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U.S. Press & Israeli Government

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    The U.S. Press and the Israeli Government by Charles E. Carlson We Hold These Truths (A legitimate Christian group) January 24, 2003 Witnesses watched as more
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2003
      The U.S. Press and the Israeli Government

      Charles E. Carlson
      We Hold These Truths
      (A legitimate Christian group)

      January 24, 2003

      Witnesses watched as more than 60 Palestinian shops
      were bulldozed to the ground this week in one West
      Bank village, while the owners stood by and watch
      helplessly. But not one American in ten saw or heard
      about this in the US press.

      A educated American pro-life activist was surprised to
      disbelief when I told him that the Israeli death
      losses run about one-fourth the number or Palestinians
      killed by Israelis. He thought the statistics were
      reversed, having never heard or seen a count in the US
      press, he has been brain scrubbed.

      Misinformation by the US press is not excusable in the
      Internet age. So Israel has provided an Orwellian
      propaganda filter called the Israeli Ministry of
      Foreign Affairs (IMFA) that makes it all possible. It
      provides the convenient excuse the US press needs to
      look the other way and print abridged stories, keeping
      most of us ignorant.

      The propaganda arm of the Israeli military has once
      again been caught purposefully lying about the death
      count among its forces. We believe their purpose in
      doing this is to condition Americans into accepting
      Israel's use of American-made weapons of mass
      destruction against the vulnerable civilian population
      in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel's willing
      facilitator is the US Media, which spreads their
      distorted stories in the USA. This same pattern of
      misrepresentation is repeated again and again, proving
      how important and routine propaganda is to Israel.

      On December 5th, the IMFA released an account of two
      suspected sacrifice bombers (wrongly called suicide
      bombers*) who allegedly killed 22 persons and wounded
      more than 100. But the press release failed to
      mention that there were also Israeli military
      casualties in the raid. Furthermore, their account
      omitted the fact that a female army sergeant was among
      the killed.

      The omission is significant. It fits perfectly into
      the predictable pattern of how the IMFA deceives
      Americans almost daily. This practice repeatedly uses
      almost every report of Israeli deaths to distort the
      facts of their conflict with the Palestinians. We
      will now teach you how to read between the lies and
      know when the story is distorted.


      On November 19, 2002, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign
      Affairs (IMFA) re-manufactured a similar story about a
      Palestinian sacrifice raid on a military target.
      Twelve Israeli soldiers and paramilitary fighting men
      were killed and there was no collateral damage
      (civilians dead). The propagandists changed the
      "facts" to call the raid a "Massacre of innocent
      (Israeli) civilians," as the story was carried in the
      US press. It is a total and complete bald-faced lie
      which We Hold These Truths alone corrected it in our
      article: U. S. Media, Caught Lying... Again

      This writer put the facts together from the Israeli
      military's own documents one month after the event was
      misreported. Do you, dear reader, know how to
      recognize such lies for yourself so you don't have to
      wait for us to unravel it for you?

      To do this one must first understand the quaint
      language of the IMFA. We call these lies "z-facts"
      (short for Zionist facts) meaning lies that are
      couched in official, narrative sounding language but
      are indeed untrue. Here is how the Hebron report was
      distorted by z- facts, which the Media reported as
      rear facts. The first release from the IMFA read:

      12 LIVES." and "PALESTINIAN GUNMEN" had
      opened fire on "JEWISH WORSHIPPERS WALKING

      Z-facts differ from bald-faced lies because they do
      not state outright all the killed or wounded are
      civilians, but it is clearly implied. (In those rare
      cases where everyone killed are indeed civilian, the
      IMFA says so and saves its lies for a later day.) The
      truth is told only if it suits the teller. By calling
      an attack on an armed military unit a "terror attack"
      on "Jewish worshipers" and "claiming 12 lives," the
      z-facts leave the a clear impression that those killed
      were civilians.

