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Israelis Burn Shops, Raid Homes

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    Jihad militants sniper three Israeli soldiers in Kahn Younis http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2005-05/02/content_2909158.htm www.chinaview.cn 2005-05-02
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2005
      Jihad militants sniper three Israeli soldiers in Kahn Younis

      www.chinaview.cn 2005-05-02 23:13:23

      GAZA, May 2 (Xinhuanet) -- Saraya al Quds, armed wing of the
      Islamic Jihad movement said Monday that they had snipered three
      Israeli soldiers near the town of Kahn Younis in southern Gaza Strip,
      Palestinian sources said.

      The group said in a leaflet to reporters that its militants opened
      fire at an Israeli army lookout post west of the town, and wounded
      three Israeli soldiers, who were guarding the Jewish settlement of
      Morag in between the town of Kahn Younis and the town of Rafah.

      The leaflet quoted eyewitnesses as saying that they saw the Israeli
      soldiers falling down on the ground after they were shot by the

      The attack on the Israeli soldiers as well as on an Israeli army
      and settlers convoy in southern Gaza was retaliatory to the earlier
      killing of an Islamic Jihad militant leader near the northern West
      Bank town of Tulkarem.

      Earlier, the Jihad armed wing also claimed responsibility for
      firing three homemade rockets at the southern Israeli town of Sderot.

      The group said also in a leaflet to reporters that its militant
      fired from northern Gaza three homemade rockets called "Quds2" at
      Sderot, adding that three rockets made big explosions in the town.

      An Israeli soldier and a Palestinian militant were killed Monday
      morning in a gun battle in a village near Tulkarem.

      Palestinian security sources said that Israeli troops killed
      37-year-old Shafiq Abdul Ghani, a leader of the "Saraya al Quds" in
      the incident.

      The Israeli side said that there was an exchange of fire between
      Israeli troops and Jihad militants, who were believed to belong to a
      group that planned the Tel Aviv bombing attack in February that left
      five Israelis dead.

      Abdul Ghani and other Jihad militants had been arrested by the
      Palestinian National Authority (PNA) after the Tel Aviv attack, but
      they managed to escape from prison two weeks ago.


      'Calm close to collapse'
      By Ali Waked

      Senior Islamic Jihad leader says group intends to retaliate for latest
      IDF operation in village near Tul Karm; two Qassam rockets land near

      TEL AVIV - Senior Islamic Jihad figure Khader Khatib says the current
      calm in Israel-Palestinian violence is close to collapse.

      IDF Operation

      IDF soldier killed near Tul Karm / By Efrat Weiss

      Two Palestinians fire at IDF forces searching for wanted terror
      suspects in a village near the West Bank town of Tul Karm Monday.
      Another soldier sustains light wounds; security officials believe
      Islamic Jihad cell based in the area

      The remarks were made after a group member was killed during an IDF
      operation near the West Bank town of Tul Karm early Monday.

      Against the backdrop of repeated Israeli violations, it appears the
      calm in violence could end soon, Khatib said.

      "The Israeli violations have not stopped since we declared a
      cease-fire, and this fact puts the entire question of calm in great
      jeopardy," he said.

      Later, two Qassam rockets landed in open areas near the southern town
      of Sderot, causing no injuries or damage. The Islamic Jihad claimed
      responsibility for the rocket attack.

      Meanwhile, three separate shooting attacks, on an army outpost, IDF
      soldiers, and a Palestinian crossing, were reported in the Gaza Strip.
      No injuries or damages were reported in the attacks.

      'We'll respond to violations'

      The continued Israeli violations present a challenge to all
      Palestinian factions, which are obligated to respond to them, Khatib

      "We'll respond to those violations, as the calm is supposed to be
      mutual," he said. "It makes no sense that we continue to be obligated
      to it while the Israelis are free to act."

      However, On Sunday The Islamic Jihad already called on all Palestinian
      terrorist groups to reevaluate their position regarding the
      maintenance of calm, after a group member was detained by the IDF.

      The army said the man was planning to stage a suicide bombing and
      filmed a videotape declaring his intentions.


      1. Family Home Demolished in Jerusalem
      2. Mayday in Bil'in Written by John
      3. After Sharm Al Sheikh Written by Mansour
      4. Action Alert in support of two Palestinians arrested at anti wall demo


      1. Family Home Demolished in Jerusalem By the Israeli Military

      The house of Rami Dabash, his wife and two children was demolished
      today in the Jerusalem suburb of Tsur Baher by the Israeli Defense

      About 125 border police, some mounted on horses, arrived at the
      house this morning, accompanying a bulldozer. The police formed a
      cordon at the bottom of the street to prevent journalists and human
      rights activists from seeing the destruction.

