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Most Jews not Semites

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    Jew Blood line or not? Zionist V s anti-Semitism, and the seed of Abraham Deception. Anti-Semitism From: Iraq@yahoogroups.com Zionist organisations are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      Jew Blood line or not? Zionist V's anti-Semitism, and the seed of
      Abraham Deception.

      From: Iraq@yahoogroups.com

      Zionist organisations are becoming increasingly dependent upon the
      charge of "anti-Semitism" as a political weapon.

      Anti-Semitism has a very precise definition. It refers to remarks or
      acts targeting the ethnic group termed Semites, which comprises both
      Jews and Arabs. The Hebrew Encyclopedia defines anti- Semitism as all
      manifestations of hatred and racism directed against Semites. The
      Fact is that anti-Semitism also comprises all manifestations of hatred
      and racism directed against all Arabs.

      Zionist media and political forces have warped this definition in
      several ways.

      They have manipulated the concept of Semitic ethnicity so as to apply
      to Jews alone, thereby enabling them to level the allegation of
      anti-Semitism against the Arabs in spite of the fact that they
      constitute the majority of the Semitic peoples.

      In addition, they have stretched the definition of anti-Semitism to
      include any criticism of Israel and Israeli policy. Now anyone who
      speaks out against the aggression and inhumane practices practiced by
      Israel risks being branded "anti-Semitic". Thus the label
      "anti-Semitic" has acquired enormous deterrent power and is used
      regually by Zionists.

      Now confident in having monopolised the field as Semites, so as to
      hurl "anti-Semite" at all and sundry who criticise Israel, Zionist
      leaders can spews the most atrocious racist abuse against others. It's
      the pot calling the kettle black.

      "Jews" have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.

      Jewish historian scholars have established that at least 90% of all
      Jews come from a Turkish-Mongol mix of people and are largely sourced
      from the Khazar Kingdom. These "Jews" have no blood-link to the
      Israelites of the Bible.

      The Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler provided overwhelming evidence, for
      the above in his famous 1976 work, "THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE - THE
      KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE" showing, "that in the 8th century,
      Khazaria which was greatly made-up of the Turkish-Mongol mixed people
      known as Khazars, converted to their national religion of Judaism
      which was based on the Babylonian Talmud.

      These same people then migrated to eastern Europe, especially to
      Hungary and Poland, taking their Babylonian religion with them. "The
      Khazar origin of the numerically and socially dominant element in the
      Jewish population of Hungary during the Middle Ages is thus relatively
      well documented." Page 144. "As already mentioned, the trade in fox
      and sable furs, which had been flourishing in Khazaria, became another
      virtual Jewish monopoly in Poland. (Page 157 ) Benjamin Freedman,
      another Jewish researcher, wrote his famous treatise FACTS ARE FACTS
      in 1954. Freedman quotes from many historical sources and shows that
      the vast majority of Jews derive from the Turkish-Mongol mixed people
      of the Khazar Kingdom of the 2nd to 10th centuries, NOT from Biblical
      Israelite stock.

      The facts are so clear as to the non-Israelite, racially-mixed origin
      of the modern day, Jews that the following appeared as a subheading to
      Freedman's book. "The historic facts revealed here for the first time
      provide incontestable evidence that their continued suppression will
      prove inimical to the security of the nation, the peace of the world,
      the welfare of humanity, and the progress of civilisation."

      Indeed, those words have proven to be quite prophetic as we witness
      the increasing terrorism and violence sparked by the continued blind
      of Zionist christians and U.S. unilateral aid to the Khazarian-Israelis.

      Relatively recent genetic studies corroborate the historical facts
      that the Jews are of partly Turkish origin. An article a out of the
      "Ha'Aretz" Jewish newspaper form Nov. 22, 2001 was entitled, "Study
      finds close genetic connection between Jews, Kurds." The article
      opened, by saying, "The people closest to the Jews from a genetic
      point of view may be the Kurds, according to results of a new study
      at, the Hebrew University.

