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When Victims Rule

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    When Victims Rule http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/open.htm What Follows is a Synopsis of When Victims Rule See Website for Full Text 1. Introduction 2.The
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      When Victims Rule


      What Follows is a Synopsis of When Victims Rule
      See Website for Full Text

      1. Introduction

      2.The Causes of Hostility Toward Jews: A Historical Overview [419
      kilobytes] [about 102 paper pages] The religious origins of Jewish
      identity; the Torah (Old Testament); the Chosen People concept; the
      Code of Jewish Law; Jewish self-conception as a "nation apart"; brief
      overview of Israelite Old Testament violence; the Talmud; Jewish
      apostates and medieval Christian investigation of the Talmud;
      traditional Jewish racism, elitism, ethnocentrism, tribalism, and
      exclusionism; modern Jewish apologetics for traditional beliefs; the
      importance of Maimonides; the Jacob-Esau tradition; Reform Judaism
      and the modern euphemism of Jewish "particularism" (versus pan-human
      universalism); traditional Jewish messianic chauvinism in left-wing
      secular political movements; and more.

      3. Jews and Christianity [31 Kilobytes] [about 6 paper pages]Brief
      history of Christian-Jewish relations; a contextual view of anti-
      Jewish religious persecution; Jewish-inspired atrocities against
      Christians in the early years of the Christ movement; traditional
      Jewish defamation of Christianity.

      4. Usury [110 Kilobytes] [about 21 paper pages] Domination of Jewish
      money lending for interest in the Middle Ages; Christian condemnation
      of usury; Jewish prohibitions of usury within intra-Jewish dealing;
      Jews popularly known as economic exploiters; uprisings against Jewish
      money lenders; Jewish double standards of morality; Jewish organized
      crime in the Middle Ages and later; Jewish "fencing" operations;
      medieval Christian investigations into Jewish double standards of
      morality, and identity.

      5. Yicchus (Status) [109 Kilobytes] [about 18 paper pages]
      Traditional Jewish concerns with social status; money and status;
      Jewish folklore about money; Reform Judaism's changing of synagogue
      decorum; auctioning rights to read prayers in the synagogue;
      widespread Jewish celebration of ostentation; Jewish ostentation as a
      contribution to anti-Semitism; the opulent Jewish enclaves of Beverly
      Hills, CA and Palm Beach, FL

      6. Jewish Money and Economic Influence: the Historical Context [362
      Kilobytes] [about 79 paper pages] The works by Max Weber and Werner
      Sombart about Jewish influence in the development of capitalism; the
      relationship between Jewish religious belief, ethics, and capitalism;
      the international folklore tradition that Jews are misers, cheats,
      deceivers, and frauds; Jewish international networking; the rise of
      the opulent Court Jews; centuries-old Jewish domination as war
      profiteers; the Rothschilds and the rise of other Jewish banking
      firms; medieval Jewish dominance of Spain by Jews who pretended to be
      Christians; Jewish economic and cultural pre-eminence in pre-World
      War II Germany, Austria, France, Italy, England, and Eastern Europe
      (including Poland, Hungary, Russia, and other countries); Jews as
      economic elites in South Africa, South America, Central America, Hong
      Kong, and Iran; Benjamin Disraeli, the Jews, and western imperialism;
      Jewish pre-eminence in the leadership of Soviet communism, including
      Jewish pre-eminence in the Soviet terrorist secret police

      7. A Closer Look at the Jews in Polish and Eastern European History
      [139 Kilobytes] [about 27 paper pages] Impoverishment and degradation
      of (non-Jewish) peasants throughout Eastern European history; Jews as
      a special caste in the feudal system; relative affluence of Jews in
      comparison to other peoples; the historical sufferings of the Poles;
      Jewish privilege in the Middle Ages; Jewish roles as tax collectors,
      monopolizers of the alcohol trade, and land lessees from nobles;
      Jewish exploitation of the peasants; peasant and Cossack revolts
      against feudal and Jewish oppression ("pogroms"); Jewish
      ethnocentrism in Russia; Riots/pogroms against Jews; the tens of
      millions of people killed in decades leading up to, and after, the
      Russian communist revolution; anti-Jewish violence contextualized
      within widespread social upheaval; Jewish economic pre-eminence in
      Eastern Europe