      The police refused to produce a military order declaring the area a
      closed zone and used force to push journalists and activists back
      away from the demolition site.

      Police then assaulted members of the Dabash family while they were
      giving interviews, including Rami's 68 year old mother who had
      just been discharged from hospital after spinal disc surgery.

      The Dabash house was not yet fully constructed. The family had
      started building it in October 2003 after receiving the necessary
      permissions from the Israeli authorities. They spent $35 000 US on
      building the house before construction was stopped by the authorities.
      They were then informed that the house would be demolished. The family
      then spent a further $12 000 on legal fees in an attempt to challenge
      the demolition with no success.

      The family was not notified in advance as to when the demolition
      would take place. Rami Dabash's sister, Jalila, said that she had
      arrived from Beit Hanina to visit her elderly mother this morning
      when suddenly the bulldozer arrived.

      Since 1967, Israeli policy has been geared to create a "Greater"
      Jerusalem which controls the entire central portion of the West Bank
      and cuts the physical and economic heart out of a potential
      Palestinian state.

      While constructing 90,000 housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem,
      the municipality has intentionally created a shortage of 25,000
      housing units for Palestinians.

      Since occupying the west bank and Gaza strip, Israel has demolished
      over 12,000 Palestinian homes, leaving some 70,000 without shelter
      and traumatized.

      For more information contact Jalila Dabash
      on 054 5878155


      2. Mayday in Bil'in Written by John

      The mayday protest in Bil'in started out small in comparison to last
      Thursday's protest, which was unprecedented in size for Bil'in.
      However, the IOF response to the protest was overwhelming. At least
      nine Palestinians were shot with rubber coated steel. In addition I,
      along with a 12 year old Palestinian boy, was hit with fragments of a
      live round that was fired directly at us by an Israeli soldier.

      We were about 70 Palestinians (workers and farmers this was Mayday
      after all), 10 Israeli Anarchists and 9 Internationals.

      We started marching and managed to get pretty far before the usual
      line of soldiers tried to prevent us from reaching the construction
      site of the Apartheid/ Annexation Wall.

      About 10 soldiers and border police met us and told us to leave the
      area as it was a closed military zone (CMZ).

      Arguments erupted, interspersed with slogans and songs in Hebrew and
      Arabic. When the soldiers and police were asked to show us the CMZ
      order they could not produce one. Legally, they had no right to stop
      us from marching!

      Nevertheless, the soldiers began using force to get us out of the
      non-existent CMZ. They unleashed an enormous number of sound bombs
      followed shortly thereafter with massive amounts of tear gas and
      rubber bullets.

      At this point one soldier fired a rubber bullet that whizzed right
      past my head, I am not sure whether it was aimed at me or the shebab
      (youth)in the background. I was pissed off because I was clearly not
      throwing stones with my arms raised above my head.

      Then, in response to the rubber bullets, the stone throwing started.

      The Israeli soldiers were trigger happy and particularly aggressive
      this day, hence everything descended into a confrontation between them
      and stone throwing Palestinians. The IOF was chasing everyone back to
      the edge of the village.

      They actually elevated their firing of rubber bullets from massive to
      obscene levels. At times it was very uncomfortable (which is an
      understatement) The almost constant boom of the bullets being shot,
      followed by the characteristic whizzing sound when they cut through
      the air close to you is frightening. Many Palestinians have been
      blinded or killed by rubber bullets. Needless to say, much of the day
      was spent hunched behind walls.

      Nine Palestinians were shot by rubber coated steel bullets. I was
      amazed that more people were not actually hit.

      The tear gas used by the IOF was very strong compared to earlier
      demos in Bil'in, something which the Palestinians also commented
      on. Usually the teargas is just annoying (unless you are caught in the
      thick of it), but today even small wafts made us suffer badly;
      temporary blindness, nausea and disorientation.

      In addition, a many teargas canisters were fired directly at
      people, violating the Israeli Army's own rules of engagement. One
      Palestinian, Hamza (20) was shot by a gas canister to the head and
      had to spend the night in a hospital in Rammallah. Recently,
      Jonathan Pollack of the Israeli Anarchists suffered a hemorrhage
      after he was also hit in the head by a gas canister that was shot
      directly at him.

      At one point at least five rounds of live ammunition were fired, a
      serious escalation of the situation.

      The confrontations lasted for nearly three hours before the soldiers
      and police retreated back to the construction site of the
      Annexation/ Apartheid Wall.

