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A Christ Follower's Dilemma

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    From PHARISEE WATCH: KILL ON SIGHT A Christ Follower s Dilemma By Charles E. Carlson http://www.whtt.org/whtt.shtml?articles/KillOnS2.htm Killing the wounded
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2004

      "KILL ON SIGHT" A Christ Follower's Dilemma

      By Charles E. Carlson


      Killing the wounded and bombing civilians is policy from the U.S.
      top. How can this be denied, when they tell us so up front? If we
      allow it, as in Abu Ghraib prison, a guilty few will be scapegoats
      for the acts of their leaders.

      An "imbedded journalist" traveling with a U.S. Marine squad that was
      cleaning up hours after the so-called "fighting," photographed a
      point blank murder with full sound and voices. The evidence is
      unmistakable. Is it the work of a single out-of-control man, or a
      growing mercenary military?

      One individual, who we will call Marine X and who appears to be
      unnamed to this day, was photographed in the act of deliberately
      slaughtering a wounded man. Worse yet, we now know this
      unfortunate, unnamed man was found in a mosque among the dead, where
      he had been lying in his own blood for 12 hours, too weak to crawl
      away. We are asked to believe the shooting was justified by the
      shooter's fears, even though the camera recorded him shouting in
      high-strung rage before he did it. Petitions are being filed in the
      shooter's behalf, and "conservative" talk show hosts make demeaning
      comments about the victims over 50,000 watt stations about human
      beings whom they speak of as animals.

      The U.S. press minimizes the crime by characterizing the victim as
      a "combatant," though he was too weak to crawl, and an "insurgent,"
      though they have no way of knowing if he was part of an insurrection
      or "collateral damage." The Los Angeles Times put it this way:

      "Televised images of marine fatally shooting an unarmed, wounded
      insurgent in a Fallujah mosque were repeatedly broadcast on Arab
      TV." The byline called the helpless man a "combatant." Marine X's
      recorded voice reveals that he did not fear the man, that he
      considered him less than human, and that he thought it his right to
      kill him. We now know many thousands of non-insurgents have been
      killed since the first shock and awe attack.

      Either the imbedded press fails to look at such incidents, or it is
      denied access to the worst of these actions. For whatever reason,
      we are not being told the obvious, that indiscriminate killing of
      everyone in sight is stated U.S. policy. The truth is coming out in
      large and small pieces. We now have every reason to believe the
      number of civilians killed in Iraq could be more than 100,000, and
      we have been lied to about this from the start. Mohamed Malawi, the
      puppet thug picked by the U.S. to rule Iraq, had the chutzpah to
      say "no civilians were killed."

      The L.A. Times, like most of the U.S.-Israeli controlled press,
      fails to make the obvious point that this one photographed incident
      is only the tip of the iceberg of hate murders of Iraqis. It is all
      too obvious from many reports that murder is standard operating
      procedure (SOP) in Iraq, and that the imbedded press fails to report
      it except in rare incidents like this one. In most cases they don't
      see it.

      In another documented incident, four Iraqis were killed by Marine
      rifle fire in a crowded mosque in Baghdad on Friday, November 19th,
      while praying. It was the Muslim Sabbath at the crowded sundown
      prayer service, and many more were wounded. This story was reported
      by the Arab press and confirmed by the Washington Post. Had it not
      been for Middle Eastern independent journalist Dahr Jamail, who
      takes his life in his hands every day to report un-imbedded real
      news, we would not have known this happened.

      This disgusting act by Marine X in Fallujah was absolutely
      predictable by anyone who bothered to read the pre-attack statements
      of our leaders. Permission to murder innocents was telegraphed by
      several Marine commanders before the invasion started. Every
      statement emphasized massive killing. Several commanders as much as
      said they would kill anyone they found alive. How can we expect
      more humanity from Marine X?

      This stupid or unlucky Marine X did what he was told to do right in
      front of a camera, but no cameras were present when the original
      shock force stormed through the mosque where the victim was wounded
      almost 12 hours before, and there will never be a report of how many
      of those shot were civilians.

      We must not allow this incident to be blamed on one bad apple, as
      was Abu Ghraib. Like Lynnette English, the lightweight but sadistic
      sex queen of interrogators, Marine X needs to face justice, but he
      must not be a dumping place for blame for our public policy and
      those who support and implement it.

      Every professional solder commander, every political Warmaker, and
      every Judaized Christian leader who supported the war and made
      Fallujah possible shares the blood guilt on the hands of the men in
      Iraq, including the near idiot who committed the terrible deed on

      This Marine X is not a fluke; he is the rule. He was naïve enough
      to believe all the kill talk Marines are made to shout at the top of
      their lungs a hundred times every day. He simply got caught crawling
      out of a rotten barrel of apples. We know who murdered one man, but
      who killed the 100,000 other Iraqi civilians buried in and under and
      around the destroyed homes of Iraq?

      Who is not guilty? Those who have stood against this war and
      continue to condemn it at every evil turn and try their best to do
      something to prevent it. If you have stood aside until now, join
      Christ as a peacemaker.

