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Kerry to Muslims: Drop Dead

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    Kerry: Will move fast on national security Monday, November 1, 2004 http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/11/01/kerry.monday.ap/index.html Kerry said he is
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      "Kerry: Will move fast on national security"
      Monday, November 1, 2004

      "Kerry said he is not concerned that President Bush is
      preparing an attack in the Iraqi city of Fallujah,
      which could be carried out with Bush as a lame duck
      before Kerry takes office on January 20."




      Fallujah Braces for Imminent US Onslaught
      By Mazen Ghazi, IOL Correspondent
      Islam Online
      October 31, 2004

      US occupation forces prepare massive onslaught on Fallujah

      BAGHDAD, October 31 (IslamOnline.net) - One day after
      the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS), Iraq's
      highest Sunni religious authority, warned that an
      onslaught on Fallujah would break loose the doors of
      hell, interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said the
      standoff entered its "final phase."

      Reports of the imminent offensive, the second on the
      west Baghdad city since the fall of the country in the
      hands of the US-led occupation troops forced many to
      flee Fallujah, leaving the city virtually deserted.

      Life has almost come to a standstill.

      "The city has become deserted," Khalaf Sobhi, for fled
      Fallujah and is currently in Baghdad, told

      He added that many districts in the city were
      completely destroyed including the Golan neighborhood,
      where he used to live.

      "The Americans insist on bombarding the Golan area,
      though they have demolished most of its houses and the
      majority of residents have left," he said.

      IOL correspondent says that more than 70% of
      Fallujah's 300,000 population have left during

      On Friday, October 29, a senior American military
      spokesman admitted that the city's population went
      down to between 50,000 and 60,000 people.

      Mosques of Fallujah
      have been unusually deserted during the Muslim holy
      month this year as people either fled the city or kept
      to their homes.

      Other residents who fled to Baghdad said the Americans
      were allowing people to leave Fallujah, probably to
      have a free reign in the city.

      The US occupation forces have been encircling Fallujah
      since October 14 and are taking their positions around
      the city.


      Iraqi resistance fighters, however, vowed to stay
      their grounds and defend their city against the
      invading troops.

      They are reinforcing their positions and stockpiling
      enough food and water supplies, sources close to the
      resistance told IOL.

      They said the Fallujah resistance fighters are in high
      spirits and are poised for die-hard battle with the US
      occupation forces.

      The city is now under the control of Fallujah
      Mujahdeen Shura Council, an umbrella of resistance
      groups, added the sources.

      In a statement dated October 15, the council called on
      all Iraqi resistance groups to cut off supplies from
      the US forces if they storm Fallujah.

      The city has been coming under repeated US attacks
      under claims of harboring anti-US foreign fighters.

      In April, at least 700 Iraqis, mostly women and
      children [
      ], were killed and 1,500 others injured in Fallujah
      when the US occupation forces imposed a tight siege on
      the town and intensified air strikes on its
      densely-populated areas.

      On September 18, Amnesty International blasted the US
      for its barbaric [
      ] on Fallujah.

      Final Phase

      In a related development, Allawi said the Fallujah
      standoff has entered its "final phase," warning of
      imminent military action.

      "We have entered the final phase to solve the Fallujah
      problem," he Allawi.

      "If we cannot solve it peacefully, I have no choice
      but to take military action. I will do so with a heavy

      Allawi claimed that "terrorists have taken the people
      of Fallujah hostage and we are determined to eliminate
      this terror centre."

      He laid out three conditions that would spare Fallujah
      and other cities military action.

      These include the exit of foreign and Iraqi fighters,
      the handover of heavy- and medium-sized weapons and
      allowing the government to begin the process of
      reconstruction in these cities.

      "The people of Fallujah can handover the foreign
      fighters and insurgents, kick them out or allow Iraqi
      forces to go in and do the job," said Allawi in a
      grave tone.

      Negotiations between the US-backed interim government
      and delegates from the town collapsed in mid-October
      after Allawi threatened the city with invasion if it
      did not surrender Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab

      The Fallujah people have repeatedly maintained that
      they did not harbor [
      ] the wanted man.

      Stiff Warning

      The Association of Muslim Scholars said Saturday,
      October 30, the negotiations were just an attempt to
      buy more time for the US forces to prepare a new
      massive attack on the city.

      "The Americans will invade Fallujah and negotiations
      were a mere US plan to win more time to complete
      military preparations," said ASM spokesman Mohammed
      Bashar Al-Faydhi.

      He accused members of the Iraqi government of "
      intentionally or unintentionally helping the Americans
      realize this goal."

      The ASM spokesm warned that an American onslaught on
      the city would incite tension in the war-torn country
      and break loose the doors of hell.

      "Attacking Fallujah would trigger a crisis in the
      city. The government should realize that such attacks
      would not stop terrorism as they claim."

      He stressed that the US attacks on Samarra and Tel
      Afar had not stopped the unabated resistance against
      the US occupation forces.

      Hundreds of Iraqi [
      ] civilians have been killed and injured when a
      massive force of 3,000 American troops and 2,000 Iraqi
      National guardsmen stormed Samarra on September 30,
      allegedly to regain control before the general
      elections, scheduled for January.

      The Fallujah Muslim scholars threatened on Friday,
      October 15, to declare Jihad across Iraq if the US
      occupation forces stormed the city.




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