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Canada: Cops Visit Israel Free

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    Canadian police learn how to bolster security at home during Israel visit Canada Israel Committee March 10, 2005 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/niag_pal_news/
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      Canadian police learn how to bolster security at home during Israel

      Canada Israel Committee
      March 10, 2005

      Some 30 police chiefs from all over Ontario say they have learned
      valuable lessons during a week-long visit to Israel, and are now
      better prepared to respond to emergencies - or terror threats - in

      Niagara Police Visit Israel Free
      By Leora Eren Frucht

      They witnessed a mock terror attack, viewed videotapes of the real
      thing, and grilled anti-terror experts - and when it was over, some
      30 top law enforcement officers from Ontario returned from a week-
      long visit to Israel, armed with lessons for boosting security in
      their own communities.

      The trip - the first of its kind - brought Ontario Provincial Police
      Commissioner Gwenneth Boniface, federal government security advisor
      Dr. James Young, Ontario Emergency Management Commissioner Julian
      Fantino, as well as police chiefs from all over the province to
      Israel to get a first-hand look at security, policing and emergency
      management techniques. They were joined by Ontario Minister of
      Community Safety and Correctional Services, Monte Kwinter.

      "The anti-terror expertise here is impressive," said York Regional
      Police Chief Armand LaBarge. "These are the people we need to be
      talking to if we want to learn how to combat terror."

      "North America tends to take safety for granted, but the truth is we
      are no longer immune to terror," said Greater Sudbury Police Chief
      Ian Davidson. "This has been an incredible opportunity to learn how
      people respond to the highest level of terror - and gives us a much
      broader perspective on public safety."

      The trip was sponsored by the Canadian Jewish Congress - Ontario
      Region, UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, the Ontario government
      and the Ontario Police Chiefs Association.

      For two of Canada's newly-appointed security chiefs, it was an
      especially timely trip.

      "I now have a greater awareness of our own potential
      vulnerabilities," said Fantino, who took up his post as Ontario
      Emergency Management Commissioner just a week ago. "Unfortunately
      Israel has had to deal with ongoing emergencies, and that
      means…they are always in a state of readiness." Fantino added that
      he was particularly impressed by the seamless coordination among the
      different bodies responsible for security and emergency response in
      Israel. "That is the key to an effective emergency response."

      Young - who became the federal government's advisor on public safety
      and emergency preparedness last month - recalled that during his
      recent deployment to Thailand to help tsunami victims, the first
      people on the scene were Israeli forensic experts. "I'm well aware
      of their advanced methods," he said. During this trip, Young said
      that he and other police officers were eagerly eyeing several
      Israeli-made security products on display at a trade show -
      including a gun that can be held around a corner, a hot-air balloon
      used for surveillance, and a particularly effective barrier intended
      to block a car-bomb attack. "There was a lot of interesting
      technology; this is definitely a strength of Israel," said Young.

      Many of the police were impressed not only by the gadgets and
      methods used by the Israeli security forces, but also by the
      attitude of ordinary Israelis.

      "I'm quite amazed at the way life just goes on here despite the
      threat," said OPP Commissioner Boniface.

      "I learned that the goal of terror is to demoralize a country - to
      beat it psychologically by attacking the most vulnerable elements -
      the citizens," said Hamilton Police Chief Brian John Mullan. "In
      that sense, the spirit and motivation of the people and their
      willingness to persevere is deeply admirable."

      "You see that ordinary Israelis are not paralyzed by fear," added
      York Chief LaBarge. "The sense of normalcy that prevails is a way of
      not giving in to terror."

      Several police chiefs were even a bit envious of the attitude
      displayed by Israeli citizens, many of whom volunteer as civil
      guards and generally display considerable vigilance.

      "Security is perceived as the duty of everyone here," noted Ottawa
      Deputy Police Chief Lawrence Hill. "There's a great sense of
      community - something we're still working on building."

      "The way the whole society deals collectively with the security
      threat is a lesson for all Canadians," said Sudbury Chief Davidson.

      "The fact that there is respect for religious and cultural rights
      despite the security threat is impressive," noted Midland Police
      Chief Paul David Hamelin, who is also the President of the Ontario
      Association of Chiefs of Police. "I think that Israel has found an
      admirable balance between security and human rights."

      Hamelin says he was also struck by the similar challenges facing
      Israeli and Canadian police. "We visited a correctional centre here
      and heard our Israeli colleagues discussing the need to rehabilitate
      and re-integrate prisoners into society - the same sort of thing we
      discuss. And despite the threat of terror, police here are expected
      to deal with breaking and entering just like any other police force."

      The Canadian police say they also felt a strong sense of solidarity
      with their Israeli colleagues. After they heard an Israeli border
      policeman recount his confrontation with a terrorist - in which his
      partner was killed and he narrowly escaped the same fate - they
      stood up and applauded him.

      "We could relate on a very personal and professional level to that
      officer," said Sudbury Chief Davidson. "Police officers anywhere in
      the world have a common bond."

