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Israeli Mossad blamed for Syria blast

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    US Accuses Israel of Spying; Second Charge in 4 Months: Washington allegedly is so furious over the spying allegations that it has demanded the resignation of
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      US Accuses Israel of Spying; Second Charge in 4 Months:

      Washington allegedly is so furious over the spying allegations that
      it has demanded the resignation of Amos Yaron, director general of
      Israel's Defense Ministry, according several news sources.


      Barbara Ferguson, Arab News

      WASHINGTON, 17 December 2004 — For the second time in four months,
      the US has accused Israel of spying against Washington. This week,
      the FBI charged the Israeli Defense Ministry of industrial
      espionage, and accused its defense officials of trying to access US
      top secret technological and intelligence data.

      Washington allegedly is so furious over the spying allegations that
      it has demanded the resignation of Amos Yaron, director general of
      Israel's Defense Ministry, according several news sources.

      The report comes just days after the FBI raided the pro-Israel
      lobbying group, AIPAC, in Washington and interrogated AIPAC
      officials, resulting in four of AIPAC's top officials being
      subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. The US has accused a Defense
      Department analyst, Lawrence Franklin, of passing classified US
      information on Iran to Israel.

      Additionally, FBI officials say that Israeli officials who visited
      US military sites have tried to steal confidential US technology
      information. FBI agents have interrogated a number of Israeli
      officials over the past few months, including IDF officers,
      diplomats, and military industry officials.

      Israel has called the US accusations that Tel Aviv's defense
      officials were engaged in industrial espionage "a misunderstanding
      based on chutzpah and general nosiness," according to yesterday's
      Jerusalem Post.

      "High-ranking political sources in Israel reiterated that all the
      tension is the result of cultural differences, such as the Israeli
      practice of cutting corners or pressuring officials to give up
      information. The Americans interpret these in a completely different
      way, they said," notes the Post.

      Knesset Member Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Knesset's Foreign
      Affairs and Defense Committee denied Israel was involved in
      industrial or any other kind of espionage in the United States.

      "There is no Israeli espionage in the US. Period," he told Israel
      Army radio. "There is a lot of very good cooperation, including
      military and security industrial cooperation. There is also a mutual
      exchange of information. Both sides contribute information. Perhaps
      it is this to which (the Americans) are referring."

      But a US defense expert disagrees. He told Arab News yesterday the
      Israelis have been spying on US military systems for years - this,
      he said is "well-known" within the defense community. "They took our
      Arrow, our Patriot missile system, and a knock-off of our F-16, the
      Davi and made their versions of it," said the source, who insisted
      on anonymity.

      "The irony is that they copy our weapons and then turn around and
      sell them to countries where we don't want them to go."

      "In this case, Pakistan now has a spin-off of the F-16 and is using
      US technology that came via Israel and China."

      "During Gulf War I, the US stationed their Patriot missiles in
      Israel and their experts crawled all over it. They helped themselves
      to whatever they could to make a similar weapon, and several of our
      Patriots disappeared while there," he said.

      Israeli Mossad blamed for Syria blast :


      Dec 14, 2004

      Syria blamed Israel's Mossad intelligence service for a bombing in
      Damascus which a Palestinian source in Beirut said was a failed
      attempt to kill a member of the militant Hamas group.

      Three people were slightly hurt in the explosion which destroyed the
      silver sports utility vehicle owned by the unidentified Palestinian,
      who escaped unhurt.

      The attack was the second one of its kind in the Syrian capital in
      less than two months, and it came one day after Hamas and another
      armed Palestinian group killed five Israeli soldiers in a carefully
      planned attack on their outpost in Gaza.

      "The entity behind it is the Mossad; collaborators with the Mossad
      or the Mossad in particular," Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan told
      Syrian Satellite Channel when asked about who was suspected to be
      behind the explosion that targeted what he described as a
      Palestinian citizen.

      A senior Israeli official called the accusation "nonsense".

      "Such nonsense does not warrant a comment. Instead of blaming
      Israel, the Syrians should be cracking down on the terrorists in
      their midst, as required by the international community," the
      official, who requested anonymity, said in Jerusalem.

      The Palestinian source in Beirut said the bomb, placed under the
      driver's seat, blew up shortly after the unnamed Hamas member and
      his daughter parked the car and left.

      The blast occurred near a hospital and a petrol station which was
      not damaged.

      Second attack in three months

      In September, Izz el-Deen al-Sheikh Khalil, 42, a Hamas official was
      killed in a bomb blast in his car in Damascus and an Israeli
      television station, citing unidentified security sources, said
      Israel was behind the attack.

      Israeli security officials had earlier vowed to hit Hamas leaders in
      Palestinian areas and abroad in response to twin bus bombings in
      that killed 16 people in southern Israel.

      The Islamic militant group, behind a wave of suicide attacks that
      has killed scores of Israelis over the past four years, is sworn to
      Israel's destruction.

      Israel has been demanding that Syria crack down on Palestinian
      militants as a condition for resuming peace talks deadlocked since

      Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said on Monday Syria must act
      against Islamic militants on its territory.

      "If they (Damascus) would like to make peace, they should close
      headquarters there in Damascus, they should shut down the training
      camps of the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad that are still open,"
      Shalom told a news briefing after meeting EU officials.

      "We believe if we are going to have a real peace we can't have
      terrorist attacks by day, funerals afternoon and negotiations by
      night in nice hotels. No one will accept it in our public opinion."

      Syria denies hosting training camps for Palestinians on its
      territory and says it backs Palestinian struggle against Israeli

      The official Syrian news agency SANA confirmed the car belonged to a
      Palestinian but gave no details on who he was.

      The vehicle was quickly removed by security and rescue teams who
      were collecting shrapnel scattered on the street in the Mazze area,
      resident said.

      "The explosion was so strong that the door blew open in my house and
      windows were shattered in the whole building," resident Issam Abdul
      Wahid told Reuters.

      "There was nobody in the car. I was extinguishing it and there was
      nobody in it," he added.

      Syria pulls back more troops from Lebanon
      BEIRUT, Dec 18: The Syrian army announced on Saturday another
      limited pullback of troops in Lebanon, amid mounting international
      pressure on Damascus to pull out all of its forces and end
      interference in its smaller neighbour.....(Agencies)




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