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It's OK to Be Anti-Jewish Politics

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    It s OK to Be Anti - Jewish Politics - Really! by Wendy Campbell June 8, 2005 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shamireaders/message/531 After much on-going
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      It's OK to Be Anti - "Jewish Politics" - Really!
      by Wendy Campbell
      June 8, 2005

      After much on-going reflection and analytical research, I've come to
      realize that the American agenda in the Middle East is at profoundly
      at odds with true American ideals (contrary to what top politicians
      say) and laws; and further, that it is dominated by a foreign,
      race-based ideology called Zionism which, a century ago, declared an
      Arab-inhabited area (Palestine) to be the future official homeland to
      all persons in any country of the world born to a Jewish mother.

      In the year preceding 911, seeds were planted in my mind which
      profoundly changed my thinking about our nation's unique involvement
      in the Middle East. One seminal event for me was a conversation
      between an American, an Israeli and a Palestinian on KPFA, an
      alternative radio station in Berkeley, California. The candid
      conversation which grappled with ideas commonly denied listeners of
      mainstream news caused me to actually start to think on my own about
      the Israel-Palestine conflict. Until then I had not really even
      thought about it much at all, which I believe has been part of the
      overall plan of mainstream media: to prevent Americans from thinking
      deeply, if at all, about the reality of the conflict between the
      Jewish state of Israel, the Palestinians and US foreign policy in the
      Middle East.

      I began a journey of political discovery.

      After much on-going reflection and analytical research, I've come to
      realize that the American agenda in the Middle East is at profoundly
      at odds with true American ideals (contrary to what top politicians
      say) and laws; and further, that it is dominated by a foreign,
      race-based ideology called Zionism which, a century ago, declared an
      Arab-inhabited area (Palestine) to be the future official homeland to
      all persons in any country of the world born to a Jewish mother.

      This declaration, which was capsulized in the infamous Balfour
      Declaration of 1917, remains the essential core of contemporary Jewish
      politics and it is the source of a half century of war in the Middle East.

      Here's the REALLY bad news: the military power as well as the economic
      and political clout of the world's only remaining superpower has been
      harnessed to further this Zionist plan. From this ideology directly
      has come America's ongoing strife in the Middle East. At stake now is
      nothing less than American sovereignty, our nation's moral stature and
      global security.

      Following 911, initially stunned like everyone else, I wondered what
      could have caused such a hateful act towards the people of the US. Was
      it really just "our way of life...and our freedoms" as President Bush
      claimed? I also wondered why our information media spends so much time
      broadcasting the Israeli perspective over all others.

      Since 911, America's reputation has been diminished even more. Polling
      data reveals that both Israel and America are now considered to be
      among the most feared and disliked countries in the world. Is
      everybody wrong?

      What has became obvious to me is the overwhelming bias favoring Israel
      among our political establishment, and that even many people I have
      spoken to, have parroted the by now familiar saying that "if the US
      doesn't help Israel, the Arabs will push the Jews into the sea".

      When I took it upon myself to do some research on Israel's history, I
      found that that in actuality, it was the Zionist Jews who pushed
      Palestinians into the sea and into neighboring countries when the
      Jewish state of Israel was created in 1948. Many Palestinians were
      murdered in massacres of entire Palestinian villages by Zionist gangs.
      For more information on this, please read "The Origin of the
      Palestine-Israel Conflict" written by Jews for Justice in the Middle
      East at www.cactus48.com. It's a real eye-opener. There are many other
      reliable books, websites and documentaries as well about this. And
      when you think about it, it all makes sense. Perhaps that is why
      Americans are never encouraged to think "too much" with regards to
      Israel, Palestine and Zionism. Rather, our attention is directed to
      the latest sensationalistic scandal such as the Michael Jackson, the
      Scott Peterson or the Terry Shaivo episodes.

      It also started to become obvious that all 'things Jewish' have
      assumed a preferred status throughout American culture and media.

