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Islam flinches from our values

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    They see the United Kingdom, where 20% of babies conceived are aborted and 41% of live births are illegitimate, as an undesirable role model for family life.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2004
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      They see the United Kingdom, where 20% of babies conceived are
      aborted and 41% of live births are illegitimate, as an undesirable
      role model for family life.

      No wonder Islam flinches from crusade of Blair values

      HUSH, hush, whisper who dares, Britain's exporting the values of
      Blair... If you wonder why we are enmeshed in the ever-worsening
      crisis in Iraq, then you simply have not been listening. The Great
      Charlatan spelled it out at the recent Labour Party conference, when
      he explained "success for us in Iraq is not success for America or
      Britain, or even Iraq itself, but for the values and the way of life
      democracy represents".

      That is true (not an encomium one can often award to any claim by
      Blair). The insurgency in Iraq has been provoked by fear the
      coalition will impose there "the values and the way of life
      democracy represents". Observers in the outside world, not having
      enjoyed the benefit of being morally anaesthetised by our own
      progressive consensus, assess the `values' of western society in
      stark, even judgmental, terms.

      They see the United Kingdom, where 20% of babies conceived are
      aborted and 41% of live births are illegitimate, as an undesirable
      role model for family life. We have vowed to bring security to Iraq,
      but we are unable to police our own country. Figures just out for
      the second quarter of this year record 303,500 violent crimes in
      England and Wales - an increase of 11% since last year. Nobody over
      the age of 30 dares to venture into the centres of our towns and
      cities between 8pm and 4am. The adult members of society are under
      curfew and the elderly under house arrest: feral youth has taken
      over. Come on in, Iraq - the water's lovely!

      Functional illiteracy is growing at a rate that will soon converge
      with Iraq's level for males. Driven by the media, British society is
      swamped by every kind of vulgarity, indecency and incivility. The
      response of the liberal establishment to spiralling drug abuse is to
      legalise it. The one indispensable cement of society - the family -
      is under unremitting attack from the Blair regime, legally, fiscally
      and rhetorically. Marriage is a hated institution the Blairites are
      determined to destroy.

      There is a widespread pretence that many young women today are
      electing not to marry. This liberal assumption conceals the
      startling fact that, for the first time in history, marriage is not
      an available option for millions of women: no one in their social
      milieu would dream of marrying them. Young men have been relieved of
      all responsibility - in the name of female emancipation. Feminist
      commentators deplore the custom of arranged marriages in other
      cultures: tell that to tower-block Tracey, single mum, product
      of `peer pressure' from age 12, serial amenity for many `partners'.
      She might think it would have been no bad thing if someone had
      arranged a marriage for her.

      America, leader of the coalition, at least has the merit of being a
      morally divided society, with one half still defending traditional
      values. That is the constituency of George Bush, who foolishly
      allowed himself to be drawn into the Iraqi adventure by the
      ideologically deracinated `neo-conservatives'. The other half of
      America belongs to John Kerry ("I am a Catholic"), who voted with
      the anti-life last-ditchers in defence of partial-birth abortion.

      Blair, addressing the US Congress last year, told that
      audience: "Our ultimate weapon is not our guns but our beliefs.
      Don't ever apologise for your values." In the United States, 25% of
      conceptions end in abortion and a further 25% in illegitimate
      births. America's annual divorce rate has more than tripled since
      1950. The black community, so stable in 1950, has disintegrated: 60%
      of black teenagers in the US today are the offspring of single
      mothers. The Jerry Springer, trailer-trash culture has overtaken
      much of America. In that breeding-ground were spawned the
      women `soldiers' whose sadism and sexual grossness appalled the
      Middle East. Apologise for our values? Hell, no! What's to apologise

      How does the secular west look to Islamic and other societies? Are
      people who pray three times a day, marry for life, have a
      punctilious sense of sexual decency and a strong attachment to the
      family expected to welcome as liberators the amoral, dysfunctional
      primates slouching out of the d├ębris of Christendom?

      Before September 11, there was a complacent assumption that Islam
      was on the way out; that as soon as satellite television brought Sex
      and the City to the souk, Muslims would roll over, as the Christians
      had done, before the advance of secularism. This turned out to be a
      false hope: the advent of Al-Jazeerah and other stations and the
      facility with which militant Islam brought its message to the
      Internet deprived the west of the cultural advantage. Technology is
      not always on the side of atheist modernity: there is even an
      Islamic nuclear bomb now, in Pakistan. The odds are becoming more

      To compensate for our imploding civilisation, we have made a fetish
      of `democracy'. In Britain today, under the management of political
      parties which have secured a monopoly of admission to Parliament, it
      is now a system of elected dictatorship. We are encouraged to
      disregard the loss of our real liberties and to cherish the illusion
      that 1/44 millionth of a say in the running of the country is a
      precious enfranchisement. In Iraq, it would be 1/12 millionth of a
      say - notionally more influential, but of that country's 12.7
      million potential electorate, there are at most 50,000 teachers,
      doctors and westernised bourgeois who want democracy.

      In Britain, disillusionment with the whole farce is reflected in the
      71.4% turnout at the 1997 general election slumping to 59.5% in
      2001. Viewed from outer space, which looks more of a basket case -
      Islam or western secular democracy? Well, now you know who is going
      to win.



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