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Eternal Darkness of the American Mind

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    Eternal Darkness of the American Mind Manuel Valenzuelas http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article6997.htm 10/02/04 ICH -- The prevalent and continued
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2004
      Eternal Darkness of the American Mind
      Manuel Valenzuelas

      10/02/04 "ICH" -- The prevalent and continued decline of the
      Empire's mind can be attributed to the evolving degeneration of
      American capitalism, through the inherent evils it espouses, its
      subjugation and control of human nature, and its consequences on a
      society entangled and indeed dependent on the very mechanisms of
      exploitation of self, addiction to materialism and the pandemic of
      greed. This latest stage of capitalism, the most sinister to arise
      from the realm of human conscious, has replaced once nobler,
      controllable, equal and just instruments. It is simply the erosion
      of capitalism, after having flourishing in previous stages of
      development, into a phase that has mutated beyond the control of
      humans and into a realm of damaging and malevolent repression and

      Thriving off of human nature, feeding and growing from its ability
      to dominate our animal instincts, our wants, needs and desires,
      capitalism as we know it today has become an unrelenting disease,
      jumping from host to host, contaminating a society that, more and
      more, lives in utter disconnect from a greater world community and
      that allows itself to be manipulated, dumbed down and owned by elite
      capitalists whose control over our lives grows more discernible
      every day. It is capitalism on steroids, a bulging muscled beast
      that has succeeded in mutating American society, transforming our
      culture to one whose assembly lines of human procreation manufacture
      millions of consumers, producers, worker bees, soldier ants and
      growing generations of unthinking automatons.

      American capitalism in the first decade of the 21st century is the
      inevitable result of an economic form of governance whose stages
      have, over the last two centuries, and with exponentially-increasing
      dominance, power and control over our society, created a vicious
      cycle of evolving degeneration that today runs amok, destroying the
      environment and planet, human health and intelligence, individual
      thought and free-thinking minds, democracy and a once grand societal
      experiment of equality, justice and freedom. It is American
      capitalism, then, that now lives off of human exploitation and
      ignorance, breathing in and usurping our energy, exhaling poisons
      that blacken our eyes and minds while enveloping the Empire's
      horizons with a darkness that infects us with its various forms of
      disease that are making our society, culture and way of life the
      nightmares of yesterday's slaves and the controlled programs
      hardwired into tomorrow's automatons.

      The Light that brings forth Darkness

      The darkness that has encircled the Empire and its people has over
      the last fifty years grown thanks to the continued evolution of the
      television monitor and the ever-expanding media tentacles of the
      corporate world. The TV has become the single biggest tool for the
      corporate beast, having morphed in the last few decades into the
      apparatus by which consumerism, materialism, belief in fantasy,
      mental manipulation, love of the almighty dollar and the virus of
      greed are extracted and exploited from the masses, thus enriching
      the corporate beast with both the treasure and the controlled,
      easily manipulated mind of the American populace.

      As the popularity of the television media has grown over the years
      and with Americans watching more and more hours of the instruments
      of fantasy, propaganda and brainwashing fostered by the corporate
      Leviathan, the collective American mind has dissipated in power and
      intellect, over the last few decades degenerating and becoming
      instead a sponge readily accepting and believing anything and
      everything implanted into it by the monitor - the axis by which
      everything in our home revolves around - that now serves as its

      The television, that glowing light now reigning as the center of our
      homes, robbing us of analytical minds and healthy bodies, that
      invention celebrated and adored, has become the single biggest
      weapon the corporate capitalists have to dominate, control and
      program us. It lies as the great culprit in the continued regression
      of the American mind and erosion of intellect, the further dominance
      by corporations of our daily lives, the decay and festering
      ignorance of our youth, the indifference to world affairs and apathy
      to the plight of the peoples of the globe, the unconcern towards
      government politics, accountability and transparency, the growth of
      our world renowned amnesia and short-attention spans, and the
      increased conditioning of and appetite for violence, death and

      From birth it becomes our adopted parent, our consumerist advisor
      and materialist shaman, guiding us with its hypnotic light through
      the dense fog of capitalistic indoctrination. Training us from birth
      how to become good parasitic consumers, bombarding our still
      undeveloped brains with fantasy and psychological manipulation,
      illuminating our virgin minds with a rapid influx of images that no
      incipient human mind has ever been subjected with, the television
      begins to distort our concept of reality, marketing fantasy and
      fiction, promoting and distorting human needs and wants, rewiring
      our fragile mind to suit the needs of the corporation and the
      government it owns. Almost from birth the programming making us
      obedient consumers trapped between the fantasy we see and the
      reality we experience distorts the life we live, forever to
      psychologically confuse the mammalian brain inside our skulls.