      8. Jews and Slavery [83 Kilobytes] [about 16 paper pages] Jewish
      religious concepts of slavery; Jewish domination of the slave traffic
      of Slavs, beginning in the 5th century; Prominent Jews in the early
      Ku Klux Klan, as defenders of slavery and the southern Confederacy;
      The Nation of Islam's controversial book, The Secret Relationship
      Between Blacks and Jews; the Jewish role in the slave trading of
      Africans; Jewish apologetics and mainstream academic rejection of The
      Secret Relationship.

      9. Jewish Crime [121 Kilobytes] [about 15 paper pages] Jewish crime,
      focusing here in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s; Jewish
      criminal networks in New York City and other major cities; the
      central Jewish influence in the birth of "organized" crime; prominent
      Jewish fraudsters and scam artists; Meyer Lansky and "the Syndicate";
      Jewish pre-eminence in Las Vegas (and other international "Sin
      Cities") and its criminal underworld; Jewish criminal contributions
      to the founding of modern Israel; modern Jewish myth of categorical
      historical innocence and nonviolence versus the facts of history;
      noteworthy Jewish criminals in more modern times.

      10. Jews and "White Slavery" (the International Prostitution Trade at
      the Turn of the 20th Century) [54 Kilobytes] [about 12 paper pages]
      Jewish domination of the early 20th century prostitution trade,
      including the United States, Argentina, Poland, Germany, South
      Africa, Russia, Austria, Brazil and other countries; Jewish control
      of three-quarters of the prostitution trade in New York City and
      Chicago; modern Jewish dismissal of such historical facts as Nazi-
      type hate propaganda; modern Israel's importance in the international
      prostitution trade today.

      11. The Jewish Cosmology of Victimhood (Part 1) [101 Kilobytes]
      [about 21 paper pages] The Jewish self-conception and enforcement of
      collective categorical innocence through history; Jewish martyrology
      mythology; Jewish legend versus historical fact; Cecil Roth's pre-
      Holocaust assessment of the collective Jewish innocence tradition;
      the post-Holocaust age of Jewish apologetics; political use of the
      Jewish "cult of the persecuted" for modern Israel.

      12. The Jewish Cosmology of Victimhood (Part 2) [130 Kilobytes]
      [about 25 paper pages] The Talmud as an ethnocentric, ahistorical
      compilation; traditional Jewish disinterest in non-Jewish history;
      Jewish celebration of its continuously proclaimed historical
      martyrdom; secular Jewish historical revisionism to fit
      religious "chosen sufferer" models; Jewry's categorical and militant
      insistence upon its historical innocence; Jewish conviction that all
      non-Jews hate Jews; effects of the "persecution tradition" upon the
      psychology of Jewish children; Jewish insistence upon the
      martyrological role, even while functioning as economic oppressors.

      13. The Jewish Dictates of History [153 Kilobytes] [about 32 paper
      pages] Continued growth of "Jewish Studies" and the Jewish academic's
      role in maintaining the martyrological legend; Gentile disdain for
      Jews across history, culture, language, and class; singular Jewish
      focus upon anti-Semitism as a "mystifying disease"; the ban on
      criticizing anything Jewish in western society; influence upon Jewish
      Studies programs by wealthy philanthropic propagandists; Jewish
      Studies centers as outposts for ethnocentrism and pro-Israel
      polemics; examples of Jewish historical revisionism and militant
      resistance to face the more unpleasant facts of Jewish history;
      Jewish narcissism; Jewish censorship of dissenting views; the growing
      intra-Jewish debate about alleged Jewish powerlessness through

      14.Who/What Is a Jew? [60 Kilobytes] [about 13 paper pages]
      Paradoxical lack of Jewish consensus about who exactly is a Jew;
      traditional racial definitions of Jewish identity; the enduring
      racial undercurrent definition today; popular Jewish identity as
      being "History's Greatest Victims"; Jewish need for anti-Semitism as
      an identity anchor; Jewish self-conception of superior intelligence;
      Jewish arrogance; lack of Jewish humility as an anti-Gentile
      hostility; Jewish preoccupation with "materialism and superiority."

