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Help Liberate the Americans

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    Help Americans Liberate from Clamps of Their JIA Monster Regime Marek Glogoczowski http://www.israelshamir.net Dear friends, Thanks to Polish website
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004
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      Help Americans Liberate from Clamps of Their JIA Monster Regime
      Marek Glogoczowski

      Dear friends,

      Thanks to Polish website lepszyswiat.home.pl I had a chance to see
      the 52 min. long film of Dave von Kleist "In Plane Site" analyzing,
      in minute detail, official photographs and videos taken during these
      famous 9/11 events in New York and Washington, 3 years ago.

      In particular, "In Plane Site" suggests us that:

      - American military Authorities lied to the public
      maintaining that Pentagon was hit by a big passenger Boeing filled
      with more than 30 tons of kerosene. There is not a single trace of
      such an event, and such event was not even theoretically possible,
      according to photographs revealed to public by these "protecting the
      territory of USA" authorities.

      - These same US Air Defence Authorities lied to public that
      the Northern Tower of WTC was hit by a passenger plane. The minute
      analyses of films taken at this moment (in particular the one made
      at www.letsroll911.org ) demonstrate that this was a windowless
      plane, which fired a missile into the building just prior to
      penetrating into it.

      - New York mayor, and other top officials of NY, lied to the
      public maintaining that WTC 1 and 2 collapsed due to the fire. At
      videos taken at the moment of their implosion it is possible to see
      moving fast downwards "rings" of dust made by the cascade of
      explosions at consecutive flats, and this fact is verbally confirmed
      by firemen witnessing this process. (Both these 400 meters high
      skyscrapers were taken down in about 10 seconds, which is the time
      of free fall from 400 meters. Such velocity of implosion virtually
      excludes the possibility of spontaneous collapse of these buildings
      due to the fire.)

      And so on. You can see this "anti-US government" film (with Polish
      undertitles, or without), preferably in morning hours, for later
      this web link is overcrowded (or jammed), at

      The film of von Kleist provides one more confirmation that the power
      in USA was hijacked by a specific Crime Syndicate, which used 9/11
      events as the pretext for their assault not only against Afghanistan
      and Iraq, but also against citizen rights of ordinary Americans. But
      how to name properly these "invisible bandits", which systematically
      are pushing the world towards the New age of Slavery? As argued it
      already Aristotle, only the precise "prehensile notion" of an object
      permits to make valuable predictions about its expected behavior.
      Once we will be able to reveal the name of the present Global
      Monster, we will soon find methods of counteracting planetary
      ambitions of "servants" of this self-imposed "Lord".

      Here, an unknown previously to me detail of the war in Iraq
      suggested an answer. The known (Judeo)American journalist, THOMAS L.
      FRIEDMAN, in the article "Jews, Israel and America" published in NYT
      October 24, 2004 wrote: "They (Irakians) call American soldiers 'The
      Jews,' as in, 'Don't go down that street, the Jews set up a
      roadblock.' (...) Now you find a steadily rising perception across
      the Arab-Muslim world that the great enemy of Islam is JIA - "Jews,
      Israel and America," all lumped together in a single threat. (...)
      This trend of JIA is now metastasizing from the core of the Arab-
      Israel conflict, across the Muslim world and into Europe."

      So, inspired both by Irakian popular resistance and Thomas
      Friedman "Lord's-like" observations, let's tentatively call the
      Crime Syndicate holding power in USA JIA Monster. Do any resistance,
      especially inside USA, is possible against this monstrosity? (The
      actual JIA Monster in all evidence is the fulfillment of
      enthusiastic Old Testamental prophecies of New Jerusalem "sucking
      the milk of nations and in their riches gloried".)

      In the attachment I copied the recent "Resolution" of hundred very
      important in USA persons (among them the Ralph Nader, John Joseph
      Kennedy, John Buchanan, Cynthia McKinney etc.) demanding the honest
      investigation of 9/11 events. But the problem is that the voice of
      these prominent Americans is virtually absent from the mainstream
      media: the internet information about their "Resolution" I got from
      my... Italian and French friends, and not from my friends (and e-
      correspondents) using English as their first language!
      The "invisible", JIA operated, censorship of American Free Press is
      in fact nearly total, and we have to help somehow native Americans
      to get liberated from clamps of this CANCER, which consumes all
      resources of not only their Continent but of all the Planet.