      Indifferent to suffering, displaced from reality and sequestered
      from the constructs of human behavior, the innocent mind is, through
      television, manipulated to seek what it can never attain. The
      perfection of fiction, the happiness of fantasy, the allure of what
      will never be and the mesmerizing glow of a world beyond what
      humanity could ever become is nonetheless absorbed into our
      conscious understanding and subconscious being, haunting us
      seemingly from cradle to grave. Throughout our lives the belief that
      what we see on the screen is reachable invariably results in a
      reality altogether different. We entrap ourselves in a vicious cycle
      of a lifetime of production and consumption, as if buying and
      producing enough goods and services will lead to the perfection we
      have been conditioned to believe can be attained.

      What follows over the course of one's life, naturally, is a
      perceived belief in failure that the perfection we desperately seek
      to emulate and the fictions ingrained in our minds escaped us,
      thereby blaming ourselves or our loved ones for the unclimbable
      mountaintop whose passage no human could ever reach. The subsequent
      unhappiness that follows, of never reaching the beauty, wealth,
      happiness and perfection of the fictionally created characters we
      become enamored with, combine with other factors prevalent in our
      capitalist society to depress our emotions and feelings about
      ourselves and the life we lead. Even the accumulation of money,
      material goods and modifications of our physical selves fail to
      transport us into the fantasy world that invades our living rooms on
      a nightly basis.

      In many ways, the Molotov cocktail of capitalistic unhappiness has
      led to the enormous growth in, demand of and addiction to
      pharmaceutical mind altering and hallucinatory drugs so prevalent in
      society today that act as conduits of escapism from the unhappy
      lives we portend to lead. It is these drugs, now pervasive in
      American society yet nonexistent for centuries and millennia before
      that have arisen along with the degrading stages of capitalism we
      now find ourselves immersed in. It is the television, along with the
      other tentacles of modern day capitalism, that is causing an eroded
      conscious of human psychology through the indoctrination of the
      human brain, from the time of birth, of seeking the perfection that
      in the human condition does not and cannot possibly exist but that
      thrives in the realm of television, movies and video games.

      Seeking meaning and happiness through the possession of material
      goods and wealth, becoming insecure of our bodies and beauty by the
      incessant bombardment of human perfection and kneeling down to pray
      to the Almighty Dollar in front of its altar called the television,
      Americans are finding that the goals espoused by the corporate
      Leviathan are unattainable. When compared to the perfection we have
      seen on the monitor from our early age, the life we lead is boring,
      unexciting and imperfect. The real world thus cannot compete with
      the vision the corporate capitalists have marketed for us in order
      to manipulate buying patterns, control behaviors and expand profits

      The cause for concern among Americans is the effect capitalism and
      its tentacles, including the pervasive disease of television, is
      having on our psychology. The rise in pharmaceutical drugs designed
      for the human brain and our psychological behaviors should act as
      the canary sent down the mine shaft. More and more, America is a
      nation of pill poppers unhappy and depressed, preferring the escape
      of hallucination and the zombie-like behavior of anti-depressants to
      the realities facing us today. With 11 million children on anti-
      depressants and many more adults dependent on drugs, questions must
      begin to be raised as to the causes of such utter degeneration, the
      likes of which no society has ever experienced. This is but one more
      symptom of a disease the corrosive tumor of capitalism has
      engendered onto a society that offers so much wealth, freedom and
      materialistic bliss yet lacks enduring waves of human happiness or

      Corporate owned television produces mind-numbing, ignorance-laden,
      thought-controlling, escapism-filled, fantasy-saturated and
      propaganda-laced programming designed for one simple reason: to hook
      us like fish out of water so that we are subjected to a barrage of
      advertisements that, it is hoped, inspire us to spend our hard
      earned wages on the products that best manipulate our human needs,
      wants, emotions and passions. Fiction-filled shows, laced in the
      aura of televised perfection and beauty, endeavor our minds to seek
      what cannot in reality exist. They are created so that addicted we
      become to the characters and story lines, thus becoming loyal
      viewers and possible prey. These programs are formulated to attract
      whichever demographic and target market a corporation wants as loyal
      consumers. The advertisements and products designed for this
      particular target are then plastered throughout the enormous window
      of opportunity, blitzkrieging our eyes and minds with a volley of
      images that attack our psychology, emotions, animalistic behaviors
      and human passions.

