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US drone crashes in tribal area

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    8 die in attempted jail break in Afghanistan: 17 December 2004 16:29 http://www.rte.ie/news/2004/1217/afghanistan.html At least eight people were killed in
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      8 die in attempted jail break in Afghanistan:
      17 December 2004 16:29

      At least eight people were killed in Afghanistan after an attempted
      escape by inmates from a jail in the capital, Kabul.

      An official said Afghan soldiers killed two armed al-Qaeda prisoners
      who had barricaded themselves inside the Pul-e-Charki prison after
      overpowering and killing their guards.

      Two other prisoners and at least four guards and police were killed
      earlier when a group of prisoners attempted to break out of the jail
      soon after dawn.

      Three of the dead prisoners were believed to be Pakistanis and the
      fourth was an Iraqi.

      Two Turk Al Qaeda suspects extradited
      ANKARA, Jan 2: Pakistan on Sunday extradited two Turks suspected
      of links to the Al Qaeda network who were immediately arrested and
      charged by Turkish authorities, the Anatolia news agency reported.

      Mehmet Yilmaz and Mahmut Kaplan, who were arrested in Lahore in
      August, were brought before a court in Gaziantep, where they are
      wanted for "membership of a clandestine Islamist organisation",
      the news agency reported. Pakistani authorities suspect Yilmaz of
      having fought alongside Afghanistan's Taliban regime.....(AFP)


      US drone crashes in tribal area
      PESHAWAR, Jan 2: An unmanned US surveillance plane crashed near
      Pakistan's border with Afghanistan in the rugged tribal terrain of
      North Waziristan, officials said on Sunday.

      The Predator crashed near the border town of Ghulam Killi facing
      the troubled south eastern Afghan province of Khost late Saturday,
      they said. "It crashed a few hundred metres inside Pakistan
      territory near Ghulam Killi," military spokesman Maj-Gen Shaukat
      Sultan said.....


      Coalition encounter leaves 7 suspected Taliban dead :


      www.chinaview.cn 2004-12-15 17:50:06

      KABUL, Dec. 15 (Xinhuanet)-- Seven suspected Taliban were killed
      in Afghanistan's southeast Khost province on Monday as the US troops
      engaged in fire exchange with militias, a US military spokesman said

      "Members of Khost Provincial Forces (KPF) were attacked by Anti-
      Coalition Militia (ACM) Monday night in Khost province. The KPF
      requested coalition support and coalition responded by firing
      artillery, killing seven ACM," spokesman Mark McCann told
      journalists here.

      He denied any casualties on the coalition side, saying "No
      coalition forces or KPF were injured in the incident."

      The US-led coalition force which launched its winter offensive
      to root out Taliban after the Afghan presidential inauguration on
      Dec. 7 had arrested 10 suspected Taliban fighters including three
      commanders in the troubled provinces of Urzgan and Kandahar in south

      Kandahar, the former stronghold of Taliban was attacked by a
      powerful explosion Wednesday morning in which three people were


      Kidnapped Turkish Male Killed in Afghanistan -- Witness:

      A Turkish engineer abducted by a militant gang in eastern
      Afghanistan was found dead on Wednesday, a witness who saw the body
      being carried down from a mountainside told Reuters.




      Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan:

      Dr. John Caulfield thought it had to be a mistake when the Army
      asked him to return to active duty. After all, he's 70 years old and
      had already retired - twice. He left the Army in 1980 and private
      practice two years ago.


      Wanted militant surrenders
      By Zulfiqar Ali
      PESHAWAR, Dec 28: A wanted militant in the South Waziristan tribal
      region, Maulvi Sharif, accepted the government amnesty offer here
      on Tuesday.

      Maulvi Sharif, who belongs to the Ahmadzai Wazir tribe, was
      declared the most wanted militant during the army operation. He
      had earlier refused to surrender to the authorities.....


      Madressah searched
      By Pazeer Gul
      MIRAMSHAH, Dec 28: Army troops searched a madressah in Darpa Khel
      Danadai village here on Tuesday night. A large number of army
      troops surrounded the village, while Scout Commandant Waheed
      Bangash along with assistant political agent and local elders
      searched the seminary, but found no suspected person there.

      A tribal jirga was convened by the political administration to
      take the elders into confidence about the search operation.....


      Kabul hands over bodies of three Pakistanis
      PESHAWAR, Dec 19: The bodies of three Pakistani prisoners killed
      in a riot at Afghanistan's infamous Pul-i-Charki jail arrived here
      on Sunday for burial in their home towns, officials said.

      The bodies, handed over to the Pakistan embassy in Kabul early in
      the morning, were transported in private vehicles, a border
      security official said. The official said a Pakistan embassy
      official, Mohammad Akram, accompanied them to the Torkham border


      Taliban leaders arrested
      KHOST, Dec 19: Two Taliban commanders were arrested along with two
      militants late Saturday in south-east Afghanistan by security
      forces who also seized a weapons cache, a local official told AFP
      on Sunday.

      Mullah Noor Mohammed and Mullah Mullai Goloom had been in charge
      of planning attacks in the Paktia as well as the other south-
      eastern provinces. Security forces also seized seven missiles,
      remote-controlled bombs, explosive equipment, a satellite phone
      and some documents and maps during the raid.....


      Four Al Qaeda activists arrested in Lahore
      Staff Reporter
      LAHORE, Dec 20: Police on Monday claimed arresting four suspected
      Al Qaeda operatives, including a close associate of top terrorist
      Abu Fraj, allegedly involved in two attempts on the life of
      President Pervez Musharraf.

      The arrested men belonged to banned organizations Lashkar-i-
      Jhangvi and Harkat Al Jihad Islami and had been working for the Al
      Qaeda network for some years, Lahore police chief (investigation)
      Chaudhry Shafqaat Ahmad said at a press conference.....




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