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Neo-conservatives: Fifth Columnists

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    Fifth Columnists by Taki The American Conservative January 17, 2005 They were originally Falangist sympathizers inside Madrid during the Spanish Civil War,
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      Fifth Columnists
      by Taki
      The American Conservative
      January 17, 2005

      They were originally Falangist sympathizers inside Madrid during the
      Spanish Civil War, prepared to side with General Franco's four
      columns that were besieging the city. By 1939, as Germany and France
      were poised for war, French Fifth Columnists were busy undermining
      those who preached resistance to German demands. Until now, America
      has not had a Fifth Column in its midst, unless one counts the media
      during the war in Vietnam. (Roosevelt unfairly and needlessly
      detained Japanese-Americans during World War II as potential Fifth
      Columnists, when he should have been detaining some of his cabinet.)

      The first real case (Benedict Arnold aside) of Fifth Columnists
      inside America working for foreign interests are the neo-
      conservatives, the best known of whom include David Frum, William
      Kristol, Norman and John Podhoretz, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle,
      Paul Wolfowitz, and the egregious Douglas Feith, as close to being a
      foreign agent as is possible to be but still holding on to his job
      at the Pentagon.

      America's Fifth Columnists aim to shape United States foreign policy
      to suit Israeli interests. The gruesome carnage in Iraq is proof
      that this administration is ready to fight Israeli battles to the
      last American marine.

      We have lost more than 1,200 dead, 30,000 wounded, and have killed an
      unknown number of Iraqis, not all of them insurgents or terrorists.
      We have military hospitals full of blind and crippled young men and
      women, while thousands of Iraqis and their children are mortared and
      shot daily. Despite the bloodshed, however, victory in Iraq is still
      up for grabs. Not only have the neocons not bothered to apologize,
      they want more blood.

      Mind you, there are no Frums dying among our troops. Instead, they
      are ensconced inside the Beltway appearing on television and egging
      the president on to Tehran and Demascus.

      In a soundbite age, "War on Terror" has a good ring to it. Once upon
      a time, Christian missionaries tried to vanquish "evil savages" by
      teaching them religion. Now we try to teach them democracy.

      The way America's Fifth Column operates is a simple one. It uses the
      charge of anti-Semitism to smear honorable conservatives who do not
      believe that Uncle Sam's and Israel's interests are one and the same.
      (The most outrageous example was when Midge Decter accused the
      venerable conservative Russell Kirk of anti-Semitism.) David Frum,
      a sleazy self-promoter, infamously painted conservative writers like
      Pat Buchanan, Paul Gottfried, Samuel Francis, Tom Fleming, and
      others as unpatriotic Americans, forgetting to mention that in his
      book "unpatriotic" means not serving the interests of the state of

      Norman Podhoretz's "World War IV" is a blueprint for an endless
      campaign to destroy all of Israel's enemies. Why are these bogus
      patriots getting away with such stuff? Alas, it is a very easy
      question to answer.

      With 85,000 members, a staff of 165, and a $33.4 million annual
      budget, AIPAC, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee, is
      Washington's most influential and most feared lobby. It is forceful,
      extremely aggressive, and more or less calls the tune inside the
      Beltway where the Middle East is concerned. Woe to the politician
      who ignores its wishes. He will be targeted, his opponents showered
      with donations, his reputation immediately shredded by charges of

      Neocons work closely with AIPAC and the Israeli embassy. As Philip
      Giraldi wrote in this magazine, "Principal neocons have been accused
      of illegally providing classified information to Israel. None was
      ever prosecuted." Last I heard AIPAC was busy accusing the FBI and
      CIA of pursuing a vendetta against Israel and the Pentagon, while
      neocon Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute alleges
      that the Franklin affair was motivated by anti-Semitism.

      America's pro-Israel stand is nothing new. Israel is, after all, our
      closest ally in the region, despite the spying it regularly conducts
      on Uncle Sam. If there ever was a one-sided marriage, this is it. As
      Thomas Friedman wrote in the New York Times, "there is a steadily
      rising perception across the Arab-Muslim world that the great enemy
      of Islam is JIA--Jews, Israel and America, all lumped together in a
      single threat." Friedman goes on to say that Arab satellite
      television stations show split-screen images of Israelis bashing
      Palestinians and Americans beating up Iraqi insurgents. Nothing new

      Arab preachers, mostly paid by our other "allies," the Saudi rulers,
      explain all the world's ills by wrapping them up in JIA. But Arab
      lies and outrageous anti-Western propaganda aside, the Bush regime's
      total embrace of Ariel Sharon makes it impossible to know where
      American policy stops and Sharon's begins.

      Now, with Colin Powell gone, my fears are that Deputy Defense
      Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary Douglas Feith--two of
      the most bluster-prone cheerleaders of the Iraq War and of Ariel
      Sharon's brutal and expansionist strategy on the West Bank--will
      enjoy even more power and influence. Under normal circumstances,
      Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, and others would have been dismissed on
      the spot, and neocon propagandists such as Frum, Kristol, Podhoretz,
      Perle, and their ilk denounced as working for a foreign power.

      But we are not living in normal times. This is the time of AIPAC, and
      woe to those who oppose America's Fifth Column, starting with poor
      little me.



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