      Methodically the attack starts in our youth as the marketing vipers
      seek to incarcerate us into their vast array of products from as
      early an age as possible. They know that once they succeed in
      squeezing into their grip a young child the strong possibility
      exists that a loyal and conditioned customer they will have for an
      entire lifetime. It is the undeveloped, susceptible, easily
      manipulated and conditioned mind, devoid of analytical thinking and
      human experience that the corporate marketers drool over. It is
      their Holy Grail, a virgin mind easily exploited and programmed,
      naïve to humanity and ignorant of experiences, slowly but surely
      becoming the mental and physical slave to those whose incessant
      brainwashing fills the airwaves. In the most pure and innocent among
      us the corporate sharks enjoy their greatest meals.

      Copied from organized religion, which for centuries has perfected
      the formula for conditioning and brainwashing children into
      controlled and subservient followers of archaic myths and primitive
      fables, the systemic usurpation of innocent minds guarantees
      loyalty, lifetime consumers, unthinking individuals, psychologically
      fragile drones and easily controlled beings. With the twist of a
      marketing campaign, corporations can dictate tastes, trends,
      consumption patterns and the direction a society or a target market
      takes. Through the television, we thus become putty in the hands of
      those who are experts at exploiting our senses, feelings, emotions
      and passions.

      Manipulating our minds and rewiring our thoughts, the television,
      nothing more than the mechanism by which the corporate world
      controls and dominates us, has transformed human thinking and
      behavior like no other instrument in our history. Our minds are
      being bombarded with image after image, fantasy after fantasy and
      manipulative emotion after manipulative emotion. Our still primitive
      brains have never evolved to this reality, and the damage can be
      seen in the rise of attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, lack
      of discipline and loss of intellectual capacity in children. It can
      be seen in a society that has not been able to adapt and handle the
      blitzkrieg we see on our monitors on a daily basis and that cannot
      escape the conditioning and brainwashing the corporate world and our
      government so readily apply into our minds. The proof is all-
      encompassing, surrounding us like a thick fog, doing tremendous
      damage to the still undeveloped brains of youth, shackling and
      controlling almost every activity we do as adults, and haunting our
      daily life until death finally opens the gates of escape.

      The Bubble of Ignorance

      From the cradle to the grave, the television works its corporate
      magic, helping make America the most consumerist, materialistic,
      gluttonous and wasteful society to ever grace the green lands of
      Earth. We gorge on food, we waste like no other, consume as if our
      life depended on it and pollute with devastating effect. Like a
      plague of locusts we are devouring the natural resources of the
      planet, indifferent to the plight of the oceans, the forests and the
      other 6 billion people we share this small planet with. Our thirst
      for oil can only be met through war, destruction and death, our
      appetite for cheap products and labor enslaves billions of humans
      worldwide and the need to quench our addiction to material wealth is
      rapidly hemorrhaging an Earth ready to purge us from its surface.

      We are four percent of the world's population yet contribute 25
      percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. We are four percent
      of 6.2 billion humans yet indifferent we remain to the damage our
      greed unleashes onto humanity. Global warming is now the greatest
      threat facing mankind, yet we ignore its truths and our complicity.
      Our greed and voracious appetite to consume blinds us to the rape of
      ecosystems, the extinction of cultures, the devastation of nations
      and the ever-growing despair among the billions of humans not lucky
      to live inside the belly of the beast.

      We are 290 million people, most of whom believe the lands and
      inhabitants of this Earth have been placed by the Almighty in their
      rightful position as exploitable property and servants of America,
      the only nation allowed to dictate its commands on all others, even
      when tens of millions of us have not a clue or a remote idea that an
      outside world of peoples and nations exists outside our borders.
      Even as the globe becomes a giant village, where the actions of one
      affect all others and the collective destiny of humanity depends on
      the unity of the entire spectrum of world citizens we seem to care
      not a trickle what occurs outside our borders nor understand the
      complexities of human interaction.

