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Ernst Zundel Rally Report

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    Wendy Campbell: About Ernst Zundel and Zionism By Wendy Campbell My political activist colleague and boyfriend Mark Green encouraged me to attend the rally in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2005
      Wendy Campbell: About Ernst Zundel and Zionism

      By Wendy Campbell

      My political activist colleague and boyfriend Mark Green encouraged
      me to attend the rally in support of freeing political prisoner
      Ernst Zundel in Los Angeles on February 9, 2005. At first I
      hesitated and tried to find an excuse not to go, because this is a
      very hot issue, since it involves the Zionists' sacred cow, the
      Holocaust. Mark could not go because he had a funeral to attend.

      Since I happened to be in LA at the time, and the place where they
      were having the rally (in front of the Canadian embassy in downtown
      LA) was actually on the way to where I was going, I realized that I
      could not find any real reason NOT to go, besides confronting the
      fear of being labeled a "Holocaust Denier" and "Neo-Nazi" in the
      Zionized mainstream media, which is exactly what happened.

      However, my desire for freedom of speech and freedom for Palestine
      and freedom from Zionist tyranny overcame my fear of the ZioNazi
      smear campaign against me.

      The fact is that the Zionists are the new "Nazis" or "neo-Nazis"
      today. It seems quite obvious to me, and to many others.

      Who is getting away with taking away the freedom of speech with
      regards to the Holocaust and to apartheid Israel and the racist
      ideology of Zionism?

      The Zionists.

      Who is getting away with stealing the land of non-Jewish indigenous
      people in Palestine-Israel today?

      The Zionists.

      Who is getting away with rounding up thousands of non-Jewish
      indigenous people in Palestine-Israel, putting entire cities under
      curfew, bulldozing their homes, shooting randomly into crowds,
      dropping one-ton bombs on crowded apartment buildings in order to
      kill one militant, and so on and so forth?

      The Zionists, the Zionists, the Zionists. That's who!

      Who is pushing the USA to go for endless war in the Middle East,
      for Israel's "security" and more accurately, Israel's imperialistic
      desire for a Greater Israel?

      The Zionists!

      Who is paying for this war? Americans, with their tax dollars, and
      some with their lives! Palestinians and Iraqis--- with their lives!!

      Why is Ernst Zundel in jail?

      Because the Zionists want him there, since he has publicly
      questioned aspects of their favorite obsession and political war-
      time propaganda tool: the Holocaust.

      Ostensibly he was arrested and hauled off for "overstaying his
      tourist visa". But it was because of Zionist pressure that he was
      arrested and shipped off to Canada where he had lived previously,
      and where there are LAWS against publicly questioning the Zionist
      version of the Holocaust. Since then Zundel has been in SOLITARY
      his past "criminal record" of questioning the Zionists' version of
      the Holocaust. He has been denied medical treatment, and often his
      mail. He is not allowed to wear shoes in his cold little cell. All
      because of his public questioning of the Zionists' version of the
      Holocaust. This is outrageous!

      Compare that to the hundreds of Israeli spies caught in the USA
      around the time of 9-11 who were quickly deported to freedom in
      Israel on "visa violations"!

      Now the Zionists are pressuring the Canadian government to ship
      Zundel back to Germany for his "crime" of publicly questioning the
      Zionists' version of the Holocaust, where he could face much more
      time in jail and fines on top of that.

      So, you can clearly see, that Ernst Zundel is a political prisoner,
      whose only "crime" is for speaking his mind. You should do a google-
      search and find Zundel's website and decide for yourself if he
      should be in jail. Personally, I support his freedom of speech, and
      as far as I can tell, he is not advocating violence against anyone,
      and furthermore, has never committed violence against anyone.

      Yet, Zionists are being funded with our tax dollars to ethnically
      cleanse the non-Jewish Palestinians from their own homeland. This
      involves killing and maiming and all kinds of persecution of non-
      Jewish Palestinians, for the Jewish supremacist state of Israel.

      At any rate, the following is my report of that rally:

      Most of us protesting Zundel's imprisonment were there because we
      support FREE SPEECH.

      Many who were there also supported FREE PALESTINE and many were also
      ANTI-Zionism, a racist ideology GUILTY of ethnic-cleansing and slow
      genocide of non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian people and the theft
      of their land for a racist Jewish supremacist state. Zionists also
      put Israel's interests above the USA's interests and uses the USA
      for Israel's cash cow to commit crimes against humanity.

