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American Jews Bomb Jerusalem

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    Four American Jews arrested for throwing molotov cocktail at Palestinians Agence France Presse 24 November 2004 JERUSALEM Nov 24-- Four American Jewish
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      Four American Jews arrested for throwing molotov cocktail at

      Agence France Presse
      24 November 2004

      JERUSALEM Nov 24-- Four American Jewish students have been arrested
      after they allegedly threw a molotov cocktail at a group of
      Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, police said Wednesday.

      "On Tuesday night, a molotov cocktail firebomb was thrown at a group
      of Arabs who were standing next to a phonebox in the Jewish quarter
      in the Old City," said police spokesman Gil Kleiman, adding that
      no-one was injured.

      "A police investigation found it was thrown from a nearby window
      where four American yeshiva students were residing," he said, using
      the term for a religious Jewish seminary.

      The four, who have denied the charges, were arrested and spent the
      night in prison, he said.

      They were expected to appear before a Jerusalem court Wednesday
      where police would request they remain in custody while an
      investigation was carried out, Kleiman added.

      UN waiting for Israel apology of rocket claim :
      By Irwin Arieff



      United Nations - The United Nations is still waiting for Israel to
      apologise for an erroneous allegation that Palestinian militants
      used a UN ambulance to transport a rocket, a senior UN official said
      on Monday.

      The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees, an
      aid agency active in the West Bank and Gaza, had hoped for "a fresh
      start" in long-strained relations with the Jewish state after the
      charge was found to have no basis.

      But Israeli officials instead quickly resumed criticising the agency
      behind its back, UNRWA Commissioner-General Peter Hansen told

      The allegation endangered UNRWA staff working in the Palestinian
      The initial Israeli accusation, based on blurry black-and-white
      video footage filmed by an Israeli military drone, was made in early
      October as Israeli forces carried out an offensive in the Gaza Strip
      against missile launches targeting Israeli border towns.

      Hansen at the time said the allegation endangered UNRWA staff
      working in the Palestinian territories by encouraging Israeli troops
      to think UN vehicles were "transporting terrorists and weapons."

      "I asked for an apology. I never got one, and I am still waiting for
      one, although not with bated breath," said Hansen, who spoke with
      reporters during a visit to New York to address the 191-nation UN
      General Assembly.

      A UN investigation concluded that the object identified by Israel as
      a Palestinian Qassam rocket was in fact a stretcher, a finding
      Israel did not dispute.

      But within days, he heard from other governments - which he did not
      identify - that the Israeli government was making the rounds with a
      private briefing spelling out 29 additional allegations of UNRWA
      wrongdoing, he said.

      UNRWA had responses to all 29 allegations but had never been
      informed of the charges directly by Israel, he said.

      The recent incidents were only the latest in dozens of cases in
      which Israel leveled charges against his agency that ultimately were
      found to be without foundation, he said.

      Of Human Wrekage and Zionists Dreams:

      Resolution 242 requires withdrawal to the Green Line of 1967 as well
      as from the
      many dozens of illegal settlements. Must there be a crescendo of
      suffering, an
      Armageddon, before the master retreats?

      Of Human Wreckage and Zionists Dreams

      Withdrawal from Gaza?

      David Halpin

      11/02/04 "ICH" The sea was warm. A kingfisher perched momentarily
      atop a rusting reinforcing rod with a tiny fish in its bill. Its
      iridescent beauty was a glistening tear drop on the face of this
      weeping land. Strings of boats were streaming out of the harbour
      with the powerful mother ship towing the tiddlers astern. The
      Prophet in action. Later they would become the long skein of lights
      lying 5 kilometres from shore all night. They strayed no further
      mind you because the sea is also occupied in addition to the land
      and the air.

      I am here to advance the work of the charity I founded with the
      voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin in February last year. The second
      object of this charity is `to relieve poverty, distress and hardship
      among the Palestinian people and to promote the welfare of
      Palestinian children'. I was also here to be a witness and to stand
      with my Palestinian brothers and sisters. I wanted to see this part
      of Palestine again 2004 years since the birth of the Christ 80 miles
      away and in the 56th year of the nakba (catastrophe – literally the
      story of the falling down).

      I entered through the Erez `crossing' 5 days ago. The place was
      deserted apart from Nabil Sha'ath, a Palestinian Authority minister
      plus his wife and little girl. After passing the rifles I was put
      through the `milking machines' as the Palestinians call them. This
      is a series of turnstiles and automated gates designed to `process'
      up to 120,000 folk who went north each day to work before the second
      intifada ( shaking loose the chains). Thence followed a very lonely
      walk down the 300 metre long concrete tunnel. I was welcomed on the
      one hand by a smiling Yousef, the taxi driver, and on the other by
      a `blimp' at 1000 ft with its suspended camera and a
      circling `drone' higher up (?armed or for surveillance). We drove
      through Beit Hanoun, Beit Jahlia and Jabalya and scenes of
      devastation that would match World War battlegrounds. In this land
      though there was no opposing force but flea bite Kalashnikovs and a
      few RPG's only. Dozens upon dozens of homes and businesses had been
      raized in these last few weeks. Later I saw the human wreckage that