      15. Assimilation/Intermarriage/Conversion to Judaism [89 Kilobytes]
      [about 15 paper pages] Traditional Jewish resistance to intermarriage
      (marriage to a non-Jew); recent Jewish alarm at high rates of
      intermarriage; Gentile spouses' conversion to Judaism; Jewish
      spouses' intense connection to Jewish identity; popular Jewish
      rejection of converts to Judaism; centrality of Jewish racial belief
      that real Jews are born that way.

      16. The Jewish Self-Conception of Intellectual, Moral, and Spiritual
      Superiority [85 Kilobytes] [about 11 paper pages] The Jewish
      celebration of Jewish Nobel prize winners; Jewish celebration of
      alleged Jewish superiority in intelligence over other peoples; racist
      arguments that Jews are genetically more intelligent than others;
      Jewish arrogance as a solicitation of non-Jewish hostility; Jewish
      chutzpah -- pushiness, nerviness; Jewish claims to superiority as
      part of Chosen People ethnocentrism.

      17. Other Jewish Contributions to Modern Racist Currents [53
      Kilobytes] [about 20 paper pages] Prominent Jewish racial theorists
      in the early 1900s; the Jew as "genius"; Jewish superiority claims
      based upon Ashkenazi (European Jewish) models -- not the Sephardim
      (Jews from the Middle East); Jewish genetic diseases from centuries
      of interbreeding; genetic myths of Jewish identity.

      18 (In two parts)
      The Holocaust and Genocide (pt. 1) [501 Kilobytes] [about 93 paper
      pages] The Nazi persecutors' inadvertent rejuvenation of Jewish
      identity; early Israeli shame of Holocaust survivors, and today's
      heroizing of them; creation of the secular Holocaust theology in the
      1960s; Israel's "redemptive" 1967 victory over the Arabs as a
      milestone in Jewish Holocaust cosmology; the Holocaust and Israel as
      cores of modern Jewish identity; German fascism's Master Race
      ideology as an echo of Jewry's Chosen People claim; precedents for
      Nazi-inspired genocide (and other racist policies) in original Jewish
      teachings; the reification of such material in some Jewish quarters
      today; Holocaust-centeredness throughout the western mass media;
      Jewish religious tenets and anti-Black racism; the importance of the
      symbol of Amalek in Jewish tradition, the injunction that he should
      be eternally hated, and the continuous call for his extermination;
      the Holocaust in the forgotten context of World War II; Nazi
      intention to exterminate Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and others; the
      undercurrent of Chosen People racism in the idea that murdered Jews
      are more important than anyone else murdered; modern Jewish
      defamation of Poles, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians and other
      Eastern Europeans; Jewish exclusionism and separatism in pre-World
      War II Eastern Europe; the lack of Jewish resistance to the Nazis;
      Jewish collaborators with German fascists; Jewish domination of
      postwar communist secret police organizations and concentration
      camps; Jewish double standards for World War II era history: one
      standard for Jews, and another for non-Jews; mainstream Jewry's
      resistance to the facts of World War II-era history.

      18 (In two parts)
      The Holocaust and Genocide (pt. 2) [543 Kilobytes] [about 124 paper
      pages] Jewish and western world obsession with the Holocaust; Jewish
      insistence that the "Holocaust was unique"; Holocaust uniqueness as
      part of the traditional Chosen People concept; the importance of
      Jewish Old Testament-sanctioned genocide in understanding the
      Holocaust; the invention of the Jewish dead as heroes and martyrs for
      the Jewish cause; the proliferation of worldwide Holocaust museums as
      Judeo-centric and Israeli propaganda posts; the usurping of
      distinctly American patriotic sites beneath the Jewish martyrological
      flag; the Holocaust as Big Business; the proliferation of
      Judeocentric Holocaust classes in American schools; international
      Jewish aspects of the world Holocaust history scene; the Auschwitz
      convent controversy; popular mass media renditions of the Holocaust:
      Shoah, Maus, Schindler's List; the trial of John Demjanjuk, accused
      mass murderer.

