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Miracle on the Rio Grande

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    Jesus and the Miracle on the Rio Grande at Piedras Grandes by Hector Carreon La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles, Alta California, September 30, 2004 - (ACN) Do you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2004
      Jesus and the Miracle on the Rio Grande
      at Piedras Grandes

      Hector Carreon
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California, September 30, 2004 -
      (ACN) Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in an
      omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent supernatural
      being that created the universe and that often
      intervenes in our lives? Does God communicate with us
      in ways that only the faithful can understand? For
      the nonbelievers, a miracle could be staring at them
      right in the face , and yet they will still doubt.

      A miracle is defined as a marvelous event manifesting
      a supernatural act of God and all religious traditions
      believe in them. The Jews for example believe that a
      bearded old man parted the Red Sea when the Hebrews
      were being chased by Egyptian chariots and Islam
      believes that Mohammed the Prophet rose from the Rock
      of Morriah towards Heaven in a beautiful white horse.
      We Christians believe that Jesus resurrected Lazarus
      from the dead and that he himself rose to the Father
      three days after being crucified by the Pharisees.

      Jesus has not gone away and disappeared from our lives.
      He still manifests himself to us in various ways. If
      you doubt and want reassurances of this just ask the
      humble people of Piedras Negras. Piedras Negras is a
      border town just across Eagle Pass, Texas. The two
      border towns are separated by the Rio Grande or "El
      Rio Bravo" as it is known on the Mexican side. The
      waters of the Rio Grande have, in the past 4 weeks,
      witnessed certain events that should sent shivers down
      the spines of all believers.

      Unbeknown to La Voz de Aztlan and after reporting on
      the cowardly drownings in the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass
      of 4 undocumented Mexican immigrants by agents of the
      US Border Patrol, in two separate incidents, we came
      across a report that brought tears to our eyes.

      We first reported that on September 23, two agents of
      the US Border Patrol drove up to the Texas bank of the
      Rio Grande and started throwing rocks at three Mexican
      immigrant women that were struggling to reach the US
      shore. The three women, too exhausted to swim back to
      the Mexican side, drowned in the deep and fast flowing
      currents of the Rio Grande.

      Today we reported that this was not the first time
      that the US Border Patrol in Eagle Pass had caused the
      drowning of an undocumented Mexican immigrant
      attempting to swim the Rio Grande. On September 18,
      another immigrant drowned in the same area while two
      agents of the US Border Patrol were brutally beating
      his brother-in law. According to the survivor, the
      two agents just watched while his brother-in-law was
      gasping for his last breaths.

      A few hours ago, I read a report that superficially
      seems unconnected but that on closer examination makes
      most humans, and especially Christians, believe that,
      "there are more things under heaven and earth than are
      dreamt in our philosophies".

      [IMAGE] Exactly one month ago, and prior to the
      drownings of the Mexican immigrants by two demonic US
      Border Patrol agents, a mysterious life-size,
      life-like, and perfectly preserved statue of Jesus
      Christ was found in a sandbar in the middle of the Rio
      Grande and in the area where the four humble Mexican
      immigrants drowned later. The statue of Jesus was
      found by the US Border Patrol itself. While
      patrolling from the air, they noticed what appeared to
      be a human body in the river. The agents accustomed to
      seeing countless bodies of Mexican immigrants in the
      river thought nothing and radioed to ground units to
      investigate. The border patrol agents on the ground
      were surprised to discover the striking figure of
      Jesus minus his cross.

      The US Border Patrol, not knowing what to do with
      Jesus, took the statue to the Eagle Pass Police
      Department. The police, after an extensive
      investigation, still do not know where the statue
      came from. No one has reported it stolen and no one
      has claimed it.

      Because no one has claimed it and because of its
      mysterious discovery in the river where so many
      undocumented Mexican immigrants have died, Christians
      in Piedras Negras have now embraced the statue as a
      religious message from God. Veronica de la Pena of
      Eagle Pass said, "He's telling us he's alive and he
      is here with us. He's trying to tell us that there is
      hope." Eagle Pass Police Chief Juan A. Castaneda, a
      very religious person, said that he is embracing it
      as "The Christ of the Undocumented." "Faith has led
      me to believe that this is a sign," Chief Castaneda

      [IMAGE] "There's a reason for it to be here," Eagle
      Pass Police Officer Henry Cardona said of the statue.
      "People come here to the police department and pray",
      he added. Approximately 400 pilgrims a week are now
      coming to the police department to see the mysterious
      statue and the numbers are growing daily. Police
      Lieutenant Daniel Morales said "We have never
      experienced anything like this before, and interest is
      growing by the day." The event has made news all the
      way to New Zealand.

      The local Catholic Church called the figure's arrival
      "miraculous" and said they wanted to place it in a
      specially dedicated chapel in the city. "Jesus Christ
      manifests himself in many places, but he showed
      himself here in the way of an undocumented immigrant,"
      said Marta Ramirez, a spokeswoman for the city's Our
      Lady of Refuge Church.

      [IMAGE] The arrival to Eagle Pass of Jesus as an
      undocumented immigrant, however, was one month before
      the three women were drowned by the US Border Patrol
      in the Rio Grande. What possible meaning can this have?
      Was Jesus showing us an omen of a future occurrence?
      No one yet has connected the events. I believe that
      the connection will soon be made manifest.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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      * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      La Voz de Aztlan



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