      Scientists who participated in the research said findings seem to
      indicate both peoples had common ancestors who lived in the northern
      half of the Fertile Crescent, where Northern Iraq and Turkey are
      today. Some of them, it assumed, wandered south and settled on the
      eastern shores of the Mediterranean." (Abraham) The article goes on to
      state, "The study's findings are published in the current issue of The
      American Journal of Human Genetics.

      The researcher's used the DNA of 1,847 Jewish men of Ashkenazi,
      Sephardi and Kurdish descent, Muslims and Christians of Kurdish,
      Turkish and Armenian descent, various Arab populations, & Russians,
      Poles and residents of belarus."

      Additionally, it has been known for many years that a large proportion
      of Jews have oriental admixture in their ancestry. So Mongol infusion
      is also a probable part of their mixed heritage.

      Now for the big Zionist Deception "The Seed of Abraham"

      Zionists miss quote Scripture probably because they don't read and
      study Scripture.
      Most Zionist christians sit under a leader for two hiurs a week and
      believe everything he says without question.

      One of the deceptions spun out by Zionist leaders is the misquote of
      "Bless Israel and be blessed and curse Israel and be cursed". Ever
      tried to find that in Scripture??

      This deception gets people believing that God wants "Believers" to
      "bless Israel" no matter what and if they don't bless Israel or are
      found speaking against the Zionist state then they believe that
      Scripture says they will be cursed. So where do these deceived and
      deceiving Zionists get their ammo? Speaking to "Abraham" God says ...

      Ge 12:2 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless
      thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:
      Ge 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that
      curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

      Did you see the term Israel in that text? .... NO
      Who was God talking to when he refered to "Thee"? .... Abraham
      Now Zionist here's your problem right in Galatiams 3:7-9.

      7 Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the
      children of Abraham.
      8 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen
      through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In
      thee shall all nations be blessed.
      9 So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.
      7 Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the
      children of Abraham.
      8 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen
      through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In
      thee shall all nations be blessed.
      9 So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.

      So from the above ... who is the seed of Abraham that is to be
      blessed? Who is the seed of Abraham that if one curses he will be cursed?

      It is the "they which are of faith" or "Believers" who are the seed of
      Abraham. If you bless "they which are of faith" or "Believers" then
      you will be blessed. If you curse "they which are of faith" or
      "Believers" then you will be cursed.

      The Zionist State of man made Israel has nothing to do with this

      From the inception of the Zionist State and particularly in recent
      times, the impression has been created in the World that there is some
      connection between the State, which falsely calls itself Israel, and
      the Jewish people as a whole. Therefore, we wish to clarify the
      following points:

      * A Jew is one who remains faithful to the laws of the Jewish
      religion, that is, the Holy Torah and its commandments as opposed to
      the Babylonian Talmud.

      * The Jewish people became a people before they had their own land,
      and continued to exist as a people also after they went Into exile,
      because our very people hood is based exclusively on the Torah.

      * The Holy Land was given to the Jewish people on the condition that
      they observe the Torah and its commandments. When they failed to do
      this, their sovereignty over the land was taken from them, and they
      went into exile. From that time, we are prohibited by the Torah with a
      very grave prohibition to establish a Jewish independent sovereignty
      in the Holy Land or anywhere throughout the world. Rather, we are
      obligated to be loyal to the nations under whose protection we dwell.

      * This situation has existed for close to 2000 years when the Jewish
      people were dispersed throughout all corners of the world. During this
      time, the Jews always remained faithful to the country in which they

      * The Jewish people are grateful to all those merciful nations which
      have allowed them to observe Torah and the commandments undisturbed.

      * From ancient times, the relations between the Jewish and Islamic
      peoples have always been those of peace and brotherhood, and
      friendship always reigned between them.

