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It's the Resurrection, Stupid

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    It s the Resurrection, Stupid By Maria Hussain I have gone through this journey of discovering the secrets of the Jews not only by blindly believing what I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2005
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      It's the Resurrection, Stupid
      By Maria Hussain

      I have gone through this journey of discovering the secrets of the
      Jews not only by blindly believing what I have been told, but going
      to all lengths to discover the truth. I have come to the conclusion
      beyond a doubt that the problem with Palestine, America, and the
      world, is not "Zionism" or "Zionists" - the problem is Jews. Jewish

      I bent over backwards and broke my own back trying to understand the
      Jewish point of view. I felt nervous about many people's insistence
      that the Jews should all be killed, that not one of them is good at
      heart. I felt nervous about the Islamic mainstream opinion that
      Jesus, upon his Second Coming, backed up by Mother Earth's pleading
      cries, will order that all Jews in Palestine be killed.

      Until recently, I had no idea that there was such a thing as what I
      know now. I had no idea that so many American Jews send their
      teenagers at age 17 to Israel for summer camp which involves
      military training. Not just freaky Orthodox fanatics but mainstream
      Reform Jews that you probably went to school with. They never
      discussed this with us Gentiles. We had no idea.

      Islamic fundamentalists seem to understand that in the End Time, the
      Jizya (Islamic tax) is cancelled for Jews and Christians in the Holy
      Land. Which means that either you are with the Muslims or you are an
      enemy to Jesus and God. There is no more separate set of laws. The
      true Jews and Christians will join the Jihad, Jesus the Messiah will
      slay the Anti-Christ in Jerusalem, defeat his army made up of
      bastard children led by the Jews, and peace will be restored on

      There are are actually two respected opinions in mainstream Islam,
      and the other opinion held by Maududi and others, is that these End
      Time hadith are "weak" and there is nothing about the Second Coming
      in Islam. If one could be convinced that these are not actually the
      End Times, we are all over-reacting because it was the year 2000.
      Our responsibility is to do the right thing now, not wait for the
      Messiah because we cannot guarantee his arrival in our lifetime
      anyway. I sincerely wanted to work for an Islamic State of Arabia in
      which Jews could have a protected place in society.

      What I realize now that I did not realize then was that these Jewish
      normal people we live next door to are so way out of line with what
      they believe. And it's not that they even believe what they say.
      They live in personal torment and neurotic agony. They are so
      despicable as a culture.
      It's almost too much to be believed. I used to think that they were
      essentially nice people, they seemed pleasant and moderately
      intelligent. I gave them all the respect that Americans give Jews,
      if not more. They speak in philosophical ways, but what it basically
      boils down to is that they would deliberately choose to hurt people
      and they would never apologize. They want to question the nature of
      truth when you say you are hurt by their insolent protection of
      child murderers.

      The reason Jews don't want to "go there" when it comes to Israel is
      because they don't want to have to explain to you that they believe
      that they are better than other people. They sincerely believe that
      their "alternate reality" is worth sacrificing other people's lives
      for no reason. They are leftists and humanists in the sense of "be
      nice to people who are inferior when it's convenient" - they believe
      that as long as you think nice thoughts and act polite, it doesn't
      matter what you do.

      I could forgive a Zionist, especially a young, unexperienced kid,
      for acting like part of his brain has been scooped out, because it
      has been. But most of the people who are willing to destroy your
      life and mine are the "Non-Zionist" Jews who are protecting
      Zionists, defending Israel for no reason other than Jewish
      chauvenism. They don't want to divide the Jewish community. They
      don't want to be exiled. They are with them. They know the truth
      about the crime that was and is committed and they justify it. They
      are the truly evil ones who God has cursed. They are not your
      friend. Jews ask why is it so offensive when Jews commit atrocities
      when no nation is without sin. God is always irked at the Jews for
      their injustices because they of all people should have known
      better. I feel personally offended by the behavior of Jews because I
      have traditionally held them in such high esteem and sought to win
      their favor and friendship whenever possible.

