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Manufacturing Muslim terrorists

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    Manufacturing Muslim terrorists 2003-01-28 18:31:50 Jahangir Mohammed for Ummahnews 28 January 2003 If you believed the British Government and media you would
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      Manufacturing Muslim terrorists
      2003-01-28 18:31:50

      Jahangir Mohammed for Ummahnews
      28 January 2003

      If you believed the British Government and media you would think that
      Muslim "terrorists" had invaded this country. That is precisely what
      they want the public to believe. We must not forget that the United
      States, Israel (and its global supporters, especially in the media)
      and Britain have launched a new imperial war (crusade) against Islam
      and the Muslim world. In order for military invasions against Muslim
      lands to occur, and the introduction of policies and laws denying
      Muslims their rights to be implemented, public opinion in favour of
      such actions has to be nurtured.

      The manufacturing of a terrorist threat and terrorists is part and
      parcel of the military strategy of psychological warfare, using black
      propaganda i.e. outright lies and disinformation. This type of
      psychological warfare serves to prepare public opinion for the
      killing of others overseas. It also nurtures in the psyche of
      soldiers a mentality that legitimises the mass murder of other people
      overseas and innures them to their any conscientious objections.

      Finally, it serves to turn Muslims against each other by ensuring
      they distance themselves from other innocent Muslims who
      are "alleged" terrorists; and create a climate of fear to deter
      legitimate political debate and opposition. So it is noticeable, that
      the closer we get to war with Iraq, the manufacturing of terrorist
      threats linked to biological weapons (ricin in the UK) is stepped up.
      The arrests of Algerian Muslims are nicely timed to coincide with
      Commander in Chief Tony Blair's speech warning of the necessity of
      dealing with weapons of mass destruction and for war.

      Since 911, there has been no end of British government manufactured
      terrorists - innocent Muslims usually the weakest members of our
      society lacking proper status in the UK. However, the reality is that
      despite numerous arrests, not one Muslim has been convicted of
      terrorism (although soon the Government will see to it, that this
      does happen). At the time of the arrests of these people, journalists
      in conjunction with the intelligence services manufactured stories,
      taking up pages of print and airtime in the media. Anyone reading
      these sometimes-incredible stories would not have believed these
      individuals could be innocent. These trials by media occurred despite
      laws making discussion of these cases sub judice, with no action
      taken to prevent their publication either by the Attorney General,
      the Government or media watchdogs (remember how the trial of Leeds
      United footballer's guilty of attacking Asian students had to take
      place again because a Sunday newspaper had published an interview
      with one of the victims' fathers while the jury had retired to reach
      a verdict).

      Once you examine the details of some of these alleged cases, you
      realise that much of what is being said is utterly ridiculous. A
      number of cases spring to mind. There was the case of Lofti Raisi,
      who had apparently trained the hijackers of the planes on 911. With
      all the pages written about him and his links, at the end of the day
      there was not one shred of evidence against him. Yasser al Sirri, an
      Egyptian preacher in London was also all over the papers, about how
      he had arranged the assassination of Ahmed Shah Massoud in
      Afghanistan. He was arrested, charged and acquitted. Another Muslim,
      Zainul Abeddin was running Jihad training camps in the US, if we
      believed the media, after the authorities charged him and ruined his
      life, he was found innocent. Zainul Abedin died prematurely after
      being released from prison. The national media that helped destroy
      his life did not even have the decency to mention his death. Abu
      Qatada another preacher is held without any charge, as are many other
      totally innocent Muslims held in Belmarsh. I have lost count of the
      number of these individuals, who have been accused of being Osama Bin
      Laden's, ambassadors in Europe. We are told by the Home Office that
      they have secret evidence on these people which means they can't
      charge them. But that evidence is not so secret that the intelligence
      services can leak ludicrous stories to their favoured journalists and
      self-declared media security experts.

      In their desperation to find a Muslim terrorist or set someone up,
      and with war looming, the British authorities have become more
      outrageous and the stories more ridiculous. We were led to believe
      that there was an Algerian plot to release chemicals in London's
      underground - later proved to be nonsense.

      But it is the recent arrests of Algerians, which have exposed the
      reality of black propaganda. The Algerians arrested in London were
      manufacturing ricin, and there were labs for its production in the
      flats, we were told. In other reports we were told that only traces
      of the chemical were found. Well, most North African and South Asian
      households use castor beans and castor oil (which contains traces of
      ricin) to relieve constipation.

      The death of a Police officer in Manchester attempting to arrest
      terrorist suspects also went badly wrong. We are expected to believe
      that this was an anti-terrorist operation linked to chemical weapons.
      If this is so then a number of questions arise. Since such operations
      are rehearsed in advance, how did this go badly wrong? Why the
      presence of immigration officers in an anti-terrorist operation? If
      these were suspected terrorists, why were they not adequately
      protected or armed? Why did they not follow the most basic of police
      procedures, which require the immediate separation and handcuffing of
      suspects, and removal from the premises before searching? The
      individuals were kept in the premises for one hour twenty-five
      minutes and offered no sign of resistance, before one of them
      snapped. What made one of them snap? One theory is that this was a
      raid to force innocent asylum seekers to become informants for
      Special Branch under threat of deportation or trumped up charges of
      terrorism? Pressure was applied leading one individual to lose
      control. The police obviously knew that the people inside were not a

      Then this week we had the raid on Finsbury Park Mosque, on the day
      that the Charity Commission had required Abu Hamza to stop preaching
      there, and in light of his comments in the preceding week to say he
      would not stop. A perfectly timed incident to assist the Charity
      Commission and the authorities, and their favoured "moderate" Muslims
      to take control of the Mosque.

      If we look back further, we find that the British public have been
      told that we are under threat from the most dangerous terrorists,
      trained in Afghanistan, with no compulsion about taking innocent
      life. Yet when we examine the statistics we find that those arrested
      have not even been found with firearms. Even petty criminals and drug
      dealers on the streets of Britain manage to get hold of Uzi sub-
      machine guns and firearms. But these dangerous fanatics are not even
      armed, nor do these people who are willing to sacrifice their own
      lives, apparently resist arrest! In fact more weapons and ammunition
      were found last year on a white Briton sentenced to seven years for
      planning to wage a race war. And in the United States a Jewish man
      planning a campaign of mosque bombings had more materials of a
      terrorist nature than any Muslim arrested in the US or Britain to
      date. Nor does anyone mention that the prime suspect in the United
      States for the Anthrax killings is not a Muslim. Yet these
      individuals are not even referred to as terrorists by the media!

      The Muslim community needs to wake up to reality. There is a war
      going on against Islam and Muslis, and we are victims. The West now
      sees us as a greater threat than communism ever was and has unleashed
      all the dirty tactics they used against communism. This is not about
      individuals like Abu Hamza or Omar Bakri, if they didn't exist, the
      authorities would invent them. Recent events are simply part of an
      overall demonisation and dehumanisation of the Muslim community to
      serve the West's military goals. Those naïve Muslims that sit and
      discuss issues with members of the British Government in the
      expectation of some decency are sadly mistaken. This is a dirty war,
      and in the pursuit of their military, economic, and political
      objectives, British and European governments have always been
      ruthless, merciless, dishonest, unlawful and dirty. And instead of
      compromising and being submissive, its high time that British Muslims
      united and said it as it is. Its propaganda and psychological warfare
      and we are not the terrorists !

      Jahangir Mohammed is the Director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs in
      Manchester, England



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