      As the Ontario delegation showed up at Jerusalem's Hadassah Medical
      Centre for a scheduled visit to the trauma centre, sirens blared as
      an ambulance pulled up with two Israeli border police officers who
      had just been shot by Palestinian gunmen. The Canadian police
      visited the trauma centre just moments after the staff had finished
      treating the wounded soldiers.

      "This sort of thing is not prevalent in Canada - but it's not
      entirely foreign to us either," said Davidson, noting that during
      the visit, the police heard that four of their Canadian comrades had
      been shot dead in Alberta. They observed a moment of silence in
      their honour while visiting Canada's ambassador to Israel, Donald

      During the trip, the police also met with a Palestinian security
      adviser and with Canadian peace-keeping troops stationed in the
      Golan Heights.

      This was the first visit to Israel for nearly all the police chiefs -
      and they got to experience Israel from a tourist's perspective too,
      traveling from the Galilee to the Dead Sea. "Israel is a much more
      cosmopolitan place than I ever imagined," said Hamilton Chief
      Mullan. "This trip has certainly changed some of the stereotypes I
      had about the country."

      Accompanying the police delegation were Joel Richler, Chair of the
      CJC-Ontario region, Bernie Farber, National Chief Executive Officer
      of CJC and Morris Zbar of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.


      Niagara Regional Police

      Chief Julian Fantino from Toronto and two officers from Niagara
      Regional Police Service also visited Israel to learn about their
      security measures, courtesy of pro-Zionist, pro-Israeli groups and
      the Canadian taxpayer !!. God help us - can you imagine using
      Israeli tactics in Canada such as torture, sensory depravation,
      detention of political prisoners and children, denial of access to
      lawyers and parents, administrative detention (well we already have
      the secret security certificate 5), targeted assassinations,
      demolishing a whole home rather than going in to get someone fleeing
      as happened a couple days ago, having babies born and dying at
      checkpoints (more than 30 in the last two years), wounded bleeding
      to death because Israelis won't let ambulances through, maybe we
      should have a checkpoint between St Catharines and Thorold, maybe we
      should build an apartheid wall between St Catharines and
      Hamilton, ...... bizarre. How about using bulldozers to plow over
      and shut up peaceful Canadian protesters - you know Dan Freeman-
      Molloy was using a megaphone, just like Rachel Corrie. Of course I
      don't think the pro_Israeli groups that hosted the police included
      visiting the occupied territories and refugee camps in the tour....
      What the hell can Canadian police learn from the Israelis that we
      would actually want used here?? Maybe the US and Israeli defination
      of "democracy"? Two wolves discussing with a sheep what they should
      eat for breakfast.

      You know there's always something we have to respond to. I guess
      they think we must be bored and have nothing better to do with our
      time. Please write letters to your own area Mps, Police Services
      Boards, and the Ontario Civilian Police Complaints Commission.

      Disgusted, Susan.

      From: "Ken Stone" <kenstone@...> View Contact Details
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      Subject: Regarding Chief Brian Mullan's trip to Israel
      Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 07:12:07 -0500

      Dear CCAR Members and Friends:

      The following is the complaint of the SPHR concerning the trip to
      Israel that was recently taken by Hamilton Police Chief Brian
      Mullan, along with the Ontario Community Safety Minister Monte
      Kwinter and some 30 other Ontario chiefs of police. Half of the cost
      of the trip was paid for by the Canadian Jewish Congress, the United
      Jewish Appeal, El Al Airlines, and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
      The other half was paid by us, the taxpayers.

      After consultation among the members of the CCAR executive, it is
      likely that CCAR will support this complaint with a complaint of its

      Your input would be appreciated.

      In solidarity,

      Ken Stone,
      Community Coalition Against Racism


      Bernie Morelli,
      Chair of the Polices Services Board,

      Dear Sir:

      The McMaster University branch of Solidarity for Palestinian Human
      Rights (SPHR) wishes to submit a complaint concerning Chief Brian
      Mullan's recent trip to Israel.

      Whatever were you and the other members of the PSB thinking about
      when you approved this trip, paid for by taxpayers' dollars? Were
      you aware that the State of Israel is in violation of over 60
      resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly? Among these are
      Resolution 242, which calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops
      from the Occupied Territories seized after the 1967 Six Day War, and
      Resolution 194, which declares the right of return for all
      Palestinian refugees forcefully dispossessed from their lands since

      Were you aware that the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, has
      been investigated by the International Court of Justice as being
      complicit in war crimes? We refer of course to the slaughter of at
      least 900 innocent civilians (mainly women and children) at the
      Sabra and Shattila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982.

      Did you know that Israel has been constructing a barrier between
      itself and the illegally occupied territories of the West Bank? This
      wall, often up to 25 metres high, is commonly referred to as
      the "Apartheid Wall". Recently, the International Court of Justice
      in the Hague found that this wall was illegal and ordered it to be
      dismantled. However, Israel refuses to do so.

