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Paul Wolfowitz: Strausscon Banker

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    Paul Wolfowitz: Strausscon Banker Kurt Nimmo March 16, 2005 kurtnimmo.com/blog/index.php?p=608 Now that warmonger and master Strausscon criminal conspirator
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      Paul Wolfowitz: Strausscon Banker
      Kurt Nimmo
      March 16, 2005

      Now that warmonger and master Strausscon criminal conspirator Paul
      Wolfowitz has been selected by our cardboard cutout president Bush
      to head up the international loan shark operation, the World Bank,
      is it possible countries that default on their loans will be shocked
      and awed into submission? Of course, the World Bank does not have a
      standing army—it simply relies on the U.S. military to do its biding.

      "Wolfowitz, seen as a driving neoconservative voice behind Bush's
      controversial strategy of pre-emptive military action and spreading
      democracy in the Muslim world, pledged to serve the bank's
      multinational membership and to build consensus," writes Adam Entous
      for Reuters < http://www.reuters.com/financeNewsArticle.jhtml?
      ws&storyID=7924983 >.

      Ah, yes, "spreading democracy" in much the same way depleted uranium
      is spread by the wind. As for "consensus," Wolfowitz will certainly
      not bring this to the World Bank or its multinational members. If
      anything, Wolfowitz and the Strausscons are anathema to anything
      multinational—except of course multinational corporations. It is
      interesting Bush—or I should say Cheney and the Strausscons—chose
      Wolfowitz who is about as appropriate as Bolton is for the United

      "Wolfowitz, No. 2 at the Pentagon, is a divisive figure in Europe
      and the Middle East for helping shape the Iraq war. Some said the
      U.S. choice, coming on the heels of the appointment of hawk John
      Bolton as United Nations ambassador, highlighted White House
      contempt for international diplomacy," Reuters reports elsewhere <
      ws&storyID=7924746 >.

      No, you think?

      "If the Bush administration wanted to poke a finger into the eye of
      every nation on Earth, it couldn't have made a better choice," said
      John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies,
      supposedly a liberal think tank, that is if you consider Faberge
      cosmetics money liberal.

      Well, of course, this is exactly what the Strausscons want to do—but
      instead of a finger it is the barrel of a 120mm M256 cannon on an M1
      Abrams tank.

      "He could be a lot better than the initial reaction to the labels
      that have been attached to him," said John Stremlau, head of the
      international relations department at Johannesburg's University of
      the Witwatersrand. "He could prove over time to be a very important
      and good leader of the World Bank."

      Labels—for instance international war criminal for plotting the
      invasion of Iraq, resulting in more than 100,000 people murdered.
      Indeed, "over time" Wolfowitz will be an ideal president of the
      World Bank because predatory capitalism is now entering a no-
      nonsense phase of military belligerence as finite natural resources
      reach their depletion rates and rich people scramble to make as much
      money as possible on them.

      Strausscon banker is not a stretch because the banks and
      international financial corporations play an important role in
      piranha capitalism—and increasingly that role is violent and
      bloodthirsty as it sets about cashing in what is left of oil,
      lumber, minerals, water, and human labor.



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