      * Jews throughout all generations yearned to grace the sacred soil of
      the Holy Land and to live there. However, their sole purpose was to
      fulfill the commandments dependent upon the land and to absorb Its
      holiness. Never, G-d forbid, did they have any nationalist or
      sovereign intent whatsoever which, as mentioned above, is forbidden to
      us. Indeed, also here in the Holy Land, our fathers lived in
      neighborly harmony with the Palestinian residents of the land, helping
      one another, to mutual

      * Until about two hundred years ago, the vast majority of Jews
      observed the Torah and the commandments in entirety. Jewry's leaders
      were Torah scholars, who directed the people according to the Torah.
      They were loyal citizens in the host nations where they dwelled and to
      the local laws. They prayed for the welfare of their respective
      governments. To our sorrow, at that time a small number of Jews slowly
      left their observance of Torah and commandments.
      Together with this, they began to deride the spiritual leadership of
      their people. This assimilation was the basis upon which, one hundred
      years ago, the ideology of Zionism was born. Its founders were
      assimilated Jews who had abandoned the Torah.

      * Immediately at the founding of the Zionist movement, masses of Jews
      under the leadership of their Rabbis, launched a heavy battle against
      Zionism. Their attack was directed not only at the non-religious
      Zionist idea, but rather, primarily at its opposition to the
      Torah-ordained path that Jewry must follow while in exile. As such,
      the Zionists incited the nations of the world, demanding political
      sovereignty over the Holy Land while remaining oblivious to the
      resentment this would arouse In the Palestinian Arabs, the land's
      veteran inhabitants. As stated, the leaders of Orthodox Jewry
      vehemently opposed the movement with all force.

      * The Zionists, having their own agenda, refused to heed the voice of
      the Rabbis and Torah authority. They persisted in their ways until
      they succeeded in influencing the British government to issue the
      Balfour Declaration concerning the establishment of a national home
      for the Jews in the land of Israel." To our great sorrow, from that
      point on began the deterioration of the good relations between the
      Jews and the Arab inhabitants of the land. This occurred because the
      Arab people understood that the Zionists wished to seize ruler ship
      from them. In addition, the Arab people had suspicions as if the
      Jewish people wished to seize control of the Temple Mount and other
      similar sites. Matters worsened as a result.

      * The Jewish leadership of that time saw it as proper to clarify
      before the Arab leaders that the Torah-true Jews had no desire
      whatsoever for sovereignty, and that our desire was to continue to
      live in peace with the Arabs, as we had always done.

      * Torah Jewry protests at every opportunity against the Zionist rule
      over the Holy Land, and the Zionist rebellion against the neighboring
      nations. Torah Jewry has condemned the Zionist oppression of the
      Palestinians, the land's veteran inhabitants who have been driven from
      their homes and properties. The Zionists' barbaric and violent deeds
      are absolutely antithetical to the essence of the Jewish people.

      * Torah Jewry has never ever recognized the Zionist state. Since the
      Zionists succeeding in establishing their state, Torah Jewry has
      continuously announced to the world that the Zionists do not represent
      the Jewish people, and that the name "Israel" that they use is a
      forgery. For as has been stated above, it is forbidden to us from the
      Torah to rebel against the nations, and all sovereignty by us is
      prohibited. Rather, we await the days when all the world will
      recognize the sovereignty of the Creator, and the words of the prophet
      Isaiah will yet be fulfilled: "And they will beat their swords into
      plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. No nation will lift
      its sword against any other, nor will they learn warfare anymore."

      * Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews have refrained to this day from taking
      any funds from the Zionist regime, whether for their educational
      institutions, synagogues or other benefits. Obviously, they do not
      participate in the Zionist elections, whether for the "Knesset" or for
      the municipality. We do not serve in their army, and we even avoid
      speaking in the Hebrew language that the Zionists Invented. All this
      is done because Torah Jewry does not recognize the Zionist regime,
      which Is against the Torah and against humanity.

      * Lately, the question has once again arisen concerning the Temple
      Mount and sovereignty over it. Thus, we wish to state unequivocally:

      a) In our time, it is a severe Torah prohibition for any Jew to set
      foot on
      any part of the Temple Mount area.

      b) The Jewish people have no claim whatsoever to sovereignty over this
      holy site, which is under Islamic authority, nor over any other holy

      * The Zionists have no right of any sovereignty over even one inch of
      the Holy Land. They do not represent the Jewish people in any way
      They have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people.
      Therefore, their words, declarations and actions are not in any way
      representative of the Jewish people.


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