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Joh Domingo deconstructs Avnery's Eggs

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    Joh Domingo deconstructs Avnery s Eggs http://www.avnery-news.co.il/english/index.html My favorite Zionist, Uri Avnery is at it again. This time he writes
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2004
      Joh Domingo deconstructs Avnery's Eggs


      My favorite Zionist, Uri Avnery is at it again. This time he writes
      about the danger facing the Jewish Community because of the
      activities of Jews in the Diaspora. He could easily have said, "I
      wish those big-mouth Jews would pull their heads in, they are giving
      people an excuse to be anti-Semitic." But that would not be enough
      for an article, and he wanted to write an article, even if he felt
      particularly uninspired at the time. So he uses canards as filler,
      and what a mess of innuendo, falsehoods, and scuttlebutt it is. It is
      called `Eggs in One Basket' and dearly poses a challenge to my
      fondness for him.

      First off he introduces the `Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'
      which he characterizes as a document that the Russian Czar Secret
      Police "cobbled together", in the same way, I suppose, that he
      `cobbles together' his piece. It is an intriguing document, this
      `Protocols' and invariably it is characterized as being a `forged'
      and a plagiarized version of Maurice Joly's book `Dialogues in Hell
      between Machiavelli and Montesquieu'. Of course most people have not
      read `The Protocols', let alone Joly's `Dialogues'. But that is why
      there exist scholars - inquisitive people that have a habit of
      spoiling the fun. Australia's Peter Myers has taken the trouble to
      examine the definitive texts regarding the theory that `The
      Protocols' are directly derived from Joly's "Dialogues'; Norman
      Cohn's `Warrant for Genocide', and Herman Bernstein's `The Truth
      about the Protocols of Zion: A Complete Exposure'


      We will not indulge ourselves in a long synopsis of Peters Myers
      lengthy and multi-part essay on the `Protocols', but sufficed to say
      that there are numerous differences between the `Dialogues', and the
      `Protocols' which Avnery attempts to suggest it is a direct copy of.
      Firstly, the `Dialogues' is one-sixteenth the size of the
      `Protocols'. They are different in plot and theme as well; in the
      `Dialogues', the conspirator is the Monarch (Napoleon III),
      preventing the people from installing a People's Democracy. It is
      localized, with Napoleon resisting the revolutionaries. The Narrative
      is written after the event and the Monarch's plot avoids violence and
      he is for religion.

      Compare this to the Protocols, which is a conspiracy that anticipates
      a regime to come. It is a revolutionary regime that is manipulated by
      a shadowy group that makes the masses believe that they are for them.
      The plot is International in scope and envisions violence as an
      integral tool of the conspiracy in which the revolution is
      manipulated to introduce a regime that is previously unknown in

      Whatever the merits of the `Protocols', it cannot be dismissed so
      easily, as Avnery attempts to do here. But it is clear why he tries
      to do so anyway, the insight contained in the `Protocols' has been
      irritatingly prescient; "In a way, the lies of the Protocols have
      fulfilled themselves. `America controls the world,' the anti-Semites
      now say, `and the Jews control America.'"

      Who are you going to believe, Avnery or your lying eyes?

      Poor old Uri is in a bind, "the lies of the Protocols have fullfilled

      "According to the anti-Semites, these Jews sold the war to the United
      States with mendacious arguments, in order to eliminate Israel's most
      dangerous enemy in the Middle East, Iraq. Now they are conspiring
      against Israel's two remaining enemies, Syria and Iran."

      How inconvenient! But there is still spin; the neo-cons (I suppose we
      might as well face it, they are Jews) could not have done
      this "without the influence of another group in Washington, much more
      powerful, and much less visible: the oil people." Naturally Avnery
      would not just make such a statement without providing some
      justification as to why these "oil People" would apply their
      influence. He informs that "Their aim was not only to take over the
      huge oil reserves of Iraq itself, but also to locate a permanent
      American military and political base between the immense oil
      resources of the Caspian Sea in the North and the Persian/Arabian
      gulf in the South. This, they argue, is necessary in order to assure
      American dominance in a world in which oil is a dwindling resource of
      fundamental importance to all industrialized economies."

      I won't delve into the theory that the war on Iraq was all about
      controlling oil, it seems too far-fetched. Oil is a commodity,
      controlled by the commodities market. It is a relatively easy process
      to control the commodities market, if one is so inclined and have the
      financial resources to do it. No need to spend 200 Billion dollars
      and countless lives to do so. But Avnery is arguing that one would
      want to control it because it is a dwindling resource. I don't
      suppose he would by now be aware of the raging (non)debate
      surrounding the notion of `Peak Oil' that was so artfully skewered by
      Dave MacGowan,


      "As anyone who stayed awake during elementary school science class
      knows, oil comes from dinosaurs. I remember as a kid (calm down,
      folks; there will be no Brady Bunch references this week) seeing some
      kind of 'public service' spot explaining how dinosaurs "gave their
      all" so that we could one day have oil. It seemed a reasonable enough
      idea at the time -- from the perspective of an eight-year-old. But
      if, as an adult, you really stop to give it some thought, doesn't the
      idea seem a little, uhmm ... what's the word I'm looking for
      here? ... oh yeah, I remember now ... preposterous."

