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ISM Activists and Press Photographers Fired Upon in Jenin (ACTION REQUESTED)

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    ISM Activists and Press Photographers Fired Upon in Jenin (ACTION REQUESTED) From: International Solidarity Movement Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      ISM Activists and Press Photographers Fired Upon in Jenin (ACTION

      From: "International Solidarity Movement"
      Date: Tue Jan 28, 2003 11:44am

      1- 2 Internationals and 2 Press Photographers Fired Upon in Jenin.

      Between 4 and 5 am today the Israeli Army entered Jenin with a
      strong force which included tanks and APCs. Three Palestinians have
      been killed so far. One was a member of the Palestinian resistance.
      The two others were a non-combatant civilians aged 18 and 12.

      At 8am 2 members of the ISM and two press photographers approached
      the body of one of the dead men and were fired upon by the machine
      gun of an APC. The bullets were aimed at the ground in front of them
      but broke into fragments, three of which hit AFP photographer Seif
      Dahlah in the leg. The APC was not more than 10 metres away when it
      fired upon them and the journalists were wearing helmets and vests
      which clearly identified them as members of the media.

      The Israeli Army continues its occupation of Jenin and has imposed
      a strict curfew which seems to have taken effect in the city.
      However, in Jenin Refugee Camp groups of Palestinians are defying the
      curfew and throwing stones at the occupying forces, which are
      responding with live ammunition.

      For further information contact:
      · Tobias on 067 437 690 or
      · Yuki on 055 673 582.

      Michael Shaik
      ISM Media Coordinator
      Phone: +972-2-2774602
      Cell: +972-67-628439
      web: http://www.palsolidarity.org

      3) Israeli forces kill four Palestinians and injure a journalist
      during invasion of Jenin (ACTION REQUESTED)

      From: "Palestine Monitor" <palmon@...>
      Subject: Israeli forces kill four Palestinians and injure a
      journalist during invasion of Jenin
      Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 14:27:00 +0200

      The Palestine Monitor
      A PNGO Information Clearinghouse
      UPDATE 28 January 2003

      Four Palestinians were killed this morning and one journalist
      injured when Israeli troops invaded Jenin. According to residents,
      the invasion began at 1.30 am when Israeli soldiers entered the
      Asharrki and Al Marrah neighborhoods in the eastern part of Jenin.
      Shortly thereafter, about 20 tanks entered Jenin city, occupying the
      entire city and imposing a curfew. Jeeps and snipers spilled into
      civilian neighborhoods, terrorizing residents by invading their homes
      and filling their roofs with snipers.

      At midday today, Yousef Saleh Assadi, 20, was shot in the chest and
      head. Mohammed Al Fukaha, 23, was also killed when he was shot in the

      Earlier in the morning, Rashad al Arabi, 29, was killed by Israeli
      troops during the invasion ­ his body riddled with bullets. Nidal
      Castoni, 17, saw that Rashad had been shot and tried to help him but
      was also shot all over his body by Israeli gunfire.

      According to Dr Ziad Al-Isa, at Al-Razi Hospital in Jenin, Nidal
      Castoni was alive when he reached the hospital, although his
      condition was very serious. Doctors immediately sent an ambulance to
      pick up a surgeon who lives one kilometer from the hospital to
      perform emergency surgery on Nidal to save his life. However, an
      Israeli tank prevented the ambulance from reaching the surgeon to
      bring him to the hospital. Nidal died shortly thereafter.

      Saef Adin Adahaleh, 20, a journalist with Reuters and the
      Palestinian news agency WAFA, was injured in his legs by shrapnel
      from Israeli gunfire. He was taken to hospital and discharged later
      in the day.

      For more information contact: The Palestine Monitor +972 (0)2 298
      5372 or +972 (0)59 387 087 http://www.palestinemonitor.org

      12 Palestinians (maybe 14), killed by Israeli army in Gaza Raid

      12 Palestinians (maybe 14), killed by Israeli army in Gaza Raid
      Gaza 26 & 27 January , 2003

      Israel killed 12 Palestinians on Sunday (maybe 14, on Monday),
      thrusting deep into Gaza City on a military drive that underscored
      Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,s tough security policy two days before
      an election. One of them would be a 6 years old kid. Dozens of
      armored vehicles backed by assault helicopters struck from three
      directions at a known stronghold of the militant Islamic group Hamas.

      It was the deepest thrust into the Palestinian-ruled city in two
      years of fighting, and the death toll was the highest in a single day
      since 16 people were killed in an October raid on Khan Younis.

      Palestinian sources said the dead included seven gunmen and a
      policeman. Israeli soldiers later shot dead a 13th Gazan, a boy, 6
      year old, who was playing in Rafah camp, medics and relatives said.
      But Israeli military sources said they knew of no such incident.

      About 40,000 Palestinians marched at a mass funeral for the 12 men.
      Some mourners fired in the air. Others vowed revenge.

      Ahead of Tuesday,s general election, Israel,s army clamped a
      blanket ban on Palestinian travel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,
      home to 3.5 million Palestinians, for 62 hours ending on Wednesday.

      A 74-year-old former general, Sharon is expected to lead his
      rightist Likud party to victory in Tuesday,s general election,
      campaigning on a platform calling for tough measures against
      Palestinian militants.

      The 22-member Arab League condemned Israel for the Gaza City raid
      and Palestinian cabinet minister Saeb Erekat accused Sharon of being
      determined to end the Israeli election campaign "with more
      Palestinian blood."

      An Israeli army spokesman said the incursion into Gaza City,s
      Zaitoun neighborhood was meant to strike at weapons factories after
      an Israeli town near the Gaza border came under repeated rocket

      But Israel,s raid also had an emotional and economic impact.

      Soldiers threw grenades into a central clothing market, setting
      some 80 stands on fire, where merchants said losses were significant.
      The stands had been newly stocked ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid
      al-Adha in two weeks.

      "The earth was shaking as tanks rolled into the neighborhood.
      Helicopters roared overhead. It was a night of war," resident
      Mohammad al-Yazji told Reuters. He said the explosions scared his
      children and they cried.

      Israel struck just as the Israeli newspaper Ha,aretz quoted senior
      army officials as saying the peak of violence had passed and as
      Palestinian factions met in Cairo to consider an Egyptian proposal
      for a one-year unilateral cease-fire.

      At the talks in Cairo, Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said Israel,s
      Gaza operation reflected a need for agreement.

      "The Gaza raid confirms that we have to reach an agreement because
      nothing can protect Gaza or our Palestinian people, except if we
      agree in spite of the pain and the fall of the martyrs," Hamdan said.

      Some Palestinian officials involved in the talks have said attacks
      could end if Israel guaranteed an end to its premeditated killing of
      militants. Palestinians accuse Israel of assassinating the militants.

      An international peace proposal, drafted by Washington, Moscow, the
      United Nations and the European Union, will be presented following the
      Israeli elections in a bid to get Israel and the Palestinians back to
      the negotiating table.

      At least 1,801 Palestinians and 698 Israelis have been killed since
      the revolt began in September 2000.



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