      Gaza has slid further towards anarchy since I visited in September
      last year. Side arms were being worn by some and one night the
      porter carried a Kalashnikov in the hotel where I was the sole
      guest. I sat with Dr Iyyad Sarraj one night in his garden under the
      early moon. He is prominent in Palestine and he has concentrated his
      skills that were partly learnt at the Royal Maudsley Hospital into
      caring for the psychological scars caused by devils from without.
      Automatic rifle fire crackled in a nearby street for an hour at
      least. He told me this was probably between the Musa Arafat and
      Dahlan factions. I said it would be music to Likud and that it was
      the natural spawn of a 56 yr old occupation. Overhead a drone
      circled but its note was lower; it was probably a different machine
      and carried a rocket or two in its womb.

      I returned to Jabalya which first arose as a refugee camp in 1948
      when people were being swept southwards by terror and killing. I
      filmed a tense and angry populace wading through sewage in the town
      centre where the central food market sits. Degradation was being
      heaped on loss and pain. The foul drainage has to cope with an
      enlarging and hemmed in population but it was likely that
      the `incursions' had stopped the sewage pumps in downing the power
      poles and lines. Only those who have forked tongues would use the
      word `incursion'.
      Click on image to enlarge

      What these people witnessed were massive military assaults by the
      most advanced tanks backed up by Apache helicopters above and
      Caterpillar D9 armoured bulldozers behind. The tank columns entered
      the Gaza strip at Zeitoun. Over 50 were counted. I later interviewed
      a father of six who had spent 4 days cowering in his bedroom. He
      described the fears and deprivations of his own and other families.
      His own substantial house remained standing alone whilst others and
      the mosque were rubble. The pillars had been buckled by the D9.
      Perhaps the driver had heard the apologist for My Lai, General Colin
      Powell and Secretary of State, calling for `restraint'. 130 folk
      died in these invasions. 500 were injured and 250 were judged as
      having a likely permanent disability. 40% of the latter group were
      children ie under 18 years of age.

      I will describe only one of the children I saw in the Shifa and Al
      Wafah hospitals.
      One girl of thirteen in whom shrapnel (recall the origin of the
      word) had penetrated by her right hip and then ploughed through
      vessels and gut into a sacro-iliac joint. She had had her tummy
      opened thrice in the thirteen days since injury. Her mother was
      pleased that Allah had preserved her life but it was ebbing I
      thought. If she survived she would have a numb and lifeless leg due
      to a sciatic nerve injury at its root. Others were certainly
      surviving but with gross disabilities.
      Click on image to enlarge

      The heartless cynics at home say `it will get a lot worse before it
      gets better'. But it will not be involving them – directly. The US
      servant Kofi Annan murmurs some honeyed words of disapproval. On
      arrival back here I learn that the zealot Blair has told Israel that
      it has no better friend than Britain. And where do the indigenous
      peoples of the Holy land and of the Balfour Declaration fit into
      that hierarchy of friendship Mr Blair?

      All I know is that if Israel obeyed just one of the dozens of UN
      resolutions it has flouted then these people would heave a sigh of
      relief and get on with life in the 22% of historic Palestine
      remaining to them, the lion's share having gone to the Zionist
      dream. Resolution 242 requires withdrawal to the Green Line of 1967
      as well as from the many dozens of illegal settlements. Must there
      be a crescendo of suffering, an Armageddon, before the master

      David Halpin FRCS E-mail <dsh@...>

      Copyright: David Halpin

      Israeli Army to investigate 'trophy photos' of dead Palestinians.

      By Tom Regan

      Christian Science Monitor
      22 November 2004


      In an article that "came as a shock" to many Israelis, the daily
      newspaper Yedioth Ahronot on Friday published an article that
      detailed allegations that Israeli soldiers had taken "trophy photos"
      and "abused" the bodies of dead Palestinians killed during army
      operations. The newspaper reported the practice has become
      widespread in the Israeli army, and happens in "almost in any place
      where clashes erupt between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian

      In one case, soldiers posed for pictures with the head of a suicide
      bomber. In another, a Palestinian who was killed because he was
      basically in the wrong place at the wrong time became a running joke
      for members of one unit.

      Fire was opened at him from a heavy machinegun at military commands.
      After the soldiers reached the area they discovered a body without
      weapons or explosive belt. "He's an ordinary man who did not know
      where to go. The soldiers then tied the body to a military jeep that
      drove to the outpost, where cameras were taken out and pictures were
      taken, immortalizing the new 'mascot' of this combat unit. Since
      that time, soldiers call the body of this Palestinian 'Haffi',"
      which is a word derived from two Hebrew words meaning innocent.