      We were all there on our own representing our own beliefs--- not a
      block of people. One young man wore a kaffiyeh (Palestinian scarf)
      and identified himself as a "commie". He recognized my name from

      One reporter went thru the crowd trying to find a "neo-Nazi".
      Everyone except for one weird older woman said they were NOT a neo-
      Nazi. The way this one weird woman who called herself a "neo-Nazi"
      behaved caused me to suspect that she was actually a Zionist posing
      as a "neo-Nazi". Zionists have often been found GUILTY of this kind
      of DECEPTION.

      We were a motley crowd from all walks of life and creeds, but we all
      support, again, FREE SPEECH.

      Did you know that in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland,
      Canada and France that you can actually be put in JAIL and FINED
      merely for questioning in public the Zionist version of "the

      By the way, I support Holocaust Revisionism NOT
      Holocaust "denial". There is no doubt that European Jews were
      targeted by the Nazis, although the Nazis targeted many others as
      well. There is no doubt that the Nazis rounded up European Jews and
      put them in concentration camps. Even the US rounded up lots of
      Japanese during WWII. The Zionists are have been rounding up
      Palestinians and keeping them in concentration camps as I write
      this. There is no doubt that many Jews died in the WWII
      concentration camps, mostly from starvation and disease,
      apparently. Other than that, there is little actual proof of much
      of the Holocaust lore. Are you going to believe what Zionists, who
      are professional liars, say about ANYTHING without doing your own
      research? They want to make it a law that you MUST obey and believe
      them and never debate or question them. How un-American! How anti-
      democratic! How fascist! How Nazi-like!

      At any rate, NO historical event should be taboo to question or
      debate or to independently research.

      This is yet another way that Zionist Jews are being allowed double
      standards and special priviledges and where they are abusing their
      power and influence over others, because of all their huge political
      clout, and money. Yes, apparently, the GOLD rules in many ways,
      which is IMMORAL as opposed to The Golden Rule, which is MORAL.

      There must be no special priviledges for ANYONE, not even Zionist

      We MUST defend freedom of speech because if we don't we lose our
      rights and our freedoms and our democracy and OUR COUNTRY, ourselves

      Zundel does not advocate the killing and stealing of anyone's land---
      - Zionists do!

      Zundel does not advocate putting anyone in jail for their beliefs
      and thoughts and what they say---- Zionists DO!

      Zionism is the biggest root of all terrorism and evil in the world

      Zionism must be delegitimized and completely marginalized just like
      all racist ideologies have been, such as Nazism or apartheid or



      Spread the word of Truth.

      No special privileges for anyone.

      We are all God's children.

      Remember the Golden Rule.

      Go in peace.

      Have a nice day.

      And don't forget: equal rights for ALL, including the Palestinians!
      Support the Palestinian right to return!


      There are definitely ZioNazi sympathizers at work at indybay, an
      indymedia in San Francisco, because they are deleting and hiding MY
      responses but allowing Zionists like "gehrig" to post to his puny
      little heart's desire.

      The fact is that the Zionized law-makers in the US, upon pressure
      from Zionists, deported Zundel to Canada supposedly for "overstaying
      his tourist visa" yet what about the ISRAELI SPIES who were rounded
      up in the US by the hundreds after 9-11 yet they were simply briefly
      questioned, and then deported on "visa violations" to Israel to live

      What "criminal record" did Zundel have? Simply questioning the
      Zionist version of the Holocaust in public! What other historical
      event is it a crime to publicly question?

      This is how FASCIST and Nazi-like the Zionists are! And now they
      want to get Zundel deported to Germany where it IS a crime to
      publicly question the holocaust!

      Make no doubt about it: Ernst Zundel is a political prisoner! He's
      been in solitary confinement for TWO YEARS! On "overextending his
      tourist visa"?? No, because he publicly questions the Holocaust!

      "gehrig" and all his Zionist cohorts also want to see to it that
      questioning the Holocaust becomes a crime in the US as well. Gehrig
      is vying for the job of making it a crime in the USA and he's
      looking forward to the day when he can put ME in jail for thought
      crimes as well! That's his big dream I'm sure. Dream on, loser!

      What a PATHETIC ZioNazi he is. How pathetic that Indybay has
      ZioNazi sympather editors as well.

      All Americans MUST defend our freedom of speech!

      Zionists hate our freedom of speech.

      Zionism is the biggest threat to the FREE world today!

      The Zionist credo: Free speech for me, but not for thee. Another
      Zionist credo: Diversity for thee, but not for me.

      The Zionists are: THE Champions of Censorship.

      The Zionist sympathizers at indybay are denying my right to debate
      and face my accuser "gehrig", and they are allowing defamation of my

      The Zionists are the masters of defamation while they constantly
      claim that they are the victims of defamation, and are even often
      caught and tried for faking anti-Semitic acts.

      For more information, and for ground-breaking, myth-shattering
      documentaries, please visit:



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