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US Bombs Iraqi Wedding

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    U.S. STRIKE KILLS 11 AT IRAQI WEDDING Reuters, 10/8/04 http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml? type=topNews&storyID=6447643 FALLUJA, Iraq - A U.S. air strike
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2004
      Reuters, 10/8/04

      FALLUJA, Iraq - A U.S. air strike on the rebel-held city of Falluja
      in western Iraq killed 11 people and wounded 17 at a wedding party,
      with women and children among the casualties, a hospital doctor said

      Rafah al-Hayat said the U.S. raid, the latest of several which the
      U.S. military has staged against targets it says are used by foreign
      militants in Falluja, occurred at about midnight Thursday.

      The U.S. military said the "precision strike" had hit a safe-house
      being used by the network of Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
      at 1:15 a.m. Friday.

      "Credible intelligence sources confirmed Zarqawi leaders were
      meeting at the safe-house at the time of the strike," a statement

      "Intelligence sources confirmed that the safe-house was being used
      by the group to meet and plan attacks against Iraqi civilians, Iraqi
      Security Forces, and Multi-National Forces."

      It said such strikes had killed several Zarqawi leaders in the past
      month, including Mohammed al-Lubnani and Abu Anas al-Shami,
      described as Zarqawi's number two man and spiritual adviser, who
      were killed in September.

      For the video, visit the source at


      US cockpit pictures Iraq
      Alex Thomson
      Channel 4

      It's the most bitter battle in Iraq, the American
      attempt to subdue the town of Fallujah has been bloody
      and confused for both sides.

      Channel 4 News has obtained video from an American
      fighter jet showing it launching an attack on a group
      of people in a Fallujah street.

      The American military have confirmed to us that it is
      genuine. But it isn't clear whether what we're seeing
      is a massacre or a military operation in this rare and
      disturbing example of real footage of the fighting.

      Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson reports:

      For several days American and Iraqi forces have killed
      scores of civilians in Samarra as they seized the town
      from the insurgents.

      For successive nights they have bombed Fallujah in
      preparation to do the same.

      And once they decided to bomb cities they decided to
      accept the routine killing of civilians as the price
      for hitting their target.

      We have pictures that offer a rare glimpse inside
      America's disastrous attempt to seize Falllujah from
      the insurgents in April. At that time, there were
      reports of hundreds of bodies piling up at the

      But until now, we've had little real idea of how
      American pilots go about bombing in built-up areas.

      The Pentagon has confirmed the pictures show a cockpit
      video from a US Airforce F-16 fighter, shot in April.

      The pilot tells ground control he can see numerous
      individuals on the road.

      He asks if he should take them out?

      Instantly he's told to take them out.

      The pilot locks the bomb guidance system onto the
      crowd running along the street.

      The pilot's reaction: "Aw dude."

      Overnight, Channel 4 News received the following

      "This video is indeed gun film footage from a US Air
      Force F-16 fighter. The mission was not "recent", it
      was in April 2004. This was a close air support
      mission, flown by an F-16 Fighting Falcon in the
      Fallujah vicinity, and under the control of a Joint
      Terminal Attack Controller serving with ground forces
      in the area. The JTAC designated the target and
      confirmed the hit."

      The confirmed hit happens incredibly quickly, just 32
      seconds from the pilot telling ground control he's
      seen the crowd to the deaths of thirty or so people.

      The video graphically illustrates US rules of
      engagement in practice. Unlike British troops, if the
      Americans perceive anybody or anything to be a threat
      it is attacked, particualrly in Fallujah, particularly
      in April.

      As Fallujah again comes into US gunsights many will
      want to know who were these people? Insurgents?
      Innocents? Running away from trouble? running to
      attack? Tonight a doctor who was at Fallujah hospital
      told us these people were innocent civilians fleeing
      from houses where they'd been pinned down by American
      snipers by running down the street.

      The Pentagon says its chasing answers but has yet to
      explain why these people were targeted.


      Ten policemen killed in Iraq:

      In two separate attacks south of Baghdad, police said today. 8km
      further south, three policemen were shot dead yesterday as they
      stopped at a petrol station, said policeman Faez Nasser.


      Car bomb explodes, two killed in clashes west of Baghdad:

      A car bomb explosion early Tuesday was followed by clashes between
      U.S. troops and insurgents in the Sunni Triangle city of Ramadi,
      police and eyewitnesses said


      'Turkish, Iraqi-Italian spies' executed in Iraq:

      Video shows militants executing two men confessing to camera they
      are Turkish, Iraqi-Italian spies before being executed.


      13th COSCOM Soldier killed:

      One 13th COSCOM soldier is dead and two are injured as the result of
      an improvised explosive device attack on their convoy near Baghdad
      around 11:30 p.m. October 4.



      Iraqi President condemns US air assaults:

      The Iraqi provisional Government has condemned US air assaults
      as "collective punishment" as US forces claimed victory in an
      offensive against the rebel city of Samarra.


      Bremer: U.S. had too few troops in Iraq:

      Bremer has generally defended the U.S. approach in Iraq but in
      recent weeks has begun to criticize the administration for tactical
      and policy shortfalls.


      David H. Hackworth: Uncle Sam Will Soon Want Your Kids:

      Although Pentagon puff artists insist they're making quota,
      recruiters are already saying it would be easier to find $100 bills
      on the sidewalk outside a homeless shelter than fill their
      enlistment quotas, even with the huge bonuses now being paid.


      The Grief of Baghdad:

      "You can see my fingers is messed up." Cpl. Tyson Johnson is 100
      percent disabled, cannot support his family – and the National Guard
      wants its bonus back.


      "I'm in a bunker in Mosul, Iraq, getting mortared daily..."



      Woman Dies after Learning her Son Was Killed in Iraq


      U.S. Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq:

      The U.S. military is fighting the most complex guerrilla war in its
      history, with 140,000 American soldiers trained for conventional
      warfare flailing against a thicket of insurgent groups with
      competing aims and no supreme leader.



      US 'war on terror' is unwinnable :

      The so-called "war on terror" has become not only unwinnable but
      counter-productive, greatly exacerbating the threat of global



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