      Also, with the imposition of Homeland Security dictates, and beneath
      the banner of "fighting terror" and pledging "security for Israel"
      as a number one priority, our country's two major political parties
      have virtually merged in

      their commitment to Israel as a Jewish state and to war in the Middle

      Through indoctrination and systematic omission of alternative
      political options such as the 'One State' solution Israel-Palestine (a
      truly secular, democratic state, NOT a racist bi-national state, NOT
      two states aka official apartheid), mainstream media has aided and
      abetted this insidious evolution. At the same time, we are not
      supposed to express criticism of this pre-ordained, forced, arranged
      marriage between our country and Israel.

      Before 911, I had not been consciously aware that there was any such
      thing as Jewish politics. This is no accident, as I have since found
      out that one is not supposed to put the word "Jewish" before the
      words politics, influence or power. Until 911, I had not understood
      the full meaning of Zionism. Again, this is no accident either,
      because I have since found that Zionism has been a very controversial
      ideology and for good reason. It does not jive with American ideals of
      democracy. In fact, it is opposite to them. Therefore, American media
      has shied away from mentioning Zionism.

      Unfortunately, the racist ideology of Zionism far overshadows
      religious Judaism these days. Not all Jews are Zionists, as one of my
      documentaries reveals ("Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism"), but
      the bulk of collective Jewish action is overwhelmingly political and
      in favor of military force with regards to the Palestinians and using
      American military force to fight Israel's self-made enemies, as well
      as preserving Israel as a Jewish supremacist state.

      Exclusivist Jewish colonization in Palestine has put international
      Jewry and Zionized America at war with the Arab world. Incredibly, our
      secular, integrated, multi-cultural country, the United States of
      America, has become, to quote President Bush, "an indispensable
      partner with Israel in her war on terror" as if it is unconnected to
      Zionist Israel's past, pre-emptive wars against her neighbors.
      American-Israelis and Israelis have appeared to succeed brilliantly in
      making Israel's enemies somehow ours as well. As if that is something
      to be proud about! As if that is something we really want or even have
      a choice about.

      Significantly, the so-called "terrorists" are overwhelmingly native
      born, non-Jewish inhabitants of an area which was traditionally known
      as Palestine, and still is to many. Today only the Jewish State is
      officially there in Palestine, with sometimes a mention of The
      Palestinian Territories or the Gaza strip and the West Bank, which
      have been covertly and continuously eaten away at by hundreds of
      illegal Jewish settlements, Jews-only by-pass roads, buffer zones, the
      Israeli Apartheid Wall and Israeli army outposts.

      What remains is a patchwork of disconnected open-air prisons,
      completely controlled by the menacing Israeli soldiers and Jewish
      settlers, some of whom also hold American citizenship. Zionist
      Israel's ethnic cleansing and slow motion genocide of the non-Jewish
      Palestinians has launched an on-going civil war in Israel-Palestine
      that is now 57 years old! It has polarized the world. Has America
      taken the wrong side?

      Incredibly, the Zionist conquest of Palestine has failed to find a
      political (or military) solution in over half a century. Despite the
      unmatched power, wealth and influence in Zionist Jewish hands, the
      non-Jewish Palestinians have managed to hold on through sheer
      emotional faith and indomitable will-power. But now, under the guise
      of "democracy", surely a "false god" and a terribly misused,
      manipulative word, the US-Israeli War Machine is raining misery down
      upon millions of non-Jews throughout the Middle East.

      In light of all this, it is fair to surmise that our latest war in
      Iraq is the start of a prolonged Israeli-American campaign to subdue
      Arab aspirations for any self determination, since "Israel's
      security" supersedes all other political objectives for both
      political parties. And let's not forget about the great wealth of
      natural resources in the Arab countries that resource-poor Israel
      would especially love to easily exploit. Do a google search on the key
      words "Israel Iraq pipeline Haifa". See what you come up with.

      What lies ahead might be years of unnecessary bloodshed, persecution
      and dislocation of native Arab peoples unless a miracle occurs.

