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Israel Shamir: The Guilty Lamb

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    The Guilty Lamb by Israel Shamir http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shamireaders/message/518 The Boston Globe (May 19, 2005) published an op-ed Why Islam is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      The Guilty Lamb
      by Israel Shamir

      The Boston Globe (May 19, 2005) published an op-ed Why Islam is
      disrespected, by Jeff Jacoby. Here is my response:

      Muslims can't be respected if a simple come-on like wasting of the
      Koran works them up into a frenzy, exclaims Jeff Jacoby , and they go
      around murdering innocent folk; while "decent people", Catholics, Jews
      and Buddhists take it easy if "someone has offended their religious

      If that were the case, we still may respect the Muslim world. Our
      indifference to sacrilege and their awareness of things sacred would
      imply that our profaned civilisation is doomed to extinction to be
      replaced by the Muslim one, alive and vibrant - though disrespected by
      a Jacoby.

      But it is not the case at all. Jacoby is speaking through his hat. His
      piece reminded me, an Israeli writer from Jaffa, of a Jewish joke: "Is
      it true that Katz won a million dollar in a lottery?" "Yes, it is
      true, but it was poker, not a lottery; ten dollar, not a million, and
      he lost, not won." Every statement in Jacoby's piece is wrong, and it
      is not a small achievement.

      Jacoby notes "widespread Muslim rioting… brutal threats and the
      slaughter of 17 innocent people" and exclaims: "decent people do not
      resort to murder just because someone has offended their religious
      sensibilities". How true! But it is not that the Muslim fanatics
      murdered seventeen innocent American investigators. Other way around,
      peacefully protesting Muslims were killed by American occupation
      forces and their auxiliaries in Afghanistan, Gaza and Andijan. The
      slaughtered innocents were Muslims, while the slaughtering brutes were
      paid for their deed by the US taxpayer.

      Jacoby offers a positive example: "Jewish communities [didn't] erupt
      in lethal violence in 2000, after Arabs demolished Joseph's Tomb,
      torching the ancient shrine and murdering a young rabbi who tried to
      save a Torah." Again, all wrong. Joseph's Tomb in Nablus is an old
      Muslim shrine; it was not demolished but rebuilt by the Muslim Nablus
      municipality; the only Israeli that died at the fighting at the Tomb
      was not "a young rabbi who tried to save a Torah", but a Druze
      mercenary. Jewish community, otherwise known as the Jewish state of
      Israel, indeed erupted in lethal violence: Israelis killed over twenty
      Muslims at the shrine and hundreds more elsewhere.

      Jacoby writes: "It would be unthinkable for a mainstream rabbi to
      demand that a blasphemer be slain." However, this `unthinkable'
      happens daily: many mainstream rabbis issued a fatwa amounting to a
      death sentence to a person involved in the `sacrilege' of Gaza
      disengagement. It worries our Chief of Security Services; he spoke of
      it on the national TV. Jacoby could read of it in our Haaretz and
      elsewhere. The calls to "exterminate Muslims" are quite common, too;
      witness this graffiti on a wall in Israel-occupied Hebron.

      Moreover, every case of sacrilege against Jewish holy places –
      graffiti on a synagogue's wall or in a cemetery, - causes hundreds of
      thousands Europeans and Americans to march in solidarity, while Kofi
      Annan calls up a special meeting of the UN General Assembly and the
      heads of states fly into Jerusalem to swear their full support of the
      Jews. Thus Jewish religious sensitivities are well protected; in
      addition, Israeli law allows for snatching and trying in Israel of
      every person who committed such an act anywhere on earth. If it is not
      enough, France, Germany and a few other states have a special law
      punishing an offence given to Jewish sensitivities by long
      imprisonment, and there are a few dozen offenders languishing
      presently in European jails for this misdeed.

      However, Muslim sensitivities are protected neither by the UN, nor by
      national law, nor by mass demonstrations of Europeans and Americans. I
      doubt the US interrogators guilty of offending the Muslims will land
      in jail next to Ernst Zundel who offended the Jews. This week, the
      Jewish state did not allow the Muslim retired leader Mahathir Muhammad
      to pray at the holy al-Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem – and this
      flagrant breach of freedom of worship did not bring the UN into an
      emergency meeting. So much for Muslim sensitivities and for our concern!

      The reasons offered by Jacoby as to "why Islam is disrespected"
      collapsed as a house of cards in the fresh wind of reality. May I
      venture a better reason?

      Islam is disrespected – not by us, but by Jacobys of this world
      because it has little influence; because it is peaceful and
      non-aggressive; because the Muslims still do not understand why they
      are attacked in the Globe and tortured in Guantلnamo. Islamic
      militancy never had deep roots in the Muslim world – this was created
      from scratch by the CIA in order to fight Russians in Afghanistan and
      Chechnya. Pro-American Muslim activists were surprised to find
      themselves framed as The Enemy, when, after the collapse of the Soviet
      Union and the end of the Cold War, the US proclaimed them `the main
      threat to world peace'. The Muslims were as guilty as the lamb in the
      La Fontaine fable, guilty for the Wolf was hungry. The US military
      complex needed an enemy to justify its expenses; the pro-Zionist media
      needed an enemy to justify multi-billion transfers to the Jewish
      state; and the Islamic world was chosen for the role of the Villain.

      It was not prepared for this role; wealthy Muslims invested in the US
      stocks and bought the US hardware; they stay in the dollar zone and
      spend their dividends buying Western goods. Even now, ten years after
      the beginning of the War to Islam, they can't understand the problem
      and respond.

      They have means, and perfectly peaceful, too. The Muslims may put
      pressure on dollar and on US securities. They may buy up the US media
      and turn the tables on Jacobys and his kin. But it does not happen:
      the Muslims do not assert themselves in the media and do not act on
      the financial markets. Apparently, they are satisfied with sitting in
      their sitting rooms, thumbing the Boston Globe and pondering, "why
      Islam is disrespected?'

      Israel Shamir





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