      If you find the film "In Plane Site" convincing, please forward the
      above message to all your friends. As wrote recently my (e-)friend
      from Ottawa, dr jur. Jan Zvalo, who forwarded (posted previously by
      me) messages of Karl W. B. Schwartz and Stanley Hilton, to highest
      officials in Canada: "The mainstream media, including the public
      ones, including our CBC, do not inform us, the public, of anything
      of substance. In fact, they only serve as a smoke-screen to blur and
      cover the facts and the terrible reality of the world. Once Moloch
      is set up and worshipped he devours anybody and everybody, including
      those on the top. That is what is being done presently in the world,
      particularly in the USA. They are trying to erect the greatest
      Moloch mankind ever knew. And, unfortunately, they already
      succeeded, at least half-way."

      In order to illustrate how the JIA CANCER systematically
      strangulates Europe, I send, also in Attachment, a short article of
      geopolitical analyst Krum Velkov from Skopje in Macedonia .He writes
      about the geopolitical dimension of the referendum which will be
      held in his tiny country on November 7. In this referendum native
      Macedonians hope to challenge the decision of their actual, pro-
      American government, which decided to divide Macedonia along
      ethnical borders, allowing to pass around 5-6.000 km2 of the
      territory under local Albanian political, philo-Mafia structures.
      According to Velikov, following the "conquest" of Kosovo by NATO,
      the present "conquest" of northestern parts of Macdonia by Albanians
      is an element of Anglo-American (read JIA) strategy for the
      intended "stabilization" (read strangulation) of predominantly
      Orthodox Christian South-Eastern Europe.

      The last example, how JIA intended "strangulation of nations" works,
      comes from a big European country, namely Ukraine, where we had the
      first round of presidential elections. Both principal candidates
      (both were/are Prime Ministers under Kutchma presidency) got
      approximately 40 pct. of voices. The rest of voices went to
      socialist and communist candidates, so it remains the real danger
      that Ukraine will desert from "pro Western" – it means from JIA
      controlled – "Freedom Concentration Camp". So already next day after
      elections there were "student" manifestations at Lwów (Western
      Ukraine) branding the menace of secession in case "pro-Russian"
      candidate will win in the second round, scheduled on Nov. 21.
      These "students" manifested not for nothing. I`ve read (in
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wvns/) that JIA/US Congress officially
      allocated 13 millions dollars as a subsidy for "supervision of free
      elections" in Ukraine. So the amount of money, invested in the
      planned acquisition of Ukraine by JIA Monster, is considerable,
      especially if we take into consideration that the salary of an
      average university man there is only 100 euros.

      In this, apparently depressing, situation in close to my soul
      Ukraine, one may dream of an appropriate counter-conspiracy.
      The "pro-western" (it means pro-American, as his wife is the
      functionary of US Department of State) candidate for presidency
      Juschenko, in order to seduce voters, maintains in his campaign that
      once elected he will remove Ukrainian troops from Iraq. So why not
      to start to remove Ukrainian troops from Iraq already this November?
      The present Ukrainian prime minister Janukovitch, together with
      president Kutchma are in power to do it, and such a move will assure
      the easy victory of Janukovitch in the second round of elections on
      WIN POSITION VERSUS JIA/USA GOVERNMENT: if "Americans" start to cry
      about "economic sanctions", they will drown their own candidate for
      Ukrainian presidency, and even the pro-Western Lwov will be happy
      with this move of the actual Prime Minister.

      Not to say that not only Arab countries will be thankful to Ukraine
      for this act of international help. Principal countries of Western
      Europe (France, Germany) will be thankful as well, and
      their `thanks' will surely be convertible into money and other
      favors of EU. Not to say that in case of "desertion" of 1,5 thousand
      Ukrainian soldiers from Iraq, other coerced to participate in
      occupation of Iraq countries will eagerly follow the Ukraine's
      example. The facilitated in this way catastrophe of the "Restoring
      Freedom" adventure in Iraq of the JIA/US Monster, shall logically
      undermine this Super Power from inside. In this case this handful of
      noble but desperate native Americans (see the attachment) will
      finally get the chance to revolt – in a really American, legislative
      manner – against the JIA (Judeo-Israelo-American) strangulation of
      their native country!

      Isn't it a magnificent dream, the kind of the one we participate
      while we watch the spectacle of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice",
      which provides an early example of "anti-JIA" counter-conspiracy?

      Best greetings from Zakopane, Nov. 2, 2004

      Marek Glogoczowski

      lub/or/ou www.zaprasza.net/mglogo



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