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Pre-dawn Gaza Raid

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    Israel Kills 11 Palestinians in Pre-dawn Gaza Raid At least 20 Palestinians Killed in Less than a Week 19/02/2003 Palestine Media Center- (PMC) Israeli
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      Israel Kills 11 Palestinians in Pre-dawn Gaza Raid

      At least 20 Palestinians Killed in Less than a Week

      Palestine Media Center- (PMC)

      Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) manning columns of tanks, backed by
      Apache gunships, thrust into Gaza City overnight Tuesday, killing
      eleven Palestinians and wounding at least forty others, Palestinian
      security and medical sources said.

      The raid, the second in Gaza in mere days, led to the highest death
      toll in an Israeli military attack since January 26, when 12
      Palestinians were killed in another part of Gaza City.

      The latest Israeli raid comes after four IOF soldiers died when a
      landmine ripped through their heavily-fortified tank in the northern
      Gaza Strip. Since then, at least 21 Palestinians have been killed by

      In today's raid, which began according to witnesses and security
      sources at about midnight and ended at about 4:30 am, at least forty
      Israeli tanks, backed by bulldozers and helicopter gunships, pushed
      into the Shajaiya neighborhood from three different directions,
      residents said.

      Four Palestinian security personnel were the first to be killed in
      the onslaught as they were guarding a post outside the Jabalya
      refugee camp near the Israeli border. Palestinian security sources
      said they were manning the post to prevent homemade Kassam rockets
      from being launched inside the "Green Line".

      According to the Islamic resistance group Hamas, one of its members
      armed with an explosives belt detonated himself near an Israeli tank,
      destroying it. Sources from the group identified him as Abdel Karim
      Bakron, 21. Israel said it knew nothing of such an attack.

      Three Palestinians, including two brothers, were meanwhile crushed to
      death when IOF dynamited a house in al-Tuffah neighborhood, causing
      part of the house next door to collapse.

      At least one other Palestinian man was killed when a helicopter
      gunship opened fire at a group of Palestinians in a nearby field. Two
      others where killed during exchanges of fire, Palestinian security
      and hospital officials said.

      During the overnight attack, gunfire and fierce explosions were heard
      all over Gaza City, which was swallowed by darkness after IOF cut off
      the electricity supply to the coastal city, residents confirmed.

      IOF also left behind considerable destruction when they pulled out of
      the city at around 4 am, they added.

      Top Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi warned the group would avenge
      those killed.

      Hamas will "continue our holy war to liberate this land." He said.

      The latest raid comes after Israeli "Defense" Minister Shaul Mofaz
      vowed "to strike hard at our enemy Hamas" following Saturday's mine
      attack on an Israeli tank.

      Thereafter, IOF killed a senior Hamas militant and destroyed the
      house of another Hamas member it blamed for the land mine. Hamas also
      accused Israeli intelligence of killing six militants in a mysterious
      explosion on Sunday, wires reported.

      Earlier on Tuesday, the Israeli army also killed a Hamas activist in
      Yatta near Hebron in the West Bank who it said tried to resist

      Palestinian security sources and eyewitnesses said IOF killed
      Mohammad Mur, 27, in cold blood.

      Relatives said Israeli soldiers opened fire at Mur, wounding him,
      then chased him into a house, where he found refuge and shot him at
      short range with three bullets in the chest, killing him straight

      Mur is accused of being behind the killing of an extremist settler,
      who confiscated vast areas of residents' land 3 years ago.

      Israeli Attack Concurrent With London Talks

      The renewed Israeli military onslaught came as top Palestinian and
      Israeli officials met separately with international Mideast peace
      mediators in London to discuss Palestinian reform, economic aid and
      ways on resuscitating the moribund peace process.

      But a top Palestinian official said the latest Israeli attack on Gaza
      could unravel any progress made in peacemaking.

      "The Israeli government alone is responsible for the consequences of
      its assaults," Saeb Erekat told Reuters.

