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Mujahideen Army to American People

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    The Mujahideen Army General Headquarters Baghdad The Republic Of Iraq www.albasrah.net/maqalat_mukhtara/arabic/0305/jaysh_mojahdin_200305.h tm People of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2005
      The Mujahideen Army
      General Headquarters
      The Republic Of Iraq

      People of America

      We wish to share with you our thoughts on the events we experienced,
      as well as what the future may bear, & despite the madness we have
      endured & still, we see no harm in presenting you the criminal
      nature of your newly re-elected Emperor.

      Despite our belief, that the elections were flawed, we know now that
      when there is a close tie between the candidates, there is something
      wrong. Some in our ranks, believe that any candidate from any side
      of the spectrum, are two faces of the same coin. You the people,
      have said your word, in what is claimed to be a democracy; & thus,
      have chosen a leader, who claims to represent your vision.

      It is your right to lead the world, as it is the right of any nation
      which chooses to do so, yet this does not allow you to conquer
      others. There is a belief of a large number of our people, that a
      lot of facts do not reach you, facts that may be classified as
      unsuitable for the general public. Facts, that are twisted to gain a
      positive image here or there. Nothing new to an emperor who
      represents deceptions, lies, crimes, half victories, & total defeats.

      Your administration, time after time, lied & presented you with
      achievements directed by Hollywood & preformed in Iraq.

      You have elected these criminals, & thus, you are responsible for
      their actions. We hope that your future decisions will be based on
      reason & belief, for your emperor tomorrow will mirror the image of
      America to the world, & by his actions, will your new empire be
      measured. And for the first time in history, a mafia of the weapons
      plants represented by Bush, Oil companies represented by Dick
      Chayne, & the Zionists by Paul Wolfowitz & Richard Pearle, hijack
      the United States of America in an ingenious plan to control the
      world. This type of Administration is exactly what Benjamin Franklin
      once warned you of.

      By weakness & ignorance, you have allowed this gang of criminals to
      hijack you country, create a new phobia, to recruit those whom they
      regard as nothing but fuel & vehicles to their master plan.

      This administration, will enforce on you as it tries to enforce on
      our people, new laws that will result in a police state similar to
      those your consecutive governments back in our region. Legislation
      will soon be drafted by the appointed puppets to allow foreign
      ownership of land & structure & soon our people will be the
      foreigners on the land of their for-fathers. This new world order,
      will enslave people of all religions & race& Soon your children as
      well as ours, if they survive, will truly live in a planet of apes,
      & with a reduced population for ease of control, this can only be
      the implementation of a plan once presented by Henry Kissinger.

      This world has not yet seen an empire, which constitutes in it's
      prime objectives, the destruction & genocide of whole populations &
      societies, only to control the energy resources of this planet.

      Your representatives, & their media, have portrayed an image that an
      insurgency is in effect & that it is led by elements of foreign
      fighters entering from Syria & neighboring countries; yet we assure
      you, that it is only a continuation of what Bush once
      claimed "Mission Accomplished". This resistance movement was
      prepared for, & is only the second chapter of this War. And we are
      mostly if not all Iraqis, proud Iraqis who kept their oaths to
      defend people & country. And because this war may last longer than
      what the invaders anticipated, we have all promised to make their
      stay long, costly & painful.

      Blaming other countries, is nothing but creating new pretexts to
      invade other sovereign states & back future expeditions.

      They have made our country a battlefield to settle accounts with
      elements of Al-Qaida, formerly dear allies and partners, they have
      also created new phobias to justify their continued presence,
      despite their loss of this war.

      As for the general media, we call on them to think about what they
      declare, & not fear death & imprisonment, do not fall into traps
      prepared by those pull the strings from Tel Aviv.

      As for the declared casualties, this is an epic on it's own. We
      assure you that the figures are far higher than declared. It is not
      a secret today in Iraq, what we call the green card soldiers, young
      men from South America & other parts of the world gathered and
      promised the U.S. citizenship & large sums of cash for their
      mercenary services in Iraq. They are always on the frontlines, &
      their casualty figures are never declared. They are hidden in
      unmarked graves and dumped into rivers under the cover of moonless
      nights. Some of which, the resistance has provided evidence of.
      There are also the large numbers of security contractors, who are
      not listed as military personnel. To us, it is one thing to be
      tricked into this war, but it is totally different, to come here &
      fight someone else's war.

      After the failed American Elections in Iraq, they will now play the
      sectarian card. They are already sending their mercenaries to
      destroy churches & mosques alike in order to prepare the grounds for
      civil war & unrest. They will train more & more local traitors to
      conduct police operations & detention raids on anyone who does not
      accept democracy performed at the muzzle of a barrel. The local
      mercenaries will also act as sandbags to their masters, when we
      choose to strike.

      The non conduct of your troops has also taken it's toll on our
      people, it has created resentment & disgust. They dismiss these war
      crimes as isolated cases, yet the figures are always on the rise.
      What's more are the scandals of Abu Graib, poka, the use of Chemical
      weapons on Falluja, & only gods knows what's to come.

      Life under Dictatorship is far more safer, than behind the bars of
      your democracy.

      Have you not asked yourselves, where are the weapons of mass
      destruction, & where are the links between our previous government &
      the once CIA sponsored AL-Qaida? Or is that all now a thing of the

      What happened to the thousands of innocent people who died &
      continue to die of cancer,

      Women who give birth to deformed babies, caused by the effect of
      your military's depleted Uranium shells. Since 1990, our first
      encounter with your troops on the battlefields, thousands on both
      sides of the conflict have suffered unknown illnesses, many have
      died since then, & others lack medical attention. Large parts of
      Iraq will be radioactive for millions of years to come, & if we were
      to return this radiating material to the U.S. & Britain, we would be
      no different than those who use them.

      May we ask you, why you think the British government decided to set
      foot only in areas of the south, where the resistance is still
      partially active. They have left the difficult areas for your boys
      to suffer. This deal was accepted by your government only to form a
      purely cosmetic alliance with a nation that still strives for the
      glory of it's imperial past.

      They have turned the land of the free, into a camp of capitalist
      slavery, and then changed

      The home of the brave into a printing house for papers they call
      dollars & guarded it with enormous military might. This
      administration, which claims that you have re-elected, has brought
      on more humiliation & insults to each & every one of you, than any
      other government in your short, yet tremendous history.

      & as odd as it may seem, we advise you to take matters into your own
      hands, & rid this world of such criminals, or any form of government
      which resembles the Neo-cons in their aims. Form a third party if
      need be, appoint those who resist pre-emptive war as true
      representatives of the people, before it is too late. & if
      demonstrations & protests are not heard, use & protect what is left
      of your constitution & correct matters by force. The world awaits
      your move. Today, these words may seem strange, but we believe that
      a nation which once gave the world John F. Kennedy, Benjamin
      Franklin, George Washington, Hughes, & Henry Ford, will not fall
      short of giving true leaders of substance & dignity.

      This war has taught us, that one man on the field can change the
      outcome of a day, One man, who believes in true freedom, can do what
      nations put together dare think of.

      We share these thoughts with great honesty, to those of you who
      spent days & nights trying to prevent this war. Timeless efforts to
      prevent this real holocaust.

      To all of you we say, you are the true patriots, & thank you for
      your time.

      The Mujahideen Army
      Baghdad- Republic of Iraq
      On the 7th of Safar 1426
      The 17th of March 2005



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