      Through the catastrophe we have created in Iraq our ignorance and
      lack of knowledge can be witnessed. In our failure to learn alien
      cultures, religions, beliefs and societies, by failing to understand
      peoples beyond our shores and remaining oblivious to the hatred our
      policies have created our lives have been made less safe, not more,
      condemning us to a fear that has augmented our already paranoid
      schizophrenia even more. The colossal mistakes in Iraq, Vietnam, the
      continued support of Israeli dehumanization of the Palestinians and
      our continued shunning of the global community are testament to the
      decline of world knowledge and the exponentially-growing ignorance
      that only serves to endanger our lives and further alienate the
      billions who once admired what America once stood for.

      Cocooned and protected by a bubble that insulates us from the truths
      and realities affecting billions living at the edge of starvation,
      suffering, indigence and under constant threats of disease and
      death, we rejoice in our own arrogance and perceived omnipotence.
      Unfeeling and apathetic humans we have become to a planet and its
      inhabitants that more and more depend on the interconnectedness of
      man and synergy of nations to survive from the disaster humankind
      always seems to unearth. Yet instead of embracing the rest of
      humanity we isolate ourselves from it, hiding behind our wealth, our
      gluttony, our arrogance, our perceived aura of superiority and our
      incredible and ever-growing ignorance both of ourselves and the rest
      of humanity.

      The Black Hole of American Education

      In a nation of vast wealth, tremendous resources and great diversity
      one would expect ignorance to be extinct, intelligence to be all-
      encompassing and world and human knowledge to be absolute. Instead,
      in America we find the opposite to be true. Our educational system,
      reeling from under-funding, incompetence and a crater-like hole of
      indifference, resembles the quality of learning one would expect in
      an under-developed nation in Africa, where per capita investment in
      education is worth $8 dollars per year. The education system has
      failed miserably in the last few decades to instill the knowledge in
      our children necessary to foster free-thinking and analytical minds
      capable of being privy to the past history and present course of
      human existence.

      Today, education to the vast majority of Americans is a fiasco.
      Instead of liberating minds it is enslaving children, programming
      our young to always stay in between the lines, becoming obedient
      drones whose independent thoughts are superceded by the corporate
      and state dictates. Textbooks and curricula distort American
      history, brainwashing our future to a revisionist past that fails to
      convey the state terrorism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, enslavement,
      incessant war and crimes against humanity it took to secure the home
      of the free and the land of the brave. The whitewashing of our past
      crimes, and what it took to achieve our present wealth, has been
      erased from memory, instead giving way to the fictional romance and
      revisionist nostalgia of how the United States became the Empire it
      is today.

      By failing to teach history, with its plethora of lessons and
      truisms for understanding who and what we are, our government is
      making sure that it is repeated, once again to condemn entire
      generations for the mistakes they will commit. For those who have no
      concept of humanity nor its easily decipherable nuances and
      behaviors that manifest themselves through the eons of human
      existence will only repeat the errors of times past that perpetually
      linger in the human condition.

      By preaching and indoctrinating that our nation can do no wrong,
      that it epitomizes the enlightenment of human thought, that we stand
      on the moral high ground of human affairs and that our government
      seeks only the protection of freedom, liberty and democracy is to do
      our progeny a great disservice, for to live in delusion and fiction
      only assures that all that is purged from history’s texts will
      resurface. The naïve assumption and distorted belief in our
      grandeur and altruism, simply because the state makes it so, robs us
      of understanding of why today the world hates America.

      Instead of thinking on our own, demanding answers, seeking
      accountability and questioning authority we acquiesce to the
      terrorism the state spawns around the globe, its grip and control
      over our lives, and the crimes against humanity committed in our
      name. But because we have been trained to believe in the sanctity
      and perceived goodness of the state, where it has our best interests
      at heart, where it never lies and is incapable of the worst horrors
      of human evil, we fail to halt the handful of miscreants that power
      has endowed with our collective destiny.Â

      The economic genocide labeled "sanctions" imposed on Iraq in the
      1990's that exterminated up to a million and a half human beings,
      2/3 of them children, is a perfect example of the wickedness our
      government is capable of unleashing thanks to our silent passivity.
      The murder of three million Vietnamese by bombings, chemical poison
      and endemic disease and indigence brought on by American devastation
      is another poignant example.