      Palestinian officials meeting with donor states meanwhile asked for
      $1.5 billion in aid to revive the Palestinian economy on the verge of

      Palestinian Planning Minister Nabil Sha'ath told The Associated Press
      from London the money was needed through April 2004 to put the
      economy back on its feet.

      United Nations Mideast envoy, Terje Roed-Larson, described the
      situation in Palestinian areas as a "man-made humanitarian crisis."

      http://www.iap.org E-mails: iapinfo@...
      Israeli tanks attack civilian neighborhoods in Gaza

      Occupied Jerusalem: 17 February

      At least two Palestinians were killed and three others wounded Monday
      in a fresh Israeli incursion into Gaza City, Palestinian sources
      reported. The sources said as many as a thousand Israeli troops,
      backed by some 40 tanks and attack helicopters, rampaged in central
      Gaza amid intensive and virtually indiscriminate shooting.

      Hospital sources said at least two civilians were killed and a number
      of others injured and taken to hospital.

      Moreover, the Israeli occupation forces dynamited a home belonging to
      the family of a resistance activist the Zionist occupation army
      accuses of taking part in anti-colonialist resistance.

      The Israeli army said the foray into Gaza was in reaction to an
      attack by Islamic resistance fighters on an Israeli tank on Saturday
      in which four Zionist soldiers were killed.

      Israel has been subjecting the estimated 3.5 million Palestinians who
      make up the population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to brutal
      treatment which many Palestinians and human rights groups compare to
      the Nazi occupation of Europe.

      Since the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising or intifada against
      Israel's colonialist occupation of the Palestinian homeland nearly 28
      months ago, the Israeli forces have killed more than 2000
      Palestinians, a fourth of them minors and children.

      The Israeli army also destroyed thousands of homes and uprooted
      hundreds of thousands of trees, apparently to inflict suffering and
      economic losses on the virtually defenseless Palestinians.
      From: "Lawsociety" <law@...>
      Subject: LAW: Two nurses killed by Israeli sniper

      Thursday, February 6, 2003

      Last night, Wednesday February 5, two Palestinian paramedics, 'Abd al-
      Karim Anwar Labad (22) and Omar Saad al-din Hussan (21) were killed
      by an Israeli sniper's bullet.

      According to information gathered by the Palestinian Center for Human
      Rights in Gaza (PCHR), at around 11pm on Wednesday, Israeli Special
      forces attacked the al-Shaath area northeast Gaza city. Israeli
      Special Forces surrounded the home of Mohammad al-Ghawleh, which lies
      some 60 meters from the al-Wafa hospital. Immediately the Special
      Forces began to blow up the main doors of the building, and then
      besieged the home, after putting all 40 residents in one of the
      apartments. During this time, an Israeli sniper shot in the direction
      of the al-Wafa first floor hospital window, where two nurses were
      walking in the direction of a patient's family. The bullet penetrated
      the window and shot 'Abd al- Karim (22) in the chest, then exited
      from his back, penetrating Omar's chest. Both died soon after.

      Israeli forces have killed at least 22 Palestinian paramedics and
      nurses since the beginning of this Intifada.
      Zionist forces kill a resistance leader

      Occupied Jerusalem: 17 February

      Zionist occupation forces on Monday shot and killed a prominent
      resistance leader in the Gaza Strip in gun-battle at the Bureij
      refugee camp, south of Gaza City. Palestinian sources said Riyadh Abu
      Zeid was killed when resistance fighters sought to repulse an Israeli
      force backed by tanks which attacked the refugee camp before noon

      Abu Zeid was critically wounded but succumbed to his wounds later.
      He is considered as one of the key military commanders of Hamas
      military wing, the Izzidin al Qassam Brigades. Following his
      martyrdom, Hamas vowed to launch retaliatory attacks on Zionist
      targets both in the Gaza Strip and 1948-Palestine. Hamas and other
      Palestinian resistance groups have been fighting harshly to end
      decades of brutal Israeli occupation which many Palestinians and
      human rights groups compare to the Nazi occupation of Europe more
      than a half a century ago.