      So for me, the tragedy of 9-11 was a dramatic and terrible wake-up
      call. Shortly following it, and acting on my voluntary research into
      the Mid East conflict, I decided to become a full-time activist
      committed to revealing what I learned: that the primary "raison
      d'etre" for domestic Jewish politics is sustaining unconditional U.S.
      support for the expansionist apartheid Jewish State, no matter what
      the cost, financially or in terms of human lives or diplomatic
      alliances with the rest of the world.

      The major turning point for me came when I saw a slide-show entitled
      "Face of the Occupation", presented by Jewish human rights activist
      Penny Rosenwasser of the Middle East Children's Alliance, which
      inspired me to produce my first documentary "Truth: Exposing Israeli
      Apartheid". It is my hope that in addressing the truth about Israel's
      national commitment to racial segregation, and illegal expansionist
      activities, that the necessary changes in U.S. foreign policy towards
      Israel and the rest of the Middle East will eventually follow.

      For many, American law is a beacon to the world, with 'Equal
      protection under the law' a central principle of American justice. But
      in our Middle East policies this value is not being applied. Our
      government has adopted the Israeli position: Jews first, foremost and
      last. They are apparently the only significant ones that we should be
      concerned about. This is an outrage and a disgrace!

      When American politicians and journalists talk about "security" for
      Israel, they inevitably ignore comparable needs for the Palestinians'
      security as well as equal human rights. This is apparent in our
      government's aid allocations, diplomatic relations, and concern about
      'weapons of mass destruction' which allow Israel to be the region's
      only colonizer and nuclear power.

      If Palestinians must stop the "terror" against the Israelis, it is
      not morally correct to press Israel to stop the "terror" against the
      Palestinians? Despite the headlines, the causality count between
      Israeli and Palestinians favors Israelis by some four to one. Yet a
      casual consumer of American news might conclude the very opposite.
      This is no accident, as the website www.ifamericansknew.org
      (http://www.ifamericansknew.org) very accurately and indisputably
      reveals. Mainstream media is a HUGE part of the problem.

      Hence, now we have www.marwenmedia.com (http://www.marwenmedia.com)
      and many other websites stepping up to the plate to fill in the gap
      between propaganda and reality.

      Israel's capture of our political system is so complete that some
      politicians have now totally dropped all pretense of even aspiring for
      "political balance", leaving the fate of the Palestinians completely
      at the capricious whims of the Israelis, who have shown by their
      actions, that their words of peace are insincere and meant for public
      consumption only, to appease their detractors and buy time to finish
      their business of expanding Israel as a Jewish supremacist state.

      In a recent speech, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave before the
      most powerful Jewish lobbying group (AIPAC, which is the American
      Israeli Public Affairs Committee) typifies what other American
      politicians repeat in front of all Jewish organizations and reveals
      the magnitude of this creepy allegiance. In the most fawning, slavish
      terms, the California Congresswoman affirmed: "I am honored to be here
      to speak about something that can never be said enough: America's
      commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is
      unwavering". Yes, and this is repeated over and over by countless
      bought off politicians who only care about getting re-elected and
      keeping the contributions flowing.

      These words were recently uttered before an enormous Wash. DC
      conference of political luminaries, hosted by AIPAC, despite the fact
      that it is presently under investigation for espionage against the
      U.S.! Apparently Israel can do no wrong.

      It's an undeniable example of political power unmatched by any other
      lobby, ethnic, religious, or otherwise. This is why Jewish lobbies are
      typically referred to simply as "The Lobby", besides the taboo about
      using the word "Jewish" to describe anything. Meanwhile, mainstream
      media have barely covered AIPAC's unfolding spy scandal.

      America's enforced commitment to the separation of church and state
      simply does not apply our government's "unshakable" (Al Gore's line)
      commitment to the Jewish state of Israel. Even though most of Israel's
      leaders are secular Jews, meaning non-religious Jews, the religious
      Jews of Israel do play a central role in Israel's laws.
      Never-the-less, religious or secular, organized Jewry's commitment is
      first and foremost committed to maintaining Israel officially as a
      Jewish state.