      The so called "war on terror", and our indisputable belief in its
      valid implementation by the state, allows us to see the blind faith
      we place in a government that has mutated into a tool for the
      corporate Leviathan and the military-industrial complex. Never do we
      question or seek the truth to what might very well be a fiction that
      only serves to enrich wicked capitalists through the implementation
      of fear to control the populace and the introduction of perpetual
      war for perpetual profit.

      The fictional war on terror is designed to breed insecurity and fear
      so that assembly lines continue spitting out profit and the
      corporatist ideology of total power and control arises. Enemies are
      thus manufactured, much like those Communist Reds we were once
      conditioned to hate and fear, thereby planting paranoia and
      schizophrenia onto a populace that blindly wraps itself around the
      flag every time our elected leaders press the buttons of
      psychological manipulation. It is because of our inability to stand
      up and question the state that this "war on terror" charade will
      continue to haunt our waking conscious and devastate our
      exponentially-growing fragile psyches.

      It is our government that is perpetuating the vicious cycle of
      violence and whose actions will result in real terror being imported
      to our cities and streets. It is our government that, through our
      inability to question authority, will assure that perpetual conflict
      never ceases and terror remains planted firmly in our minds. The
      eternal darkness of the American mind is therefore helping to cement
      fear, insecurity and psychological stresses on our present
      population and future progeny.

      American education has and continues to create unthinking automatons
      trained to follow the decrees of the state and the mandates of
      authority. Trained to never think for themselves, children are today
      prepared for standardized tests while being denied important liberal
      arts subject matter that instill analytical thinking, creativity and
      inquisitive thought. Thanks to the evisceration of educational
      funding and the appointment of George Bush to the White House,
      however, millions of children are today being programmed like
      robots, robbing them of intellect, knowledge and the power of
      liberation that education engenders. This is not by coincidence, as
      the corporate owners of government have succeeded in creating a
      populace whose only function is to become the slave labor of the
      capitalist elite.

      Millions of children, many bursting with incredible talent and
      ability, are being deprived of opportunity, instead destined to
      remain fragmented in their allotted caste, becoming the work force
      of the corporatist few, content to sacrifice the keys to mobility
      for the comfort of exploitation. With minds that do not think or
      question, the few controlling the reigns of our society are free to
      implement the tools to further empower themselves at the expense and
      degradation of the masses. It is when the people are ignorant to
      what is being done to them that the powerful have succeeded in
      spawning the eternal darkness of the American mind. This is our
      reality today.

      As American as Apple Pie

      Conditioned through shows, movies and all-too real video games to
      violence, war, death and destruction, our minds easily accept the
      horrors of war and human evil unleashed by the state. War and
      violence has become as American as apple pie, resurfacing every
      decade to grease up the assembly line of death and the conveyor
      belts of human destruction. We have become rapacious animals
      addicted to bombs, bullets, explosions and guns, seeing in ourselves
      a Rambo society needy of enemies and battles. We are a war culture,
      carefully cultivated by the state and the corporate world, breast-
      fed the sanitized and whitewashed parameters of violence. In our
      minds, death and destruction are but special effects, the enemy a
      necessary entity providing the blood and guts that grace our
      monitors and screens.

      To us, war remains a PG-13 or R rated Hollywood produced movie or
      show, full of pyrotechnics and special effects, heroes and enemies,
      good guys and bad dudes. Yet our love for war and violence is based
      on the fictions and creations of Hollywood, offering us only a
      detached semblance of reality. This, in turn, becomes our perception
      of real war, death and destruction, a completely distorted view of a
      reality that hundreds of millions worldwide have experienced.

      In America, war is a video game, a Hollywood action movie where
      blood and guts are spilled and the hero, usually the US, is always
      declared the winner. The enemy, nowadays Arab bogeymen, are
      ingrained into our minds as the propaganda used to condition us to
      the war on terror is inculcated into society. In truth, the horror
      of war and violence, excluding 9/11, is as alien to our lands and
      cities as the sheer misery befalling billions of humans living
      outside our shores. It is because our nation has been safe for so
      long that we fail to understand violence and hinder war. Europe,
      after centuries of war, finally understands that war and violence
      are not a solution to anything human or a means to a viable end.

