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Letter to People of America

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    Is America better off after Invading Iraq? A letter to the People of America By Safiyyah al-Khayr Safiyyah_al_Khayr@msn.com Dear People of America: More than a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2004
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      Is America better off after Invading Iraq?

      A letter to the People of America

      By Safiyyah al-Khayr


      Dear People of America:

      More than a year has passed since your criminal government launched
      an immoral and illegal war on Iraq based on nothing but lies, yet you
      are not understanding the true scope of your ongoing occupation of a
      nation rife with civil, ethnic, and tribal conflict. Iraq is a nation
      which refuses to succumb to occupation and foreign domination and
      will continue to resist with all its might, for as long as it takes,
      to liberate itself.

      Was invading Iraq worth it? Has America gained anything good from
      that invasion?

      More than 1000 Americans have died in Iraq; roughly 10,000 soldiers
      have been wounded. American taxpayers are spending hundreds of
      billions of dollars to murder Iraqis on their own soil. Were these
      sacrifices worth it? To answer those questions, you have to look at
      the justifications given for your government's invasion of Iraq.

      One justification was that Saddam Hussein ignored United Nations
      Security Council resolutions. This was a completely false claim as
      Saddam Hussein was cooperating fully with the United Nations. In
      fact, he invited the UN to come and search at will in Iraq and held
      that invitation open all the way up to the day of the illegal
      invasion of his country, but even if it had been true, it was none of
      America's concern. The United Nations did NOT ask for an invasion of
      Iraq and was not complaining about Saddam's cooperation with UN
      Resolutions because he was cooperating fully, but even if the UN had
      asked for such a thing, America should never act on behalf of the UN,
      enforce illegitimate edicts or pre-emotively strike any nation. It
      was totally amoral and self-serving for America to suddenly cite
      Iraq's alleged lack of cooperation with the UN as justification for
      war. Thousands of your boys and girls are maimed or dead because of
      this pretext and yet you turned a blind eye and re-elected the same
      criminals back into the Whitehouse for four more years.

      Another justification for invading Iraq was that Saddam Hussein posed
      a threat to the United States. This was a bald faced lie. Saddam
      Hussein had only a small army, and virtually no navy or air force. He
      had no long-range weapons and no ability to strike the US 6,000 miles
      away. He was not working with bin Laden or al-Qaeda. The liberation
      of Iraq from his clutches was given as a new pretext only after the
      American public had absorbed overwhelming evidence that he posed no
      threat to America whatsoever, yet again you chose to believe a lie,
      turned a blind eye and re-elected Bush and his cabal back into office
      for another four years.

      The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) concluded that not only have
      U.S. taxpayers paid a very high price for the war, they have also
      become less secure at home and in the world. Citing a number of
      recent studies, the report, 'Paying the Price: The Mounting Costs of
      the Iraq War,' also notes that the 151.1 billion dollars that will
      have been spent through this fiscal year could have paid for
      comprehensive health care for 82 million U.S. children or the
      salaries of nearly three million elementary school teachers.
      According to one study cited in the 54-page report, the war and
      occupation will cost the average U.S. household at least 3,415
      dollars through the end of this year. If spent on international
      programs, the same sum could have cut world hunger in half and
      covered HIV/AIDS medicine, childhood immunization, and clean water
      and sanitation needs of all developing countries for more than two

      The cost of war is staggering but is America better off as a result
      of its war in Iraq? The young men and women who were maimed or killed
      are not better off. Their families are not better off. Taxpayers are
      no better off and whether Americans are safer from terrorism at home
      is an open question, as even your own intelligence forces cautioned
      that the invasion and occupation of Muslim Iraq could breed
      resentment among sympathetic Muslims and serve as a recruiting tool
      for al-Qaeda. There is much wisdom in the words of Lew Rockwell who
      stated, It is not caving in to the bees to stop poking a stick into
      their hive. Surely you can all see that Americans are hated in Iraq,
      and throughout all of the Arabian Peninsula, not because of their
      freedom but because of their anti-Arab anti-Islamic and
      unconditionally pro-Israeli policies.

      As a result of its invasion of Iraq America has become
      internationally hated and totally isolated. The National Debt is
      skyrocketing daily so that it will take generations of Americans to
      pay the price for Bush's illegal war on Iraq, there are few jobs and
      the economy is only good for Halliburton, big business and those who
      are super rich while the working poor and impoverished are left
      bereft of critically needed social services and health insurance. The
      Civil Rights Act has been all but abolished, civil liberties have
      been undermined and freedom of speech has been dramatically curtailed
      yet Americans blindly re-elected the redneck from Texas to another
      four years in the Whitehouse ! No wonder the world thinks Americans
      are stupid beyond belief !

      Why are you bent on destroying yourselves. Why should young Americans
      be maimed or killed to liberate foreign nations? If Americans
      sacrificed 1000 lives to liberate Iraq, should they sacrifice ten
      million American lives to liberate the people of North Korea,
      Taiwan, Tibet, China, Russia, Europe, Cuba, and other nations? Should
      America invade every country that has a government which it dislikes?
      Should America continue to destroy the Arab world just to fulfill
      America's desire to control oil supplies in the Middle East and to
      protect Israel so that Israel can continue to terrorize the
      Palestinians and grab Palestinian land illegally? Should illegal
      invasions and Imperial empire be part of America's national
      philosophy? Those Americans who answer yes to those questions should
      know that the founders of America urged the opposite approach, namely
      a foreign policy rooted in staying out of the affairs of other

      There is no doubt that America is not better off for invading Iraq.
      If America continues on its present course it will destroy itself and
      humanity alongside it. As an Arab, a Muslim and a citizen of the
      world I do not want to see Arabs massacred by Americans and more
      American lives wasted in an un-winnable war. I therefore urge the
      American People to reject U.S. foreign policies which are both self
      destructive and creating global instability. I offer you friendly
      advice and emphasize that it is very important for the American
      People to stop turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by their
      government and to bring Bush and his thugs to account. I further
      advise you to stop your Congress and Senate from continuing their
      support of Zionist Israel and to start paying attention to the
      needs of the Americans instead of the Israelis. That is the only
      way that America will dig itself out of the ditch it is in. Your
      children and their future are worth your taking these actions. If you
      really want to secure America from the revenge of Arab world you must
      tell Bush to stop befriending Israel and bring back the troops from
      the Arab lands immediately. Once you do that you will be amazed at
      how quickly there will be nothing to fear from the Arab and Muslim

      I believe that the American People are better than the criminals that
      run their Congress, Senate and Whitehouse and have confidence that
      common sense will prevail over imperial hubris and ignorance. It is
      in the best interests of America for the American People to reclaim
      their Constitution and civil rights and to adhere to the Geneva
      Conventions and embrace International law.

      O People of America take back your government. Take the power away
      from the Zionists, Halliburton, and other big interests, and put it
      back into the hands of the People - all of the People. It is
      necessary to reject an Administration built on lies and illegal
      policies which violate not only the U.S. constitution, but violate
      the dignity of Americans and the people of the world. That would be a
      great way to demonstrate that democracy is still alive in America.
      The whole world will love you for doing that.

      Very truly yours,

      Safiyyah al-Khayr





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