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JDL Behind Anti-Mexican Violence

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    Serious violence erupts at Minutemen border vigilante event Hal Netkin arrested for using car to trample 2 demonstrators by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
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      Serious violence erupts at Minutemen
      border vigilante event

      Hal Netkin arrested for using car to
      trample 2 demonstrators

      Ernesto Cienfuegos
      La Voz de Aztlan

      [IMAGE] Garden Grove, Alta California - May 26, 2005
      (ACN) The Minutemen vigilantes have committed an ugly
      act of violence. It happened last night at a gathering
      in Garden Grove where the Minutemen vigilante James
      Gilchrist was scheduled to speak. About 380
      Mexican-Americans and other Latinos, primarily from La
      Alianza Indigena, had gathered outside the Woman's
      Civic Club of Garden Grove at 9501 Chapman Avenue to
      protest the upcoming vigilante operations along the
      Mexico/California border. When the meeting ended and
      as the vigilantes were leaving the parking lot, one
      well know bigot in Los Angeles, Hal Netkin, purposely
      used his car as a lethal weapon and ran down two
      members of La Alianza Indigena. The two were rushed to
      the emergency hospital. Hal Netkin was promptly
      handcuffed and jailed.

      [IMAGE] Hal Netkin is typical of the anti-Mexican
      crazies that are members of the Minutemen vigilantes
      who will be in California starting late June through
      August. Netkin is a close cohort of Glenn Spencer of
      American Border Patrol and often exchange links on
      their websites. Though Spencer is not a Jew and Netkin
      is, both are members of the outlawed Jewish Defense
      League (JDL). Hal Netkin was under FBI investigation
      for sending the Los Angeles City Council a terrorist
      threat. He posted an image of LA City Hall on his
      website blown up with explosives. Glenn Spencer was
      also arrested in Sierra Vista, Arizona for shooting up
      his neighbors' homes with a .45 caliber rifle.

      Some years ago, Hal Netkin did another very ugly thing.
      A very nice young girl of Mexican descent had sent La
      Voz de Aztlan a "Letter to the Editor" which we
      published. She worked for Xerox Corporation in
      California. Hal Netkin contacted Xerox management and
      she was dismissed for sending us the letter
      complimenting our publication. Netkin then promptly
      sent an e-mail to our publication bragging of his deed.

      It is going to be a long hot summer here in Southern
      California as the vigilantes gear up for their
      operations. If the arrest of Hal Netkin for assault
      with a deadly weapon is any indication, we are in for
      some serious violence and very possibly some people
      are going to windup dead.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      La Voz de Aztlan


      <> <> Los Angeles, Alta California <><>

      May 26, 2005

      Minutemen Terrorists Stashing Weapons and Explosives

      US/Mexico border vigilantism by the Minutemen
      terrorists has taken an ominous turn. La Voz de Aztlan
      has learned from sources on the Internet that an
      extremely violent fringe arm of the movement has been
      stashing and collecting an assortment of assault
      weapons, automatic rapid fire hand guns and explosives
      at a location near San Ysidro. The information
      received by La Voz de Aztlan is credible considering
      the recent events that took place in Ceres, Baldwin
      Park and Garden Grove, California. Also, a proposal
      made at a border vigilante conference that took place
      in Sierra Vista, Arizona in May of 2000, fits in with
      what the ultimate mission of the Minutemen vigilantes
      may be. During that conference a proposal was made to
      place military style anti-personnel land mines along
      the pathways used by Mexican migrant workers to cross
      the border. The Minutemen terrorists are scheduled to
      start operations along the California/Mexico border in
      late June or early August, a situation that has great
      potential to spark widespread ethnic violence
      throughout the southwest.

      A close analysis of the videos of the protests at
      Baldwin Park and Garden Grove reveals some very
      worrisome information. Both videos clearly show a
      group of non-Mexican agent provocateurs mixing in with
      the protestors and attempting to instigate a reaction
      by the police. Also, it has now been revealed that a
      white lady that was supposedly hit with a water bottle
      on the head at Baldwin Park, "faked" the whole thing
      in order to foment anger and hate against Mexicans by
      the area's white population. The white lady turns out
      to be a Minutemen operative and a veteran of their
      Arizona/Mexico operation. She was wearing a "Minutemen
      Vigilante" t-shirt and calls herself , "Vigil Auntie".

      La Voz de Aztlan has received a huge surge of threats
      and virulent hate e-mail from border vigilantes that
      points to much danger ahead. The e-mail talks about
      the "waking of America", "the arming of its citizens"
      and "their willingness to kill the Mexican wetbacks
      and scum".

      It is becoming increasingly clear what the Minutemen
      terrorists are planning. They ultimately want an armed
      uprising of racist white people against the Mexican
      population in the southwest and elsewhere across the
      USA. They may also be planning terrorist attacks which
      they can then blame Mexican or Mexican-American groups
      as is routinely done against certain Palestinian and
      Islamic groups. We are in for some rough times and
      must plan accordingly. We need our elected political
      leadership to declare a "state of emergency". In
      addition, we need our national mainstream
      organizations to become immediately involved in
      resolving the crisis.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



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