      19 (In two parts)
      The Accusation of Anti-Semitism (pt. 1) [387 Kilobytes] [about 121
      paper pages] The necessity of the anti-Semite in Jewish identity; the
      insistence that anti-Semitism is an irrational, mystifying,
      psychological "disease" and that Jews are categorically innocent and
      blameless for the tragedies that have befallen them; Sigmund Freud
      and his theories of psychoanalysis; continued Jewish domination of
      the field of psychoanalysis; psychoanalysis as a "Jewish
      science"; "Being Jewish" as a psychological condition; Freudianism as
      a dictatorial and elitist enterprise; Freudianism and talmudism;
      Freudianism and money; psychoanalysis as a device to explain the
      categorical irrationality of anti-Semitism; post World War II Anti-
      Defamation League studies of anti-Semitism; the ADL studies as
      propaganda; Jewish obsession with anti-Semitism, even when it has
      become popularly negligible; the accusation of links between
      Christianity and Nazism; anti-Semitism as a Gentile reaction to
      Jewish racism, elitism, separatism, and chauvinism; Jewish efforts to
      defame as anti-Semites many of the great names of the western
      tradition and literature; the Anti-Defamation League's campaigns of
      censorship; Jewish censorship of dissenting Jews; popular Jewish
      literature with racist, anti-Gentile themes; the Jewish anti-Gentile
      folk tradition.

      19 (In two parts)
      The Accusation of Anti-Semitism (pt. 2) [557 Kilobytes] [about 80
      paper pages] Jewish "self-hate" as the Jewish version of anti-
      Semitism; Jewish historical revisionism even in dictionaries world
      wide; evidence that popular negative opinion about early Jewish
      Russian immigrants to America in the early 19th century was not
      unfairly biased; logical origins of Jewish self-hatred; Jewish
      neurosis, the myths of the Jewish family, Jewish mothers; the
      Jewish "cult of the shiksa"; the Jewish American Princess;
      traditional Jewish sexual mores; criticism of Jews by Karl Marx and
      Theodore Herzl; Jewish-Israeli identity and the creation of a macho
      Jewish male model; violent Jewish "revenge" novels; Jewish suspicion
      of non-Jews; further 1960s Anti Defamation League studies of anti-
      Semitism and the labeling of much of the U.S. population to be anti-
      Semites, despite the fact that much Gentile criticism of Jewry was
      based on verifiable evidence.

      20 (In two parts)
      Jewish Influence in Popular American Culture (part 1) [526 Kilobytes]
      [about 111 paper pages] Jewish tribal identity in modern America;
      Jewry's "civil religion" and its inherent contradictions; Jewish and
      Zionist influence in the creation of "multiculturalism"; continued
      Jewish attack upon Christian identity and institutions; the Jewish
      deconstruction of the WASP and Christian-oriented status quo; the
      marginalization of Christian identity in American popular culture;
      Jewish assault upon the Pope; Jewish resistance to
      interfaith "dialogue" and its propensity to attack and complain; the
      double standard throughout American society that treats Judaism as
      a "most favored" religion; blatantly anti-Christian public policy in
      Israel; America's abandonment of Christian self-
      sacrificing, "universalist" principles for Jewish
      aggrandizing, "particularist" ones; Israel as the focus of modern
      Jewish identity (both religiously and secularly); Jewish self-
      obsession and narcissism -- allegiance to the international tribe;
      the traditional question of Jewish loyalty (to Israel or America?);
      Zionist domination of Jewish American life; Jewish spies and
      international Jewish networks to aid Israeli agents; Jewish/Israeli
      intrigue and the atom bomb; the traditional Jewish concept
      of "galut" -- the feeling of exile, and estrangement from non-Jews;
      Jewish spy networks as communists; purges of Jews accused of
      disloyalty in Eastern Europe; Israeli spy systems throughout the

