      resistance heroes that fought for all of humanity. Likewise the
      Palestinian resistance today is heroic and fights for all of humanity.



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