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Pollardites in the Pentagon?

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    Pollardites in the Pentagon? Patrick J. Buchanan September 8 2004 In 1987, Jonathan Pollard, U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, was imprisoned for life for
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      Pollardites in the Pentagon?
      Patrick J. Buchanan
      September 8 2004

      In 1987, Jonathan Pollard, U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, was
      imprisoned for life for selling a roomful of U.S. secret documents to
      Israel. Tel Aviv refused to return them. At the Clinton-Netanyahu
      summit at Wye River, Pollard became a subject of contention.
      "Bibi" Netanyahu wanted to fly the American traitor back to Israel
      where he is a hero. Clinton balked. CIA's George Tenet would resign,
      Clinton told Netanyahu, if he pardoned Pollard.

      This history is recalled for a reason. Washington today is rife with
      reports the FBI has been investigating whether or not a nest of
      Pollardites inside the Pentagon has been funneling secrets, through
      the Israeli lobby AIPAC, to the Reno Road embassy and on to Sharon.
      Suspected mole Larry Franklin, a Pentagon Iranian analyst, was
      reportedly sighted trying to hand over to an AIPAC official a draft
      copy of a National Security Presidential Directive on Iran. With the
      mullahs apparently pursuing atomic bombs, Israel wants the United
      States to attack, denuclearize and bring down its No. 1 enemy, the
      regime in Tehran.

      Franklin popped up on FBI radar when he joined a breakfast meeting
      between an AIPAC man and an Israeli diplomat. AIPAC had been under
      FBI surveillance for over two years as a probable conduit to Israel
      of the fruits of espionage against the United States. Franklin, a
      devout Catholic and hawk on Iran, is now said to be cooperating with
      the FBI. His boss, William Luti, is the deputy to the Pentagon's No.
      3, Douglas Feith, who has close ties to Likud.

      According to the Washington Post, the FBI is now interviewing present
      and ex-officials from Cheney's office and the Pentagon as to whether
      Feith, Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Paul Wolfowitz might have
      leaked U.S. security secrets to Israel, AIPAC or Ahmed Chalabi.
      Chalabi, once the Pentagon's candidate to succeed Saddam, has lately
      fallen from favor. Reportedly, he was caught telling Iran's
      intelligence station chief in Baghdad that friends in the Pentagon
      informed him they had broken Iran's code and were listening in on
      Iran's secret communications between Baghdad and Tehran.

      AIPAC and the Israelis deny any spying. Cooperation between the Bush
      and Sharon governments is so close, they insist, there is no need to
      commit espionage or thieve U.S. documents. Perhaps, but the men
      about whom the FBI is inquiring have old, deep and questionable ties
      to Israel and the Likud Party of Ariel Sharon. [And don't forget,
      Jewish supremists routinely lie to non-Jews and other Jews as well.]

      • In 1970, Perle was picked up on an FBI wiretap discussing NSC
      secrets with the Israeli Embassy. In 1981, as assistant secretary of
      defense, Perle got a top-secret security clearance for his chosen
      deputy Stephen Bryen, who is said to have narrowly eluded indictment
      for offering top-secret documents to Mossad's man in Washington.
      • In 1982, Feith was the object of an inquiry as to whether he had
      given secret documents to the Israeli Embassy. Fired from the NSC, he
      was hired by Perle. Feith left the Pentagon in 1986 to form a law
      firm - in Israel. Hired by Rumsfeld in 2001, Feith set up the Office
      of Special Plans, which cherry-picked the intelligence to the White
      House that turned out to be false, but facilitated the war on Iraq.
      • In 1996, Perle, Feith and Wurmser co-authored a paper for
      Netanyahu calling for ditching Oslo, reoccupying the West Bank and
      overthrowing Saddam as "an important Israeli strategic objective."
      • In 1998, Wolfowitz and Perle signed an open letter from the
      neoconservative front group PNAC to Clinton, urging him to ditch
      diplomacy and wage war on Iraq, and pledging their full support.
      • On Jan. 1, 2001, eight months before 9-11, Wurmser, at AEI,
      called for joint U.S.-Israeli air strikes on Iraq, Iran, Syria and
      • According to White House anti-terror chief Richard Clarke,
      Wolfowitz, in April 2001, wanted Osama put on a back burner and for
      us to go after Iraq. In the first hours after 9-11, according to Bob
      Woodward and Clarke, Wolfowitz wanted Iraq invaded, not Afghanistan.
      For his role in steering us into war, Wolfowitz was named Man of the
      Year – by the Jerusalem Post.

      In my new book, "Where the Right Went Wrong," there is a line that
      now appears prophetic: "America needs a Middle East policy made in
      the USA, not in Tel Aviv, or at AIPAC or AEI."

      Having promised him a cakewalk to Baghdad and a rose garden
      thereafter, neoconservatives misled President Bush. He should have
      fired the lot of them. Having failed to do so, he ought now, in his
      own interests, as well as our nation's, name Patrick "Bulldog"
      Fitzgerald, now heading up the investigation into the Valerie Plame
      leak, to head up the investigation of Israeli espionage, and
      possible treason, against the United States.

      If there has been a recurrence of Pollardism at the Pentagon, we
      need to know and the president needs to act, as Truman did not with
      Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White.

      © 2004 Creators Syndicate, Inc.




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