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"The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian"

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    The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian Owatica, Al-Moharer April 10, 2005 www.al-moharer.net/mohhtm/owatica221.htm That s what Europeans used to say about my
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      "The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian"
      Owatica, Al-Moharer
      April 10, 2005

      That's what Europeans used to say about my ancestors. Some Americans
      still say it.

      When I see the savage murder of the Iraqi people and the destruction
      of their culture for the purpose of stealing their resources......I am
      devastated. It reminds me of the history of my own American Indian
      ancestors. You will not read about it in the history books but there
      were concentration camps in America long before Hitler built them in

      The Europeans called this place the "new world" even though Native
      people had been living here for thousands of years.
      A famous chief once said of the Europeans, "...they made many
      promises, more can we can remember, they never kept but one, they
      promised to take our land... .And they took it". When the Europeans
      rounded up Native people for a forced march to an alien place, they
      laughed at us when we held the sacred earth of our ancestors in our
      hands and wept. We were "savages" they said. They said they had a
      right to kill us and steal our land because of "manifest destiny".
      They were good Christian people and they said their god gave them our
      land. Some of those good Christian people visited Arab lands, leaving
      death and destruction in their path, not long before they came here.
      Now they have returned to the Middle East because they want the oil.

      There is nothing new about war or merciless and murderous invaders but
      if the people of the world are to survive, we must understand the
      truth about how it is done to us, over and over. The map to
      understanding is always the same...follow the money. An American
      general said, in 1935, "War is a racket. It always has been. It is
      possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most
      vicious [racket]. It is international in scope, the only one in which
      the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket
      is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems
      to the majority of people.

      Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted
      for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out
      of war a few people make huge fortunes." The American neocons, their
      friends and the others who are like them throughout the world, are
      getting rich from the bloodletting of the people.

      How many times are the people of the world going to fall for this
      before they figure it out?

      We know why war happens; it is only about money, and we know it has
      happened over and over. Let us step back from the immediacy of the
      current horrors in the Middle East and take a good long look at how
      this happens. Most of the people on this earth are good and decent
      human beings who would never deliberately hurt others or consider
      stealing from their neighbor, their family. We are the human family.
      The Iraqi people are our brothers and sisters. How is it possible that
      Americans with guns are killing their own family? Remember what the
      general said, war is not what it seems to the majority of people. It
      is understood only by a small "inside group", the people in charge,
      the ones drooling over all that oil they want to steal.

      How are they going to get it? The Iraqi people aren't going to give it
      to them so, clearly, the neocons must take it by force. They cannot
      say to their people, we want to steal Iraqi oil and we want to use
      your tax dollars, after we take it out of social programs for schools
      and so forth, to pay for it. And, by the way, we want your children to
      go over there and murder the Iraqi people, to kill and be killed so we
      can make ourselves even richer than we already are. You can easily see
      that wouldn't work. Naturally they began spewing lies and inciting
      hatred and fear in order to get the American people and the military
      to do their bidding.

      If the human race is to survive at all, we absolutely must understand
      how we, the people of the world, are being manipulated into war by
      others who wish to enrich themselves through our blood. They prey on
      our fears and prejudices to manipulate us. We have a perfect example
      in the "Bush Administration", which has been organized by a group of
      criminals called the "neocons" who are actually nothing more then
      murderous thugs, liars and thieves; the Bush mafia. We know many of
      their names; Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Cheney et al, they created
      and signed a document called the "Project for the New American
      Century" which basically said they had decided to dominate the world
      at the point of a gun. They reckon they can kill everyone who gets in
      their way as they attempt to acquire control over all the resources of
      the world and make all the people of the world their slaves. Obviously
      they can't tell the people that, so they tell them something else.
      They make up every sort of lie, whether it is religious, racist or
      political, in order to set people against each other.

      The neocons, which control and or are supported by the corporate owned
      war profiteering mainstream media, constructed a vast propaganda
      machine and began putting ideas into people's heads to create the
      desired response. The desired response, of course, is always hatred
      and fear. Anger is a manifestation of fear.

      So now everyone, being lied to up one side and down the other, is full
      of hatred, anger and fear. When you have all that going on in your
      heart and mind, you can't think clearly. The neocons love that. They
      depend upon it. In order to dominate the world, it is imperative they
      be able to whip the people of the world into a frenzy of fear and
      hatred and set them against each other.

      George Bush carefully and deliberately used the words "crusade" and
      "axis of evil" to inflame Muslims and Christians. These monstrous
      neocons have incited a religious war on purpose. They are the puppet
      masters, wrapped in their wealth and safety inciting Christians and
      Muslims to kill each other. They are laughing with delight that they
      can make religious people dance to their tune. For the non-religious,
      they used the fear of "mushroom" clouds and they demonized Muslim and
      Arab people.