      Israel is really a theocracy with racist laws built into its
      government, and by the way, Israel has no constitution. Yet Israeli
      and American-Israelis commission huge billboards around the US
      proclaiming to Americans that Israel shares American values! Pure
      deception. Pure propaganda.

      The welfare of the Palestinians, who have been victims for decades of
      American-funded Israeli ethnic cleansing and slow motion genocide, is
      apparently of little concern to our governing class and elitists.
      Occasionally, there are some weak words about hope for some kind of a
      Palestinian state, but Israel's security trumps all other political
      considerations. On this matter, the US media walks in lockstep with US

      Please note that while many "progressive" American Jews make noises
      about a possible two-state, they almost never talk about creating a
      multi-religious, multi-ethnic, secular, democratic country similar to
      our own. However the 'One State' solution stands alone as being
      consistent with modern American democracy. Please visit
      www.one-democratic-state.org for more information on this deliberately
      suppressed solution. This truly democratic alternative is simply very
      rarely mentioned in the media even though this is exactly the kind of
      resolution that was loudly and forcibly advocated (with critical
      Jewish help) in South Africa, where the apartheid government was
      finally dismantled and replaced with a truly democratic government,
      that has been in operation for a little over ten years now. I had
      dinner the other night with a couple friends from South Africa, who
      are white by the way, and they claim that South Africa is better than
      ever now.

      Yet somehow, the rules against racial segregation are not applied to
      Israel. In the modern mind, Israel's privileged, unique status is
      fortified through continuous Holocaust imagery and reference. It
      certainly seems fair to say that the ever-increasing tsunami of
      Holocaust coverage in all media is cynically aimed at drowning out the
      cries of the Palestinians. Through ceremonial repetition, political
      commemoration and endless media coverage, the Jewish experience in
      Europe during WWII has become the most famous example of human
      suffering and political injustice in world history. Ironically,
      without it, Israel might not exist today. It continues to be used as a
      tool to try to justify the existence of a racist Jewish state in

      And so, I've come to oppose what is now considered 'mainstream' Jewish
      politics, which is also known as Zionism. For this, The Jerusalem Post
      has branded me and my websites as "neo-nazi". How NOT surprising. I
      invite you to visit them for yourselves and see what you think. They
      are www.marwenmedia.com and www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com.

      I have also endured the familiar and over-used murky hate epithet
      "anti-Semite" that's hurled regularly by defenders of a Jewish
      supremacist Israel and Jewish politics at their critics. Free speech,
      not to mention informed political discourse, is now under siege.

      Why can't we agree to disagree? Just as some people are definitely
      "anti-Republican" or "anti-corporate" or "anti-Christian
      fundamentalist" or even "anti-God", I am definitely "anti-Jewish
      politics". That doesn't mean that I advocate anything sinister at
      all. I simply advocate the apparently "radical" idea that the U.S.
      should not in any way be unconditionally supporting a racist,
      apartheid state such as Israel is.

      However only Jews and their recruited, often unwittingly brainwashed
      allies demand that those who are "anti-Jewish politics" must be
      silenced. Apparently this crowd thinks it's open-minded, liberal and
      progressive until you disagree with them, in which case they then
      become downright fascistic censors, with many tools at their disposal
      to intimidate you, such as name-calling, boycotts, and using their
      ample access to the media and politicians to back up their malicious
      highly organized campaigns to silence their political foes. They
      don't, however, have truthfulness on their side.

      Does anyone care about the truth anymore? Obviously not the US media.
      Note how there was such a big deal made about how Clinton lied about
      his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but the lies of huge magnitude and
      importance, ones that the Bush administration put forth to try to
      justify his driving this country into an unjust war have all been
      under-reported by the US media. Therefore many Americans seem rather
      apathetic about it all. I'm talking about the lies about Iraq's WMD
      and Saddam Hussein's alleged ties to bin Laden, to name just a couple
      of the glaring lies. Fortunately, many Americans are anything but
      apathetic about this, and hopefully, many more will demand truth and
      justice, rather than going along blindly in unconditionally supporting
      Israel as a Jewish supremacist state.