      Our answer to trouble is always in the form of a smart bomb or a
      guided missile or through the barrel of a gun. Yet it is brains, not
      brawn, that makes humans out of animals. It is our humanity, not our
      weaponry, that brings about solutions. It is intelligence and
      knowledge, not ignorance and arrogance, that creates friends and
      brings forth adoration. Force can never foster emulation; occupation
      can never win hearts and minds; guns can never birth democracy;
      state terrorism can never defeat the hatred and thirst for vengeance
      it unearths. Five beheadings of Americans can never become more
      barbaric than the aerial bombing of cities, where hundreds of
      innocents are dismembered, maimed, killed and yes, even beheaded. We
      do not possess the monopoly on the moral high ground, and if a few
      beheadings are barbaric and medieval, then what are we to call the
      terrorism raining down from the sky above that exterminates and
      maims men, women and children?

      Our government is as much a terrorist as those in Beslam, Bali, New
      York and Madrid. It is time we stop thinking ourselves the
      enlightened culture we are not. It is time to stop a hypocrisy that
      seems to validate the atrocities we commit while castigating those
      made against us. Up to 30,000 Iraqis have died from our candy-like
      cluster bombs, guided missiles, rampaging soldiers and hollow-tipped
      bullets. In our name the government falsely imprisoned thousands,
      raped hundreds and tortured untold numbers of innocents. In our name
      tens of thousands have been injured and millions now suffer the
      effects of our occupation. Let’s stop the bull manure. Our silence
      makes us all complicit in the state sponsored terrorism the Bush
      administration and the US military have exported into Iraq. Iraqi
      lives are not worth less than American ones simply because they are
      Arab or possess darker skin or believe in a different religion. They
      are human, like you and me, breathing air and bleeding red, burying
      loved ones and living under constant fear, so stop the hypocrisy.

      American society must escape the chains of bondage our minds are
      presently trapped in. The dungeon that is our conditioned psychology
      must be burned to the ground if we are to exorcise the brainwashed
      demons that linger in our beliefs and society. We must do this to
      free the young from the darkness encircling them. They are our
      future, and our hopes, and must not be made to suffer the pandemic
      presently strangulating our society. Let us not condemn another
      generation of Americans to the virus destroying free thought. If we
      do they will be made to suffer from a perpetual fear and an
      incessant insecurity, forever fighting, killing and dying as cannon
      fodder for the corporate wars for profit and power. If we fail them
      they will grow up lacking the freedoms and rights we once took for

      Into the tunnel of the surreal

      American society at the beginning of the 21st century is undergoing
      a monumental transformation into dimensions bordering on the
      surreal. As capitalism exerts tremendous pressure on parents to
      become machine-like, efficient-seeking, Puritanical work ethic
      slaves of the corporate Leviathan the television has become parent,
      teacher, role model and best friend to America's youth.

      It is manipulating, conditioning, brainwashing and programming their
      minds, creating obedient drones and unthinking sloths. Attention
      spans are being made extinct, collective amnesia is all-encompassing
      and anti-depressants are replacing candy as our children's yummy
      treats. Relevant news and valuable knowledge are considered boring,
      not fast-paced or hip enough in a society born with a remote control
      in hand. Reading, the great empowerer of minds, has been all but
      abandoned by our young generations, replaced by the video game and
      the television. If books bring knowledge, which enables power, then
      television creates ignorance, which fosters mental indigence.
      Parents have stopped teaching, rearing, raising, disciplining and
      loving. Children have stopped learning the concepts of human
      interaction; they are losing all semblances of empathy, discipline
      and knowledge. The corporation now owns our youth's future; the
      state now engineers their minds.

      Capitalism has eroded happiness while birthing depression. It has
      programmed us for its wars and crimes, making us subservient and
      acquiescent beings. Like a marionette it controls us, pulling all
      the strings to get its desired results. Into the tunnel of the
      surreal our society finds itself, trapped in darkness, shackled to
      murky walls of shame, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet
      unable to move an inch away from the corrosive grip the latter
      stages of capitalism have on us.

      In time this economic form of governance will implode upon itself.
      The wickedness of its existence and the demons of human nature it
      resurrects make this truism an inevitability. The exploitation,
      subjugation, and greed it fosters will one day soon force it to
      collapse under its own weight. Too many people are made to suffer;
      too much inequality and injustice roams the planet. The symptoms of
      its disease are presently wreaking havoc on American society. The
      signs are visible to anyone who can see how fast the degeneration of
      America has taken place, coinciding with the enormous rise of crony
      capitalism that has created unsustainable levels of consumerism,
      materialism, waste, unhappiness, corruption and greed.

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