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Louis Farrakhan: The Spider

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    The Spider: No one who believes in God will escape being tried The Time of the Manifestation of Defects By the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2005
      The Spider: No one who believes in God will escape being tried

      The Time of the Manifestation of Defects
      By the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

      The following article is excerpted from a message delivered by
      Minister Farrakhan at Muhammad's Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta, Georgia
      on March 20, 2005.

      In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

      Surah 29 of the Holy Qur'an is entitled, "The Spider." The Spider is
      an interesting creature. It spins a web and lightweight creatures
      get caught in its web. After a fly or another insect gets caught in
      the web, the spider travels very quickly in that web, to its meal.
      It injects venom into the internal organs of the fly and breaks it
      down into a liquid. Then, the spider sucks the inside of the fly,
      leaving only the form, but it is no longer what it was.

      the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
      If the fly does not get out of the trap within three seconds, it
      becomes the spider's meal. The number "3" is important. How many
      days did Jesus descend into hell? But on the third day, he arose.
      Jesus told Peter, "Before the cock crows once, you will deny me
      thrice." But he also told him not to worry because, after the third
      denial, he would stand up and return to his faith.

      The spider spins its web from itself. Many say, "It's not the man,
      it's the plan. It's not the White man, it's the system." But the
      system came from a man. So, don't ever say it's not the man, it's
      the plan. The plan came out of a man. We used to sing a song in
      church, "The devil is mad and I'm so glad, 'cause he missed the soul
      that he thought he had." The enemy of God is always working to trap
      us. Once he gets you in the web of his machination, scheme or plan,
      he moves quickly to inject you with a word that has a function—like
      a spider's enzyme—that breaks down your spiritual form.

      Many of you are really good people, despite how ugly or bad you may
      act, you are really good at the core. But you get trapped. What
      traps you? What tricks you? What grabs you, that allows Satan to get
      a hold on you? He comes after you in your own desires. "I'm a
      beautiful, young woman," she says, "but I don't have a man. So, I'm
      looking, hard."

      Satan always appears in the form of what you desire—and so does God.
      In the Holy Qur'an, Allah (God) said to Mary, "And you shall
      conceive and it will be a man child and he will be a prophet." She
      said, "But how can I, when a man has not yet touched me?" And Allah
      (God) said, "That is easy for me. All I have to say is `Be!' and it
      is." In another part of the Holy Qur'an, it says, "And we sent her
      Our spirit and it appeared unto her in the form of a well-made man."
      If God can send His spirit to fulfill the desire of a righteous
      woman, then the enemy can send his spirit in the form of a man to
      fulfill negative purposes for your life.

      This is why the Bible says that you have to become wise to be able
      to discern the spirit, because the outward look is not important. It
      is the spirit that you must discern, because Satan, the Bible says,
      is able to transform himself into an angel of light. If Satan can do
      that, then Satan can appear to you in whatever form will please you.

      You are looking for somebody to help you fulfill your desire: "I am
      a singer of songs, a writer of music, but I need a publisher. I need
      an agent. I need a manager." "I'm a beautiful young lady. I have a
      nice form, I'm tall and thin and I would like to be a model." "I'm a
      mathematician. I'm an engineer. I just graduated from Morehouse and
      I'm ready for a job." "I saw a commercial for a beautiful
      Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes or Cadillac."

      You want something, but how do you get what you want and at what
      price? When Satan is after you, you have to give up something. For
      example, a nice young woman, a virgin, meets a nice young man on
      campus. She is attracted to him and he is attracted to her. He tells
      her, "So many girls are attracted to me, Sister. Are you going to
      give up your virginity, because I don't have any time to waste on a
      girl who won't give it up?" She thinks that young man is her friend,
      but he is spinning a web.

      On the other hand, sometimes a young man may want a woman, but he
      says he is a Muslim trying to be right. She tells him, "But Brother,
      bring that Final Call newspaper over here 'cause, honey, I'm
      calling." But if he responds, it might be his final call. Or, you
      may have just graduated from college and you go back to see your
      friends. They're happy to see you. You're clean now and you want to
      celebrate. Your buddy who grew up with you, but did not go to
      college, has some drugs in his pocket and wants you to go get high
      with him. Here comes Satan in the form of your friend, spinning a
      web. You may have three minutes to say, "No thank you, Brother, I'll
      see you at another time."