      A few Palestinians continued to throw stones. However, most of the
      demonstrators left including all but three of the internationals.

      Standing at a good vantage point a couple of hundred metres away, we
      watched something very surreal happening. One of the border police
      threw down his gun and helmet and challenged one (all?) of the
      shebab to come close to him to fistfight. Before he reached any
      Palestinian though, three more border police caught up with him, and
      he quickly put his gear back on. The four of them then continued to
      chase and shoot rubber coated metal bullets at the few Palestinians
      close to them.

      Keeping my distance of about two hundred meters I moved to get a
      better view and find an old olive tree as cover, just in case. I was
      joined by Gabe, another international, and Ahmad (12)a boy from the
      village. As Gabe and I were discussing whether the last round fired
      was live or a rubber bullet, my ears suddenly began ringing. I felt
      pain to my groin and exclaimed that I was nearly shot in my … Then
      Ahmad let out a quiet, though not frightening, sound of pain and held
      his head. I begin to carry him but he was actually not seriously hurt.
      He had a small shrapnel wound to his head.

      Initially I thought we had been fired on by a rubber coated steel
      bullet, but I was told by Palestinians that it was in fact a
      live round and that the soldier had aimed at us. As soon as we had
      time to think about it, Gabe and I realized that it was in fact live
      ammunition that was fired directly at us from the soldier standing at
      least 200 metres away.

      The ringing noise was probably the bullet impacting and ricocheting
      off the tree, sending fragments to Ahmad's head and my groin. It
      is only with hindsight that I get freaked out, scared and perplexed. I
      seriously did not believe (or want to believe) that live ammunition
      had been fired at me like that.

      Ahmad's father took him to the hospital where he was examined and a a
      piece of shrapnel was found to be lodged in his head. Gabe and I went
      to the tree where we were shot at. We saw where the bullet
      ricocheted off the tree and found some lead fragments in the fresh
      holes in the bark.

      Later, a Palestinian friend of mine tpld Gabe and me that the
      soldier was aiming for anyone, but that since all the shebab were
      cowering on the ground, all he could see was the three of us behind
      the olive tree. He took aim and fired. He then aimed again for a
      second shot, but did not take it when he saw us coming out from behind
      the olive tree with someone obviously hit.

      That really freaked us out but both Gabe and I count ourselves very
      lucky, as I am sure Ahmad does too.


      3. After the Sharm Al sheikh agreement written by Mansour

      After the Sharm Al sheikh agreement, we Palestinians hoped for some
      peace or at least a cease fire to work towards peace. We hoped for no
      invasions, no assassinations, no arrest campaigns, fewer checkpoints
      and more freedom of movement.

      The cease fire was accepted by the Palestinian movements, but the
      IOF is still using their guns and tanks for training on the
      Palestinian people. Invasions and assassinations continue.

      It seems as well that arrests can't be stopped because there is still
      space for the Palestinian people inside the Israeli prisons. The IOF
      actually increased their numbers of soldiers at checkpoints.

      And of sourse there was no decrease in the number of checkpoints. They
      didn't even increase the lanes of the checkpoints to facilitate
      movement. Roadblocks which used to have no soldiers now have
      a number of soldiers to excercise even more control over Palestinian

      The fact here, my friends, is that the obstacles that Palestinian
      people face have remained or increased. And the apartheid wall and the
      settlements continue to grow.

      So how much more of this peace can the Palestinian people take?


      4. An appeal to support Riad Mohamad Yassin and Alian Ibrahim Ahmad
      Abu Rachme who were arrested during a demonstration against the
      separation wall.

      The fate of two Palestinians who were arrested during a protest
      against the Israeli annexation wall in Bi'lin, West Bank, remains
      uncertain, with the pair facing time in prison for charges stemming
      from a protest on April 28th.

      As of today, May 2nd, no court date has been set for Riad Yassin, 26,
      and Elian Abu Rahma, 26.

      According to Muhammad el Khatib, Secretary of the Bi'lin Village
      Council, 6 or 7 people dressed as civilians began throwing stones
      at soldiers during the demonstration. "I approached them and
      introduced myself as Secretary of the Village Council and a member
      of the committee against the wall, and told them to stop throwing
      stones," Khatib said. Khatib asked the men where they were from, to
      which they replied, "Saffa," a nearby village. Suddenly, the men who
      were throwing stones ran after Raid and Elian and caught one of
      them. One of the stone throwers then brandished a pistol and fired
      it twice. They then arrested the second demonstrator. After the
      arrests, four men wearing shirts over their heads and some with
      police caps on were seen dragging a screaming man up the
      hill toward the construction site and awaiting police vehicles.
      Both Raid and Elian are currently detained at Camp Ofer Military

      They were initially charged with attempted murder of a policeman,
      which carried with it a sentence of up to 19 years in prison.
      Lawyer Tamar Peleg managed to get authorities to reduce the charges
      to assaulting a police officer. The pair are currently facing a
      sentence of 6 months to 3 years in prison.

