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Iran: Tehran's Mayor Now President

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    Iranian Elections: Ahmedinejad s Victory Gives Iran New Opportunity to re-Join Global Islamic Struggle by our Iran Observer www.newtrendmag.org Seventeen
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
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      Iranian Elections:
      Ahmedinejad's Victory Gives Iran New Opportunity to re-Join Global
      Islamic Struggle
      by our Iran Observer

      Seventeen million votes were cast and Ahmedinejad, the mayor of
      Tehran, was elected President of Iran on June 24, 2005. His victory
      signals a massive comeback by Iran's Islamic forces which emanate from
      the revolution led by Imam Khomeini against the Shah installed by the CIA.

      Much of the credit for the Iranian ability to keep Iran open to change
      through the ballot belongs to Imam Khomeini who, before he passed
      away, taught Iranians that voting is a sacred duty once the revolution
      has dismantled the foreign backed puppet regime.

      Unfortunately, as the Imam became unwell and weakened physically, the
      revolution went through internal convulsions. It's main leadership
      cadres were assassinated by alienated terrorists, the MKO, who were
      often controlled and manipulated by the U.S. In fact the MKO
      terrorists tried to destroy the revolution itself but were thwarted by
      millions of Iranian men and MILLIONS OF IRANIAN WOMEN in their chadors
      who took over the streets to thwart what they saw as the U.S.-backed
      terrorist thrust by the MKO. {This terrorist movement had, and still
      has, strong support in the U.S. Congress.}

      The new junior leadership of Iran wandered through the maze of
      sectarianism and nationalism and steadily delinked Iran from the
      struggles of the Muslim world although Iran continued to pay lip
      service to the cause of Palestine. Iran's ally on the Israeli front,
      Syria, did not fire a shot against Israel during the last 20 plus
      years, while its Hizbullah allies in Lebanon watched Israel's
      massacres of Palestinians in Jenin and the ongoing slaughter of
      Palestinian youths with only slight spurts of action. Syria left
      Lebanon as soon as the U.S. ordered it to.

      In the issues of Kashmir and Chechnia, Iran's position has been
      neutral and hence unIslamic. In the case of Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran
      violated Islam outright by siding with forces loyal to the U.S., be it
      the "northern alliance" in Afghanistan or Allawi and Sistani in Iraq.
      Even the U.S. assault on Najaf, the slaughter of Moqtada al-Sadr's
      forces, the incineration of Imam Ali's Qur'an original in Basra did
      not disturb Iran.

      Nationalistic Iran hailed the election farce conducted under the guns
      of 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. In an insensitive turnaround now
      Rumsfeld declares that the elections in Iran are not fair. Earlier Ms.
      Condileeza Rice declared that Iran should remove the Islamic
      leadership which conducts the elections in Iran!

      As a result of Iran's nationalism and sectarianism, the Islamic
      leadership of the Muslim world is no longer Iran's as it used to be in
      the times of Imam Khomeini. The Muslim world is now led by Osama bin
      Laden, Mullah Omar, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi. Even
      President Saddam Hussain has reached a level of Islamic authenticity
      which he did not have in 1989 or even 1991.

      Iran has been left far behind. For the Iranians this is a bitter fact
      but it cannot be changed by being bitter. Try to test Muslim opinion
      in any country of the Muslim world, from Morocco to the Philippines,
      from Nigeria to Chechnia, and one finds that the leadership we have
      mentioned above rules the hearts of the Muslims.

      Which Muslim ruler today dares stand up to the U.S. as Saddam Hussain
      did? Which leader would continue to fight even after his country had
      been occupied, as Saddam Hussain did? Which leader would plan to
      provide weaponry and ammunition for a prolonged peoples' war as Saddam
      Hussain did?

      Realistically, Iran has to recognize the new world of Islam. The
      Muslim masses are no longer interested in rhetoric and the flourish of
      troops marching over Israeli-U.S. flags. That was exciting a long time
      back when most Muslims were scared of America. Now that a son of
      Arabia, a tall man used to luxury and ease, is living in the rugged
      hills of Afghanistan as a "terrorist" hunted by Pakistan and the U.S.
      and every intelligence agency in the world, the Muslim world is
      looking at very tough standards of leadership.

      Ahmedinejad lives simply, is highly educated, is a devoted Muslim and
      has won by popular vote. Here is a rare opportunity for Iran to
      re-join the world of Islam.



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