      Let me help Uri out here; Oil is not a dwindling resource. In fact,
      Russia has recently surpassed Saudi Arabia as the largest producer of
      Oil after basing their oil research on the notion that oil is
      produced abiotically, ie it is produced by a combination of non-
      organic gasses transformed by enormous pressure deep underground.
      This is an ongoing process, and research into this phenomenon has
      caused the Russians to drill deep wells in order to find oil, with
      great success. It is unlikely that the `oil people' would be unaware
      of this, making the assumption that they would engage in war to
      control `dwindling' supplies unlikely.

      But Avnery has a few more `anti-Semitic canard' arrows in his quiver,
      and he aims to make use of them.

      "Somebody once said that if AIPAC, the pro-Israeli Jewish lobby,
      submitted a resolution to Congress abolishing the Ten Commandments,
      80 senators and 400 congressmen would sign on the first day...

      The anti-Semitic publications stress these facts - which are true in
      themselves - in order to prove that the Jews control the world. But
      reality is more complex by far."

      Ugh! Those anti-Semites, always exploiting the....facts. Avnery uses
      hyperbole of course in order to make his non-argument. Nobody is
      suggesting that Jews control the World. What they are suggesting is
      that some Jews, manipulate some non-Jews, who happen to control the
      apparatus of State, of the Country with the most powerful military on
      Earth, in an attempt to bring some of it to bear on the enemies of
      Jews. A wee bit more `complex' tha "Jews control the World". In order
      to highlight this flapdoodle, he balances the influence of Jews with
      the influence of other groups that want to bomb Arabs: "the American
      Rifle Association, the lobbies of physicians and trial lawyers and

      Perhaps conscious that he is being more than a little ridiculous,
      Avnery tacks on "the even more powerful Christian Evangelists." Anti-
      Semites, we are told, are peeved that Christian Zionism provides a
      foil for their notion that `Jews rule the World." Of course, it is
      true, no Christian Zionist has been evicted from Congress by the
      Jewish lobby, so they must be powerful. And no Christian Zionist has
      given a Jew an airplane, to help them further the cause of Christian
      Zionism, as when Jerry Farwell was given one by the Israeli
      government, in order to further the cause of Zionism. So, it is clear
      who holds the whip here. But is this really a foil for the argument
      that `Jews rule the World', or a foil for an argument that `only Jews
      rule the World'. Avnery neglects to state clearly that Christian
      Zionist are a considered ally of the Jewish elite, in their efforts
      to bring American firepower to bear against Israel's enemies.

      Equally misleading is Avnery's argument that Christian Evangelist
      invented Christian Zionism long before Hertzl invented Zionism.
      Charles Carlson provides some pertinent information regarding
      Christian Zionism is his long essay entitled `The Source of the
      Problem in the Mid East - Part II Why Judeo-Christians Support War'
      in which he details the work of several Christian Scholars including
      the redoubtable Stephen Sizer.


      "We Hold These Truths is grateful to these dedicated researchers. Our
      own examination of the Oxford Bible has gone in another direction,
      focusing not on what Scofield wrote, but on some of the many
      additions and deletions The Oxford University Press has continued to
      make to Scofield Reference Bible since his death in 1921. These
      alterations have further radicalized the Scofield Bible into a manual
      for the Christian worship of the State of Israel beyond what
      Schofield would have dreamed of. This un-Christian anti-Arab theology
      has permitted the theft of Palestine and 54 years of death and
      destruction against the Palestinians, with hardly a complaint from
      the Judeo-Christian mass media evangelists or most other American
      church leaders. We thank God for the exceptions. It is no
      exaggeration to say that the 1967 Oxford 4th Edition deifies- -makes
      a God of--the State of Israel, a state that did not even exist when
      Scofield wrote the original footnotes in 1908. This writer believes
      that, had it not been for misguided anti-Arab race hatred promoted by
      Christian Zionist leaders in America, neither the Gulf War nor the
      Israeli war against the Palestinians would have occurred, and a
      million or more people who have perished would be alive today. What
      proof does WHTT have to incriminate World Zionism in a scheme to
      control Christianity? For proof we offer the words themselves that
      were planted in the 1967 Edition, 20 years after the State of Israel
      was created in 1947, and 46 years after Scofield's death. The words
      tell us that those who control the Oxford Press recreated a bible to
      misguide Christians and sell flaming Zionism in the churches of

      Although Christian Zionism can be traced to John Nelson Darby,
      Scofield was the tool by which World Zionism sought to slowly develop
      a Christianity subset that supports Zionism. It is amazing how anti-
      Semites manage to find more facts to support their insane theory that
      `Jews rule the World' and it is unfortunate that Zionist always
      manage to fall into their well-laid traps.

      I will not comment about Jews being unable to join all the important
      clubs, since I have been singularly unsuccessful in joining any
      Jewish Clubs.

      Despite Avnery's distress at the annoying penchant of anti-Semites to
      pick the obvious Jewish hand in current events, he seems to have
      developed this disagreeable habit himself and takes it upon himself
      to warn his brethren about it, lest the growing anti-Semite army do
      so themselves.


      First published on Togethernet, the freest egroup in the known




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