      In short, your decision to allow Chief Mullan to visit Israel at
      taxpayers' expense was, to say the least, insensitive. We also
      understand that over half the cost of the junket was paid by the
      Canadian Jewish Congress and the United Jewish Appeal and was also
      subsidized by El Al Airlines, and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
      If this is true, it was completely inappropriate for you to allow
      the Chief to accept money from these organizations.

      Our next point is what was to be learned about policing in Israel.
      Are you aware that ordinary, law-abiding Palestinians in the
      thousands are routinely rounded up by police and soldiers, in middle-
      of-the-night raids without search warrants, and are jailed for years
      in conditions unfit for animals, without the benefit of lawyers or
      trials, or even seeing the evidence against them? These prisoners
      are often subjected to extreme forms of torture.

      Is this the kind of policing you wished Chief Mullan to learn from
      in Israel?

      In Israel, the government has a policy of selective assassination of
      persons engaged in the lawful struggle to end the illegal occupation
      of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. Are you hoping that
      the Hamilton police service can learn from the Israelis about this
      kind of war crime?

      Finally, Israel has for years demolished the homes of persons
      engaged in the Intifada (uprising). Does the Hamilton Police Service
      intend to buy some fortified bulldozers to demolish the homes of
      convicts in Hamilton?

      What exactly were you hoping the Chief would learn there in Israel
      at the taxpayers' expense?

      We suppose you are going to reply: anti-terrorism tactics. If so,
      let us ask you who do you think are the real terrorists in
      Palestine, the Israeli government that has stolen the lands of the
      Palestinian people, ethnically-cleansed them from their homes,
      farms, and villages, chased them out the country into refugee camps
      where they have languished for over half a century, killed them in
      many massacres like Deir Yassin and Kfur Qassem and in three wars
      (1948, 1967, 1973, as well as in the invasion of Lebanon in 1982),
      which uses the latest planes and tanks and missiles to herd them
      into Bantustans where its soldiers and settlers terrorize them in
      their homes and shoot them if they try to farm their lands or the
      Palestinians who have nothing but rocks and small arms with which to
      fight back?

      By sending the police chief to Israel you have reinforced the
      stereotype that Arabs and Muslims are terrorists. We are not
      impressed with the press release from the Hamilton Police Service,
      which terms Israel as "one of the world's most sophisticated
      democratic states." Your press release shows that you have swallowed
      the line (along with the hook and sinker) that Israel is OK and that
      it is the Palestinians who are the troublemakers, when, in reality,
      exactly the opposite is true. Perhaps what you need is a lesson in
      the history of the Middle East since the arrival of the first
      Zionist settlers in Palestine. And If you believe that what goes on
      in Israel today passes for democracy, then please protect us from it
      here in Canada by not sending any more of your officers over there
      to learn from the Israeli government.

      Frankly, you owe the entire Palestinian and Arab community of
      Hamilton an apology for sending the police chief on this junket.
      Your Board needs sensitivity training about Arabs and Muslims as
      well as some history lessons. Moreover, we believe that any public
      money spent on this trip for Chief Mullan ought to be recovered and
      put back into the Hamilton Police Service budget. It was money not
      spent in the public interest.

      Yours truly,
      Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights,
      McMaster University Branch

      Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights ®
      E-mail: mcmaster @ sphr.org

      SPHR is a non-profit, student-based organization that advocates on a
      strong social justice platform to uphold the rights of the
      Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all
      forms of racism, discrimination, misinformation and

      Through awareness raising, advocacy work, non-violent direct actions,
      solidarity building, and the promotion of Palestinian identity,
      culture and history, SPHR works to support and protect Palestinian
      human rights both locally and internationally.

      Niagara Palestinian Association

      Howard-Azzeh Lawsuit http://www.caf.ca/caf.htm under What's New


      From: Susan

      I got a few comments on this article if you don't mind sharing it
      with you guys:

      "During this trip, Young said that he and other police officers were
      eagerly eyeing several Israeli-made security products on display at
      a trade show - including a gun that can be held around a corner, a
      hot-air balloon used for surveillance, and a particularly effective
      barrier intended to block a car-bomb attack"

      -- a gun that can be..."Corner Shot" *aka* The Galil was funded by a
      US company headquartered in Miami, Florida with its research branch
      located in Israel and relvealed December 2003...it is just a 60 year
      old nazi technology...yeah!! it is based on a World War-II German
      invention that the Germans had produced, it was attached to the
      German MP 43/44...this machine gun was later copied by the Russians
      in 1947 and later sold to the world as the AK 47, *aka* the
      Kalashnikov..it is nothing but a copy of a copy of the German MP 44
      but it seems as if it is necessary not only to think around corners
      but also to have the chutzpah to sell this German invention to
      British SAS today and later on to Canadians as Made in Israel!!!

      I am looking forward to the next Israeli weapons system to be
      launched – perhaps a gun that can shoot in circles?




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