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      Annexation of more land in Bethlehem for Apartheid Wall

      Wednesday, February 19, 2003 - LAW

      Israel's military commander for the West Bank, Moshe Kaplinski on
      Monday (February 17) issued a military directive to annex 14 dunums
      of land, including 40 homes, in Bethlehem for Israel's Apartheid

      The lands are being seized to build an 8-meter high wall in the
      Bethlehem district which shall effectively annex Rachel's tomb, in
      Area C, to the greater Jerusalem district.

      The directive (S14/2003) signed on Sunday, February 9, explains that
      14 dunums of land shall be seized until December 31, 2005 for
      military needs, in light of the present security circumstances, and
      is necessary to prevent "terrorist attacks." Military orders used to
      illegally confiscate and annex lands can be repeatedly renewed. There
      is no time limit on renewals. It may be done indefinitely.

      Management of the lands shall be transferred to the Lands Officer in
      the Central Israeli Army command.

      Following the directive, LAW's lawyer Azem Bishara contacted the
      legal advisor's office to the Israeli Army. The office insisted that
      there was no intention to destroy the 40 homes built on the lands

      However, Mr. Bishara noted that following similar precedents in
      Barta'a, Nazlat Issa and other areas in the northern West Bank where
      the Apartheid wall has been built, "pretexts shall be found to
      demolish these 40 homes," said Mr. Bishara.

      "The area annexed," Mr. Bishara explained, "is in Area C. Although
      Area C was meant to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority rule,
      this in reality did not occur. Rather, Israel has effectively
      attempted to control these areas, as if it has been granted legal
      autonomy over them. I expect that the so-called `Civil
      Administration' shall find a way of destroying these 40 homes, most
      likely under the prextext of being illegally built, or lacking the
      appropriate permits."

      "In reality, there is no security need at all to seize these lands.
      Rather, Israel wants to annex Rachel's tomb, rather than making an
      agreement with the Palestinian Authorities to ensure Israeli Jews may
      visit and worship in the area.

      Israel's apartheid wall is expected to be completed by June 2003, and
      is projected to run the whole 360-km length of the West Bank. The
      wall, in many places 8-meters high, includes watchtowers, electric
      fences, trenches and security patrols.

      Israel's apartheid wall shall not be built within its de-facto
      international borders (approximating to the 1949 Armistice line,
      or "Green Line"). It shall be built within the West Bank, upon seized
      Palestinian lands. The wall and surrounding closed military areas
      shall annex approximately 10% of the West Bank to Israel. Around
      385,000 Palestinians shall be effectively illegally annexed to
      Israel, or hemmed into the wall. Palestinians unlawfully transferred
      to the direct control of the Israeli State will not be granted
      residential status or citizenship.

      LAW argues that Israel's so-called "security wall" is in fact an
      apartheid wall. The wall will restrict Palestinian freedom of
      movement, Palestinian livelihoods and Palestinian access to land – a
      wall which divides upon ethnic, national and religious identity. The
      apartheid wall involves the illegal annexation of some of the most
      fertile lands in the West Bank and water sources, while pushing
      Palestinians further into Bantustans, cantons and enclaves, where
      Israel can ensure maximum control over Palestinian lives and land.

      Under the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory,
      destruction of property in occupied territories is forbidden under
      Article 53. It constitutes collective punishment, which is explicitly
      prohibited by Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It further
      constitutes extra-judicial punishment and arbitrary interference with
      home and property.

      Such extensive destruction of the private property carried out
      wantonly and without genuine military necessity amounts to a grave
      breach under article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, namely a
      war crime.

      Illegal confiscation and annexation of land violates the general
      principle under international law of inadmissibility of the
      acquisition of territory by force, as reaffirmed by UN Security
      Council Resolution 242.

      For more information, see LAW's previous press releases,
      www.lawsociety.org/wall/wall.html and www.stopthewall.org


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