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Bangladesh: Leaflet Causes Stir

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    Leaflet creates stir in Bagmara STAFF CORRESPONDENT, RAJSHAHI Independent (Bangladesh) January 31, 2005
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      Leaflet creates stir in Bagmara
      Independent (Bangladesh)
      January 31, 2005

      Jan 30: A leaflet circulated at various places of Bagmara thana of
      the district by an unidentified Islamic organisation has created
      sensation among the local people.

      The leaflet entitled, "Regarding Qurbani and Fi-Sabilillah"
      (Sacrifice and in the name of Allah) said `the best work to Allah is
      to perform Qurbani (sacrifice) which is the best way to purify our
      soul. It also quoted a Hadith saying, the blood of Qurbani reaches
      Allah before it falls on the ground.

      The leaflet said, it was pathetic but true that the same religious
      practice (the Qurbani) cannot be performed independently by the
      Muslims in various places of the world. The Kafirs (infidels) are
      refraining the Muslims from performing the Qurbani on the plea of
      polluting environment and society.

      The leaflet goes: `But once the Muslims ruled half of the world from
      the Atlantic to China because they had weapons in their hands. As a
      result, they were the sole-ruler of political, sociological,
      cultural, religious and economic scenario of the world. They were
      the nation of lions. No super power had the guts to raise its head
      in front of them. But the nation has been crippled by the conspiracy
      of the kafirs in course of time.

      Quoting another verse from the holy Quran, the leaflet said, "the
      Muslims all over the world are being targetted and killed as they
      (Muslims) remained reluctant to manufacture weapons. The kafirs were
      engaged in a deep conspiracy to wipe out the Muslim nation through
      military aggression and Crusade. As a result, to counter all
      conspiracy of the kafirs and to recover the lost glory of the
      Muslims, a Zihadi Organisation has been formed in Bangladesh like
      all other Muslim countries of the world. These organisations are
      operating with utmost devotion, aim, courage, ability, intelligence,
      patience despite relentless trouble and torture. This way is the way
      of Fi Sabilillah.

      Quoting another verse from the Holy Quran, the leaflet said, at
      present the building of mosque,madrasha etc. is being termed as Fi-
      Sabilliah whereas the very word Fi-Sabilillah means the armed
      struggle. As a result, those who are fighting for establishing rule
      of Allah and rescue the Muslims from the hands of the Kafirs are
      being arrested in various places of the country. Under this
      circumstances it is a duty of all devoted Muslims to spend their
      assets, money and life for the Zihad of Fi-Sabilillah otherwise the
      nation would be destroyed.

      The leaflet quoted one more verse at the end calling upon the
      devoted Muslims to get all out preparation to rescue the Muslims
      from the repression of the `Jalims' and to recover their lost glory
      and thus to cooperate the Islamic organisation in all means.

      The name or identity of the organisation has not been mentioned in
      the leaflet. Bagmara thana police expressed their ignorance about
      the circulation of the leaflets.

      The local people of Tahirpur opined, such leaflet might be
      circulated by the Jagrata Muslim Janata(JMJ) or some other secret

      Others said, such a leaflet has been distributed to the people to
      tarnish the image of the country and to prove the country as a
      country infested with the Muslim extremist groups.




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