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Joachim Martillo: If USA Lost WW2

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    Some More Thoughts on Zionism Joachim Martillo - thorsprovoni@aol.com If the USA had lost WW2, had been occupied by the Japanese, crushed by Japanese racism
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2005
      Some More Thoughts on Zionism
      Joachim Martillo - thorsprovoni@...

      If the USA had lost WW2, had been occupied by the Japanese, crushed by
      Japanese racism and subjected to plunder and ethnic cleansing, 50
      years later Americans would probably be resorting to suicide attacks
      to drive out the racist Japanese colonist settlers.

      In such a circumstance, it would be unreasonable to label such suicide
      attacks illegitimate or anti-Japanese racism. The hardly unreasonable
      Palestinian strategy of moving the war from the occupied territories
      to within the Green is likewise neither illegitimate nor anti-Semitic.

      Jews just call anti-Semitic any action to thwart Zionist aggression,
      theft or racism. The Serbs under Milosevic used similar tactics. Serbs
      tried to label as anti-Serb racism any criticism or action by NATO or
      the EU to thwart murderous ethnic cleansing by Serbs of Croats,
      Bosnyaks or ethnic Albanian Kosovars.

      Sometimes antagonism against an ethnic group that on the whole is
      doing evil is perfectly justified.

      I remember the hostility that ethnic Germans experienced during WW2
      when they defended Nazism and Nazi Germany. No one called that
      antipathy and antagonism anti-German racism.

      The State of Israel behaves like Nazi Germany circa 1937 or 1938
      (actually rather worse). Zionist ideology is very similar to Nazi
      ideology, and in fact in terms of genocidalism, generally Zionist
      thinkers preceded Nazi thinkers conceptually.

      Mainstream Diaspora Jewry supports this Nazi-like ideology and this
      racist state that behaves like Nazi Germany. Increasing hostility and
      antagonism to mainstream Diaspora Jewry is hardly surprising and is
      completely justified. Racists and people that support racism should
      experience disdain and contempt.

      While criminal vandalism that has occurred in Europe is wrong and some
      of the verbal aggression seen on university campuses is insipid, we
      cannot legitimately call such attacks anti-Semitic, for anti-Semitism
      is an ideology of Jewish inferiority or threat, on the basis of
      pseudoscientific theories, while expressing ill-will against Jewish
      racists is timely as well as completely appropriate and is the natural
      result of Jewish behavior, not pseudo-science.

      If we were really seeing a genuine outbreak of anti-Semitism in
      Europe, why are the traditional centers of anti-Semitism in Poland and
      Russia so quiet? When I travel in Poland, I hear a lot of sympathy for
      Israel from people that I consider anti-Semitic. The Israeli state is
      very similar to 1930s Poland because its formal democracy cloaks an
      authoritarian oligarchic state with tremendous capability to mobilize
      the dominant ethnic group against despised minorities and its
      neighbors. Eastern Europeans have tremendous sympathy with the desire
      to pulverize non-dominant ethnic groups. Sharon is the typical
      murderous strongman of 1930s Eastern Europe. When anti-Semitic Eastern
      Europeans gaze upon Israel, they have no complaints about the Jews,
      for they see themselves.

      Is not support for Israel a complete betrayal of American principles?
      We opposed apartheid in South Africa. We demanded an end to genocide
      in the Balkans and have worked for the return of all refugees in the
      former Yugoslavia and through the world.

      If American and Israeli Jews cannot accept the premises

      1) that racist states are unacceptable,

      2) that property must be restored to its rightful owners, and

      3) that refugees must be able to return to their homes and villages
      (for whose restoration the criminal Israel Jewish population should pay),

      they simply do not belong either in the ME or in the USA. They should
      move back to Eastern Europe where they can find racists, who think
      just as they do, and they can spend the next century or so
      slaughtering each other without involving innocent bystanders like the
      Arab population of the ME and the non-Jewish population of the USA.

      Israel is not a civil democratic liberal democracy like the USA. It is
      a 1930s style racist state with the trappings of a formal democracy.
      If we refrain from making clear to Jews exactly how repugnant Israel
      is to decent political thinking, how can Israel and mainstream Jewry
      possibly be guided into more acceptable political thinking?

      Zionism presupposes that the national and ethnic rights of Jews take
      precedence over the human rights of the native population. It is hard
      to have a more racist idea.

      One cannot call a state democratic whose first actions are the
      expulsion and plundering of the native Palestinian majority.

      The writings of the founders of Zionism are suffused with (19th
      century) fin de siecle ideas of voelkisch racism, extremist organic
      nationalism, social Darwinism, primordialism, collectivism, opposition
      to bourgeois liberal democracy, opposition to enlightenment values,
      colonialist chauvinism and genocidalism.

      To link Zionism and Americanism, as American politicians often do, is
      an insult to all who believe in American ideals.

      On the matter of Palestine, the USA supports the bad guys.

      After all, the racist Jewish settler colonist population has:

      1) stolen Palestine from the native population (justified on the basis
      of some nonsensical myths that are belied by all historical data),

      2) ethnically cleansed the native population of Palestine (and
      continues the program of ethnic cleansing)

      3) plundered the native population of Palestine and continues the
      program of plunder),

      4) committed pogroms against the native population of Palestine and

      5) sent death squads on missions to murder leaders of the native
      population of Palestine.

      The behavior of the racist Jewish settler colonist population of
      interlopers and thieves is generally so outrageous and criminal that
      terrorism against them is perfectly legitimate.

      Joachim Martillo



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