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Tom "Duct Tape" Ridge Resigns

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    Tom Duct Tape Ridge Resigns December 1, 2004 http://www.aztlan.net/duct_tape_ridge.htm [IMAGE] Tom Ridge, the first Homeland Security Secretary, resigned
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2004
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      Tom "Duct Tape" Ridge Resigns
      December 1, 2004

      [IMAGE] Tom Ridge, the first Homeland Security
      Secretary, resigned yesterday. Ridge had become a
      constant embarrassment for the Bush administration
      after a growing number of Americans began to complain
      about his constant "Cry Wolf" antics. Worst of all,
      during a Homeland Security initiated scare concerning
      an impending biological attack on America, Tom Ridge
      suggested to mortified Americans that they go to
      their local hardware store and buy "duct tape" and
      plastic sheeting to tape up their homes against
      biological contaminants after an attack.

      Tom Ridge's ploys, however, had more sinister
      purposes both political and for economic gain.
      Bush's re-election was due in part to the "fear vote"
      cast by terrorized Americans and Ridge played an
      important part in creating the political environment.

      Another purpose was to create a "security gold mine"
      for certain corporate supporters of the Bush
      presidency. Various companies have now made billions
      in the "security racket." In American there is now a
      multi-billion security market where individual
      Republican own companies are profiting from the sale
      of security equipment such as metal detectors, x-ray
      equipment, explosive powder sniffers, video monitors
      and computer security related peripherals. In
      addition, there is now a huge network of so call
      private security consultants controlled by Bush's
      cronies that provide personnel and security measures
      at airports and pretty much at every municipal,
      county, state and federal building.

      Security personnel and their intrusive methods at the
      entrances of many government buildings are completely
      unnecessary and are only sucking up much needed tax
      dollars. An example is the extremely elaborate
      security at the Los Angeles County Public Works
      building in Alhambra, California. In entering the
      building to purchase a copy of a tract map one is
      confronted by three armed security guards. They then
      escort you to an area of the lobby where they ask you
      to produce identity documents. After that they ask
      you to stand against the wall to be photographed.
      They then print a temporary identification card which
      is pinned to your breast. Only then is the person
      allowed to go to the map office to purchase a $1.98
      copy of a tract map.

      The security expenditure at just this one Los Angeles
      county building must be considerable. The much
      needed county funds are being wasted at at time when
      the county is shutting down much needed county
      hospital trauma centers and at a time when
      approximately 15,000 homeless families, many of them
      with children, are sleeping on the street in any one
      night in Los Angeles county.

      La Voz de Aztlan asks, is Osama Bin Laden and Al
      Queda going to target a county building with a bunch
      of archived paper maps? The answer is no! The real
      purpose is the profits being generated for the
      security industry and possibly for some county

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      La Voz de Aztlan



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