      You cannot want to be righteous and hang out with people who do not
      want what is right. If you want to be right, you should hang out
      with people who want right and you will stay right. If you hang out
      with the wicked, it won't be long before the spider has spun its web
      and then, with a few words, they break you down. Your resistance is
      gone. But it starts from within.

      If Jesus was so beloved of God, but he had to be tried, then how can
      we escape being tried? Satan walked up to Jesus and told him, "Come
      up on this mountain with me. Take a walk with me." This shows us
      that we have to walk with our trials. Satan told Jesus, "Look at all
      of those cities. I'm master over those cities. If you bow down to
      me, I'll give you all of that." But Jesus, in his mind, said, "I am
      destined to rule over the cities. I would rather wait on my Father
      to give the power to rule to me." Then he said, "Get thee behind me,

      Some of us want things so bad that we compromise things of value to
      get something that you think is very valuable, but in actuality, is
      less valuable than what you gave up. A fair exchange is when you
      give up something to get something equal to what you gave up. But
      when you give up principle and lose your soul in the process, then
      whatever you get in that transaction does not benefit you. It could
      be a beautiful home, but you will not have any peace in it. It could
      be a nice car. It could be the man that you thought was the man of
      your dreams or the woman that you thought was the one you were
      looking for all your life.

      If you have to compromise your principles and give up virtue to hold
      on to nothing, then you do not rejoice in the bargain that you made,
      that day. But Allah (God) says in the Holy Qur'an, "Rejoice in the
      bargain that you have made this day, for I have given you the Garden
      in exchange for your lives." Then, Allah (God) tells us to rejoice
      in that bargain because, although your life was worthless, He asked
      you to give Him your worthless life so that He could give you the
      Paradise. When you make that bargain, that bargain gives you joy.


      The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me one day that the FBI was
      looking for him. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and the FBI wanted
      to arrest him. They could not afford to have him on the street
      preaching to Black people while America was trying to prosecute a
      war, because they have always wanted to use Black people—in wartime,
      at election time and any other time. So, they had come for him, but
      he walked down the stairs, right passed them; and they saw him and
      didn't see him. When God wants to hide you, He can hide you in the
      open. He boarded a train to Philadelphia. He said that, while the
      sound of the tracks was coming up in his ears, he heard the voice of
      Master Fard Muhammad saying to him, "Do men think that they will be
      left alone on saying, `We believe' and will not be tried? And
      indeed, we tried those before them. So, Allah will certainly know
      those who are true and He will know the liars."

      That's all that he heard, but it was enough. When he reached
      Philadelphia, he made up his mind. He knew he was being tried, so he
      was going to go back and face his trial. So, now they have a picture
      of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in handcuffs, walking between two
      FBI agents, as they took him to prison by an executive order of
      President Roosevelt. We may face an order like that today, because
      the war that America is now waging in the Middle East is going to
      get deeper and wider, and they will try to silence my voice and the
      voices of others. I am not afraid. If the president signs an
      executive order stating, "Farrakhan has to be arrested," we will
      just see how that plays out—but no one who believes in God can
      escape being tried.

      Trials are like tests. How well did you study? Some of us do not
      study, but still pass tests because we paid attention in class.
      Tests show us weakness. In order for Allah (God) to perfect His
      creation, He must manifest its weakness. So, the Honorable Elijah
      Muhammad calls this period "the Time of the Manifestation of
      Defects." How do you know if what you created works until you test
      it? When you test it and see its weaknesses, you then say, "I have
      to fix that." So it is with God. He wants to perfect us, so that He
      can use us for the redemption of our people and all of humanity. So,
      we have to be tried and our defects manifested in order for us to be

      When you come into a place like the mosque, it can be very
      difficult. Imagine that you are sitting next to someone and you see
      boils pop out all over them. You may look horrified at them because
      you have not looked into a mirror to see boils are popping out all
      over you, too. Sometimes, the mosque can be an unbearable place,
      because the activity of the mosque and the workings of God bring out
      of us characteristics that we did not know were inside of us. The
      work of Jesus was casting out demons. Behind those smiles and
      greetings of "As-Salaam Alaikum," there are a lot of demons. As we
      interact with the word, each other, the program, laborers and
      officials, demonic characteristics begin to come up and out of us.

