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Statement from Ernst Zundel's Lawyers

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    Statement from Ernst Zundel s Lawyers http://www.rense.com/general63/zzdun.htm This statement concerns the pending deportation of 65 year old Ernst Zundel, who
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2005
      Statement from Ernst Zundel's Lawyers

      This statement concerns the pending deportation of 65 year old Ernst
      Zundel, who lived in Canada from 1958 to 2000, who has no criminal
      record in Canada and who faces no criminal charges in Canada.

      Mr. Zundel has been in solitary confinement for 2 years and is about
      to be deported after a largely secret proceeding against him. The
      Crown and the presiding judge met secretly throughout his case, in
      the absence of Mr. Zundel and his lawyers. The Crown repeatedly
      presented evidence and made arguments to the judge in a Star Chamber
      type proceeding.

      At the public proceeding, Mr. Zundel was told literally hundreds of
      times, when he asked for specific evidence of the case against him,
      that there was "nothing in the unclassified materials" . He was
      repeatedly blocked from asking questions of witnesses on the basis
      of "national security".

      The presiding judge made repeated serious errors, forgot submissions
      and repeatedly misstated the appropriate legal test about what
      evidence should be kept secret. The same judge then evaluated the
      secret evidence.

      Mr. Zundel complained of reasonable apprehension of bias by that
      judge. The same judge rejected Mr. Zundel's argument and later
      ordered him deported.

      The Federal Court of Appeal rejected his appeal regarding bias. It
      appears that the Crown will not wait to see whether the Supreme
      Court of Canada will hear the further appeal Mr. Zundel has already
      filed on the bias issue. The Crown will deport him NOW.

      The Supreme Court of Canada has been asked, in Mr. Adil Charkaoui's
      case, to consider the constitutionality of the law which allows
      secret evidence by which Mr. Zundel is deported. The Crown will not
      wait until the Supreme Court decides whether to hear that appeal. If
      the law is ultimately ruled to be unconstitutional, Mr. Zundel will
      likely hear about it from a German jail cell.
      Probably no one cares because Mr. Ernst Zundel is notorious and
      reviled. The powerful and the popular do not need to rely on the
      fairness of our legal system. The marginalized and the reviled do.
      Our system has failed Mr. Zundel. We should care. But we fear most
      of us don't give a damn.
      Mr. Zundel will not initiate any further court proceedings in
      Canada. His repeated request that Canadian courts recognize his
      rights to basic fairness and justice have been unanswered. He will
      not beg for those rights.

      Mr. Zundel has gone through the entire security certificate process,
      unfair though it was, to a conclusion. He has no right to appeal or
      to judicial review. He has gone to every available level of court in

      For 42 years, he has vigorously defended his freedom of _expression
      within the Canadian justice system. All legal avenues have now been
      exhausted, as has his faith in the Canadian justice system and this
      security certificate system, which has been characterized by a
      Canadian journalist, after witnessing part of Mr. Zundel's
      proceeding, as a "frightening charade of justice".

      Peter Lindsay
      Chi-Kun Shi
      Counsel for Ernst Zundel


      [nothing like making a martyr out of him. This will backfire.]

      March 1, 2005

      After being illegally kidnapped from the US to Canada, spending 2
      years in solitary confinement, and given a kangaroo closed trial,
      Ernst Zundel was taken in a special, chartered plane to Germany a
      few days ago. There, he will be arrested for "Holocaust Denial"
      allegedly found on the Zundelsite.org - and taken to the Mannheim

      The story of Zundel

      Through the pressure of the Canadian Jewish Congress he was tried in
      secret court in Canada by a Judge and not even his attorney was
      allowed to see all the evidence against him. The judge in the case
      is a man who sought to prosecute him years ago for his opinions. In
      fact, as amazing as it may sound, the very judge of his current case
      was in years past the same agent of the Crown who, testimony has
      shown, permitted a terrorist bomb to be delivered through the
      Canadian mails to his home! It appears that anything is permissible
      when one dares to challenge Jewish sensibilities.

      Now this elderly gentleman faces deportation to Germany where he
      likely faces a long prison sentence, which for a man of his age
      could well be a life sentence.

      What was the offense of this man you ask? Was he a drug dealer, war
      criminal, a murderer, gangster, rapist, or terrorist?

      No, he was none of that. It is admitted by the press which always
      opposed him that he was never violent, never criminal. He was never
      in his whole life convicted of the slightest crime. He is in fact a
      kind-hearted pacifist who has repeatedly opposed all war and all
      violence. He is an artist who made his living for decades by his
      beautiful paintings and illustrations. Far from being violent or
      dangerous, it was he who often was the victim of violence. He was
      been attacked by howling mobs. His home was firebombed. The Canadian
      government tried to put him in prison.

      What was his crime you ask? Why would he be attacked and his home
      firebombed? Why did the Canadian government try to imprison him? All
      of this was simply due to the fact that he wrote and published
      politically incorrect views of the Holocaust.

      Did he praise the Holocaust you might ask? No. Did he advocate it?
      No. Did he deny that any atrocities were committed against Jews? No.
      He simply dared to challenge in a considered and reasonable way some
      of the underlying assumptions of what Dr. Norman Finklestein calls
      the Holocaust Industry. He was tried for the Orwellian crime
      of "falsifying history."