      The Prophet Mohamed is claimed to have described the Jews in the End
      Time as having "KFR" written upon their foreheads, meaning "one who
      knows the truth and covers it up" - often translated
      as "disbeliever" or "infidel". This was greatly disturbing to me and
      yet when I looked deeply I found it true. "Jewish pain" is an
      entirely self-induced trauma based on denial of the harm one causes
      to others by one's neurotic fixations. Jewish pain can be cured. But
      Jews don't want a cure. They feel they should be in the position to
      help others but not the other way around.

      I didn't understand why the Quran told the Muslims not to take the
      Jews and Christians as "protecting friends." The reason is that you
      cannot trust a man unless he is willing to concede that he is your
      human equal. If he thinks his relationship with God is guaranteed,
      and that yours is conditional upon your willingness to go along with
      his program, how can you seriously have a friendship with that
      person and keep your dignity, safety, and happiness?

      The Quran also says that among the Jews and Christians and
      Zoroastrians are those who are true. These true followers of the
      Prophets are sincere in prayer and harm no one. The Quran also says
      if they offer you peace, then you offer peace to them. The trouble
      with Zionists and Jews in general is that they want to speak of
      peace when they themselves do not believe in peace. They want you to
      call a cease-fire but they don't have to call a cease-fire. They
      speak as if they have knowledge of "G-d" when they themselves do not
      believe in God.

      The Jews and Christians who are true to their faith and their
      internal conscience will say openly to the Muslims and those who
      support the Palestinians, "I am with you. Bear witness that I want
      peace with you all, and I am willing to live with you as an equal,
      whether in America or in Palestine." It's not really that hard to
      say if you believe it. These Jews who avoid the topic do not wish to
      allow you to lead them to the point where you want them to say it
      and they have to back out.

      "Can you pass the litmus test of human equality? Can you agree to
      end the "Jewish Nature" of Palestine? If so, we are friends. If you
      won't discuss it, the time is over that I will give you, a Jew, the
      benefit of the doubt that you are a person I can respect and
      maintain a friendship with."

      The fact is they will not say it. Their eyes will boil in rage. They
      will seek to destroy you. They will not let their children talk to
      your children. These people are human satans. They really do have a
      curse upon their foreheads. They are, as a culture, People of the
      Fire. It is the scariest thing to realize because I really loved
      these people. We can try so hard to help them know what they are
      doing - but they do know what they are doing. They were just
      bullshitting you when they gave you that blank stare and said, "What
      genocide?" They are, as a group, psychotic criminals.

      Their Jewish "baffle them with bullshit" technique can only go on so
      long. When the American public realizes that the reason 25,000 Iraqi
      War veterans are poisoned by depleted uranium, not to mention all
      the dead and wounded on both sides, because the Jewish Lobby bribed
      the Christian Right and threatened our elected officials and had
      this done to our country in the name of Israel, Americans will
      demand all the Jews in Guantanamo. What the Jews did is so much
      worse than 9-11, which Jews probably engineered anyway as well. They
      are all participating in it. Every last one of them unless they tell
      you otherwise is unconditionally with Israel as a Jewish State to
      the detriment of American security and world peace. Jewish
      organizations are so blindly self-confident that they operate in
      public. It won't take that long to track down who is responsible for
      bombing Iraq.

      Every last one of the Jews who participate in normal Jewish culture,
      if they were to answer the question honestly, "Would you be willing
      to risk sacrificing the life of a Palestinian child in order to take
      a Holy Land vacation?" The answer would be "Yes." They do feel it
      normal to go on vacation in surrounded by armed bodyguards
      protecting them from interacting with the locals. They do believe
      they are descended from King David. They do believe this gives them
      special rights over other people. They do believe they are the
      Chosen of God and they interpret this as a real estate deed.

      As far as I'm concerned the Land of Milk and Honey is a Promise
      fulfilled. God offered it to them, and He gave it to them. Then,
      they lost it as a result of their sins. It's over. Past history.
      Goodbye and good riddance. The only future promise that involves the
      ingathering of Jews according to the Quran is that, like all other
      tribes, they will be called together on the Day of Resurrection and
      called to account. The Prophet Mohammed described that on the Day of
      Reckoning each person will be gathered behind his prophet. A close
      reading of Jewish scripture without the influence of Zionism will
      bring you to the same conclusion. The ingathering of Jews takes
      place AFTER the end of the world. After death. It's the
      Resurrection, Stupid. Not the Birth of "Israel." Hello.

      Maria Hussain



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