      20 (In two parts)
      Jewish Influence in Popular American Culture (pt. 2) [531 Kilobytes]
      [about 112 paper pages] Massive Jewish abandonment of left-wing
      movements and a retreat to traditional tribalism; renewed Jewish
      interest in religious Orthodoxy; Jewish domination, exploitation, and
      self-interest in the African-American civil rights movement; Jewish
      anti-Black racism; the proclivity of Jews towards servants and maids;
      Jewish paternalism over the African-American community; Jewish self-
      conceptions of being an oppressed minority group, even as it exists
      as a socioeconomic dominator; multicultural minority groups'
      reluctance to accept Jews; Jewish influence in the creation of
      the "Victim is King" ideology throughout popular America; Jewish self-
      interest and predominance in lawsuits that killed affirmative action
      quotas; Jewish academic pre-eminence in dictating other ethnic
      realities; Jewish doctors and America's circumcision popularity; Jews
      as an academic power elite; Jewish economic domination in African-
      American ghettos; Jewish slum lords; Jewish dominance of the New York
      City school system; the Jewish attack upon Afro-centrism; lifestyle
      hypocrisies of wealthy liberal Jews; the tradition of Jewish name-
      changing; Jewish tribalism in American politics; Jewish pre-eminence
      in "separation of Church and state" lawsuits; Jewish religious
      exploitation of legal channels to garner federal funds; the pro-
      Jewish legal double standard that effects Judaism and Christianity;
      public Jewish universalist facades over private chauvinist identities.

      21. Money, Class, Power [408 Kilobytes] [about 88 paper pages] Jews
      as the wealthiest ethnic group in America and as a key strata in
      western societies; Jewish pre-eminence in the fashion and clothing
      industry; Jewish monopolization of the diamond business; extinction
      of a Jewish proletariat; Jewish American billionaires; prominent
      Jewish entrepreneurs in Europe; Jewish international influence in
      real estate; Jewish-owned department stores, liquor conglomerates,
      and numerous other companies, from toy- to weapons-manufacturing;
      Jewish CEOs of giant American companies; growing Jewish dominance of
      the business side of the sports world, as team owners, agents, and
      professional league officials; Jewish money and entrepreneurial power
      in basketball, baseball, football, boxing, skiing, wrestling, body
      building; traditional Jewish tribalism in the marketplace.

      22. Wall Street/Jewish-Israeli Ethics, and the World of Fund Raising
      [299 Kilobytes] [about 64 paper pages] The Jewish "Old Crowd"
      and "New Crowd" on Wall Street; Jewish activism in corporate mergers
      and acquisitions; investment banking; Jewish corporate raiders;
      Michael Milken and the Jewish-centered Wall Street scandals of the
      1980s; Jews and international white collar crime; financial and other
      scandals in Israel; protective flight to Israel for Jewish criminals
      throughout the world; Jewish professional scam artists; Jewish
      criminal contributions to the state of Israel and major Jewish
      organizations; sexual harassment and exploitation in the Jewish-
      dominated psychoanalytic field; Jewish organizations' focus on
      raising money above all other considerations; the question of Jewish
      values and ethics.

      23. Drugs and Drug Money Laundering within Jewish Networks:
      the "Russian" Mafia, the "Ultra-Orthodox," and Others [294 Kilobytes]
      [about 62 paper pages] Jewish historical influence in the criminal
      drug world; drug money laundering in New York City's Jewish diamond
      world; the international cocaine triangle: Israelis, other Jewish
      couriers and launderers, and the Colombian drug cartel; drug money
      laundering through Jewish ultra-Orthodox religious networks; special
      privileges afforded Jews in prison; Jewish pre-eminence in the
      smuggling of marijuana and Ecstasy; Jewish pre-eminence in
      the "Russian" Mafia; Jewish Russian influence in the giant
      International Monetary Fund scandal; crime in the ultra-Orthodox
      community; criminals' protection from being identified as Jewish in
      the mass media; the exploitation of the accusation of anti-Semitism
      by Jewish criminals; the Jewish ethnic media's self-reflections about
      the crisis in Jewish ethics.

