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Israel Guilty of Nazi Tactics

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    Israel is Guilty of Nazi Tactics October 5, 2004 A high-ranking Palestinian Authority official has accused the Israeli occupation army of adopting Nazi
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Israel is Guilty of Nazi Tactics

      October 5, 2004

      A high-ranking Palestinian Authority official has
      accused the Israeli occupation army of adopting "Nazi
      tactics" against Palestinian population centers in
      the Gaza Strip.

      The official, PA Deputy Foreign Minister Abd Allah
      Abd Allah, said that the ongoing Israeli blitz in
      northern Gaza was "nothing but a Nazi-like rampage of
      murder and terror against a defenceless civilian

      "Israel is simply slaughtering innocent civilians
      under the pretext of fighting terror. I don't know
      how much Palestinian blood would satiate Israel's

      So far, as many as 80 Palestinians, more than half of
      them children and non-combatants, have been killed in
      one of the most savage Israeli army campaigns since
      the outbreak of the current Palestinian uprising four
      years ago.

      Abd Allah accused Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
      of wanting to slaughter "as many Palestinian children
      as it takes to enhance and consolidate his political
      standing in Israel".

      "He knows quite well that the only thing that makes
      him popular among Israelis is (shedding) Palestinian
      blood. This explains it all.", added Abd Allah.

      Ariel Sharon is known in Aztlan as "The Butcher of

      The world remains silent amidst the systematic
      genocide of the Palestinian people perpetrated with
      missiles and tanks bought and paid with USA tax
      dollars. It is no wonder that Islam hate Americans
      and their sheepish subservience to the Jews. US
      soldiers are utilizing the very same Israeli Nazi
      tactics in Iraq at the prompting of powerful Jews in
      the Pentagon. Israel actually trained the US Marines
      in house to house combat and that is one reasons for
      the high casualty rates of Iraqi women and children
      in Fallujah and Sadr City.

      Here in Los Angeles, Alta California, Zionist
      controlled radio stations are pushing for more
      slaughters of Muslims. One particular radio station
      brazenly declares its hate for Islam and is
      advocating that the USA attack Iran and Syria as well.
      The radio station is KRLA on the 870 AM channel. The
      talk show programming is dominated by three Jews and
      it broadcasts daily anti-Islamic propaganda for 9
      straight hours. The Jewish loudmouths are Dennis
      Prager, Michael Medved and the highly obnoxious
      Michael Savage.

      La Voz de Aztlan now believes that it is the Jews
      that want to destroy all Muslims and Islam. They are
      involving unsuspecting Americans, through their
      trickery, in their war. Their plan is to pick off
      one Islamic country at a time. One by one they will
      destroy using "Christians" and other to do their
      dirty work. This is working because most Americans
      are being duped by the propaganda the Zionists spew
      through their media conglomerates.

      Mexican and Mexican-Americans should not support the
      Jews in their war against Islam. Muslims are not our
      enemies. We will get caught in the "coming
      apocalypse" however if we do not play our cards right.
      Let the Jews suffer the full consequences of their
      evil work by themselves. Do not get duped by their



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