      He simply dared to publish articles and books that differed from the
      politically correct view of the Holocaust. He argued using extensive
      evidence, documents and reason that some of the assumptions about
      the Holocaust were incorrect. He argued for instance that although
      many Jews died from the effects of their incarceration and
      mistreatment, there wasn't an actual German master plan or policy to
      kill all the Jews of Europe. He honestly believed that the so-called
      Holocaust as presented was an extension of war propaganda that had
      the intention of helping to secure support for the establishment of
      the Zionist state.

      The story of great crimes against Jews was the buffer which allowed
      the subsequent crimes of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian
      inhabitants of what is now Israel. If you read his material, it is
      rational, thoughtful and not the least bit hateful. And he has
      suffered tremendously for simply voicing his opinion. He exercised
      something that Bush and Blair and all people like to call free
      speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of conscience.

      Eventually he was vindicated by the high court of Canada which ruled
      that the law by which they prosecuted him violated freedom of
      speech. But, the authorities, driven by the Canadian Jewish
      Congress, were not finished with his persecution. By hook or crook
      they were determined to silence him and put this man into prison.

      Who is the man who has endured this unrelenting prosecution for his
      free speech? His name is Ernst Zundel.

      In the twilight years of his life he settled down to a married life
      in the United States with the eloquent American writer and
      playwright, Ingrid Rimland. They lived on a small farm in the
      Tennessee Appalachians.

      Then, two years ago all hell broke lose. Married to and living with
      an American citizen, he had every right to live in the United
      States, but there was a scheduling error by the government and the
      authorities claimed Ernst missed a routine appointment with the INS.
      On that flimsy argument, in a matter of days, with no appeal, an
      armored swat team descended on their quiet property and whisked
      Ingrid's husband into solitary confinement. He was locked in
      conditions reserved for the worst of criminals. With hardly any
      options for appeal he was finally separated from his American wife
      and deported back to Canada where he had previously lived and worked
      for more than three decades.

      There he was also held in solitary confinement and charged
      with "being a danger to the security of Canada." Was any evidence
      supporting this charge presented to the Canadian court? Under
      Canadian Law you can be deemed guilty of being a danger to Canadian
      security without even seeing the evidence against you. He has been
      in terrible conditions of imprisonment for over two years now.

      Not being allowed to even see the evidence against you is against
      every precept of law in every civilized nation of the world. All
      that made no difference to Jewish supremacists, this thought
      criminal had to be punished. He couldn't be shown to have broken any
      Canadian law, so it was decided that he would be deported to Germany
      where under the draconian laws there he could be jailed for years
      for simply challenging any of the often-changing politically correct
      versions of the Holocaust.

      German courts have already ruled that in regard to the
      Holocaust "truth is no defense" and that even if you show that what
      you said is absolutely true, if it challenges the official Jewish
      version, you have committed a serious crime. You have "defamed the
      Jewish people." Even if you can prove what you say is accurate, you
      are guilty of "reviling" the Jewish people and therefore face

      I realize that probably many of you reading this cannot believe that
      this is the state of affairs in some European countries, and Canada.
      After all, this gross violation of the most fundamental principles
      of freedom of thought, speech and press is never discussed on the
      NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or Fox News Network. There is no protest of this
      gross injustice. No civil libertarians make an issue out of it. Most
      Europeans and Americans don't have the slightest knowledge of the
      horrible injustice that has occurred on American soil and
      subsequently in Canada.

      It makes no matter that books such as Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing
      Executioners argues that Germans are inherently purveyors of murder
      and evil. That won't land you in jail in Germany; it will land you
      on the bestseller list and rave reviews from the philo-Semitic
      press. Unlike Goldhagen, poor Ernst never said that Jews were
      inherently evil; he simply dared to question the orthodoxy of
      the Holocaust story, a story that is not allowed in any part to be
      examined, questioned, debated, or critically thought about, even 60
      years after the event. Even though there are many common assumptions
      about the Holocaust that are now refuted by Jewish Holocaust
      historians themselves.

      For instance, there are still thousands of references every year in
      articles about the Holocaust that refer to Nazis as having
      diabolically made soap from Jews. Yet, even the head of the Yad
      Vashem Holocaust Museum and Center admits that such never
      happened. ...

      Jewish scholar Norman Finklestein whose own parents suffered in Nazi
      concentration camps says that it is only his Jewishness that has
      prevented his own prosecution for challenging the huge amount of
      fraud in connection with what he calls the "Holocaust Industry." He
      has written a book of the same title...

      The fact that Ernst Zundel has not backed down, recanted, or caved
      in the face of such horrendous treatment is a testament to the fact
      that whether you agree with him or not, Ernst Zundel is man who
      should be lauded for his intellectual and physical courage.

      The fact that instead of being praised for his courage, he is
      imprisoned at this moment, is testimony to the truth and the power
      of his assertions, for if Zundel is so easily proven wrong, why the
      need to stifle and punish him. What kind of truth needs to use
      prison and compulsion to protect it? What kind of truth cannot
      afford inspection or criticism?

      His imprisonment is actually our own freedom in shackles. It is not
      just Ernst Zundel who sits in that tiny cell of desolation. It is
      all of us who love life and freedom. It is the spirit of our people
      that suffocates on the altar of Jewish supremacism.


      Professor F. Littell has said: "You can't discuss the truth of the
      holocaust. That is a distortion of the concept of free speech. The
      United States should emulate West Germany, which outlaws such
      exercises." --Mind-boggling! Don't you think?



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