      Any honest account would have called it "an attack on
      Israeli military unit by Palestinian guerillas" etc.
      In our previous article we explained the procedure as
      follows: "The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a
      propaganda arm of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
      --They are the first to know who is killed. But they
      cause the story to be circulated that all killed were
      civilians because it serves their purpose. Then, once
      the misinformation has reached the American public,
      the corrected story is allowed to surface in Israel,
      though the false images are never corrected in the
      eyes of the American public."
      http://www.whtt.org/articles/021224.htm (please
      forgive us for quoting ourselves, but we are the best

      In January 5th story Israel did it again. This time
      every one of our readers should have detected the lie
      without being told. The press in both countries used
      the same predictable, deceptive language. Each
      stated "22 Israelis" had been killed and many more
      wounded. Had all those killed or wounded had been
      non-military the report would most likely have called
      them "civilians." The generic term "Israelis" suggest
      to us that the IMFA is hiding something, not wanting
      to identify who was really killed. They were.

      Later the same day, a sad corrected story was carried
      with the names of those killed. The IMFA stated that
      all of the victims had been identified and included
      Staff Sgt. Mazal Orkobi of Azor. Ha'aretz
      subsequently revealed in an obituary that Sgt. Orkobi
      was a 20 year- old female who was on her first day of
      active duty with the Israeli Defense Forces. But
      this part of the story never reached the USA. Nor can
      we find a disclosure as to how many of the 120 wounded
      were military. As usual, the IMFA did not disclose
      those who were in the active reserves but not on duty
      at the time of death.

      We are saddened for this poor girl in the prime of her
      life, just as we are every bit as sorry for the
      families of the two sacrifice bombers, about the same
      age. No doubt the bomber's families have already seen
      their homes bulldozed to the ground. Miss Orkobi was
      conscripted by her country, the sacrifice bombers
      were volunteer warriors. She was a victim of her own
      government and of ours, who probably hung a rifle on
      her shoulder based on what I saw in Israel. Her death
      means that the 21 civilians killed were collateral
      damage, as were the 15 Gaza civilians killed in a
      missile raid where a 1000 pound American-made guided
      bomb was targeted on one suspected Palestinian. Like
      Miss Orkobi, that man was never tried and convicted of
      being involved in terrorism.

      The sacrifice bombers are dead. No one can know who
      or what they targeted. It may have been military
      persons in the crowd, the crowd itself, or the time
      and place may have been an accident. But because
      military were killed and possibly wounded, no one can
      conclude they targeted civilians. In all but a few
      sacrifice bombings military are killed or wounded.

      The IMFA had two reasons for keeping Sergeant Orkobi's
      name out of the print. They can garner sympathy for
      their air raids if the American public believes the
      sacrifice bombers are targeting civilians only.
      Israel kills Palestinian civilians by the dozens and
      do not even bother to apologize.

      The second reason Israel keeps Sergeant Orkobi's name
      out of American's minds is that most do not know that
      Israeli's draft their girls and puts them in harms way.
      If American Christians knew about the mistreatment of
      Israeli women, including the use of Military-paid
      abortion as a birth control method, many would wonder
      about their unquestioned support of the Israeli war

      Christian Israeli Patriots such as Pat Robertson,
      Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell, who Ariel Sharon
      calls the Christian Zionists, might be embarrassed to
      explain their undying devotion to a regime which
      drafts women into combat, marches them hip to hip with
      men, and provides free abortions for the resulting
      problems. Some might wake up and actually wonder if
      boys and girls are conditioned to kill and torture
      Palestinian including children.

      Israel and a complicit US Media solve these twin
      problems by doctoring press releases with false
      statements that omit the loss of military personnel in
      guerilla raids. Female names are never associated
      with the military even though they make up about 1/3
      of the total draftees.

      * ("Suicide bomber:" Suicide is the act of taking
      ones one life for the purpose of ending it.
      Sacrifice bombers have never been shown to have a
      desire to stop living; their motive is to find and
      destroy enemy personal regardless of the cost. Thus
      the term "sacrifice bombers" is more accurate in
      describing them. The former is an Israeli
      propaganda label. )

      We Hold These Truths

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Forwarded by
      La Voz de Aztlan



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