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‘Israeli terror is worse’

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    Former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni blasts `megalomaniac Prime Minister Sharon in interview with Arab-Israeli newspaper, says he should face justice.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2005
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      Former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni blasts `megalomaniac' Prime
      Minister Sharon in interview with Arab-Israeli newspaper, says he
      should face justice. Aloni also charges Israel a racist state that
      commits war crimes.

      `Israeli terror is worse'
      By Roee Nahmias

      TEL AVIV – Israel is a racist state that commits war crimes and
      resorts to terrorism worse than that employed by the Palestinians,
      former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni charged in an unusually
      scathing interview with Nazareth-based Arab-Israeli newspaper Kul

      Other highlights from the interview include "(Prime Minister) Sharon
      should face justice," "Israel is following Mussolini's way," and "some
      soldiers behave like animals."

      When asked how she characterizes the prime minister, Aloni responded:
      "Sharon is a big, arrogant nationalist. He suffers from megalomania
      and doesn't mind sacrificing the lives of others, as happened in the
      invasion of Lebanon."

      "Sharon and the Israeli leadership always try to make Israelis believe
      the lie that the Palestinians want to throw us to the sea," the former
      minister charged. "In fact, we are the ones who commit war crimes
      against humanity, and I hope Sharon will face justice."

      `Government, settlers coordinate anti-pullout campaign'

      Turning her attention to the disengagement plan, Aloni leveled more
      charges, saying she fears the evacuation from Gaza will turn
      Palestinian life in the West Bank "into hell."

      "I want to note that National Union Knesset Member Benny Elon recently
      said that settlers intend to embitter the lives of Palestinians in the
      West Bank, until they emigrate from here," she said. "I see testament
      to that in the existence of an IDF unit comprising radical religious
      soldiers, who are no different than animals in their daily behavior."

      Aloni also expressed her surprise that Israelis continue to play the
      "role of victims" and the American President accepts that image while
      declaring that "Israel has the right to defend itself, while ignoring
      the fact we have one of the most powerful armies in the Middle East."

      The former minister also resorted to apparent conspiracy theories,
      claiming the government and settlers were "secretly coordinating"
      anti-pullout resistance in order to create a "national shock" and
      convince the world of the difficulties inherent in withdrawing from
      the West Bank.

      `Israel no different than South Africa'

      Turning her attention to the Palestinians, Aloni said had she been a
      Palestinian she would have called for the cessation of suicide
      bombings and the adoption of the non-violent approach of Mahatma Ghandi.

      "It's true that the terror utilized by Israel in the territories is
      worse than Palestinian terrorism, but the Hamas movement gives the
      occupation the opportunity and means to deepen," she said.

      When asked about how she views Israel's future, Aloni responded: "I
      can show you Mussolini's books about fascism . If you read them you'll
      reach the unequivocal conclusion that ministers in the current Israeli
      government are walking on the same path."

      "Only in a country like this can a murderer…reach the post of Defense
      Minister," she charged. "Israel, in fact, is no different than racist
      South Africa as long as it presents itself as Jewish state instead of
      a state of all its citizens."

      However, when asked about the chances of a leftist revival in Israel,
      Aloni was pessimistic, and chose to level some more charges.

      "If you look for the Left, you won't find it," she said. "Former Prime
      Minister Ehud Barak killed it. The Left's collapse resulted from
      several reasons, including the Labor party's participation in Sharon's
      former government."



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