      The Independent reported Saturday that the Israeli Chief of Staff
      ordered an investigation into the incidents detailed by the
      newspaper. Although he denied that the problem was as widespread as
      reported by the paper, the BBC reports that Lt. Gen Moshe Ya'alon
      said the Israeli army's "ethical strength" was no less important
      than its "military strength.

      'I ordered the military police to open an investigation and I intend
      to shed full light on this matter,' he told military radio. 'It is
      inconceivable that such things should happen in the ranks of
      Israel's army ... God forbid if we are compared and likened to those
      against whom we are fighting.'

      But in an editorial in the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, the editors
      point out that six months ago a group of demobilized Israeli
      soldiers had created an exhibit called "Breaking the Silence" where
      they presented their own testimony of severe brutality against
      Palestinian in Hebron. The chief of staff's response at that time,
      Ha'aretz says, was to send military police to confiscate the
      material. The editors also say that anyone who says "it can't happen
      here" is turning "a blind eye to what actually goes on in the

      The IDF [Israeli Defense Force] spokesperson, in response to Yedioth
      Ahronoth, spoke about the fact that soldiers are operating in a
      'complex reality' - a phrase that betrays understanding for the
      soldiers' behavior. But this complex reality is in fact quite
      simple. For decades the IDF and the settlers have acted as they
      pleased in the territories, while the Palestinians' image as human
      beings with rights and with a face has gradually diminished. The
      process of dehumanization has reached a peak during the last four
      years, and certainly where there is no respect for human life, there
      can be no respect for the dead. MSNBC reports Monday that the
      Israeli Army also formally charged an officer with repeatedly
      shooting a Palestinian schoolgirl after she had been wounded by
      other soldiers. The officer in question had been arrested three
      weeks ago after it was found that his report on the death of
      13-year-old Iman Al Hams was false.

      Unidentified soldiers from the unit has also told the Israeli media
      about the incident.

      Finally, United Press International reports that the army is also
      considering asking officers who live in "illegal West Bank
      settlements" to move. UPI reports the issue is a sensitive one
      because at some point the Israeli Army may be asked to remove
      settlers from some of the outposts the officers are now living in.

      Report from Jabaliya refugee camp

      'When we came back they had destroyed all the houses' :

      Chris McGreal reports from Jabaliya refugee camp


      Israel violating international law by destroying homes in Gaza :

      According to a human rights report released Monday.



      EU sanction expected over Gaza :

      The Foreign Ministry fears an increase in European pressure on
      Israel, up to and including the possibility of suspending Israel's
      free-trade agreement with the European Union, in light of the
      growing European criticism of Israel's actions in the territories
      and of the policy declarations emanating from Jerusalem.


      Rights group blasts 'racist' US media

      Monday 15 November 2004 - Al Jazeera


      A rights group has criticised some US media organisations for
      allowing racist and hate-filled speech during its coverage of
      Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat's death.

      The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) said it was
      deeply concerned with "the alarming hostility expressed by media
      commentators towards the Palestinian people in the wake of the death
      of Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat", a statement said.

      The ADC said US networks MSNBC and CNN both broadcast hostile
      commentary regarding Palestinians.

      Don Imus, of the Imus in the Morning programme aired on weekends on
      MSNBC, referred to Arafat as a "rat" and called him "stinky"
      with "beady-eyes". Imus also said that "all Palestinians look like

      The racist comments continued with one of his guests who described
      the Palestinians attending the funeral as "animals" and joked about
      their hygiene.

      "They're dropping soap from the helicopters," the guest laughed.

      Good riddance Arafat

      Also on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, presenter of Scarborough Country,
      began his programme by declaring: "Some are calling Yasir Arafat's
      passing a tragedy. He's actually the father of modern terrorism.
      Good riddance.

      "This was, after all, the man who invented modern terrorism in the
      Middle East and by extension was the godfather of September 11."

      Among the guests on the show was the Palestinian Authority
      representative to the United States, Hasan Abd al-Rahman, who while
      attempting to express his view, was interrupted by shouts
      of "where's the money?" by Scarborough in reference to international

      The ADC also said that CNN was guilty of one-sided, hostile comments.


      "Plans call currently for Yasir Arafat to be buried in his compound
      in Ram Allah, which will eventually be turned into some kind of
      shrine. Maybe they'll put a sign out front for the Palestinian
      people, that reads: 'Here lays the body of the thief who robbed you
      blind'," said Jack Cafferty on CNN's morning programme, American

      "Comments such as the ones listed can only be regarded as an overt
      incitement to ethnic hatred of the Palestinians," the ADC said in a

      "Surely the denigration of an ethnic group, a people who have been
      living under an ongoing 37-year Israeli military occupation,
      constitutes a violation of any system of journalistic standards.

      "We should be seeking and working towards a just and lasting peace
      for the Israelis and the Palestinians instead of engaging in hateful
      rhetoric which dehumanises a people and affects perception of
      television viewers.

      "We call on all members of the media to be objective in their
      reporting and commentary," the statement added.



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