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Jewish Islamophobia breeds anti-Semitism

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    Jewish Islamophobia, persecution of Palestinians is breeding anti- Semitism among Muslims by Khalid Amayreh 27 November, 2002 When American Muslim leaders
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2002
      Jewish Islamophobia, persecution of Palestinians is breeding anti-
      Semitism among Muslims

      by Khalid Amayreh

      27 November, 2002

      When American Muslim leaders recently criticized Rev. Jerry Falwell
      and Pat Robertson for calling the Prophet of Islam "a terrorist"
      and "a brigand," several Jewish leaders in the United States and
      abroad hastened to contact the two evangelist preachers to express
      their solidarity with them against "the common Muslims enemy."

      The hostile gesture was by no means an isolated event. For many
      years, the Zionist propaganda machine wasted no time in vilifying
      Muslims and besmirching their image.

      Zionist and Zionist-controlled publications around the world, from
      the New York Times to the Jerusalem Post, along with many other
      newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations as well as
      numerous websites seemed to have made the vilification of Islam and
      Muslims their top priority.

      In fact, an army of journalists, writers, provocateurs,
      propagandists, TV anchormen and so-called "experts" have been
      enlisted to carry out this most nefarious task of vilifying the
      religion of Islam and inciting millions of non-Muslims against

      Jewish Islamophobia doesn't stop at attacking terrorist figures or
      extremist movements which the vast majority of Muslims reject
      outright. The Zionists actually attack the central components of
      Islam, including its Holy Book, the Qura'an and its prophet Muhammed.

      A random glance at the New York Post, the New Republic, Commentary
      and other Jewish publications would be sufficient to discover the
      extent to which Jewish hatred of Islam and Muslims has reached.

      The phenomenon goes far beyond name-calling and employing derogatory
      language. For example, an American Jewish professor of Law at
      Harvard University by the name of Alan Dershowitz recently openly
      called on Israel to commit Nazi-Bolshevik style war crimes against
      Palestinian population centers. Several other Zionist writers went
      as far as demanding the bombing of Mecca. Daniel Pipes, Steve
      Emerson, George Will and Dershowitz are only a few samples of an
      army of hate-mongers of the Peter-the-Hermit's ilk.

      The audacity of Jewish Islamophobia reached the point of concocting
      books on Islam containing all sorts of canards and lies.

      Jewish vilification of Muslims, Arabs and the Palestinian people is
      by no means a new phenomenon. For decades, the Jewish-controlled
      Hollywood released hundreds of blatantly anti-Arab and anti-Muslim

      Even cartoon films bear a strongly anti-Arab anti-Islamic messages,
      some tacit, some subliminal, some quite blunt. Needless to say, the
      purpose of this hateful indoctrination is to inject children with
      hatred for Muslims, exactly as the Nazis injected German children
      with hatred for everything Jewish. We all know the rest of the story.

      Clearly, the bottom-line goal of this racist onslaught against
      Muslims and their religion is to make non-Muslims, especially in the
      West, simply hate Muslims. Of all people in the world, Jews know too
      well that hate, leads to racism, and racism leads to dehumanization,
      and dehumanization leads violence and murder, including mass murder.
      Didn't Hitler start his holocaust against the Jews with a book?

      But why would Jews hate Muslims so much? The simple answer is
      Palestine, and the fact that many Muslims are putting up an
      increasingly stiff resistance to Zionist hegemony and territorial

      The apartheid Israeli regime is harboring and slowly-effecting Nazi-
      like designs against the utterly defenseless Palestinian people.
      Israeli leaders are shamelessly saying that Israel should deport all
      Palestinians from their ancestral homeland if they refused to come
      to terms with enslavement by the Jews. Some important Israeli
      political parties have actually made "transfer" the crux of their
      election platforms and programs. Who hasn't heard of people like
      Eifi Eitam, Avigedor Liberman, Mikhael Kliener, Benny Elon, Eitan
      Ben Elyahu,
      and others?

      At the practical level, things are even more macabre. There is so
      much death and destruction. Palestinian children are gunned down on
      a daily basis by Jewish snipers on high rooftops in the West Bank
      for merely walking in the streets.

      Israeli F-16 fighter airplanes drop one-ton bombs on apartment
      buildings in Gaza, killing and maiming numerous civilians and
      Israeli troops reducing Palestinian population centers to great open-
      air concentration camps the perfection of which only require some
      gas chambers. Didn't an Israeli army colonel suggest a few months
      ago that Israel should draw some useful lessons from the Nazis?

      And, above that, Israeli bulldozers have utterly destroyed several
      thousand Palestinian homes and uprooted as many as a hundred
      thousand grown trees in Gaza and the West Bank, creating an
      environmental holocaust. Aren't these war crimes under international

      Predictably, Israel's murderous oppression and humiliation of the
      Palestinians have pushed them too far, forcing some of them to turn
      their own bodies into human bombs. So far, as many as 200 such human
      bombs exploded inside Israel, killing many Israelis, including
      soldiers, settlers and regrettably some civilians.

      The awesome phenomenon is by no means a romantic one. Indeed, many
      Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims have genuine uneasy feelings about

      However, in the absence of any protection for the Palestinians from
      unbridled Israeli savagery and brutality, Palestinians are asking
      themselves, what else can they do for survival?

      More to the point, it is crystal clear that Israel is first and
      responsible for the appearance of this phenomenon by constantly
      tormenting the Palestinians and making their lives unbearable even
      at the most elementary levels.

      Many American and Canadian Jews, who believe that vilifying Muslims
      and Arabs is the most effective way of making up or atoning for
      their failure to immigrate to Israel, are actually poisoning the
      atmosphere, not only in their own hemisphere, but here in Palestine
      as well.

      Their extremely vitriolic and hate-filled language only contribute
      to more Israeli bellicosity, jingoism and radicalism. This is in
      turn translated into ghastly war crimes against innocent civilians
      in the streets of Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, Gaza and Ramallah.

      These ghastly crimes against defenseless people lacking the most
      rudimentary means of defense against a modern army which is actually
      the world's fourth strongest, inevitably lead to desperate
      reactions. The so-called suicide-bombings are only one of these.

      Israel's murderous oppression of the Palestinian people also fosters
      anti-Semitism among the estimated 1.5 billion Muslims around the

      Just one gruesome scene of Israel's crimes in a given Palestinian
      town or village is sufficient to galvanize viewers with hatred for
      everything Jewish.

      But we are not talking here about one, two, or even a thousand
      gruesome scenes. We are talking about more than fifty years of
      massacres, dispossession, homelessness, deportations, home-
      demolitions, land-confiscation, curfews, roadblocks, humiliation,
      apartheid and wholesale persecution.

      We are talking about the extirpation and attempted-extirpation of an
      entire people from their ancestral homeland.

      We are talking about no less than a slow-motion genocide which has
      nearly succeeded in dispersing an innocent people into oblivion.

      After all of this, Zionists and their supporters should not be
      surprised about the proliferation of anti-Semitism among Arabs and
      Muslims. Even imbeciles realize that oppression breeds hatred.


      Khaled Amayreh is a Palestinian Journalist from the West Bank Town
      of Dura
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