      Secretary of Bi'lin village council, Muhammed Khatab, recently visited
      the men at Ofer, and said both appeared to have been beaten in
      custody. One of them appeared to have a broken leg.

      Yasin was only released from Military prison three months
      ago which could make his sentencing more severe.

      We therefore call upon you to arouse Israeli public opinion and to
      send faxes and letters to newspapers and to the Israeli authorities
      to demand that these two men be set free.

      A proposed letter ( written by Aron Caspi)

      I ….. call you to take all necessary action in order to bring for
      the immediate release of Riad Mohamad Yassin and Alian Ibrahim Ahmad
      Abu Rachme who were arrested at the 28.04.05, during a demonstration
      against the separation wall at their village.

      The two were arrested after trying to prevent disguised Israeli
      soldiers to throw stones on the Israeli security forces. The
      exposure of the Israeli undercover soldiers, which carried no
      identification signs, led to the arrest of the two as a mere revenge
      in order to defend their reputation.

      They are going to be charged with "assaulting a service provider".
      The Israeli army's use of disguised soldiers is nothing but a shame
      for the Israeli government and the arrest of two Palestinians that
      tried to prevent their provocative attack on soldiers is legally

      I therefore call upon you to bring about their release.


      ------- End of letter-------

      Please, send it to all the following addresses, by email and, if
      possible, ALSO by fax. From abroad, include also the Israeli embassy
      in your country.

      Some of the email may also bounce. However hard we try to
      update our data, there are always changes (guess why), but for sure
      some will arrive. Thank you!!

      for embassy email addresses:
      http://www.embassyworld.com/embassy/israel1.html + more on:

      Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
      Office of the Prime Minister
      3 Kaplan Street, P O Box 187
      Jerusalem 91919, Israel
      Phone: +972-2-6753333
      Fax: +972 2 6521599

      Minister of Justice Tzippi Livni
      Ministry of Justice
      29 Salah al-Din Street
      Jerusalem 91010, Israel
      Phone: +972-2-6708511
      Fax: +972 2 6285438/6288618

      Minister of Defence Shaul Mofaz
      Ministry of Defence,
      37 Kaplan St., Tel-Aviv 61909, Israel.
      Phone: +972-3-5692010
      Fax: +972-3-6962757/6916940/6917915

      Minister of Foreign Affairs, Silvan Shalom
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      9 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd., Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem 91035
      Fax 972-2-5303367

      American Consulate, Jerusalem Email: Fax: +972-(0)2- 627-7230
      European Union, Jerusalem, Fax: + 972- (0)2-532 6249
      UN Special Coordinator, Gaza, Fax: +972-(0)8-282-0966
      S/SMEC, Office of the Special Middle East Coordinator fax: (+1) 202647

      White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
      State Department Bureau of Public Affairs Comment Line: 202-647-6575

      IDF: Reservist killed by friendly fire, not by Palestinian taxi
      It was initially believed that Eyal was hit at a West Bank checkpoint
      by a Palestinian taxi, whose driver was then shot to death by the
      other soldiers. The cause of Eyal's death was determined by
      pathologists at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir.
      (innocent Palestinian was killed, anyone cares? )



      Resident arrested, two stores burnt near Hebron
      Thursday, 28 April 2005

      Thursday at dawn, Israeli soldiers broke into several homes in the
      town of Thaheriyya, near Hebron, arrested one man, and caused a fire
      in two stores.

      A local source in the village reported that soldiers broke into and
      searched dozens of homes, and arrested Musallam Nars-Allah, 27, who
      was moved to an unknown location.

      The same source said that soldiers also broke into two stores used for
      car spare parts, and searched them. Apparently, flash blasts fired by
      soldiers inside the stores caused a fire, setting the two stores into

      The source also said that Soldiers prevented firemen who arrived to
      the seen from reaching the flamed stores; the two stores were
      completely burnt.

      A source at Thaheriyya village council estimated the losses of the two
      stores by 100.000 NIS. (1 US$=4.36NIS)

      Over the last week, Israeli soldiers repeatedly broke into
      al-Thaheriyya and arrested several residents.



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