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Arabs Ungrateful to Pentagon Engineers

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    Pentagon engineers: free and honest advice! Abu Assur May 22, 2005 www.uruknet.info?p=11949 It is really frightening what is going on in Iraq for the US
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      Pentagon engineers: free and honest advice!
      Abu Assur
      May 22, 2005

      It is really frightening what is going on in Iraq for the US majesty
      and reputation. It is rather sad to see these young US soldiers
      getting killed in I-raq and roll in their blood. These (Air)abs are
      bloody ungrateful. They don't seem to like the US Abu Ghraib democracy
      and Idol Zion religion. Mind you, the crème de la crème of US empire,
      the jewels of its crown, the young, the intelligent, the handsome, the
      beautiful, the Lyndie Englands, Graners, General Kapriniskys who
      pinched a 2O US dollars worth mug of perfume from a supermarket,
      mercenary Abizeid and torturer Sanchez, wax faced Rumsfeld, Condy
      Chevron, and you name it, are having real trouble in doing their noble
      duty in Iraq. Thousands of US youth are getting killed, and thousands
      are maimed or will be mentally affected for ever and, there is no
      solution in sight.

      Where is the NASA, where is the NSA, Boeing enterprises,
      McDonnell-Douglas, the computer engineers, electronic experts who link
      day with night trying to find a solution on how to protect US soldiers
      and help US Pentagon whores in their tough mission in Iraq. The killer
      number one remaining the IEDs or land mines if you wish. So what to
      do? The US only superpower is being defeated and humiliated by some
      bare footed Iraqi tramps..

      But US, you said you invented and put into war zones in Iraq,
      specially designed IEDs killer robots. Where are they? Your defense
      magazine are very garrulous about these technological marvels. They
      lack, say these magazines, only to talk (Air)ab. Was it a failure or
      another bluff, another trickery? Have these killer robots gone AWOL
      also? Are they rebelling against military orders. We are told the
      robots are equipped with an infra red sight. They have radar eyes
      which can see in the pitch dark of the night and can discern through
      the Iraqi desert storm dust a friend from an enemy. It can
      distinguish, say the US military, between a Coca Cola can and US
      soldier abandoned shoe in the streets of Baghdad. Exactly the way the
      US spy satellites can recognize and see how many sugar cubes President
      Jacques Chirac, puts in his morning coffee. These satellites, no
      doubts, proved their efficiency with the Iraqi insurgency and how they
      analyzed, in their borne laboratories, Al Zarqawi DNA from thousands
      of miles high above in the sky.

      Poor US! What a peaceful nation, we do understand your problem. For
      once listen to this sincere and cost-free advise from someone who,
      let's say is rather objective. Someone who really appreciates and
      respect human life without being himself outrageously a bigot or a devout.

      Yes, humans have short memory and we say in Iraq 'Afat al Inssan al
      Nissian' which means the "Humanity real plague is oblivion". To never
      mix with "Afat al inssan al Nisswan" which says "Humanity real plague
      are women !" So Shall I remind you one of the amazing US discovery of
      the XXth century ? This might help you solve the US military
      recruitment quotas and reduce US casualties by IEDs in Iraq.

      How to replace the military in the war zones at lower cost and
      stop-loss? Yes I am talking about using some intelligent animals to
      fill in the deep US need for military personnel to fulfill dangerous
      duties in the war against Iraq. Yes my advise is why don't you use
      baboons, chimps or ..remember the beautiful dolphins! Dolphins are
      ideal to replace the US engineers to discover IEDs, the land mines and
      save the Pentagon from the burden of permanently hiding and concealing
      the US casualty numbers !

      Remember, you publicized a huge program on how to use dolphins to
      torpedo Soviet submarines! Was it just another bluff? Anyway the
      Pentagon trainers said they'd established a human to animal
      communicating system. They may be right! Dolphins are also great for
      the Iraqi climate. They can adapt and also they can from time to time
      go for a nice quick dip in the Tigris or in the Euphrates provided to
      tell CNN Zarqawi followers, Bush rebels, Condy's insurgents, Rumsfeld
      diehards, in advance that they must put carefully their land mines and
      IEDs near rivers and water-ways. Dolphins again, needless to say, will
      remind the world about how the US are invincible and how the word
      impossible doesn't fit in the Pentagon prosaic world. The whole
      enterprise will be cost-free, knowing that the US satellites will
      provide these sweet creatures with the needed sugar cubes provided by
      (LBPSCPD) systems or Laser beam planetary Sugar Cubes Pinching device,
      from Coffee-shops all over the world.

      If you think dolphins are a complicated enterprise which might provoke
      a hoo-ha in amongst US eco-terrorists, beast lovers or animal welfare
      societies, for you care more about the animals than the people you
      want to democratize, then why not use lusty true rats ?

      Again one of the Pentagon secret circuses said it was able to train
      rats to discover explosives in any given area. The rats, we were told
      are very talented to uncover any human life under an earthquake
      rubbles. An intelligent, and a rat amazing, ha! What do you think ?
      Yes, the Pentagon succeeded to putting literally into practice the
      Bible and notably the first chapter of Genesis. Aren't they
      expropriating the earth (petrol) and subduing the elements of the
      nature (killing every life with depleted uranium, chemical weapons and
      napalm !) Moreover they have gone beyond Jehovah's expectations. When
      the rat has been successful, we are told, you don't only give it a tap
      on its behind and say 'good boy'. The US laboratories were able to
      inject into its testicles, may be by satellite, a liquid which
      provokes an effort-free orgasm. Lucky boy! So Sam will play it again
      joyously. Come on! The Lord of the Armies didn't ask you to go that
      far. But the US can do everything, except how to cut and run or to end
      the insurgency in Iraq or how to deal with Baathists, the rebels, and
      the terrorists who crossed thousands of miles, came to the US and
      destroyed the country, raped its citizens and gassed its towns for

      A US retired gentleman, my neighbors who worked for the NASA and fled
      the US violent society, told me how the NASA this prestigious
      institution, which put the first man's on orbit and on the moon, made
      an invitation to tender worth one and a half million US heavy dollars.
      NASA, my US neighbor explained, desperately wanted a pen which can
      write in the space. A pen which can defy Newton and Galileo Galilei
      gravitation laws.They thought and thought with all their mighty
      until...they discovered that the Soviets were using a.. pencil!

      Deaf, dumb and blind US Pentagon whores, when will you and your
      masters ever comprehend? When hearts and minds are thick, dark and
      filled with filth, when intuition, humanity and basic common senses no
      more exist, whatever technology, whatever computer systems you
      implement and use, they can't win for you an unjust and an illegal
      war. The Iraqis you call tramps, and who are resisting, bleeding to
      death and defeating the US murderers war machine in glorious Iraq, are
      not fighting with their dishdashas and their bare feet, they are
      fighting with their faith and the love for their sacred country, Iraq.
      They are defending their values, their religion, and their honor,
      terms and words which the bloodthirsty US and their boss have never
      heard of and do not comprehend.

      In conclusion: your technology, your sick brains, your IEDs finders,
      killer robots or innocent people shooters, dolphins, dogs, cats and
      rats are waste of time and money and will be doomed, and so you will..



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