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Paul Craig Roberts: War Crime

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    *War Crime* *by Paul Craig Roberts 12/08/04 Creators Syndicate
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      *War Crime*

      *by Paul Craig Roberts

      12/08/04 "Creators Syndicate
      <http://www.lewrockwell.com/roberts/roberts83.html"* --

      On December 6
      Pentagon boss Donald Rumsfeld promised four more years of death and
      destruction in Iraq. Assuming the war continues to cost the US
      taxpayers $6 billion per month – not including reconstruction costs,
      fat no-bid contracts for the Bush administration's major
      contributors, and replacement costs of the military equipment that
      is being blown apart and worn out – that comes to $288 billion. Add
      that sum to the $149 billion the war has already cost US taxpayers
      for a total of $437 billion.

      Turning to the human toll, from March 20, 2003 to December 7, 2004
      (approximately 21 months) the Pentagon says 1,280 US troops have been
      killed and 9,765 wounded in Iraq. The Pentagon's wounded figure
      conflicts with the report from the US military hospital in Landstuhl,
      Germany, that as of Thanksgiving week the hospital has treated almost
      21,000 Americans injured in Iraq. According to the hospital, more
      than half were too badly injured to return to their units.

      Assuming no escalation in the insurgency, a continuation of four more
      years of war would result in another 2,925 US troops being killed
      for a total of 4,205. Using the Pentagon's wounded figure, 22,320
      more US troops would be injured for a total of 32,085. Using the US
      military hospital's figure, another 48,000 US troops would be
      wounded for a total of 69,000.

      Assuming the US is able to keep 138,000 US troops in Iraq during
      Bush's second term, US dead and wounded (Pentagon figure) would
      comprise 26% of the US force in Iraq. Using the military hospital's
      figure, US dead and wounded would comprise 53% of our entire army in

      The present military manpower system cannot provide replacements for
      these losses. Current troop strengths are being maintained by
      calling up reserve and national guard units and by extending
      soldiers' tours of duty beyond the contractual period, a practice
      that US troops are contesting in court. Tens of thousands of
      careers, marriages, and family finances are being disrupted and
      destroyed by the commitment of reserve and national guard units to
      war in Iraq.

      What is Bush achieving in return for such horrendous costs?

      Bush has destroyed our alliances and the good will of a half century
      of US foreign policy.

      Busy has created an insurgency where there was none.

      Bush has destroyed US prestige in the Middle East and reduced
      America's support among Middle Eastern populations to the single

      Bush has made Osama bin Laden a hero and recruited tens of thousands
      of terrorists to his ranks, while simultaneously alienating Middle
      Easterners from the secular puppet rulers we have imposed on them.

      At a minimum Bush is responsible for between 14,619 and 16,804 Iraqi
      civilian deaths during the 21 months since the invasion. Compiled
      from hospital, morgue, and media reports, these figures understate
      civilian deaths. In keeping with Islam's quick burial requirement,
      many Iraqis were buried in sports fields and in back gardens during
      protracted US assaults on urban areas. A recent report in the
      British medical journal, The Lancet, estimates that 100,000 Iraqis
      have been killed since March 20, 2003. This figure does not include
      the large number of Iraqi deaths from the embargo and US bombing for
      more than a decade prior to the US invasion.

      Projecting the reported Iraqi civilian deaths for four more years of
      US occupation produces a figure of 51,621 civilians killed
      as "collateral damage." Projecting the Lancet's figure produces a
      figure of 328,571 civilian deaths by the end of Bush's second term.

      Then there are the civilian injured, for which there appear to be no
      figures. If we assume the same ratio of killed to wounded for
      civilian deaths as holds for the US military, the reported death
      figure gives a civilian wounded figure of 392,320. The Lancet
      estimate gives a wounded figure of 2,497,139.

      The ratio of 7.6 wounded US troops for each soldier killed is
      probably low for calculating civilian Iraqi wounded. US forces
      travel in armored vehicles, are protected with helmets and body
      armor and are not on the receiving end of artillery and massive
      bombs that kill everything in a quarter mile radius. The ratio could
      easily be 10 or 15 wounded Iraqi civilians for every one killed.

      Did the Americans who reelected Bush know that the president who will
      admit to no mistake is locked on a course that will squander a half
      trillion dollars for no purpose other than to kill and wound between
      36,290 and 73,205 US troops, with "collateral damage" to Iraqi
      civilians ranging from 443,941 to 2,825,710 dead and wounded?

      If Saddam Hussein is a "mass murderer," what does that make President
      Bush and those who reelected him?

      December 8, 2004

      Dr. Roberts <PCRoberts@... <mailto:PCRoberts@...
      John M. Olin Fellow at the Institute for Political Economy and
      Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former
      associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, former contributing
      editor for National Review, and a former assistant secretary of the
      U.S. Treasury. He is the co-author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

      Copyright © 2004 Creators Syndicate



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