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US Media Protects Israel

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  • ummyakoub
    http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/mediocrity/displayCall.asp?essayID=104 ==== PMWATCH - March 15, 2003 -- For an edifying example of just how diffident and cagey the
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      PMWATCH - March 15, 2003 -- For an edifying example of just how
      diffident and cagey the US media can get when the issue of Israel's
      role in this war comes up, take a look at CNN's NewsNight's March 14
      coverage of the new rising concerns by the US Jewish community and
      Israel over the increasing perception here in the United States that
      this war is being pushed by powerful pro-Israel groups beholden to the
      right wing Likud and their fascist partners in the Israeli coalition

      Newsnight's report did everything possible to give us a story about
      "Jewish influence" that talked about everything but the real story.
      First, from the very get-go, Aaron Brown cast the story in such a way
      that the only possible angle they could cover it from was the one that
      dismisses it as a bunch of wild and nasty conspiracy theories about
      dark and mysterious cabals: "American Jews are no more or less
      supportive of a war with Iraq than the population at large. But both
      here and in Israel, it is an extremely delicate subject." The fact
      that no one is proposing that regular "American Jews" (many, many of
      whom are key actors in the anti-war movement) are pushing for war,
      that the accusation is against a few staunch pro-Israel supporters in
      the administration and a few powerful members of the pro-Israel lobby
      (Jewish and non-Jewish) was simply ignored. The real story is about
      the influence of a few key staunch pro-Israel members of the
      neo-conservative group that clearly has a very important role in
      pushing this war forward: e.g. Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld
      (remember his quip about "so-called occupied territories"), Elliot
      Abrams, etc. Amazingly, none of these names was mentioned during the
      report, and yet we all know that they are pro-Sharon, pro-war, and
      have EXPLICITLY argued that the road to peace in the middle east is
      via Baghdad -- that the argument that settling the Palestinian-Israeli
      conflict first before going after Baghdad is bogus and has it
      backwards, etc. No mention of that anywhere.

      And no mention of the fact that practically all the well-known
      pro-Likud columnists and opinion makers, from Willian Safire to
      Charles Krauthammer, Jeff Jacoby, Michael Kelley, George Will, Mona
      Charen, Linda Chavez, Amos Perlmutter, AM Rosenthal, Mort Zuckerman,
      Fred Barnes, Dick Morris, etc., are pro-war and have been calling for
      war a long, long time ago, when the concept was still unthinkable.
      Instead, we are now all of a sudden hearing people arguing that
      the war against Iraq is not what Sharon wants, since it would take out
      the counterweight to Iran! Really? Are we really expected to turn on a
      dime and believe the unbelievable?

      There are two stories here to tell. The first is about how the
      anti-war public mood in the US and the world is making the pro-war
      hawks in Israel and the US nervous and jittery and is giving them
      second thoughts. The other story, equally interesting, is how the US
      media is playing along with the attempt to seriously promote the
      canard that Israel and its supporters are not really driving this war

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      MARCH 14, 2003

      BROWN: We were awe all taught that only fools talk politics or
      religion, and we
      are about to talk about both. The accusation leveled the other day by
      Democrat Jim Moran
      that the American Jewish community was pushing a war with Iraq touched
      plenty of
      nerves. Many Jews, of course, were outraged.

      But we also saw notes from people who said Moran got it right. He may
      not have
      said it well, but he got it right. Polls would say he got it wrong.
      Jews are no more or less
      supportive of a war with Iraq than the population at large. But both
      here and in
      Israel, it is an extremely delicate subject. Here's CNN's Kelly Wallace.


      display of Israel solidarity with the United States considering war
      with Iraq.
      Rare because, while a poll just
      published shows more than 60 percent of Israelis support military
      action, the
      largest support of any country outside of the United States, Israel
      has tried to
      keep a low profile.

      Daniel Ayalon the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., said in a speech
      earlier in
      week. "Iraq is not an Israeli problem. It's an international problem.
      For anyone
      to suggest that the road to Baghdad
      runs through Jerusalem, nothing could be further from the truth."

      The suggestions have made their way into Israel's headlines. Some in the
      American right and left, charging that American Jews within the Bush
      administration and Israel are pushing the U.S. to wage war.

      BRET STEPHENS, "JERUSALEM POST": To suggest that Israel is somehow --
      Israel or
      a cabal of Jewish leaders in the government or in the media are
      driving American
      policy goes back to a very old anti-Semitic trope.

      WALLACE : Israel is sensitive to any perception an Iraq campaign would
      be a war
      for Israel. That is why Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently
      that only he and his top advisers can talk
      publicly about Iraq.

      ERAN LERMAN, AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE: Israel is not part of the
      coalition of
      the willing. Not because we are not willing, but because our presence
      is neither
      necessary nor useful at this point.

      WALLACE: The Americans are sensitive, too.

      (on camera): So what kind of sign does this send about the possibility
      that we
      could see...

      UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am not at liberty to say at all.

      WALLACE (voice-over): The 600 U.S. soldiers in Israel manning the American
      patriot anti-missile systems are tight-lipped. So are officials at the
      embassy about the coordination and intelligence sharing
      between the United States and Israel. Even this American ship stayed
      far from
      the cameras during a routine naval exercise with the Israelis in January.

      The cooperation between the two longtime allies is unprecedented, as
      the U.S.
      wants to keep Israel out of any war. But touting that the cooperation,
      the U.S.
      fears could further imflame anti-American sentiment in
      the Arab world.

      (on camera): Some Israeli officials privately say if they were telling
      the Bush
      administration what to do, they would have urged the White House to
      focus first
      on Iran and Syria. Viewing those countries as bigger
      threats to Israel than Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

      Kelly Wallace, CNN, Jerusalem.


      BROWN: Coming up tonight on NEWSNIGHT, new details on the Elizabeth
      Smart case.
      Reports that Brian David Mitchell, the suspect in the case, may have
      kidnapping another member of the Smart family. Around the world, this is



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