      These lies were used to manipulate the American people and provide
      cover for the vicious and illegal imperialist attack upon Iraq.
      In their written plan, the neocons specifically state the need to have
      multiple wars going on simultaneously to create "destabilization".
      Why? Because if people are full of fear, anger and hate and running
      for their lives, they won't have time to stop and THINK. They will be
      so busy hating each other and fighting with each other they won't
      notice that group of guys getting fat and rich from the process of
      these manufactured "wars".

      The neocons are past masters at deceipt and manipulation. They
      understand the language of hate and fear. My ancestors were "savages",
      "redskins" more currently degraded by the term "sand niggers". The
      Vietnamese were "gooks", the Arab people, "rag heads", black people
      "niggers" and "coons", the Chinese were "chinks", the Jews are
      "kikes", the Italians are "wogs", Americans in the north refer to
      southerners as "rednecks", Southerners spit the word "Yankee" or
      "carpetbagger" at northerners. We have the political language of
      hatred too; the beautiful word "liberal" has become an epithet,
      "conservative" has become synonymous with hateful.... the list is
      endless isn't it? This is clearly a method by which one group of
      people dehumanizes and demonizes another. It makes killing each other
      so much easier.

      The "war" in Iraq is NOT a religious war. It has absolutely NOTHING to
      do with terrorism. The neocons and their associates want everyone to
      believe it is about religion and terrorism so we won't notice how rich
      they are becoming from the bloodletting they have created. People just
      like the neocons told American settlers the Native people were
      bloodthirsty pagan savages. After the Native people had been attacked
      and murdered by the settlers, who believed they were "defending"
      themselves, they attacked the settlers because they actually were
      defending themselves, which created the cycle of endless killing until
      we were essentially destroyed.

      Sound familiar?

      Why did the "Indian Wars" happen? Because there was a group of people
      who wanted to be rich. They thought they could accomplish that by
      stealing the resources of the Native people. Like the neocons, they
      couldn't tell the white people that so they told them we were
      dangerous savages whose very existence somehow threatened them. As
      they took our land and we resisted, it became easy for the settlers to
      believe we were "murderous" savages. Their lying "leaders" told them
      "their god" wanted it that way. And so the slaughter commenced.
      Criminals are attacking Iraq. They are murdering the Iraqi people in
      cold blood in order to control their oil and everything else is window
      dressing. The American people were told Muslim zealot terrorists
      wanted to kill them. The soldiers were told they were defending
      America and they were heroes for killing "enemies". The neocons told
      the world this was a war of self-defense.

      When the lies about WMD fell through, the neocons told the people and
      the soldiers, they were "liberating" the Iraqi people. Even though
      they are young and uninformed, many of the soldiers realized the only
      thing they were liberating the Iraqis from were their lives. Suicides
      in the military went up, recruitment went down.

      When the Europeans came to the "new world", the Native people were
      kind to them. The Pilgrims would have died during the first winter if
      the Indian people had not fed them. I am not going to rant about how
      that kindness was repaid, I just want to point out what all reasonable
      people should already know, the Native people got along fine with the
      Europeans until the Europeans developed a "government" and had some
      "leadership". When children play together they are utterly unconcerned
      about the color of another child's skin or their religious and
      cultural background. As many wise people have observed, you have to be
      taught how to hate. It is not natural for humans to be hateful.

      If we could see, if the people of the world could understand, how we
      are being manipulated by cruel, greedy, arrogant, self-serving
      monsters, we could resolve all the problems we face. There will always
      be destructive people in the world but we do not have to empower them.
      Yet that's what we do. We give them power by falling for their lies
      hook, line and sinker. If we could stop hating each other long enough
      to focus on the truth, we could stop the neocons, and all of those
      like them, from destroying and enslaving us. At this moment, we must
      focus our attention on this group of men and their corrupt associates.

      The best thing for the people of the world, and the worst thing for
      the neocons and all those who are like them, is for us to stop
      allowing them to make us fearful of each other and for us to stop
      fighting with each other.

      Peace is the worst thing that could happen to these warmongers.
      We simply must work together and find ways to dismantle "governments"
      and armies or life will not continue for us. President Chavez of
      Venezuela has provided the people of the world with a wonderful
      example of what can be achieved when people work together for the
      common good, yet he lives in fear for his life and the lives of his
      people because the neocons want Venezuelan oil too.

      We all have some responsibility for what has gone wrong in the world
      and it is our responsibility to fix it. There are so many more of us
      then there are of "them" it is pathetic we allow them to destroy us
      with their wars and greed.

      At this profound moment in the history of human existence, we are
      faced with a group of men who hold the power to literally destroy the
      planet. Are we going to continue to empower them and allow that to
      happen? Or will we stop fighting with each other and work together to
      outsmart these guys?



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