      However this is why Holocaust lore is so revered by organized
      political Jewry. It is apparently essential to maintaining supreme
      Jewish privilege. It has been enshrined as a strange form of worship
      in and of itself. While nothing else in this world seems to be sacred
      and above analyzing or questioning, only The Holocaust remains
      untouchable and taboo.

      Americans have learned their lesson, perhaps too well. We've
      sub-consciously assumed a sense of shame--of 'Nazi guilt'--even though
      many Americans died on the battlefield defeating Hitler. Nevertheless,
      there's been created a current climate of subliminal fear that
      manipulatively links legitimate criticism of Jewish politics to
      committing genocide against Jews. Criticism of Jewish politics gets
      labeled as "neo-Nazism". This is amounts to an illegitimate form of
      intimidation. Yet fear of being called names does seem manage to
      somehow keep the lid on much anti-Zionist dissent amongst many.

      Honorable voices must boldly test this taboo. To achieve our goal of
      justice for all, violence is not necessary. At this desperate moment,
      the war and destruction of Iraq and Palestine are Zionist tools of the
      Zionist mission. However, remember, the Arab world has sought no war
      with us. We, as supporters of Israel, have been the initial
      aggressors, not them. It obviously preceeds 911, which, by the way,
      many believe was an "inside job" engineered to achieve political and
      financial goals for the elite that are in the process of being
      realized today. There are many calling for more investigation into
      911, including those whose website is wwww.reopen911.org.

      Only a clear, unyielding and steady collective voice of the American
      people is needed to spread this message: Zionist conquest, Zionist
      dominance and Zionist violence is anti-American and we reject it.

      "Zionist violence?" you ask. Yes. Unless America changes course of
      unconditional support for Israel, be prepared for more 'pre-emptive'
      aggression against Israel's self-made, self-perpetuating enemies,
      including Syria and Iran, and it won't stop there.

      It is time for Americans to reject mainstream U.S. media sources and

      find uncensored avenues for political information. We recommend
      antiwar.com, rense.com, aljazeerah.info and counterpunch.org. There
      are countless others, including the British papers The Guardian and
      The Independent, as well as the Israeli paper the Ha'aretz, which are
      more honest than the mainstream US media. We also urge you to restrict
      personal exposure to the NY--Hollywood--Washington Axis of processed
      news, as these outlets produce zombie-like patterns of conformity.

      It's also time for new leadership amongst Jewish people to break away
      from the now firmly established Jewish politics, otherwise known as
      Zionism. Jewish writer and human rights activist Paul Eisen is one of
      the new leaders. He actively "opposes organized Jewry's support of
      Zionism, with their emphasis on Jewish victimhood and "chosen-ness."
      His article "Jewish Power" which is featured on www.marwenmedia.com.
      He is the London director of the worldwide organization Deir Yessin

      Spread the word. Be a leader. It's OK to strongly oppose Jewish
      politics. You have the right. Even the duty: To oppose endless,
      exploitive, unnecessary wars.


      P.S. Note the complete hypocrisy of Zionized NY Senator Hillary
      Clinton who began her tribute to AIPAC by stating, "I want to start by
      focusing on our deep and lasting bond between the United States and
      Israel. Now, these are bonds that are more than shared interests.
      These are bonds forged in a common struggle for human rights, for
      democracy, for freedom; they are rooted in fundamental beliefs and
      values about the dignity and rights of men and women to live in
      freedom, free from fear, free from oppression". Sure, sure. Tell that
      to the Iraqis, the Palestinians and the whole Arab world for that
      matter. Better yet, tell it to Israel - "the only democracy in the
      Middle East"! Ha! Talk about a crock of you-know-what! Or as the
      enlightened French say, "Merde!"

      Wendy Campbell is a documentary film-maker and writer of articles
      predominantly regarding Palestine, Israel, and US foreign policy in
      the Middle East. For more information, please visit www.marwenmedia.com



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