      24. (In three parts)
      Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt. 1) [362 Kilobytes] [about 76
      paper pages] Jewish control of the mass media; Jewish filmmakers,
      comedians; the popularity of psychoanalysis in Hollywood; non-Jewish
      movie stars in the Jewish world; the Jewish "shiksa cult" and its
      role in institutionalized sexual predation in Hollywood; Jewish
      dominance of major Hollywood studios; Jewish screenwriters; Jewish
      nepotism; pre-eminence of Jewish women in the Hollywood power elite;
      Norman Lear, Aaron Spelling, and other powerful Jewish executives of
      note; the name-changing of Jewish celebrities; African-American
      resistance to Jewish Hollywood hegemony; the semantic issue of
      whether "Jews control Hollywood" or "Jewish individuals control

      24 (In three parts)
      Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt. 2) [591 Kilobytes] [about 123
      paper pages] Laurence Tisch's pro-Israel CBS experiment; Time-Warner;
      erosion of family values at Jewish-dominated Disney-ABC; prevalence
      of drug glorification in Hollywood; Jewish pre-eminence in the strip
      tease and pornography worlds; the usual Hollywood double standard: a
      loving portrayal of Judaism and deconstructive attack upon
      Christianity; TV's celebration of Jewish identity and mass media
      defamation of Italian Americans, Ukrainians, Muslims, Arabs, and
      others; Jews at the helm of sleazy entertainment; Jewish pre-eminence
      in the news world, the publishing trades, the talent agency scene,
      radio, music; international Jewish pre-eminence in the mass media
      from Brazil to Poland

      24 (In three parts)
      Jewish Influence in the Mass Media (pt. 3) [513 Kilobytes] [about 103
      paper pages] The mass media's censorship of critical stories about
      Jews or Israel; Jews and the "intellectual" and "radical" media;
      Jewish dominance in the music world; Dear Abby, Ann Landers, and
      Jewish domination of the "agony aunt" field.

      25. Literature - "Intellectuals" - "The Family" [274 Kilobytes]
      [about 59 paper pages] Jewish dominance of the "American intellectual
      elite"; the intellectual "Jewish Mafia"; seminal influence of the
      Partisan Review; the change from the Jewish intellectual base from
      the socialist camp to the affluent elite; the Jewish "explosion" of
      literary talent; "Being Jewish" as a marketable commodity; Jewish
      authors' return to traditional Jewish identity and linkage to the
      Holocaust; Jewish pre-eminence in sociology, anthropology, and other
      academic fields; Jewish chauvinism and ethnocentrism in literature;
      Jews of the poetry world; Jewish pre-eminence in the intellectual
      elite of Europe.

      26. Modern Art [370 Kilobytes] [about 81 paper pages] Jewish pre-
      eminence in "high culture," including classical music and the visual
      arts; Jewish talent agencies; Jewish dominance in the entrepreneurial
      realm of the visual arts; predominance of Jewish art dealers,
      critics, curators; Jewish philanthropy to art museums ("he that pays
      the piper calls the tune"); Jewish dominance of the photography
      field; defamation of Christianity in the art world.

      27 (In two parts)
      Government (pt. 1) [300 Kilobytes] [about 60 paper pages] Jewish pre-
      eminence in American government; Jewish economic influence,
      especially within the Democratic Party; money control by a special
      interest group as the destroyer of true democracy; the dominant
      Jewish-Israeli lobbying organization: the American Israel Public
      Action Committee (AIPAC); Jewish lobbying for Israel, Holocaust-
      related issues, Jewish immigration to America, and other ethnocentric

      27 (in two parts)
      Government (pt. 2)

      domination of
      the Bill Clinton
      the Monica
      Lewinsky case;
      Israeli spies in
      the American
      influence in
      throughout the

      28. Israel and Zionism [566 Kilobytes] [about 144 paper pages] The
      myths about Israel; an overview of Zionism; Jewish American fantasies
      about the Jewish state; the American mass media as a tool for Israeli
      propaganda; Israel as a separatist, racist, and undemocratic country;
      the obnoxious "sabra"; the condition of Arabs under Israeli rule;
      institutionalized torture of arrested Palestinians; Israeli
      exploitation of internationally imported laborers; intra-Jewish
      racism; the Israeli weapons industry and Israeli support for
      worldwide dictatorships.

      29. Epilogue [31 Kilobytes] [about 6 paper pages]

      30. Bibliography (in four sections) [Total four sections equal about
      117 paper pages] Books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and Internet
      sites from which the thousands of citations in this project are found.



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