      You may doubt and say, "Well, maybe, I don't belong here." So, you
      run away but, when you look in the mirror, you no longer see your
      boils, because now you are not in an environment that is able to
      bring out what is inside of you. Instead, you melt to the poisoned
      environment of the world and become like what you have melted into.
      So, the web was spun, because you could not take the process of
      cleaning up. You can be a funky person on the outside of the mosque,
      but once you come inside the mosque, you cannot stay funky, because
      there is something in the mosque to clean and wash funk away. When
      you smell the funk of your Brother, you should check under your own
      arm. Allah (God) is working on us, but if you do not stay in the
      process, you will not see the result of yourself being made into

      "Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, `We believe'
      and will not be tried, while others were tried before you?" So,
      expect a trial. Look for a trial. Allah (God) says in the Qur'an
      that He will try the Believers at least once a year, severely. How
      will He try us? Sometimes, if you know what's on the test in advance—
      someone gave you the test in advance, and you wrote the answers on
      your hand—then you passed the test. Not with God. He tries us in a
      way that we least expect, but you cannot be tried except by what you
      love and desire.

      In the Holy Qur'an, Allah (God) says to Prophet Muhammad, "Surely, I
      am going to try you with something of fear, hunger, loss of
      property, loss of life and diminution of fruit. But give good news
      to those who are patient and steadfast under trial." But the good
      news only comes after you have been tested. The Holy Qur'an also
      says that "after difficulty, comes ease" and, in another place, it
      says, "with difficulty, comes ease."


      When you become afraid, it can cause you to compromise yourself.
      Challenge your fear to hold onto your principle and Allah (God) will
      strengthen you and reward you with victory. Do not allow yourself to
      be made afraid by an enemy who is always trying to offer you an
      advantage for betraying your beliefs. Do you want the advantages of
      the enemy more than you want the strength of your own soul? Do you
      want to be like the fly that looks like a fly on the outside, but
      all that made it a fly is gone from the inside? Muslims, Christians,
      Nationalists, Revolutionaries, all of us will be tried. The enemy
      wants to know if you are really sincere in what it is that you
      profess. He will keep sifting you until he finds your weakness and
      that is the door through which he comes to take your soul.


      Jesus was a man that they were after before he was born. While his
      mother carried him in the womb, Herod sent out a decree to kill all
      boy babies from two years old and under. So, she had to flee and
      hide, but at a certain point Jesus had to return to Palestine to
      speak and prophesy to the Children of Israel. When he goes back,
      they hate him and his world, without a cause. He knew what it was
      like to be scorned, rebuked, hated, lied on and conspired against.
      None of that caused his character to waiver. Good news was for the
      one who was patient and steadfast under trial.

      You say you love Jesus, but you do not want to follow him. It is not
      about singing songs or talking about how great Jesus is. The heavens
      and the earth testify to his greatness. He did not ask us to worship
      him; he asked us to follow him. He said, "If any man would be my
      disciple, he must first deny himself, pick up his cross." You cannot
      carry Jesus' cross. You have a cross, but you do not want to pick it
      up. You are people that want to get to heaven, but do not want to
      pay the price. You are a people that want your enemy out of the way,
      but you are not willing to sacrifice to make yourself into the man
      and woman who would make your enemy flee. You do not want to be
      rebuked and scorned by your people. You do not want to be lied on.

      But if you do not want the cross, then you will never wear the
      crown. You can run and hide, but God is calling you. "Do men think
      that they will be left alone on saying `We believe' and will not be
      tried?" The Masons say, "I've been tried, seldom denied, willing to
      be tried again."

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