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Hamas sweeps local elections

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    Hamas sweeps local councils elections ... GAZA, Jan 28: Hamas swept seven out of 10 councils in the Gaza Strip s first local elections on Thursday, seen as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Hamas sweeps local councils elections
      GAZA, Jan 28: Hamas swept seven out of 10 councils in the Gaza
      Strip's first local elections on Thursday, seen as a test of
      strength between the militant group and new President Mahmoud

      The militant group, sworn to Israel's destruction, had boycotted
      the Jan 9 presidential election, won by Mr Abbas on a platform of
      ending violence to allow talks with the Jewish state on
      Palestinian statehood.....(Reuters)


      Israel Kills Palestinian, Offers West Bank Security Deal

      Palestinian security forces pass through destroyed houses at the
      border between Egypt and Rafah refugee camp southern Gaza Strip.

      GAZA CITY, January 29 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) – Israeli
      occupation forces gunned down on Saturday, January 29, a mentally
      retarded Palestinian, a few hours before top Israeli and Palestinian
      security officials were to confer on transferring security control
      of several West Bank cities.

      Ibrahim El-Shawas, 36, was shot in the head near Khan Yunis,
      Palestinian hospital sources were quoted as saying by Agence France-
      Presse (AFP).

      His death brings to 4,721 the number of people killed since the
      start of the Palestinian Intifada against the Israeli occupation in
      September 2000, including 3,666 Palestinians, according to an AFP

      It was the fourth killing in the past week in the West Bank and Gaza
      Strip although Palestinian resistance operations were largely scaled
      down since the election of Mahmoud Abbas as president earlier this

      Days after his election, Abbas traveled to the Gaza Strip for
      ceasefire talks with resistance factions, which linked any truce to
      a cessation of Israeli aggressions.

      The Guardian newspaper reported last week that Abbas proposed a halt
      to anti-Israel attacks in swap for international guarantees and a
      pledge to remain committed to the inalienable Palestinian rights.

      Arab countries, particularly Syria and Lebanon, were holding
      marathon talks with Palestinian resistance groups to broker a
      unilateral ceasefire, a well-kept Arab diplomatic source told
      IslamOnline.net on January 15.

      Security Control Talks

      In another development, senior Palestinian and Israeli security
      officials were due to meet later Saturday to discuss transferring
      security control in the West Bank, according to AFP.

      Former Palestinian security minister Mohammed Dahlan, tipped to
      become a minister of Cabinet affairs in the new Palestinian
      government, will hold talks in Tel Aviv with Israeli Defense
      Minister Shaul Mofaz, Palestinian sources said.

      They were set to discuss a halt to Israeli military operations in
      the occupied West Bank as well as the release of some of the 8,000
      Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

      Earlier reports suggested Israel was prepared to free a first group
      of 900 detainees.

      The deployment of 2,000 Palestinian security forces across the Gaza
      Strip to prevent anti-Israel attacks has created what Israeli
      Premier Ariel Sharon described as a chance for an "historic

      Shalon signaled readiness to coordinate with the Palestinians his
      unilateral plan on withdrawing all troops and 8,000 settlers from
      the Gaza Strip this year.

      Israel also announced Friday, January 28, an end to offensive
      operations in the Gaza Strip.

      "The intention here is to let the Palestinian forces operate in an
      efficient manner and to allow them to do their job and maintain
      order," said David Baker, an official in Sharon's office, was quoted
      as saying by Haaretz.

      If the quiet continues, Israel will open the Erez, Karni and Rafah
      crossings, which connect Gaza to Israel and Egypt, starting next
      week, according to the Israeli daily.

      Abbas-Sharon Summit

      The envisaged West Bank security transfer is expected to take place
      following the first summit between Abbas and Sharon, likely to take
      place within two weeks.

      "This meeting should take place a fortnight from now," Palestinian
      Premier Ahmed Qorei's top aide Hassan Abu Libdeh said.

      He added that Palestinian and Israeli officials will hold a flurry
      of meetings this week to prepare for the summit.

      Abbas met Sharon when he was prime minister under late Yasser Arafat
      in 2003 but the proposed summit would be the first encounter between
      Israeli and Palestinian leaders in more than four years.

      With Washington backing, Sharon's government severed all contacts
      with Arafat, who died in a French military hospital in November.

      Palestinian Child Attending School Killed By Bullet In Head: :

      A 10-year-old Palestinian girl is dead after being shot inside a
      U.N. school in a Gaza refugee camp.




      Hamas Shells Illegal Gaza Settlement After Girl Killed :

      The Islamic militant group Hamas said it launched five mortar bombs
      at an Jewish Illegal settlement in the Gaza Strip Monday, after
      Israeli army gunfire killed a Palestinian girl.




      Jewish squatters protest Gaza pullout plan:

      Tens of thousands of Jewish squatters and their supporters protested
      outside parliament against Israeli plans to withdraw from the Gaza
      Strip and parts of the West Bank




      Israelis use barrier and 55-year-old law to quietly seize
      Palestinians' land :

      The Israeli government has quietly seized thousands of acres of
      Palestinian-owned land in and around east Jerusalem after a secret
      cabinet decision to use a 55-year-old law against Arabs separated
      from farms and orchards by the vast "security barrier


      Israelis kill handicapped Palestinian:

      A mentally handicapped Palestinian man has died after being shot by
      Israeli soldiers in the southern Gaza Strip, hospital sources said.


      Hamas wins overwhelming victory in Gaza vote :

      Hamas won control of seven of the ten municipal councils that held
      elections, including the three largest ones: Dir al-Balah, Bnei
      Siheileh, and Beit Hanun.



      'Palestinian corpse used for IDF anatomy lesson' :

      The soldier said that the Palestinian's body had been riddled with
      bullets and that some of his internal organs had spilled out. The
      doctor pronounced the man dead and then "took out a knife and began
      to cut off parts of the body," the soldier said.


      Israeli envoy: U.S. will help finance pullout:

      The United States is likely to help Israel finance the military
      aspect of the disengagement from Gaza, Israeli ambassador to the
      U.S. Daniel Ayalon said yesterday.




      A relative cries over the body of three year-old Palestinian girl,
      Rahma Al-shmasy, iin the family home on January 26, 2005 in Deir Al-
      Balah, Gaza Strip.




      Three Year Old Girl Among Five Palestinians Killed By Israeli
      Occupation Forces:

      Israeli soldiers manning an army watchtower at the nearby settlement
      of Kfar Dorom opened machinegun fire randomly on Palestinian homes
      around sunrise Wednesday.


      Israel plans to raze more Gaza homes:

      The Israeli army has renewed plans to demolish hundreds of
      Palestinian homes in Rafah at the southern edge of the Gaza Strip,
      according to the Israeli media.


      How Palestinian property was seized :

      According to reports in the Israeli media, a ministerial committee
      of the Israeli government met last July 8 and adopted a resolution -
      neither publicly announced nor published in the official government
      gazette, but "legal" nonetheless - to confiscate thousands of dunams
      of land (by some estimates, nearly half the land in East Jerusalem)
      from its Arab owners.



      Israeli Occupation Forces reviving psychological warfare unit :

      The overall intention is to conduct "awareness operations" to
      influence Palestinian public opinion, mostly through propaganda,
      psychological warfare and sometimes disinformation.



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