      Among the guilty, none are guiltier than the religious leaders who
      know better. These professionals call themselves by Christ's name
      but are anything but peacemakers. They are Pharisees who claim to
      love justice and feed hatred with false doctrine. They are the
      guiltiest of all, because they provide an aura of morality and even
      nobleness to the warmongering that trains men to kill like a pack of
      attack dogs and even tells them to enjoy it because the enemy is not

      War veterans are already paying the price for their acts. A
      mentally impaired veteran told a late night network interviewer and
      a national audience of the agony he lives with, caused by images of
      the many of those he killed, including three Iraqis he claimed to
      have stabbed to death. The interviewer spared the tormented man by
      not asking how he got close enough to them to stab them to death.
      Imagine it!

      Our military has created a class of professional killers,
      mercenaries in every sense of the word. Some will become callous
      murders by profession; many more will have to live with the agony of
      their acts. Unlike Vietnam, where most soldiers, including Marines,
      were drafted or enlisted to avoid the draft, in Iraq every man is
      there by his own choice. Not one can say, "I was there because I
      was drafted and I did what I was told to do." Each one made a

      The press works its subtle distortion in the face of indisputable
      evidence. It fails to make the obvious point that Marine X's act
      can only be the tip of the iceberg of thousands or tens of thousands
      of slaughtered Iraqis since the onset of "Shock and Awe," a name
      intended to imply unimaginable destruction and brutality. Field
      commanders who stated before the first shot was fired that they
      planned to kill anyone they found alive.

      President Bush cast this war as a struggle between good and evil.
      From the highest levels they use the kill word when speaking of
      Iraqis. One Marine colonel, who sounded like a Baptist preacher,
      was quoted as saying:

      "... the enemy has got a face. He's called Satan. He lives in
      Falluja. And we're going to destroy him. (TEACHING "VALUES" by
      Aljazeera) http://www.whtt.org/whtt.shtml?rpr/Teaching.htm

      Marine X is an assassin, but he is only unique in that he forgot he
      was on camera. No cameras or reports were allowed when the original
      killing force went through the mosque killing everyone in sight and
      leaving this one victim for dead. Nor is the exposure of this one
      murder an isolated case. On November 14, the day before the killing
      began, the following report was posted from interviews with Marines
      in Fallujah:

      "Some battalions are pushing through the city and others are
      clearing it. Battalions like ours are coming from behind, going
      house-to-house killing guys" said a US marine, Lt. Michael Prato.
      (HANDSTAND, UK MONTHLY, November 2004)

      Lt. Prato told the truth. His job was to come along behind and
      murder the survivors, which is exactly what Marine X did, and that
      is what the cameraman recorded only 24 hours later. There is no way
      to minimize it or shift the blame to one man. The murder plans came
      from the top, not from a cursing, screaming ignorant and sadistic
      enlisted individual in a mop-up squad.

      Unarmed men have been slaughtered; woman and children mutilated and
      terrified. Some women have spontaneously aborted babies due to the
      terrible shock and pressure of carpet booming. Every such hidden
      death of an unborn child is a crime equal to the crime committed on

      Blame the Christian and Jewish leaders who reelected Bush and his
      war plans by registering and driving Bush voters. Had Bush lost the
      election, there would have been no Fallujah, no matter how week-
      kneed John Kerry is, because if had Kerry won, it would have been a
      stunning mandate against war, and he would have been forced to seek
      a more peaceful path.

      The Christian leaders who rallied their people for Bush did so under
      the terribly mistaken belief that carrying out the will of Israel's
      brutal leaders is their duty to Israel. This unholy alliance
      between a handful of Israeli terrorist leaders, one or two million
      militant Israeli patriots, and 40 million or more Judaized
      Christians has placed us in the morass of serial wars and spiraling
      energy costs.

      It has also made a murderer of Marine X and many more.

      This secular, Judeo-Christian alliance also bears the blame for the
      unbelievably brutal murder of an unarmed 13 year old Palestinian
      girl shot dead at a checkpoint by an Israeli Colonel who riddled
      her body with over 20 rifle rounds in front of he friends and
      family. Without the support of the "Christian Right," this killer
      of little girls could not have been cleared of all charges, as he

      The swing vote for the death mandate comes from the Judaized
      churches of America. They alone, with the Israelis, say the Iraqis
      are subhuman and God has ordained their liquidation, just as they
      often say God "slew the Canaanites to make way for Israel 3000 years
      ago." These apostate elders must suspect deep inside they are
      enablers of death, and they mislead those who follow in the name of
      Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

      Let those who agree with us withdraw support from the pro-death
      churches now. Even if you choose to go back to help change the
      friends you've left behind, withdraw all financial support. Join
      Project Strait Gate to expose the Judaization of our Christian

      Next week we'll share with you the foolproof one question test to
      determine whether any church has been infected.

      CHURCH LEADERS all over America every week?

      Support Strait Gate Ministries every month. Calls welcome, or copy
      and paste the following long URL into your browser address window.



      P.O. Box 14491

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